Three Mobile Customer Service, Upgrades, Cancellation Payment (and more….) Phone Numbers

For Three customer service you can use 0333 300 3333 you can Call This Number and Save it Under “3 Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.



3 Mobile is a UK based company offering various plans linked to mobile & broadband services. It is serving currently more than 90% of the UK population. The rates offered by this company are very low that is the reason many customers are attracted towards this connection. They are getting excellent services at lower rates. You can get more guidance by visiting its official website You can buy 3 mobile by calling on 3mobile customer service number 0800 358 8460

3 Mobile Customer Services

when stuff sucks 3 mobile
3 Support and customer service on Twitter

3 mobile customer services are providing all kind of necessary assistance for their customer. If you are using 3 mobile, you can call ‘3’ mobile customer service number 333 to resolve your queries. No call charges will apply when making a call through this number.
If you are calling  from any other phone, you can call this 3 mobile customer service number in the UK:
0333 300 3333. You will be charged as per standard rates.
If you are living abroad, you can call 3 mobile customer service number abroad, for phone account: +44 7782 333 333 and for mobile  broadband account: +44 7782 333 500.
Remember that when calling from abroad there are roaming costs – Click this link for more information 3 mobile roaming costs.

Getting assistance related to broadband services you are required to make a call on 3 mobile customer service number UK free 500 from 3 mobile or +44 333 300 0500 from any other phone or if you are living abroad at 3 mobile contact number abroad +44 7782 333 500.

The timings for availability of customer service desk are between 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays & on weekends between 9 am to 6 pm.
Its customer service can also be contacted by writing at ‘3’ mobile customer complaint address:

Hutchison 3G UK Ltd.
PO Box 333
Glasgow G2 9AG

3 mobile UK customer service can be contacted anytime to resolve your queries & complaints. It is mentioned on the official webpage of 3 mobile that they will take 14 days maximum to resolve queries & complaints. In case of business customers, they can contact at 3 mobile customer service business number +44 333 300 3000 from any other phone or at 337. The lost & stolen department can be contacted any time at ‘3’ mobile contact lost phone as it is available for 24 hours.

You can also send an email at 3 mobile customer service email address [email protected] or you can send a tweet at @ThreeUKSupport. If you wish you can personally visit at nearby store to resolve your queries. The location can be found out by visiting at link

Upgrade Services of 3 Mobile

its time to upgrade
When it’s time to upgrade your 3 Mobile phone…

If you do no remember the due date of the contract you can visit the link & by entering your mobile number you can find out whether your phone is eligible for upgrade or not.

You can upgrade with our services after completion of three consecutive months provided you are currently in 1 month Sim deals. You are also required to go through a credit check. If your contract is ending within less than 30 days, you can immediately upgrade the services but if 30 days are left for contract, upgradation is allowed but charges will apply for early upgradation. You can make a call on 3 mobile upgrade contact numbers for 3 mobile sim contracts which are:

  • Call on 333 if you are using 3 mobile for calling. No charges will apply
  • Call on +44 333 300 3333 if you are calling from any other phone. Standard rates will apply

For queries related to broadband contract, call is to be made on 3 mobile broadband customer service numbers:

  • Call 555 from ‘3’ mobile phone. No charges will apply
  • Call 44 333 300 0500 from any other phone. Standard charges will apply.

You can also contact 3 mobile customer experts through 3 mobile live chat by visiting the link The upgradation enquiry timings are between 8 am to 8 pm on weekends & between 9 am to 6pm on weekends.

Three Mobile Cancellation of Contract Numbers

In case you want to change 3 mobile services & cancel the contract, you can make a call on 3 mobile phone cancel contract numbers:

For cancelling contract related to phone services you can make a call on 3 mobile contract customer service number 333 from 3mobile or +44 333 300 3333 from any other phone. For abroad customers number is +44 7782 333 333.

