Yodel Phone Numbers

For Yodel customer service you can use 0344 755 0117 you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Yodel Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Yodel free number:
0800 1577777

  • TIP: When asked ‘If you have a card’ say ‘Yes
  • When asked for the 8digit ID enter ‘00000000
  • When asked for the ID again enter ‘00000000
  • The automated system transfers you to the call center!
    (Thanks to Sean for this tip!)

HOW TO TALK TO A HUMAN WITH YODEL:We just received a great tip how to talk to a real customer service person when trying to contact Yodel:

  1. Call Yodel free number: 0800 1577777
  2. When the automatic system will ask you to type in your home number- type in the wrong number – it will ask you to do it more than one time (twice).
  3. The system will now transfer you to a real human.

Yodel is the one of the leading delivery service provider in the United Kingdom. Yodel Customer Service number UK can be contacted by calling 0808 101 0002 by the customers residing in UK To get the delivery on before expected time, various service centers have been set up across the UK. It is not only the efficient delivery service by Yodel, but it is their management practices followed which makes them a reliable provider. They lay main emphasis on generating feedback from the customers to identify the issues and correct them as soon as possible and to introduce innovative and improved techniques to meet to the expectations. .

Yodel Headquarters

If you need any assistance of Yodel customer care team, you can do so by writing a letter and sending it to the following Yodel Customer care address. You are required to add your personal contact details in the letter posted so that the customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible:

Yodel, Second Floor, Atlantic Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 4AE

Yodel Customer Service 08 Numbers

If the customers have Large Parcels, then they can dial the Yodel customer service phone number 0808 101 0002/ 3/ 4 and 0800 051 5506/ 9. Alternatively Yodel contact number to speak to a person is 0800 157 7777. The phone lines are open from Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm. It should be noted here that the calls to these numbers cost 1p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. The tracking number should be kept ready before making the call. To get the information for all the Yodel services, you can visit the link http://www.yodel.co.uk/yodel-services/ . It will show all details for Yodel Xpress, Yodel Xpert and Yodel Xpect and ROI services to get the customers excellent delivery experience. You can have a live chat with the Yodel service executives and get your replies there and then at https://server.lon.liveperson.net/hc/656956/?cmd=file&file=visitorWantsToChat&site=656956&LEAppKey=f907f2d9acd64b7f8c00b83bed3c2822&SV!chat-button-name=chat-ser . The customer care team would be available from Monday – Friday 8am – 10pm and Saturday 8am – 5pm. This web chat can also be used if there has been no update received by the company about the parcel and it has taken much time as expected.

Yodel Parcel Tracking 08 Numbers and My Yodel Contact Number

To track the status of the parcel and even for redelivery option, the customers can contact Yodel customer service number 0800 number 0800 1577777. This is an automated number, follow the instructions as given and get the information. This number is also used as Yodel tracking phone number and the free phone number for the users. My Yodel contact number is 0800 1577777 to track and arrange for redelivery of parcels for all the areas. If you have to track the status of the delivery, you can visit the link http://www.yodel.co.uk/track/ . Enter the tracking number and delivery postcode and press the tab- track. It will generate the required details. If you are not aware of the tracking number, you can get it on the card given by Yodel or it can be taken from the email sent by the company, or via a text message. This number is between 8 to 20 digits in length. To make sure that your parcel reaches the destination safely, you need to keep in mind some guidelines mentioned in http://www.yodel.co.uk/packaging-advice/ . These Yodels dos and don’ts help to make the delivery fast and secure.

Yodel Calling Cards

If you are not available to collect the parcel at your place, the driver leaves any two kinds of calling cards for what to do further, depending on the service used.

