IBM Phone Numbers

IBM Contact Numbers

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IBM Customer Service Number, Care Number and General Enquiries 01475 892 000

01475 898 073

+44 1475 892 000

+44 1475 898 073

Shopping Assistance 0800 169 1458 +44 800 169 1458,
UK Head Office 023 92 56 1000 +44 239 256 1000
Mid-Size Companies Helpline 01475 892 000 +44 1475 892 000
Software Support 0370 010 1952

0 1475 897 352

+44 370 010 1952
Easy Helpline for Large enterprise and government customers 01475 892 000 +44 1475 892 000
Hardware Support 03705 500 900 +44 2070 719018
Press Office Support 0207 021 8911 +44 207 021 8911
IBM Maintenance Phone Number 0370 909 9997 +44 370 909 9997
IBM Warranty Support Phone Number 01475 897 048 +44 1475 897 048
IBM Business Partner Support 0800 610 1040 +44 800 610 1040
IBM Data & Analytics 0239 228 9741 +44 239 228 9741
IBM Power System Model Number 0800 965 44102392 289 591 +44 800 965 441

+44 239 228 9591

IBM ZSystem Software 1-800-426-7378


IBM Customer Service

International Business Machines Corporation (commonly known as IBM) has its headquarters in Armonk, New York and was founded in the year 1911. It is an American multinational consulting and technology corporation .It manufactures and markets computer hardware, software, middleware and provides hosting, consulting and infrastructure services in areas from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. IBM has 12 research laboratories worldwide, all bundled under the head of IBM research. The company also ranks very high in terms of corporate social responsibility. The company is focused on customer satisfaction and service and has dedicated team to handle all customer queries and questions.

IBM Contact Address

The customers can even post their queries using postal address of IBM. In this postal query they need to mention their address so that response to the query can be intimated to them at the mentioned contact details. The IBM contact address where query can be posted is

IBM United Kingdom Limited, PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 3AU 

IBM Customer Care

Customers can get in touch with IBM customer care and seek help regarding their general queries for the product and services. Questions pertaining to the company and problems can be raised at the IBM general enquiries number 01475 892 000. The queries can also be asked on IBM customer service number +44 (0) 23 92 56 1000.  IBM customer hotline +44 1475 898 073 can also be called upon for general enquiries by customers residing outside UK. Another alternative is contact through fax at IBM fax numbers 01475 892 000 for local residents and if call is made from outside UK the fax number is +44 2392 22114.

IBM Contract Support

IBM offers various products to customers for their official and personal use. The products designed to suit the needs of the client have technical aspects which may require assistance. Clients can access IBM support for their contracts, orders, invoice, payments, Inventory, lease finance and suppliers through the link

Alternatively, there are numbers for specific services provided to customers. For getting enquiries regarding contract status the customer can call IBM contract support team at IBM contract number +44 370 909 9997.  The same number can be called upon for resolving queries regarding IBM maintenance contracts. An alternate option to IBM maintenance number is their online FAQ link  that can be used to get solution to common enquiries. For getting solutions to different problems related to contract agreements with IBM, customer can either go to FAQ link  or made an online request at access my requests link

IBM Order Status

For getting knowledge about your orders with IBM, you need to call at IBM order number +44 370 909 9997 as this number will reflect the correct IBM order status to customer. Alternatively, for common queries like viewing orders, status of delivery, getting assistance of hardware customer support representative, lost orders etc. you can visit the FAQ link .

IBM Invoice Number

For getting enquiries regarding accessing invoices or credit notes online, viewing invoice statements, making corrections in invoices etc. the customer can call on IBM invoice number +44 370 909 9997. You can also read FAQ links to get further information by visiting the link

IBM Data & Analytics

For problems related to data and its analysis, you can contact IBM data & analytics number +44 239 228 9741 and get information regarding budgeting & forecasting, financial performance and planning etc.

IBM Product Support

In case you have any issue with your product or you need assistance regarding product purchased from IBM, you can visit the IBM product support link for making service request. This is the online support, so you need to create your IBMid for moving further to resolve your query. There is also an online support portal provided for customers where you can find your product and ask for assistance.

IBM Software Download Portal

For getting assistance regarding software downloads, customers are provided customer support center contact numbers. For getting help regarding power systems software of IBM, customer can dial IBM power system model number 0800 965 441 or +44 2392 289 591. Alternatively, they can send an email at IBM power systems support email [email protected] . If you want help regarding zSystems software, you can visit the IBM zSystems software link  or call at IBM technical support number 1-800-426-7378. For getting information regarding software orders, you can contact the IBM Z software team at 1-800-426-2255.  If you will go to their FAQ page at , there is possibility that your query has already been answered.

IBM Customer Support Numbers

For providing easy access of customer service numbers to Mid-size enterprises, the call can be made at IBM midsize business number 01475 892 000 and similarly for large enterprises, government and other customers 01475 892 000  IBM offers various tools and resources to keep the systems running smoothly and have all the software and applications working optimally .They offer complete customized support on their portal or technical support app. It can be accessed through link

IBM Hardware Support

IBM offers support to all its customers for hardware and software related queries. They help in growth of business by providing products and support in fields like Analytics, Commerce Security, Cloud, Mobile first, IT infrastructure. All questions are handled by trained staff and they can be reached at IBM Hardware support numbers 03705-500-900 for UK customers and +44 2070 719018 for customers calling from other countries.

IBM Software Support

Software support for rational, Operating Systems, Information Management and Lotus is also provided by IBM. All issues and questions related to its software products can be raised at the IBM software support number 0370 010 1952.  You can also get i2 Software Support by calling at IBM i2 support number +44-1475-897-352.

IBM Warranty Support Number

For getting assistance of authorized IBM warranty service providers, you have two options. First one is to make a call at IBM warranty support number 01475 897 048 and second alternative is to write an email at address [email protected]

IBM Support Portal

Having wide network of business partners, suppliers, customers all across the world IBM also maintains a directory of worldwide contacts to assist clients. The customers can log onto the website and check for the details through the IBM business partner locator link

Alternatively, you can make call on IBM business partner support number 0800 610 1040 for resolving your queries.

IBM Shopping

For getting necessary assistance regarding shopping IBM products, the customer can call on IBM customer support number 0800 169 1458.  They will assist you regarding all products and procedure of purchasing their products. You can also get guidance regarding best products for you that will suit your requirement. It’s a toll free number so you will not be charged anything for making this call.

IBM Customer Connect

IBM also provides the facility of getting in touch with their employees through their IBM employee directory UK portal. The employees contact number and email id can be obtained by entering the last name of the employee spelled correctly. Only a limited number of searches can be performed in one day. Employees who do not have a telephone number, email id or who choose not to be reflected will not show. The IBM customer connect link is:

IBM Customer Client Centre

The IBM customer Client Centre London helps to provide a perfect environment to clients, business partners and IBM officials to meet and exchange knowledge, innovation and expertise. It is a part of a European network of 15 centers .The state of the art Centre hosts events serves as a marketplace and also helps to bring together clients.

It is connected to IBM London Analytics Solution Centre and the IBM Technical Exploration Centre/IBM Innovation centre. The contact number for IBM customer client Centre is +44 (0) 207 202 3060. You can also contact by writing a letter at following IBM client center address:

IBM Client Centre London, 76/78 Upper Ground, South Bank, London, SE1 9PZ