For cancelling contract related to broadband services call 555 using 3 mobile or +44 333 300 0500 from any other phone.
You can cancel the contract using 3 mobile customer service chat link appearing on page

3 Customer Complaint Services Phone numbers

For filing complaint against 3 mobile services, you can contact 3 mobile customer service complaint numbers which are same as customer service numbers. The numbers are same for both business as well as personal customers. The complaint can also be filed by filling up online complaint form given at link The complaint request shall be resolved within 14 days of filing the complaint. If it is not resolved, you have the option to contact ‘Ombudsman’ which is an independent organization devoted towards resolving disputes between customers & service providers. They deal with the complaints which are 8 weeks older & customer is facing deadlock conditions. It means that every possible effort has been made but solution cannot be reached.

You can contact ‘Ombudsman’ by sending an email at [email protected] or by making a call at +44 330 440 1614 or by sending a text message at +44 330 440 1600. The mail can also be sent at following postal address:
Ombudsman Services:

PO Box 730

3 Unlocking Device Service Number

In case you are shifting to 3 mobile from other network you need to unlock your device before you can use it for 3 sim. You need to obtain unlocking code from previous network. Following are the details of 3 mobile contact number for unlocking:

In case of O2 network pay monthly plan: call 202 from O2 phone or call+44 844 809 0202 from any other phone. For pay as you go plan: call 4445 from O2 phone or +44 844 809 0222
In case of Orange network, call on 3 mobile network phone number +44 797 310 0150 or at 150 from orange phone for pay monthly plan. If you are under pay as you go plan call on 450 from orange phone or +44 797 310 0450

For T-Mobile network, call 150 from T-Mobile phone or 44 845 6000 789 from any other phone

Three Bill Payment Service Phone Numbers

Time to pay your 3 bill, Mate
Time to pay your 3 bill, Mate!

You can use phone automated system to pay bill to 3 mobile services. the customer has the option to pay bill using debit card or credit card , by directly deducting from his bank account, pay in person, using online payment method or using phone service.

You are required to make call on 3mobile contact number to pay bill: 400 if you are calling from 3 mobile or at +44 333 300 0317 from any other phone.
If you are facing any problem regarding paying 3 mobile phone bills, you can make a call at 3 mobile customer complaint numbers: +44 333 300 3333 or 333 & for problems in paying bills related to other devices the customer complaint numbers are 500 or +44 333 300 0500.

These complaint numbers can also be called upon for reporting any information regarding lost or stolen phone. The report must be made within 24 hours since your device is lost. In case your device is misused by someone else, you will be responsible for maximum payment of 100 pound for such unauthorized use. However if you do not file complaint with 3 mobile within 24 hours, you will be liable to pay all charges incurred by that unauthorized person using your name.

If you have insured your device, you can file a claim against insurance company. For insurance made with Lifestyle services group, you are required to call on +44 845 674 333 & if insurance was made with CPP, you are required to call at +44 845 123 2333

Checking your Balance through Phone with 3 mobile

For checking your credit balance in your device you can use ‘3’ mobile contact number to check balance. You are required to dial 1744 from ‘3’ mobile phone, automated system will inform your balance & if you dial 1745 your balance will appear on your device screen.

Or call: 444

For all kind of assistance you can make a call on 3 mobile technical support number 0333 300 3333. Call charges 7p per minute will be charged plus charges of phone service provider.

how to check my 3 uk credit

39 thoughts on “Three Mobile Customer Service, Upgrades, Cancellation Payment (and more….) Phone Numbers”

  1. My account phone
    Instead of 13 pounds a month on the 11 th of each month they have taken money from account twice on the 3rd again on the 31-5-16 why I would like to know thanks

  2. HI
    am payg with 3 and have had no signal on my phone for days now what is going on? Is there anything I can do?

  3. I asked for a copy of my bill to be sent to me it was not sent so I called back and was advised it would be with me asap. I then received a bill for one of your other customers which i now have all the details for. Calling 3 really is very difficult due to the language barrier

        1. You said “difficult due to the language barrier” so i was sure you need some specific department.

  4. hi…

    does anyone have the number for the glasgow based customer relations team? having to chase them about resolving a query for which they are failing to take responsibility.

