Millie’s Cookies Customer Service Contact Numbers

For any query or suggestion with respect to any of the things or about the organizations or orders, you can contact the Millie’s Cookies customer care at the Millie’s Cookies customer services telephone number 0207 529 8369 and the team would serve to the best of your satisfaction. The customers can get in touch with the team members from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm. The customers likewise have a choice to contact the group online by filling the details of their query with the customer name, email address and order reference by means of the site page.

Millie’s Cookies Contact Numbers


UK Contact Numbers

International Contact Numbers

Millie’s Cookies Customer Services 0207 529 8369 ++44 0207 529 8369
Millie’s Cookies Victoria Station Contact Number 0207 932 0183 ++44 0207 932 0183
Millie’s Cookies Croydon Contact Number 0208 688 9788 ++44 0208 688 9788
Millie’s Cookies Kingston Contact Number 0208 549 5328 ++44 0208 549 5328
Millie’s Cookies Lakeside 93 Contact Number 01708 868490 ++44 01708 868490
Millie’s Cookies Lakeside 59A Contact Number 01708 890122 ++44 01708 890122
Millie’s Cookies Bluewater Rose Gallery Contact Number 01322 384481 ++44 01322 384481
Millie’s Cookies Bluewater Thames Walk Contact Number 01322 624420 ++44 01322 624420
Millie’s Cookies Woking Contact Number 01483 740209 ++44 01483 740209
Millie’s Cookies Crawley Contact Number 01293 539852 ++44 01293 539852
Millie’s Cookies Chelmsford Contact Number 01245 347111 ++44 01245 347111
Millie’s Cookies Reading Contact Number 0118 956 6144 ++44 0118 956 6144
Millie’s Cookies Milton Keynes Contact Number 01908 670798 ++44 01908 670798
Millie’s Cookies Brighton Contact Number 01273 729 015 ++44 01273 729 015
Millie’s Cookies Cambridge Lion Yard Contact Number 0122 330 3353 ++44 0122 330 3353
Millie’s Cookies Cambridge Grafton Contact Number 0122 336 6105 ++44 0122 336 6105
Millie’s Cookies Eastbourne Contact Number 01323 431815 ++44 01323 431815
Millie’s Cookies Northampton Contact Number 01604 603546 ++44 01604 603546
Millie’s Cookies Southampton Contact Number 02380 632584 ++44 02380 632584
Millie’s Cookies Peterborough Contact Number 01733 342287 ++44 01733 342287
Millie’s Cookies Peterborough Kiosk Contact Number
Millie’s Cookies Cheltenham Contact Number 01242 224660 ++44 01242 224660
Millie’s Cookies Norwich Chapelfields Contact Number 01603 305635 ++44 01603 305635
Millie’s Cookies Birmingham Bull Ring Contact Number 0121 616 1624 ++44 0121 616 1624
Millie’s Cookies Bristol Cabot Circus Contact Number 0117 376 3013 ++44 0117 376 3013
Millie’s Cookies Bristol Cribbs Causeway Contact Number 0117 959 2357 ++44 0117 959 2357
Millie’s Cookies Dudley – Upper Contact Number 0138 476 764 ++44 0138 476 764
Millie’s Cookies Nottingham Contact Number 0115 941 5475 ++44 0115 941 5475
Millie’s Cookies Derby Contact Number 01332 203793 ++44 01332 203793

Millie’s Cookies Contact Number

If you have any query in your mind related to your order, you can ask the Millie’s Cookies staff member via a contact number 0207 529 8369 but the only condition to call is that you can only make the call within weekdays between 9 am morning to 5 pm evening. The staff will serve you as soon as possible. Also, if you want to make complaint regarding the order or you wish to cancel your order, you can do this by filling the online form including your name, mail id, order reference number and your query through the site page.

Millie’s Cookies Giant Cookies

If you wish to purchase cookies of large size then Millie’s Cookies is the best source because it is famous for preparing giant cookies. The Giant Cookies site page offers freshly baked and giant iced cookies to you. It gives an opportunity to you to print your own choice of personalized messages or photo on cookies for your dear ones. You also have a chance to decorate your cookie according to your liking via site page and it gives the entire ingredient details of cookies to you so that you will be able to prepare cookies at your home.

Millie’s Cookies Gifts

You can shop a great range of edible cookies and gifts for your loved ones through the site page. If you would like to gift something special to your near and dear ones then you can buy Gift cards from Millie’s Cookies website that your dear ones can be redeemed in stores or online. You can purchase cookie pops, mix cookies with tin and even you can buy only tin from the page that can be useful when you want to bake cookies at your home according to Millie’s Cookies recipes. If you need more information about Millie’s Cookies Gifts or Gifts cards then you can visit the Terms & Conditions site page.

Millie’s Cookies Refund

In case, if you are not satisfied with the purchase or you receive a damaged order then you are applicable to get full refund of your payment but the condition is that you have to raise your complaint within 24 hours of delivery otherwise the company will not be responsible for this. If you need more detailed information about Millie’s Cookies Refund policies, you can visit the site page. In order to make return request, you can get in touch with the customer service team by visiting contact us site page. If the customer care team requires any information, you have to send it within 48 hours of raising complaint.

Millie’s Cookies Stores

If you want to find Millie’s Cookies stores at your nearest location then you can just enter your post code at the site page and the local stores list with google map will be displayed for your reference. You can find not only store address but also the directions of the store, distance of the store and the opening & Closing times for the store. Due to the availability of map, you can easily locate the store address and enjoy the freshly baked Millie’s Cookies. If you want to know about the availability of items or goodies such as drinks, cookies, cup cakes, muffins, ice creams etc in Millie’s Cookies Stores then you can refer the site page.