  • Green cards- the mobile number of the driver will be mentioned on the card and they can be contacted until 9 pm
  • Orange cards- this implies that now you have to select some other day to get the parcel by visiting the page


Yodel Depot Collection and Contact Numbers

The parcel collection depots are open from 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 12pm on Saturday and are closed on Sundays and bank holidays. You can visit the page http://www.yodel.co.uk/track/ and choose the collect option. It will show details of the nearest depot from where you can collect the parcel. Or the stores can also be located by the link https://www.collectplus.co.uk/store-locator. You need to inform the members at Yodel that you are coming to collect it so that they do not re deliver it. The calling card and the photo id proof (like passport or driving license) must be carried by visiting the depot. Some of the Yodel details for various depots are as follows-

  • Yodel phone number for Yeovil depot is not available any more . Their address is: Sea King Rd, Lynx Trading EST, Yeovil, BA20 2PJ
    Yodel telephone number for Mitcham depot is 020 8685 1032. Their address is

Unit 7, Ellis Rd, Willow Lane Ind EST, Mitcham, CR4 4HX

  • Yodel customer service phone number for Kidderminster depot is 01562 827299 (this also serves Herefordshire and Worcestershire). Their address is

Hoo Farm Ind EST, Worcester Rd, Kidderminster, DY11 7RA

  • Yodel contact number for Gloucester depot is 01452 727692
  • Yodel delivery contact number for Wrexham depot is 020 3738 2020

Yodel Direct Customer Service Phone Number

This is an online service package offered by Yodel starting from booking the collection online, specifying the date for the courier and then tracing the delivery status online. You need to visit the page http://www.u.yodel.co.uk/send/ to get quotes for the booking by entering the desired details. If you have any questions or queries, you can get in touch with my Yodel contact using the live chat service at https://server.lon.liveperson.net/hc/656956/?cmd=file&file=visitorWantsToChat&site=656956&LEAppKey=f907f2d9acd64b7f8c00b83bed3c2822&SV!chat-button-name=chat-service-english&SV!chat-button-room=chat-service-english&referrer=(button%20dynamic-button:chat-service-english(T14%20Clientzone%20%7C%20Yodel))%20http%3A//e3-141.e3media.co.uk/yodelresponsive/trunk/rawhtml/T14_clientzone.php%23 .The parcel collections are made between 8am – 6pm. The yodel 24 service claims to deliver the parcel next working day and Yodel 48 service aims to deliver within 2 working days You can check all the details using the link  http://www.u.yodel.co.uk/yodeldirect-services/ . The Yodel twitter team can also contacted at the Yodel direct phone number 01204 23 8089. They can also be contacted via Yodel email at https://twitter.com/YodelOnline?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor . The team is available between 8am – 10pm Mon to Fri and 9am – 5pm Sat & Sun. The customers can send in their feedback at https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/yodel.co.uk . Here the parcel number will be required to be entered.

Yodel Customer Enquiry

You can also visit Yodel contact us at http://www.u.yodel.co.uk/your-business/frequent-senders/contact-us/ for any queries related to the services. When the customer is sending multiple parcels at the same time, it is essential to visit the page http://www.u.yodel.co.uk/send/multi-parcel-pricing/ to get a clear view of the prices offered to save their time and money. For the businesses who are engaged in sending multiple parcels, entering all the parcel details can be very time consuming. So they can use the Yodel bulk upload tool at http://www.u.yodel.co.uk/send/our-bulk-upload-tools . The tool automatically fills in the width, length, height and weight for each item, saving you lots of time on multiple collections. If you are looking for a business venture with Yodel, then you need to mention the required details in the form http://www.yodel.co.uk/your-business/sales-enquiries/ and the sales team will respond back.

Yodel Complaints Phone Number

The Yodel group has a trained and dedicated staff to handle the issues efficiently and to the best of customer satisfaction. The customers have been given various options like phone, email or post to make their respective complaints. The customers can dial the Yodel complaints number 01707 287609 and talk with the executive about their issues or concerns. And if you prefer to write, then send in the letter with the required documents attached to the following Yodel Complaint postal address

Yodel customer care, second Floor, Atlantic Pavilion, Albert Dock, L3 4AE

You can also send your queries to the customer service via Yodel complaints email address directed to www.yodel.co.uk/contact-us.aspx and fill up the online form available. The customers also have the option to use the independent tool- Resolver for filing the complaint. This tool is an independent, free of cost system using the link https://www.resolver.co.uk/companies/yodel-complaints/contact-details,

This will connect to the desired complaint resolving team. All the details are kept in a case file which is saved for future, in case if the complaint is required to be escalated to above levels like Ombudsman services or Regulators. Notification will be given automatically when it will seem to be appropriate to escalate the matter further. If you are again not satisfied then the complaint can be raised to higher authorities like Ombudsman or regulator for further action.