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In few years, 123 Reg has become the United Kingdom’s largest domain registrar, having registered over 3 million domain names. 123 Reg provides domains, hosting, email, SEO and many more services to create the website for the successful online businesses. The company has over 800,000 customers and nearly 800,000 active websites. 123 Reg customer assistance services have always been at their best for all the queries raised, to the maximum customer satisfaction. 123 Reg customer services can be called at number 0345 450 2310 for your queries.

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Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
Customer Service Number and Complaints 0345 450 2310 +44 345 450 2310
Fax Number 0208 043 0496 +44 208 043 0496
Sales Team 0330 221 1007 +44 330 221 1007
To Cancel The Services 0345 504 8540 +44 345 504 8540
Customer Accounts Team 0345 450 2580 +44 345 450 2580
Office 365 Queries 0333 014 4550 +44 333 014 4550
For Dedicated And VPS Technical Support 0333 043 0051 +44 333 043 0051
Media Office 0207 554 1785 +44 207 554 1785

123 Reg Contact Address

Apart from helpline numbers, you can also send in your queries by post at the below mentioned 123 reg postal address, along with mentioning all your  contact details so that the customer service members can respond back as early as possible. 123 Reg contact address is:

HEG, 5th Floor, The Shipping Building, Old Vinyl Factory, Hayes, Middlesex, England, UB3 1HA

123 Reg Contact Details

123 Reg Sales Team

The new users can ask their questions with the 123 reg sales team for all the offered services by dialing the 123 reg phone number 0330 221 1007. The team is accessible from Mon-Fri 9am to 7pm.

123 Reg Service Cancellations

If you wish to cancel the services or would like to make any changes, you can contact the 123 reg customer relationship team at the 123 reg phone number 0345 504 8540. The phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am-5:30pm. If you are not able to make a call, you can raise a support ticket and the team member will call you back as early as possible. You can also make the changes through the 123 Reg control panel via 123 Reg service cancellations link https://www.123-reg.co.uk/secure/

123 Reg Technical Issues

For the dedicated and VPS technical support, you can contact the 123 reg technical support team at the 123 reg contact number
0333 043 0051. If you have any issues concerning cookies on your own website, you can contact the support team by email at 123 reg email address [email protected]. Further you can even the matter to the Information Commissioners Office at www.ico.gov.uk

123 Reg Phishing

If you ever receive a phishing email claiming to be from 123-reg, you need to immediately forward it to 123 reg phishing contact email [email protected]. The investigation will be started at once.

123 Reg Account Information Request

If you wish to know the information which 123 reg holds for you, you are required to send the desired cheque with the application to the above mentioned 123 reg postal address or contact by email at 123 reg contact email [email protected]. This implies when the account is registered in your own name and when an account is not in your name, then, an official request is required in accordance with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) via 123 Reg account information request email at [email protected]

123 Reg Continuous Payment Authorities (CPA) Details

If you need to change the CPA details, you have to contact the 123 reg customer accounts team on the 123 reg continuous payment authorities details phone number 0345 450 2580.

123 Reg Email And Web Hosting

For all the email and web hosting services, you can get in touch with the 123 reg UK based support team on the 123 reg email and webhosting phone number 0330 221 1007 from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday

123 Reg Office 365

Office 365 provides the software to work from anywhere and on all the devices, like desktop, tablets, smartphone etc. If you need more than 50 accounts for your business, you can talk to the 123 reg sales team on the 123 reg office 365 phone number 0333 014 4550

123 Reg Media Queries

For all the media enquiries, the journalists can contact the 123 reg press office on the 123 reg media queries contact number
0207 554 1785.

123 Reg Customer Complaints


If you have any complaints for the 123 reg services, you can contact the 123 reg customer service agent by dialing the 123 reg customer complaints contact number 0345 450 2310 from Mon-Fri 9am-7pm. If you are not happy with the solution given by the agent, you can raise the matter to the manager, who aims to resolve the issue within one hour. If still you are dissatisfied, you can write in a mail to the 123 reg customer solutions department at the following address:

HEG, 5th Floor, the Shipping Building, Old Vinyl Factory, Hayes, UB3 1HA


  • If the complaints is concerning abusive registration or hosting, you can contact the 123 reg team by email at 123 reg contact email [email protected].

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