Alpharooms UK Phone Numbers

Alpharooms Customer Service Direct Number:
0330 1000 025
Call This Number and Save it Under “Alpharooms Number”.


Alpharooms is among one of the leading UK hotel companies having more than 2 lakhs hotels in around 40 thousand destinations. They are serving around 1 lakh customers every year. They are offering best discount deals in hotels & apartments located in various countries. They are offering best services to UK as well as other customers, which is the reason customers are getting attracted towards this company. You can get more assistance related to any service by visiting its official website

 Alpharooms customer service numbers

Alpharooms customer service can be contacted at Alpharooms customer service number 0330 1000 025. You can also make a call through mobile app. The call made through mobile shall be recorded in your phone for future reference.

Alpharooms booking contact number

For booking a room, you can call at Alpharooms booking contact number 0330 1000 025. Alpharooms customer service is available between 8 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday and between 10 am to 5 pm on Saturdays & Sundays. Alpharooms customer service opening timings on bank holidays are from 10 am till 5 pm. The availability timings of Alpharooms sales department are also same.

Alpharooms contact address

If you want to contact Alpharooms at their postal address, you are required to contact at Alpharooms contact address:

Alpha International Accommodation Limited
Plantation House
261-263 Ecclesall Road
S11 8NX

Alpharooms customer service and customer support phone numbers

You can also call at Alpharooms customer service phone number 0330 1000 025 for making bookings in hotel rooms & for cancel any bookings. Another Alpharooms customer support phone number is 0126 445 7676 where you can call to avail any kind of assistance. An email can also be sent at Alpharooms customer service email address [email protected]  for resolving various queries. The social networking sites can also be used to contact customer service of Alpharooms. Their Facebook account is & twitter account is

Alpharooms customer complaint service eMail and address

If you are not happy with the services provided by Alpharooms, you can complaint to Alpharooms complaint center. The complaint can be filed by writing an email at Alpharooms complaint email address [email protected] . Alternatively, the complaint can also be filed by sending a mail at Alpharooms complaint address:

Alpha International Accommodation Ltd.,

Plantation House, 261 – 263

Ecclesall Road, Sheffield,

South Yorkshire, S11 8NX

The resolver complaint tool can also be used to resolve the complaints of USA customers & to enable them to reach Alpharooms customer care service. Resolver tool helps the British customers in following ways:

  • It helps in keeping all correspondents at one place
  • You can use various samples of templates for raising you complaints in simple & easy way
  • It helps you in reaching the direct contact point in the organization
  • Getting reminders of responses provided by the organization
  • They suggests you the appropriate point of escalating the complaint to next higher level within the organization.
  • Provide history of your complaint process in detail.

Alpharooms emergency support contact number

If you have any problem with the services of Alpharooms or there is some emergency, you can contact on Alpharooms emergency support contact number 0114 251 5093. This contact number is available for 24 hours for providing service.

Alpharooms contact number to pay bill

In case your payment get failed, you can contact Alpharooms contact number to pay bill 0330 1000 025. The Alpharooms customer care member will be available to provide you necessary assistance. The payment may get fail due to card rejection as card may not be authorized at security stage. You can either call at customer assistance number or try making payment using different card. All payments are not collected by Alpharooms; some payments are made directly to hotel. You will be informed in advance, where are you required to make the payment.

Alpharooms contact number UK

In case your order get failed due to problem in card or any other reason and you are not sure whether payment has been deducted or not, you can call at same Alpharooms contact number UK 0330 1000 025 & get necessary assistance.

You can also make payment directly to accounts department by calling at Alpharooms Sheffield telephone number 0114 251 5037.

Alpharooms bookings contact number

For bookings made by whether new or existing customers with Alpharooms, you are required to call at Alpharooms booking confirmation number 0114 268 7000. If booking confirmation is not reflecting in your account you can call at Alpharooms contact number 0044 330 1000 025 to know the answers of all questions related to your bookings.

Alpharooms cancellation policy provides that if you want to cancel your bookings it can be done online by signing in to his registered account. The cancellation must be done in advance; cancellation directly made at hotel shall not be considered & treated as cancelled. Alpharooms also charges cancellation fees for cancelling the bookings. In case you are informed that there is change in your accommodation booking, it means that travel provider has made some changes in your bookings. He has right to make changes in bookings to either some superior accommodation or same alternative accommodation. If accommodation booked by travel provider as alternative is of low standard, compensation will be provided to you against such changes. The travel provider also has a right to cancel the booking in case he is unable to provide you suitable alternative.

