Amazon UK Customer Service Phone Numbers, Seller Support, Amazon Prime and More

For Amazon UK customer service you can use our signposting service number: 0843 837 5380 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Amazon Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.

If you are calling Amazon from abroad use:  +44 843 837 5380


Helpline UK Contact Number International Number
Amazon Customer Service Number Helpline and Prime 0800 279 7234 free +44 207 084 7911
Amazon UK Seller Central Support Number 0800 279 7234 free +44 207 084 7911
Amazon UK free phone number and Customer Complaint Number 0800 279 7234 free +44 207 084 7911
Amazon Kindle Free Number 0800 279 7245 free +44 203 356 6212
Amazon London office number and Support 0207 084 7911 +44 207 084 7911
Amazon UK Customer Service Phone Number 0800 0800 917 7617 free +44 800 917 7617
Amazon Customer Relations Number 0800 496 1083 free +44 800 496 1083

Amazon UK Contact Numbers are not so easy to find online (for me anyway…). Still we found a lot of  information about how to contact Amazon UK customer service guys:


When we talk about online shopping, the name to click-in is Amazon. It is one of the greatest online shopping portals in the world offering a wide collection of products like clothing, electronics, grocery, jewelry, beauty, home décor, kitchen appliances, software, games, sports and outdoors, cars, motorbikes and many more categories. It has become most used and searched retailers in the world with the invention of e-reading, Amazon Kindle. Amazon customer assistance services have always been at their best for all the queries raised, to the maximum customer satisfaction. Today Amazon has different retail websites for the UK, Spain, Italy, Canada, Germany, France and many more.

Amazon Customer Service Address

The users have the option to contact Amazon by mail service as well. If you need assistance of Amazon customer care team, you can do so by writing a letter and sending it to Amazon customer care address Customer Services, 2-4 Waverley Gate, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EG

You are required to add your personal contact details in the letter posted so that the Amazon customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible.

Following address is the registered office of Amazon

AMAZON.Co.UK, Patriot Court, 1-9 the Grovetown, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1QP

The postal method can also be used for filing complaints with Amazon. If you wish to make a complaint in writing you can do so by writing a letter and sending it to the above mentioned Berkshire address as Amazon complaint postal address. Along with letter of complaint, mention your contact details and account number so that the customer relation department can reach out to you as soon as they come up with a solution.

Amazon Customer Service Contact Numbers

With millions of users all around the world, so the Amazon customer service helpline becomes the busiest one. However the dedicated customer support team functions at their best to serve you better.

      • For all the general enquiries like buying or selling on the site, you can call the Amazon customer service free number 0800 279 7234. This number can also be used if you need to give any feedback or complaint on the shopping experience. The phone lines are open seven days a week from 6am to 12 midnight.
      • You can also dial the Amazon contact free number 0800 917 5235 for all your questions and queries like order status, credit card issues, or kindle ebooks details etc. The representatives are available from Monday to Sunday from 6.00am until 12 midnight.
      • You can also get in touch with Amazon customer care executives by dialing the free number 0800 917 5235 for any kind of help

Amazon UK Free Phone Number Head Office

You can also call at Amazon UK free phone number  0800 279 7234 or Amazon London office number directly on 0207 084 7911. This London number is best while making calls from your mobile or not being able to connect to other numbers.

Amazon UK head office can also be contacted at 020 8636 9200

For the Amazon Kindle queries, you are required to dial Amazon customer care phone free number 0800 496 2449. There are some menu options to choose from while making the call- like for registration or payments, press 1; if any problem connections with Wi-Fi, then press2; if the query is for any damage or replacement of Kindle, then press 3; and for any other question, press 4.

For any kind of technical assistance like your phone not working or account administration help such as to make any changes in the account, you can also dial the Amazon free contact number 0800 917 5235 Amazon Customer Relations Number

The international customers can dial Amazon customer relations number +44 207 084 7911 and +44 203 356 6212 for their queries. All the calls are charged at normal calling rates. The representatives are available from 6am to 12pm (midnight) all days in a week.

You can also check at for Amazon Kindle support.

Using the link, the customers can use the click to call service, which implies that you will be called back by the Amazon customer care executives as you will mention the phone number in the pop up window at the desired time.

For any assistance, you can also visit
Live chats can also be done with the customer support team 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Amazon UK Office Fax Number

Fax numbers are also helpful in case if only some documents need to be sent. You can use Amazon UK Office Fax Number 0800 279 6630 (free within the UK), and +44 20 8636 9401 (for outside UK)

Amazon is free to use. The customers who are regular in their online transactions can join the membership program Prime which will provide various benefits like sometimes the shipping charges will be free of cost, or in case of express deliveries, there will be charged more discounted rates.