  5. I am Jagindar
    Store at One Stop sold me a mobile that Icould not operate by Hand (fingers) although they assured me I shall be able to so and letters are big, experiencing difficulty i was told to buy stylist pen that did I could not use pefectly I have noe Lebara

    Lebara told me for not being sent messages I have to do it myself from my phone
    I donot know much about phone and computers

    By searching I found them mainly cover roaming and other such charges

  6. Hi
    Upgraded mobile phone in store. Back home, did research and found out that it wasn’t best deal. After 3 days(device still unused) back in store for exchange and was told that- no exchange or returns, no change of plan in my case is possible, even thought, 3g web states that exchange within 7 days it is allowed. Please can you comment on this issue, i see you helping a lot of people on your website.

    Many thanks.

  7. Hi

    Would you have any idea why I was refused a pay monthly sim because of a poor credit score but when I checked my credit score it was above average?

  8. to deal with- only joined 4 days ago and getting nowhere transporting number. Really need to speak to someone UK based.

  9. Hi I’ve got contract with 3 for so many years never gad any problems so decided to do 2 more contracts 4 my kids n have been given a offer of £9 month n would get £50 amazon voucher. After finalise the 2 contracts I ask the sells team that whn would I get my voucher n they told me that they would send me am email then I have to fill the form n send it to them n I will get amazon voucher within 90 days. Was waiting n waiting for email you receive but never received any emails so I phone them 3 times in 2 and a half months to asked that not received any voucher n am same thing been told that u need to wait n will get an email. I then phone them again after 2 and half months to find out whr is my email or voucher but now they telling me that I won’t get any vouchers because the deal has expired n it was my fault. So I don’t understand that how it was my fault I’m sure I can not send email to my self to fill the form unless they sent it to me. I have explained so many times n really as made me upset that I feel like they have trick me to get 2 contact out. I’m a very loyal costumer n never had any problems now I have 3 contracts with 3 mobile number the way they have treated me is very bad. Pls help me for advice they refusing to give me 2×£50 voucher which is £100 .

  10. I would like to pay my bill for my old phone which broke and I have kept my old number for my new phone but cannot pay my old contract out has I can’t talk to anybody properly has its all computerised rubbish and I want to get it sorted and I’ve been a loyal enough customer has well.

  11. Here is what i’m going to send 3:
    Dear 3,

    I have recently taken a pay as you go sim with you and I have unlocked my phone with my previous phone provider however I am still unable to make calls or use Internet outwith wifi, I have put the simple into my phone and the phone shows as “emergency calls only” I have spoken to my previous provider and they have assured me my phone is unlocked and ready for use with other providers and thus the problem may lie with you. Can you assist a.s.a.p as I am now in my contact and have been trying to get this resolved for some time now.

    Kind regards

  12. I have phoned them on numerous occasions,so has my son and my nephew I lost my husband in November notified them to cancel his contract and keep mine on I get cut off my son phoned them about over a couple of days to get my phone back on as I was waiting on a lot of important calls eventually my phone was turned on only to be turned off again we made several more phone calls they cancelled both direct debits for the two contracts the phoned me at 9-15 morning after morning to speak to my husband this has caused a lot of unnecessary stress to me and my family they have been sent the death certificate 3 times and put my phone back on now I get a message saying I’m nearly up to my limit on my phone what limit I think this sort of service is absolutely and have put in a official complaint which I’ve had no reply from

    1. I have had same problem. Advise them that my husband had passed away, sent death certificate which they deny receiving now had letter threatening collection agency. What do you have to do to get these continual phone calls stopped? Won’t hold my breath.

  13. Hi,

    I cancelled my sim only contract instore in July 16, I’ve just found out that they kept my contract open and have placed a default notice on my credit file.

    This is ridiculous as I gave notice and now for the sake of £38, which is 4 months payments I cannot get credit, nobody wrote to me to ask for payment, so I had no idea!

    I’ve paid the £37 just to stop any new default notices, but the defaults still remain on my file!!

    I feel really let down by Three!!

  14. I have tried to contact 3 on my mobile on my home phone regarding nuisance phone calls and there are options to go through which are impossible to speak to anyone. I am going to leave 3 they are a very unhelpful provider. I am also going to pursue a complaint against 3 no one will answer on house phone or mobile and i pay this company a subscription every month. they have to be the worst and most unhelpful phone provider.

