Bank of America UK

Bank of America was originally found in United States. They provide variety of services to its customers including credit card, insurance, investment, bank loans & much more. It is rated one of the leading credit card leaders. They provide various banking & financial services across the world. The office in UK particularly offers credit cards & insurance to personal customers & not only that they provide card protection programs to its valuable customers. You can say it is one of the best service providers for their customers as they offer  assistance to them till they get satisfied.  You can call them or resolve your queries through FAQ. Their complaint procedure is also very customer friendly. They provide many options for filing complaints for the convenience of their customers. Their customers are their priority and they are well-trained to serve them best. Customer can also contact through postal mail or online services of Bank of America.

Bank of America Customer Service Address

Bank of America Customer Contact Service

Bank of America is always up for its clients in case of any queries. You can contact Bank of America on their Customer Contact Service Number 0800 4560 1234 (UK)  for resolving your problems related to their services or any kind of assistance. There is another number for Bank of America Customer Service center 00-800-2265-3279 that can be used to get customer support.

Bank of America contact number abroad

But if you are nonresident and live outside UK, you can use Bank of America contact number abroad +44 1244 675 989  for getting Bank of America Customer Care assistance. Bank of America customer service opening hours are Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Customers can contact on these telephone numbers any day between 8:00am to 6:00pm. They are seven days a week open for providing any kind of service to their customers.

telecommunication service available for deaf clients

They have type talk telecommunication service available for deaf clients 18001 0800 456 1234. This is an amazing service facility that they provide for customers who have hearing problems.

Bank of America Lost or Stolen Card Customer Service
There is a possibility that you misplace your debit or credit cards while shopping or it might get stolen & if by any chance you lose your phone or card you can immediately contact Bank of America on their lost or stolen card customer service telephone numbers given here 0800 456 1234(UK) and customers who are not living in UK & live abroad can contact on +44 1244 675 989. Deaf customers can contact through type talk telecommunication service contact number 18001 0800 456 1234.   Your card will be immediately blocked until your next order to prevent its misuse. You will be provided new card whenever you wish to get that. They will assist you with the whole procedure until you are satisfied. Customers can also use their online service to resolve their issues or if you want to look for any important query

Bank of America Insurance Customer Service

Bank of America provides best insurance services for their customers. They not only get you insured but also provide necessary help all the time.  Just call them and they will be at your service immediately. Customers who want to get insurance done whether its house insurance , car insurance or any other product can contact Bank of America Insurance customer service on 0800 783 7659.  The service providers shall be available between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm but only on weekdays, this facility is not available on weekends i.e. Saturday & Sunday. However, their cancellation procedure is also very easy. You can contact the same numbers for any cancellation of policy. They will cancel it on your command by reporting genuine reason behind it. They will always guide you something best rather than making money from you.

Bank of America Online Query Service
Bank of America is always available whether it is on phone line or through online query service. Customers who wish to contact Bank of America online for any query can fill the form given in the link given below. Customers must make sure that all the necessary & important details are filled up before submission otherwise your query will not be solved. Click on this Bank of America online service link here:

You will be asked your personal details, contact details and further enquiry or complaint you want to make. You have to select the right option and proceed further.

Bank of America complaint procedure

There is a proper procedure for filing complaint against Bank of America customer help line or any of their services. If you are not happy with their services, you have following options to file a complaint:

Bank of America Complaint service number

You can call them for filing your complaint or if you are facing any problem with their services. Bank of America complaint contact number is 0800 456 1234.  You also have the option to file complaint online by filling up complaint form. If still your problem is not resolved or you are not happy with their assistance, you can talk directly to the manager for resolving your complaint.

Bank of America Customer Advocate Office

The customers who are not satisfied by the Bank of America customer support provided by their Customer Care Executives, they can also contact Bank of America Customer Advocate Office. They can either contact through postal mail or fill up an online form for complaint. You can write a letter related to your query on this Bank of America complaint service address:

The Customer Advocate Office
MBNA Limited
Chester Business Park

Customers must mention their name, address, and telephone number in the letter so that they can contact you back. You must provide a clear description of your complaint so that Bank of America Customer Care Executives can provide you with an instant acknowledgement to the complaint you have made. They make sure that your complaint is resolved within 56 days. They will make sure that you are updated with the progress of the complaint.  For filing online complaint you can visit the Bank of America customer complaint form:

Bank of America Customer Complaint with Financial Ombudsman Service

If due to unforeseen circumstances Bank of America is still unable to resolve within the given time period i.e. 56 days or you are not satisfied with the response then you can contact Financial Ombudsman Service on:
The Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR

Financial Ombudsman Service is a private company that provides external dispute solutions to customers who are not satisfied with company’s response. Customers can lodge a complaint by contacting on Financial Ombudsman Service telephone numbers: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123. To lodge a complaint you can also send an email to Financial Ombudsman on this email id: [email protected].  For further inquiry related to complaints visit on: The decisions made against you complaints by FOS are binding on the company.

Bank of America is a member of Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) so you can also file a complaint to FLA conciliation scheme to resolve your complaint.

The Compliance Manager
Finance & Leasing Association
Imperial House
15-19 Kingsway

Customers can also contact on FLA customer care helpline number on 0207 836 6511
Fax Service Number : 0207 420 9600
You can send an email on FLA email service: [email protected] or visit their official site

Bank of America security services

Bank of America also provides you security tips to prevent identity thefts. They recommend you to use fraud protection software on your PC or laptop where you are accessing online banking account. You can also request bank to set up alerts for you. It will intimate you on every login or any changes in your account. You should also check your account regularly to view activities and transactions going on. Do not share your password with anyone if you really want to prevent your identity theft. Bank of America is always at your service to prevent any kind of theft.