Alpharooms flight service

For confirming your flight bookings, you can call at Alpharooms customer contact number 0044 330 1000 025.  A customer service representative shall be there to provide assistance regarding your flight confirmation. However, other problems such as received confirmation mail but tickets are missing, can also be resolved by calling on this customer contact number. For all other problems related to flight service, this support number can be contacted to find out the solution.

Alpharooms holiday extras service and transfer service number

For booking a taxi or bus through Alpharooms you are required to visit a link  & fill the required details. Our Airport transfer service will reach at airport on time & will take you to the accommodation safely. In case you want to know the confirm timings of transfer service, you can call at Alpharooms transfer service number 0044 330 1000 025. Any changes made at the airport location can also be informed by calling on same number.

For booking insurance service with Alpharooms, you are required to visit a link and get insurance services at much cheaper rates by filling the required information.

You can also go for airport parking service of Alpharooms that helps in saving huge cost of customers.  The parking services are available at 27 UK airports & Dublin airport. You are required to visit the link & fill the necessary details asked in different fields.

Another service offered by Alpharooms is Holiday car service. You can book a car for in advance so that you could explore the new place comfortably. By availing this service, you can use car for travelling from one place to another at your holiday place without any difficulty. You are required to visit the link & fill the destination details & travelling dates.

Alpharooms also offers group booking service under which if you wish to book more than 5 rooms, you are required to fill the form given at following link . Alpharooms will consider your request & inform you regarding room availabilities within 48 hours.

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  1. I have had a extremly frustrating time with this company. I am due to fly out on Monday 17th Oct i cant book flights due to Alpharoom not answering any of my emails. There is a outstanding balance of which has not been taken directly out my account like all other payments and therefor booking canceled. Previously I was informed my holiday accommodation was cancelled due to low cost holiday going bust. I have not recieved any refund as requested . I am now trying to speak to someone directly and at present waiting to be answered… My holiday plans.

  2. I have been travelling with this company for years and have recommended them to so many people however never again.The service now is and the prices hyped up. it is taking at least some time for an answer and thats sales …they must be losing a fortune. Customer complaints….. I was told I would get a discount code on my birthday but it never arrived and no sales person can issue it or tell you where to get it, you are put through to customer services and they dont answer …what a shame it used to be a good company but I am going to book elsewhere for the first time in 10 years as I believe they will go out of business because of the service now offered. Complacency always is the reason behind companies closing …so i book elsewhere if they wish to go and return without any problems …just imagine you are abroad with kids.

  3. How do I get rid of a past my account, to access a new one? You have me stuck on a hol in Oct 2016 and I can not get it removed?
    Can you sort and remove so I can track further hols?

  4. I’ve been booking through this company for years now iv just phoned spoke to three people who can’t speak proper English then is now operating from india be very careful anyone booking here

  5. I have been phoning and complaining to alpharooms since 22nd of March about my hotel or rather the lack of a hotel room .in booked and paid with alpharooms for a hotel in lanzarote .I was sent an email on 7th to tell me the hotel was overbooked (not even a phone call) and i was moved to another hotel miles away when I phoned alpharooms customer relations I was told no I was in original hotel to print my booking reference and go there we got to hotel to be told it was overbooked and alpharooms knew that I had to pay for a room and four of us had to share for a night the hotel managed to sort us with another hotel .I have been phoning alpharooms constantly and getting the same nonsense that someone will get in touch with me this is now four months and still nothing .they are the worst company I have ever dealt with if they were giving me a free holiday .absolutely company.

  6. It is now six fecking months since alpharooms messed up my holiday and I am still waiting for a refund or even someone getting touch with me.i booked and paid in full on 27 December for a holiday to Lanzarote I got an email 7weeks later telling me my hot was overbooked when I phoned alpharooms they said no it’s a mistake go to original hotel went there and suprise it’s overbook they gave me a room for one night and managed to get me another hotel .I had to pay 40 euros for the room and 4of us had to share so alpharooms owe me 40 euros not a lot of money but I have spent more than that on phone calls to them . alpharooms what a shite crap company .never use them again

  7. I am waiting on someone to get back to me regarding hotel accommodation booked and I cancelled days before going to the hotel and at this point the hotel had not opened back up due to hurricane Irma.Received a few emails stating waiting for advice and since then nothing and I sent further email and still no correspondence.

  8. alpha room customer service is not easy been waiting for 2 months for them to amended my booking ,,,,,,, what a thing ill not done … but they want me to pay if I cancel

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