EE Customer Service, Complaints, Helpline & Contact Phone Numbers

For EE customer service you can use this number: 079 5396 6250 you can Call This Number and Save it Under “EE Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


EE Helpline 08009566000 free number or 079 5396 6250 +44 7953 966 250
EE customer care number contact number, EE contact us and EE customer helpline 07953966250 +44 7953 966 250
EE customer service complaints numbers 0800 079 006 free number +44 800 079 006
EE Wi-Fi Service contact phone number 07953966502 +44 7953 966 502
EE contact number to pay bill 08000280543 free number  +44800 0280 543
Contact EE 0800 08000798586 free number  +44 8000 798 586
EE lost phone 07953966250 +44 7953 966 250
EE phone upgrade telephone number 08000790510 free number  +44 0800 0790 510
EE calling from abroad +44 (0) 207 362 0200
EE helpline number, EE broadband service number 02073620200 +44 207 3620 200
EE phone number to cancel contract 08000790103 free number  +44 0800 0790 103
EE phone service UK 07973100158 +44 7973 100 158
Any general complaint to EE  call 08009566060 free number  +44 800 956 6060

We found most of the numbers through EE contact us page:

Remember, EE are big company and you can find 080 numbers on that list, 080 are usually free for UK callers. So do yourself a favor and double check it.

Another thing, Orange and EE are now the same company, so if you need to contact EE for any Orange issues, check our page about the different Orange numbers.

ee limited contact information

EE Customer Service Contact Address

EE Customer Care 6 Camberwell Way Sunderland Tyne and Wear SR3 3XN United Kingdom
(Or use EE online complaint form)

EE is providing Mobile Services in the the UK with great services for their customers.

EE also known as “Everything Everywhere” is one of the largest 3G network providers with excellent connectivity. It has recently introduced the fastest 4G network in the UK. Enjoy the service of both 3G as well as 4G internet service if you with to subscribe to EE’s 4G plan. However, if you are a 3G subscriber, you can only avail 3G internet service.

EE Official Website

You can find any information & assistance by visiting the UK official website of EE. They are not only offering many services for their customers but ask for providing necessary assistance to resolve their queries. The intention of this page is to provide information about the EE Contact Numbers list and also information you could otherwise find on the main website.

Look at this great contact info, get in touch and take care of a lot of customer services issues directly from EE Twitter account. For example, this is how I found EE contact number, directly from their Twitter account (some answer they wrote, with the number I was looking for):

Contact EE Customer Service


Customers can dial the EE helpline during standard opening hours i.e. between 8am to 8pm during weekdays and until 6 pm during weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday. Customers calling after standard hours shall be charged with 50p per call. If you are calling from EE mobile, contact EE customer service number agents at 150 in standard opening hours. Customers calling from EE landline should call the EE customer care service number 07953 966 250. The customers must check the call rates with the provider when dialling EE customer care from another provider. Customers calling from abroad can dial internationally 07953 966 250. Be sure to check all roaming charges.

EE Broadband Service and TV Services Numbers

Customers having any query related to Broadband Service or TV of EE can contact EE from a mobile device or from the EE broadband service number 150. Customers calling from an EE landline can connect with the EE TV service number toll-free 0800 079 8586. Customers calling from another provider can dial the EE broadband service number 0207 362 0200 customers must check the call rates with the provider. Customers calling from abroad should use the special EE phone number for international calls regarding all EE broadband customer service UK 0207 362 0200.

EE Wi-Fi Contact Numbers

Customers using EE Wi-Fi service & facing any problem can call EE Mobile Wi-Fi Service number 150 from any mobile. Customers contacting via EE landline can use EE Wi-Fi Service number 07953 966 502 free of cost. Customers contacting via any other service provider can contact EE on EE Wi-Fi Service number 07953 966 250. Customers calling from abroad can call 07953 966 250.

EE Small Business Customer Service

Customers asking for any tips on business can contact EE Small Business Customer Service. Customers calling for the EE helpline from a landline can dial the EE Business Contact Number 07953 966 250. For further information on business, customers can contact via any other service provider on EE Small Business Customer Service Number 07953 966 250. Customers calling from abroad for any assistance can contact EE on EE Business Calling abroad Number 07953 966 250.

Large Business Customer Service Numbers

EE is very famous for helping its customers and they are always available for them. Customers facing any problem or have any query related large business service from EE can contact EE Large Business Customer Service Number 158 from EE Mobile for any assistance. Customers having any questions can call the EE large business contact number toll-free 0800 079 3333 .

EE helpline numbers for customers calling from abroad, and for EE business support is 07973 100 158. Customers calling via any other service provider can reach the EE Large Business Customer Service Number via 07973 100 158 & calling cost may differ from service provider to provider.

Phone Upgrade Services

For availing phone upgrade services of EE check your eligibility first. You can check your eligibility by logging into the registered account with EE or by sending a text message “UP” to 150. In case you have not paid any debt related to your phone plan you cannot upgrade your phone as eligibility criteria are not satisfied. If you have less than 45 days to go until the renewal date of the contract, you have the option to upgrade. You can avail early upgrade service even if eligibility criteria of a free upgrade is not available.

