1&1 UK Hosting, Domains, SSL and “1and1” Cancelation Contact Numbers

1and1 UK Direct Contact Number:
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1and1 UK is a web hosting company which provides domain names, design websites, provide hosting and also provide the customers with many other web related service globally. 1and1 provides top quality customer service to their customers and always does things according to the customer’s need. The customers are generally happy with the customer support service provided by the company as the assistance is provided by well trained experts. The customer care department can be contacted in a number of ways including phone, email, through letter or by fax.

1and1 UK Customer Service Address

If you want to make a query regarding the service provided by 1and1 UK, you can write a letter and send it to their postal address. The 1and1 customer care address is given below:

1and1 Internet Limited, Aquasulis House, 10-14 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 3SA

Do mention your email address, phone number and account number in the letter so that it becomes easier for the customer service department to bring up a solution to you.

The most convenient and best option of making a complaint is by writing a letter and sending it to their customer complaints address given below:

Complaints Department, 1and1 Internet Limited, Aquasulis House, 10-14 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 3SA

Please mention your account number and contact details in the letter so that the customer complaints resolution team can contact you with the necessary solution to your query.

Some Important 1and1 Numbers:

Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
1and1 UK General 03 Contact Number 03333365691 +443333365691
1and1 Billing 03333365780

(0800 are free numbers)

1and1  MyWebsite Support 08007318994 free +448007318994
1and1 Technical Support Number 08007835834 (0800 are free numbers)


1and1 Hosting Cancellation 08009176273 free +44 800 917 6273

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1and1 UK Customer Service Phone Numbers And Some other Great  Helplines

Customers using the 1and1 UK services requiring help can contact the 1and1 help centre UK to get assistance. You can find pre written tutorials and procedure that can help you in figuring your way around the website and managing your account. Customers facing issues regarding server topics can go through various help articles which will help them in solving their concern. Articles related to topics like ordering a dedicated SSL certificate, increasing the logical volume, logging in to virtuzo power panel, setting up a virtual private network and editing advanced configuration on managed server are provided at this link http://help.1and1.co.uk/contact-servers-a792812.html .  If you are not able to find a solution with the concern or are not satisfied with the help provided to you, you can call on the 1and1 UK customer service phone number 0333 336 5691 anytime of the day, any day of the week to talk to the 1and1 support team.  Help articles regarding 1and1 mail topics like creating a 1and1 e-mail account setting up E-Mail clients using IMAP or POP3, changing the 1and1 e-mail account password, setting up a Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1and1  UK Account Using the outlook configuration are provided at this page http://help.1and1.co.uk/contact-mail-a792813.html . Further assistance regarding Main topics can be found at the 1and1 UK customer care phone number 03333365691. One can call on this 1and1 customer care number at any time of the day, any day of the week.

1and1 Billing Support Telephone Numbers

If you need assistance regarding billing and account topics, you can visit this link http://help.1and1.co.uk/contact-account-and-billing-a792808.html and go through the help articles. You can find help on various topics like Checking/Updating an account’s payment method, requesting change in account ownership, filling administrative forms, changing passwords, and also finding your account number. Even after that if you are not able to find solutions to your problem or are not satisfied with the solution, you can call on the 1and1 UK customer service number 03333365691  speak to a 1and1 UK support team member. Customers are free to call on the 1and1 contact phone number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can also resolve your billing related queries by calling on 03333365691. Billing assistance from 1and1 billing support team is also provided at 1and1 billing telephone number 0333 336 5780 at any time of the day, any day of the week.

Contact Telephone Number For 1and1 UK Domain Transfer

Domain help articles are provided at the following page http://help.1and1.co.uk/contact-domains-a792809.html . Here you can find support on topics like changing a domain’s IP address, redirecting a domain, transferring of domains between two accounts, transferring a UK domain away from 1and1 UK and transferring an included domain from another package within the same account. For further assistance, please call on the 1and1 contact number 0333 336 5691 which is open 24/7. It is requested by the 1and1 UK customer care department that you provide them with 48 hours to provide you with a solution. Assistance on 1and1 MyWebsite Editor, changing the MyWebsite Domain, Adding text and uploading images on the MyWebsite Page and changing the MyWebsite Domain is provided on this link http://help.1and1.co.uk/contact-mywebsite-a792810.html . You can get further assistance on the 1and1 contact telephone number 0800 731 8994 for 1and1 MyWebsite Support.

