A Shade Greener Phone Numbers

A Shade Greener Ltd is a renewable electricity generator based in South Yorkshire, with a vision to be a leading supplier of green products in the United Kingdom. The company aims to promote solar energy accessible to everyone, which will in turn help to save money as well as the environment. The company has been offering very competitive fixed deals and has a proper procedure to solve all the queries raised to the best of customer satisfaction. A Shade Green services can be called at A Shade Greener customer service number 0345 301 2342.

A Shade Greener contact

A Shade Greener UK and international number

Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
Customer Service/ Complaints – Solar 0345 301 2342 +44 345 301 2342
Service for Biomass 0345 120 5484 +44 345 120 5484
Service for Boilers 0345 129 2125 +44 345 129 2125

A Shade Greener Contact

    • For all your Solar enquiries, you can get in touch with the support team at A Shade Greener contact number 0345 301 2342.
    • The team can also be contacted via email at A Shade Greener contact email [email protected].
    • You can also access the social portals like facebook and twitter accounts to get the response quickly within 24 hours. You can also submit the query online by filling in the form via the page https://www.aShadeGreener.co.uk/contact-us and the support team will make all possible efforts to respond back within 48 hours.
    • Check for A Shade Greener reviews via the link https://www.aShadeGreener.co.uk/household/freesolarpanels/testimonials .You can watch the clips from a Shade Greener BBC watchdog about the solar installations
    • A Shade Greener address is:
      Sterling House Maple Court, Maple Road, Tankersley, South Yorkshire, S75 3DP

A Shade Greener Solar Panels Customers

You can easily log in your account via A Shade Greener login page https://www.aShadeGreener.co.uk/solar-readings/ . If you face any issues while signing in the account, you can send the request via email at A Shade Greener solar panel customer contact email [email protected]

A Shade Greener Technical Issues

If you are facing any difficulty while accessing the website, you can contact A Shade Greener website developers via email at A Shade Greener technical issues contact email [email protected]

A Shade Greener Boilers

You can easily get the quote online for A Shade Greener boilers via the link http://everlastingboilers.aShadeGreener.co.uk/request-quote . The boilers are available for the customers with interest free finance, warranty policies and no credit check to be done.

Give A Shade Greener Feedback

The company always encourages providing feedback for the products or services to serve better. You can email the feedback or suggestions via A Shade Greener feedback contact email [email protected]

A Shade Greener Complaints

If you have any issues regarding the services, you can contact a Shade Greener customer service team by dialing a Shade Greener complaints phone number 0345 301 2342 or can contact via filling the online form https://www.aShadeGreener.co.uk/contact-us

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11 thoughts on “A Shade Greener Phone Numbers”

  1. Good afternoon

    I sold the property and we require a Consent re an Entry in the Land Registry Office copies in respect of a Restriction on the property?

    Can they please provide us with the contact details, where to obtain the Consent?

    1. Solar panels fitted April 2014, the fitting on one panel has been done on lead flashing which is now split over time and causing the roof to leak. The roof cannot be repaired due to the solar panel obstructing full access,I would appreciate some feedback as to our next move. Thank you await your reply

  2. We have had nothing but problems since the start and I wouldn’t touch this company with someone else’s barge pole. A total disgrace just after fleecing the government out of the freebies. And if anyone wishes to ask me I will tell them straight and honestly

  3. Have been a solar panel customer for 4 years. Have tried to contact them all last week, left messages & e.mailed, not a single response. Have no idea what is going on with this company.

  4. I have a boiler from them, with a contract which includes any call out it’s DIY, giving instructions on the phone….
    Support are existent.

  5. You can’t get through to anyone out of hours the answer service is shocking boiler not working can’t get in touch with them, will try again later

  6. I am, trying to get through to somene urgently as my boiler keeps stopping working, cant find anyone just blooming told to leave message

  7. Company is a joke. Contacted them about my direct debit they informed that they forgot to reinstate it an now I owe them. Its not my fault you never done it. An they want to start sending me Legal Paperwork.
    I might have to look into get out this contract with them, cause they are disgusting company

  8. Well after reading these comments surely there must be someone to complain too as l have been ringing there are no people there it’s just a message totally disgusted by there lack of response , if l could l would have the solar panels taken down now .

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