Amazon Useful Links

Amazon Helpline Numbers

      • Amazon customer service helpline can be contacted on the helpdesk number 0800 917 5235 for any of your queries related to the order, tracking their status, the delivery options available or for refunds and returns etc. Amazon customer relations department will be able to help in all matters including if you would like to advertise on Amazon.
      • Other Amazon helpline number which can of help is 0800 917 5235. It will connect straight to the desired team. This number is open 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.
      • You can also write in the queries and send it at Amazon customer service email address [email protected]
      • For checking the status of refunds, you can visit the link
      • this will explain how the refunds are calculated and then issued. Depends on what payment method has been used to make the purchase. “Instant refund option” if it applies, then the refund is made to the credit card or as an Gift Card balance

Amazon Customer Complaints Telephone Number

If you need to file a complaint, you can contact the Amazon customer complaints department in a number of ways

    • If you have any complaint regarding your order, or the services rendered or the product is broken or facing any difficulty handling the gadget etc, you can dial the Amazon customer complaint number 0800 279 7234, the Amazon complaints team will make best of their efforts to resolve the issue.
    • Amazon contact number 0800 917 5235 can also be used to file complaint about any part of your service
    • You can e-mail the issues at [email protected] the Amazon customer service team promises to reply back as quickly as possible
    • You can also use Amazon Customer Service Email ID: [email protected] for filing the complaints. The email support is available 24 hours, 7 days for the customers.
    • Visit the consumer forum at and post the complaints.

92 thoughts on “Amazon UK Customer Service Phone Numbers, Seller Support, Amazon Prime and More”

  1. There is no section that relates to my account query?

    When i HIDE an item from my list of orders, it still displays it on the BUY AGAIN list right next to my list of orders?

    How can this be removed or hidden?

    1. Hey. Just click “hide item”, If its not working, try the Amazon community page.

    2. I have been charged for Prime Membership which I do not want. I was on holiday when the charge was put on my credit card. How do i stop this Prime Membership.

      1. Hey Maureen. I checked around the internet and found some guides on “how to cancel Amazon Prime.
        So its simple:
        Go to your account, Prime Membership, End Membership.

      2. they olso charge d me 4 times for primemembership which I did not ask for they have only return 7 .99 I am writing to the office of fairtrading to complain.

      3. You can cancel Prime – Amazon keep setting up Prime for me when I hit the alternative “Buy now” button (rejecting their offer). I have had this happen to me several times now and I am thinking I will stop using Amazon. Its pressure selling features that are irrelevant to me. Who really wants it tomorrow! Who wants music streaming? or photo storage etc! You have to navigate into “Manage my Amazon Prime” and then select the right Cancel button – several times over as you are informed of the benefits of parting with £7.50/m.

    1. Same thing happened to me. I am so sick of spending precious time for the contact info for Amazon. I cannot call from another country on a cell phone which is all I have. They say that have chat, but don’t tell you how to connect to it. Google says you can ask them to call you, but when I called C.S. to request that (at long distance expense), the rep said she cannot give me email address or other ways to contact them.
      Frustrating. I am going to find this vital food product for my sick animal Grrr.

  2. I’m trying to find out why I can see a specific ioniser air purifier on but not…….there doesn’t seem to be an email address I can write to, to find out why. Are you able to help me with this please? Thank you.

  3. Right I am absolutely ain’t even the half of it on Tuesday the 20th I order something to be delivered for the next day everything went through money paid for boom dispatched gets to wedensday the 21st take the day of work wait for my parcel to come all day as would comes to 3:29 get an email 1st delivery attempt unsuccessfull 2nd delivery attempt will be made tomorrow so I thought right I must of missed the door bell or something so went down stairs no card left behind so thought to my self oh he must of just forgot I’ll see what happens tomorrow take another day of work wake up tea breakfast ect ect spend the whole day waiting for my delivery then yet again 8:29pm 2nd delivery attempt made parcel will be retried next day now mate taking the that’s 2 days of work about pound lost cause bastard of a delivery man can’t be bothered to look for my adress that’s not the half of it canceled the order on Friday placed it again Friday to get it sent to me today on a Sunday so right get home about half 2 in the after noon just get an email at 2:30 saying delivery unsuccessful now if I stand corrected but are get delivery drivers ghosts or something cause I dint see no with a parcel in his hand at 2:30 whilst I was walking up the stairs I live in a block of flats it’s not hard to miss is it i want this sorted or I’m going to contact head office need to sort delivery drivers out maybe give them WORK PHONES so can contact them when people’s parcels ain’t turned up or summing yeah sorry for my language but I’m really in no mood pound down cause of workers not impressed