  15. Hi, I’ve just signed up for 2 sim only deals, great value-unfortunately 3 sent me an ordinary sized sim not a nano sim. I called your customer service who advised me to take it to my local store and they will exchange it for a nano sim. I called the store to make sure this is correct and they said that’s fine. So I drove 7 miles to our closest store only to be told I have to pay £ for each nano sim. When i questioned this the “store manager” was rude and just kept repeating the amount of £. This is disgusting, all SIM cards are free on every provider-so

    Also the people you choose to be ambassadors for your company in the high street need to be taught grooming and general hygiene, and general customer service skills.

  16. All I have to say is that over the last 6 months they have messed me around merely by the way they do business – you know that way when “they” are looking for something “from” you they are “really” easy to deal with and get a hold of – but when “you” need something from “them” it is a total nightmare of being left on hold and you feel like your talking to a robot with ply one script in their head!!!??? VERY POOR INDEED 3 – I shall speak ill of you if/whenever the subject comes up – NOT GOOD ENOUGH

    1. Totaly agree you cant get proper advice.and i thought 3 network were supposed to be highly rated.can rember my second name when it comes to taking money from account.But have me down as diffrent second name on account.witch i was informed on 4 diffrent occassions would be updated.still have to go through this everytime with them.

  17. Going by reviews im not only one thats been mucked about.and its simple instead of just papping you off with add would be more help to get correct advice.instead of 4 diffrent versions.nightmare when your not on a mobile.but mifi device.

  18. Totaly agree with above comments get it right when its 3 that with customer when looking for correct advice.

  19. Hi Folks,
    Whilst clearing my fathers Garage I have found a mobile phone which appears not to have a charger with it.
    Which one do I need and will I need a battery as well.


  20. Stratford Westfield Store
    I don’t want to think l make a wrong choice choosing 3, seeing many broadband service providers,

    but l was happy cause l believed l got a good deal and a service durable for me and my house- hold interval.

    As l make this request clear while entering into this contract.

    Everyday and myself and my husband just check our e-mails and some times write, it was suggested to us that

    Huawei wireless will be more than enough for us since we don’t use more than what we mentioned, ‘l mean we are not

    using it for business purposes. I was with my husband in Stratford Westfield store. We sign up for this wireless.And for sure, we were

    enjoying it.But 2 weeks after, we couldn’t have access to internet again and we pay a visit to 3 store we were told our data has finished for

    the month, Oh, We can’t believe what we are hearing, because from beginning we laid it out all these that we don’t want to encounter a

    situation where we can not have access to internet when we need it between the space of one month.And we were guaranteed with this service

    by a lady that attended to us.Now we inquired, Can we change to unlimited service,They say it is not possible. we were just somehow as a

    fix.The box has been packed up since last month. And today myself and my husband were in 3 store to discuss way out, how this box can be

    serviceable to us in anyway alternatively. While we were chatting about our experience and displeasure calmly

    with the very Customer service assistant that attended to us the first time and she was explaining things to us. Suddenly a female slimming

    new colleague l hope, join in with us and physically insulted us.We are not

    conversing with her. l had never experienced anything like this anywhere in

    customer service operation, and that so the Manager a very sensible and competent man was forced to pop out and resolve the matter by gently

    listen to our concern, and suggested to put our concern through this medium. Another payment for broadband and it was caped.

    I am looking for a way out to this so that we can enjoy 3 services.

  21. I requested my account closed, wasnt closed and billed. again requested it closed billed again, requested it closed, wasnt closed billed again, I disputed the bills which were then passed to a dept collection agency, whom I had to pay. I made a complaint, 3 apologised and reimbursed my money in full. applied for a mortgage yesterday and was refused due to 3 giving me a bad credit rating. Legal action will follow.

  22. I need to speak to an operative to sort my phones out
    in lockdown alone cannot type painin my hands
    Is the a call me service
    chat rooms cant speak promised they would get you to call week ago
    must have verbal coms with person who can correct my accounts 2 phones

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