The following allow you to upgrade:

  • SIM-only customers with 12, 18 or 24-month plan or any customer with any monthly plan.
  • Contract period is more than 6 months and more than 45 days are left before the renewal date of the contract.


More than 60 days pending before the renewal date of a contract opens the option to buy a new SIM card to switch to a 4GEE plan.

Getting this service your phone must be 4G compatible. The fee charged after switching shall not be less than the existing contract monthly fee. The EE upgrade contact number is 150 or 07973 100 150.

EE Cancellation

If you wish to cancel the EE contract within 14 days you need to inform EE within 14 days of applying for this service. You can make a call from any other phone or even using any of the EE phone numbers mentioned above to cancel the contract:

Toll-Free Calling

Call the EE contact number toll-free 0800 079 8586.

If 14 days have passed since you entered into the contract with EE, call at 150 from EE pay monthly mobile phone and follow the instructions. You can call the 450 number from EE pay as you go mobile. For making a call to cancel the contract by using any other EE phone number at 07973 100 150

EE Live Chat


You can have a live chat with the EE customer care agent. You need to sign in to your account with EE & choose Let’s chat to talk to the support agent. This chat service is for EE customers only who can resolve their queries related to connectivity issues, cancellation procedures, upgrade, etc.


You can file a complaint with the EE contact phone number or by writing a mail at specified postal address. The address for filing a complaint is:

The Complaint Investigations Team,

6 Camberwell Way,
Tyne and Wear,

Or call the EE customer service complaints numbers, 0800 079 006 or 0795 396 6250.

EE customers contact the CEO for reporting terrible service. 0170 731 5000 or by sending an email:
[email protected]
The complaint can be filed through email directly to [email protected]

Unlocking EE Phones

EE provides unlocking device services for their customers. You are required to make a call to 150.

A fee of 8.99£ (including VAT) shall be charged for unlocking a device. The time period taken by EE services for the unlocking device is 10 days. Let’s say you don’t have the device code, which you need to unlock the phone, remember it can take up to 10 days. EE customer service may contact your manufacturer first to get the device code.

You will be informed through text message.
Unlocking the device service can be availed immediately by the customers who are “Pay as you go” or “SIM only”. For other customers who are on Pay monthly, need a six months contract period to be eligible.
For unlocking requests of Apple & Samsung phones, a link will be sent by EE services mentioning unlocking instructions. If the number provided to EE which is attached with the device is not in use, a message will be sent to an alternative number.
You can submit a request for unlocking a device via the website.


You can make a call to the EE unlock phone number services 150


You can make a call to the phone automated service of EE for making payments. The EE contact number to pay a bill is 0800 028 0543. You will not be charged any fee for making the call through a landline; Call charges may vary from mobile.

You are required to follow the instructions and provide any necessary details required to make a payment. You keep track of your bill and its due dates by visiting the EE Contact Us Accounts page.

Change My Number?

If you are switching from T-Mobile or Orange network you are just required to insert your new sim card into your phone. However if you are currently on another network and you want to transfer to EE service network with the same number, follow certain steps:

  1. Call current mobile service provider and get PAC code (valid for 30 days)
  2. Get an active sim card
  3. A temporary number will be provided to you
  4. Fill out the form

If a request for transfer is submitted before 5:30 PM on a working day, then the EE transfer number time will be next day provided it is working. If the request is made on the weekend then the EE transfer number time will be two working days.

The procedure you will go through after transferring the number is simple. You need to contact the insurance provider and get your number updated. Update the number in My EE app. Follow the instructions in this link:

Now you can call 222  mobile for the voicemail setting.

EE Contact Helpline Numbers

ee breakdown

You can make a call to the EE helpline contact number 150 for Pay monthly, 4G Wi-Fi service of EE, Sim only home broadband services. Small business subscribers can contact this EE contact number helpline number too. For large business subscribers, the call can be made to the 158 number from your mobile device.


  • Call: 07953 966 250 for Pay monthly, Pay as you go, 4GEE Mobile WiFi, SIM only for Small business
  • Call: 0207 362 0200 for Home Broadband & EE TV
  • Call 07973 100 158 for Large Business
  • For Pay monthly, Pay as you go, 4GEE Mobile WiFi, SIM only or Small business, the number is 07953 966 250
  • For home broadband & EE TV queries you can call 0207 362 0200
  • The large businessmen can make a call at 07973 100 158
  • If you are calling from EE number UK landline, the numbers are:
    Call at 0795 396 6250 for Pay monthly, Pay as you go or SIM only. Call charges of 15p per call + up to 12.7p per minute.
  • Call: 0800 079 8586 for home broadband & EE TV services. No call charges apply
  • Call: 07953 966 502 for 4GEE Mobile Wifi. No call charges apply
  • Call 07953 966 250 for small business. Call charges of 15p per call + up to 12.7 p per minute.
  • Call 0800 079 3333 for large business. No call charges apply.

EE offers text message services under which you will send a particular code to 150. You can check your balance by sending a text message “BA”. The code for checking bills & payments is “BILL”. For upgrading your phone, the code is “UP”. For checking the subscribed plan the code is “PLAN” and for necessary assistance send a text message “HELP”.

Text Codes (150)

ee text codes