  4. Re: Toshiba High Definition LED T/V Purchased
    This T/v has broken down and I am not sure whether the Guarantee was for 2 or 3 years.
    Can you let me know how can i know if it is still under guarantee and if so who do I contact regarding repairs
    Thank you

  5. How do i close my account Amazon , I have been looking all over the place for help to close my account with Amazon. Why is there not just one area in this set up that you can just close your account, why does Amazon have there customers having to go to Univerity to learn how to close there account.

    1. Hey Allan. In order to close your Amazon UK account you need go through these steps:
      1. go to
      2. Amazon UK Help page
      3. On the help search type “cancel account”

      1. Been trying without success to cancel my account, but the contact email is disabled, they want to talk via phone but I don’t want this option. Any other way to cancel my account or email customer services?

  6. I have just been charged for Amazon Prime and the money
    taken from my account which I did not know anything about. Amazon said they would refund me the money but did not say how long it would take.
    I am unemployed and getting and now I will get overdraft charges on top.

  7. Have been let down on delivery although paid the one day delivery charge unfortunately the company is closed till Monday as is the delivery firm have one very destrot special needs child as was a gift amazon have filed two emails to the company this was purchased off but not explained if there is actually any chance we may still see our delivery explained have an important appointent tomorrow so can not stay in which fell on deaf ears

  8. My account had been compromised and closed without Amazon making an effort to contact myself to confirm verbally. All carried out by a fraudster via Chat, it would seem Amazon actually helped the fraudster.. I have been in contact with Amazon Customer Service department several times regarding this matter, but have not yet received a satisfactory response, which leads me to write this complaint.

    Despite several promises by Amazon, Amazon have taken zero action to date (apart from reactivate my account)

  9. My account has been taken from my account been waiting since Thursday for someone to contact me fuming is not the word I need to talk to someone in the department as customer services do not understand a word I am saying

  10. Amazon are charging me shipping costs for items that are free shipping Tried to cancel the order within seconds, but no Amazon said half cant be cancelled, no response as to why they are charging me for free shipping.

    We ordered 4 cushions and matching curtains, they are sending 2 cushions only…then changed it to 3, without the other or the curtains.
    Then they say 3 cushions at £ is £2, how the do Amazon get that

    More Amazon for me? but trading standards for them

    1. I’m the same I’m trying now for 2 items with free delivery and they’ve put delivery charges on trying to get the bloody excuse me thing changed even with instructions isn’t working maybe it’s only £ it’s not the point

  11. Hi, I’ve been charged for Prime Membership, which I didn’t even want to. How can I claim my money back and stop the membership?

  12. I have received yet another email saying my Parcel was handed to resident to Daniel yesterday, the delivery address is business and I still haven’t received it Who is Daniel and where is my order, money has been taken from my account : )

  13. I want a contact number for a uk call centre to make a formal complaint where can I get this I’m getting sick and tired of wasting my time trying to speak to the Indian call centre staff who are not really to help speak to someone in the uk.

  14. When items in my wishlist reduce in price, the reduction is announced and even the percentage reduction is displayed. However if an item in my wishlist increases, then….nothing. Amazon seem to ignore the increase. Is this just an oversight? (emailed this question to you yesterday but received a completely nonsense reply in very poor English – operator seemed to think I was complaining about an item I’d purchased – clearly didn’t read it properly)

  15. Amazon customer service all you’ll get is superficial robot speak from automatons who can neither speak nor understand the English language.

  16. I didn’t buy nothing for Amazon but they took money for my account £ t .amazon take my money on 25 of December on Bank return my money.i don’t want to prime membership ,I like to know how do i claim my money back

  17. I didn’t buy nothing for Amazon but took money for my account how I can do for return my money ,because I don’t want to be prime membership in Amazon , can stop membership please

  18. Disappointed that Amazon has charged me for prime membership which I never opted for. Besides I have also noted they have been charging me for Amazon Kindle from which I have always paid what I wanted. I was never observant until now when they took a larger sum they could?

  19. I am currently trying to look into monies taken from my husbands account for items i have not purchased.Cant now even access the account to find out what ever is going on.