There are number of Millie’s cookies stores in United Kingdom. If you want to make a call to Victoria Station Store, You can dial the contact number 0207 932 0183. The opening time for the store is 07:00 am from Monday to Saturday but on Sunday the opening time is 09:00. The closing time is same for all the days i.e. 10:00 pm. If you want to call Croydon store, you can contact via the number 0208 688 9788. Most of the day, the Croydon store is open at 10:00 am in morning and closed at 06:00 pm in evening but on Sunday, the opening time is 11:00 am and the closing time is 05:00 pm.

Similarly, the opening time for Kingston’s Millie’s Store is 09:30 am and the closing time is 06:00 pm for the weekdays but on weekends, opening and closing times are different. You can make your orders ready via contacting at the number 0208 549 5328 for Kingston Store. If you would like to call Lakeside 93 store, you can ring at the 01708 868490 number. You can also locate their store address via visiting the page.

The contact numbers for Lakeside 59A, Bluewater Rose Gallery and Bluewater Thames Walk are 01708 890122, 01322 384481 and 01322 624420 respectively. If you want to call the Woking store, you can contact through the telephone number 01483 740209. From Monday to Saturday, the store closed at 06:00 pm but on Sunday, the closing time is 05:00 pm.

If you wish to call Crawley Millie’s Store, you can dial the phone number 01293 539852 and the storekeeper will serve you the best services. The contact number for Chelmsford Millie’s store is 01245 347111 and the timings for store is 09:00 am to 05:30 pm for weekdays.

If Reading Millie’s Store is close to you then you can visit the store easily by following the directions that are given at the webpage or you can contact via the number 0118 956 6144. The Telephone numbers for Milton Keyneys, Brighton, Cambridge Lion Yard stores are 01908 670798, 01273 729 015 and 0122 330 3353 individually. Likewise, The Cambridge Grafton Millie’s Cookies store is open at 08:00 am in all days except Sunday because the Sunday’s opening time is 10:00 in morning.

The Eastbourne Millie’s store timings are 08:00- 18:00 but on Sunday the timings are 10:00- 17:00. You can get in touch with the storekeeper by calling via the phone number 01323 431815. The contact numbers for Northampton and Southampton stores are different that is 01604 603546 and 02380 632584. If you want to reach Peterborough Millie’s store, you can locate the store address at the webpage or you can simply contact through the phone number 01733 342287. The contact number for Peterborough Kiosk is same but the addresses are different.

You can find Cheltenham store by following the map directions at the webpage or you can call the store staff at the contact number 01242 224660. The opening time for Norwich Chapelfields is 08:00 am for Monday to Saturday and the Sunday timing is 10:00 am. The closing times for all days are varied. The phone number for Norwich Chapelfields is 01603 305635. If you want to get in touch with Birmingham Bull Ring store, you can do via dialling the number 0121 616 1624.

If you want to get you order ready from Bristol Cabot Circus, you can contact at the number 0117 376 3013 and if you want to contact Bristol Cribbs Causeway Millie’s Cookies store, you can use 0117 959 2357 number. Similarly, the telephone numbers for Dudley – Upper, Nottingham and Derby Millie’s Cookies store are 0138 476 764, 0115 941 5475 and 01332 203793 respectively.

Millie’s Cookies Delivery

From the view of customer, delivery is the most important part of online purchasing so if you would like to receive your order next day then Millie’s Cookies Delivery is the best choice because it is known for delivering your order from the next day of your order placed. If you require any information about delivery policies, you can visit the site page and alternatively you can read FAQs section for your consideration and also can contact the team by simply dialing the customer service contact number. You can only place your order between Monday to Friday before 1 pm and you will get your order next day but in case if you place your order after 1 pm on Friday then order day will be  considered as Saturday and you will receive your order after 2 days of placing an order. After successfully placing an order, you will receive a confirmation mail from the Millie’s Cookies service team. All the Millie’s Cookies Deliveries are handled by DPD which is an international parcel delivery company.

Millie’s Cookies Newsletter

If you are a fan of Millie’s Cookies and you want to get up to date with the latest news and offers of Millie’s Cookies then you can sign up to the site page and receive updated information about the latest offers. You can register yourself with the website by entering your email address at the bottom of every page for getting latest newsletters such as offers, competitions, promotions etc.

Millie’s Cookies Blogspot

If you want to read latest information about Millie’s Cookies products then you can do this via Millie’s Cookie Blogspot page. Another site page gives you updated news related to the company.

The Blogger of the company not only tries to attract their customers but also try to provide information related their newest services or competitions offered by the company and to find out more about competitions, you can refer the site page. Alternatively, you can also have a chance to bake cookies according to Millie’s recipes by visiting the page.

Millie’s Cookies Careers

Millie’s Cookies website is operated by SSP which is known as Select Service Partner famous for serving catering services. If you want to pursue your career with Millie’s Cookies then SSP will assist you by giving an opportunity for applying for the job via the site page. You can get here number of jobs in which you can apply online and get your dream job.

Millie’s Cookies Payment Method

Only credit/ debit cardholders are authorized to place an online order from the website. If you want to purchase something from the website then you have to pay by Millie’s Cookies Payment method i.e. credit/debit card payment via the site page. No cash on delivery facility is provided on this site.

Contact Millie’s Cookies through social platforms like Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Millie’s Cookies is one of the famous retail bakers in United Kingdom which is known for preparing large cookies (also called Giant Cookies). It offers not only freshly baked cookies but also for preparing muffins, cup cakes and shakes or drinks. It is also known for delivering an order on the next day of placing the order. The movements are made wherever in the globe and today Millie’s Cookies transforms into an overall brand. The Millie’s Cookies UK customer care team is all around well- known and resolved to serve to the best of your satisfaction and the customers can without a lot of a stretch connect with them on the web, through the phone, email or by methods for the social sites.