1and1 Hosting Support Phone Number and eCommerce Helpline

Necessary information on hosting topics regarding FTP, SFTP, FTPS, connecting to Webspace via FTPS and manually installing WordPress via FTP is given at this link http://help.1and1.co.uk/contact-hosting-a792811.html . For further assistance please can on the 1and1 UK helpline number 0333 336 5691 which is open 24/7.  Help articles related to eCommerce topics like accessing the 1and1 eShop 2014, using the SEO Pro Tool, creating a google sitemap and checking the domain before update to 1and1 eShop 2014 is given at this link http://help.1and1.co.uk/contact-ecommerce-a792814.html . Further assistance regarding eCommerce topics can be found by calling on the 1and1 customer helpline number 0800 783 5834 and get professional package support.

1and1 Hosting Cancellation Phone Number

The 1and1 hosting company’s cancellation number is 0800 917 6273 and the line is open 24/7. Calls made to 03 numbers cost no more than national call rates to a 01 or 02 numbers and are hence also included in the minutes packets provided by the telephone company. You will not be charged any money for making calls to 0800 numbers if made from landline and may cost you standard charges plus network access extras if calling from mobile phones.

1and1 Technical Support Number UK

If you are facing technical issues regarding 1and1 UK services, you can call on the 1and1 technical support phone number. For technical support regarding 1and1 UK Hosting and 1and1 Server Packages, please call on the 1and1 UK technical support number 03333365691 at any time of the day, any day of the week.  1and1 MyWebsite Packages’ technical support is provided on the 1and1 contact phone number 0800 731 8994. Customers can call on the 1and1 customer service telephone number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1and1 Sales, Technical Support and SSL Phone Numbers

If you want to contact the sales department in order to buy Domain Names, designing Websites, hosting servers, online marketing and SSL please call on the 1and1 sales phone number 03333365691 or 03333365691. You can also find technical support from the 1and1 sales department by calling on this number.  The call can also be made on 1and1 Sales number 01753 490 401 for making various sales enquiries. Another way of contacting the 1and1 sales team is by writing an email and sending it to the 1and1 sales email address [email protected].

1and1 Security

To know about e-mail security, server security, browser security and sitelock please go through the help articles provided at this link http://help.1and1.co.uk/security-c85228/browser-security-c85266 . You can learn about how to enable cookies in your web browser, protection from vulnerabilities in OpenSSL, Plesk and QMail and avoiding spam e-mails. Alternatively, you can call 1and1 security team at 1and1 customer support number UK 03333365691 or 01753 490405 at any time of the day, any day of the week.

1and1 Customer Complaints Number

If a customer is unsatisfied with the 1and1 services and is unable to resolve issues with the help of 1and1 customer support team, you can contact the 1and1 complaints department and let them know of the inconvenience that you are facing. The 1and1 UK complaints team can be reached in a number of ways, i.e. by phone, email, through letter or by commenting on their blog. Customers can call on the 1and1 complaints number 0800 917 6273 and file your complaint with them. Another way of contacting the 1and1 complaints department is by writing an email and sending it to the 1and1 complaints email address [email protected] .  You can go through the 1and1 blogs and be a part of the discussion on that blog by commenting on it. The 1and1 blog is given at this link http://blog.1and1.co.uk/ . If you want to report copyrights and trademark infringement by 1and1, you can send a legal notice to the following address:

1and1 Internet, Inc., c/o Legal compliance, 701 Lee Road, Suite 300, Chesterbrook, PA 19087, USA

Or fax it to the following fax number: +1 (610) 560-1505

Another way of sending legal notice is through email and sending it to [email protected].

For filing complaint regarding Billing, you can call on 01753 490402

5 thoughts on “1&1 UK Hosting, Domains, SSL and “1and1” Cancelation Contact Numbers”

  1. Why when I have closed my website and paid for the privilege of doing so many times over, do find 1and1 pop-ups asking me to sign in appearing when I open the computer, and throughout its use? I have done nothing wrong to deserve this continual nuisance. I have not used the website since ‘closing it’. If these sign in requests do not cease I will ask my solicitor to take legal action. If there is a reason that the website still exists, either tell me so that I can put it right or with all 1and1 IT know how sort it out and close it for good. You did do this for a while…why did you start it up again?

    Thank you for your attention.


    1. Hey Alex.
      I think you can try and take care of this yourself in a verry simple way.

      Maybe you are having just a simple cookies issue. So, just clear the cookies from your browser and it can maybe do the different. It depends on Here is a short Windows help guide that can help you with clearing and managing cookies on your system.

      Good luck mate!

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