      1. I am trying to change the bank card no’ that I have used for a long time to a new one. I am having my purchases refused because of this.

  20. I bought a logitech and my account got locked after i bought it i was just wondering if my payment of the item was still being delivered to my house because im upset it was supposed to come today

  21. I am getting extremely angry with Amazon!! I want a response to a query from over 3 weeks ago, 2 days ago and today!!! A parcel still hasn’t been collected from March that I didn’t even order!! They have taken £out of my Mom’s credit card account for 3 items (bodybuilding products etc – my Mum is 83!!) I reported this 3 weeks ago. AArrghhh! I am sooo frustrated. the customer services is hard.


  22. I was promised a resolution to an issue with customer service manager who laughed took the mick and caused me to fit. I am disabled and was promised a resolution by last Thursday. No call. The women Victoria is never in the office. CEOS and MD just ignore emails. Was promised yesterday, some 28 hours ago, I would be contacted within 12 hours. Didn’t happen. Customer services today said they would pass on my concerns once again to resolution team. Now been told it will be within next 24 hours. This has caused me distress and I am now feeling very ill. I think think they just keep saying 24 hours hoping you’ll give up. Plus of course they don’t pay tax. All this despite admitting they are at fault in writing. I feel so sick and it’s Amazon grinding me down.

  23. Both my kindles have died on me at the same time, tried everything but no success wrote to Edinburgh and Berkshire customer service people someone from the uk… buy two more kindles ours were presents we are pensioners and unable to afford 2 new kindles I used them a lot so Amazon will have to go and buy books now

  24. I have been sent 14 codes of 6 digits numbers and they all don’t work so I’m unable to order anything,track my orders or log in to my account.This must be the company to deal with and now I’m looking to cancel my account and go with a more professional company.

  25. I never received what I ordered and cannot complain any more because Amazon won’t accept my password. What a bunch. I will order from Amazon again

  26. I’ve just caught up with watching “The 100” series up to series 3 all of which are on Amazon Prime. However I cannot get to see series 4 as it is not on Prime! Why not?

  27. Go to and leave your phone number, somebody will ring you. Worked for me and
    got someone from Ireland!!

  28. Arcade Basketball
    Daily calling every alter day i call he say 1st 8th credited and again 10th credited every time he says but last 18th customer says claim denied.
    My place the order April17 item name JSNY Shoot N Score Arcade Basketball and received very late that time is 19 th may(After 45 days) same day i complain material item wrong size received that my booked material cost Rs and item was damaged condition how to use i complain every day customer care(phones) mail also still solved,

  29. Heres a thought. They have addressed a parcel to a postcode and just a name….no house number.
    The driver has decided to post it through my door. Maybe the guy thought I would walk up and down the street looking for the person…..wrong.
    It looks like the parcel is going in the bin because I am not going to wait in for your driver to collect it.
    Next time, address stuff properly and customer might receive their items.

  30. I have repeatedly requested rectification of your error regarding verification code provision. They have failed to send verification id codes so that I can access my account and have failed to respond to my emails on this subject. I requested an urgent response.

  31. I am already a “customer” at ” grocery”,because I’m interested in “English grocery” I like English food.And I’ve been trying for “ages” to order and “receive ” ENGLISH CUT LOAVES” .So is at least And are they willing to send me some over here to France ?!Thank you

  32. I ordered a parcel for early delivery (29th instant). Looked on computer, picture of a door (not mine). Apparently it was posted through the letterbox (best of luck there). Why did they not ring the doorbell, the reason maybe because they delivered it to the wrong house. Have tried to get through to Amazon. phone book get through to them at all times of the day and nigh. don’t think I will be ordering , although the fault lies with DPD, who as luck would have it are now closed for the day.
    A message to Karl at DPD, please tread the label on goods then you may have a chance delivering it to the right address.

  33. I sent to Amazon this couple of days ago,
    Could they please refund my £7.99 and £79 in my bank account because it was done by mistake from my daughter and i was not aware of it when i see my mobile banking it shows me that Amazon prime will charge me £7.99 then i open my Amazon account and cancel it.

  34. can sombody please tell me how to remove/delete orders or hidden orders,
    My hidden orders are at the limit of 100, and i cannot see how to remove or delete any of my old orders not now needed,

  35. I purchased an X Box on 27th December.. On 27th December a ‘Refund’ appears on the account.. I only looked 6 days later when goods did not appear. Seller has now got 6 ‘fails’ no goods/no delivery/no money
    Customer services confirmed no delivery/refund sent to bank/ my Banks problem the delay.
    Call 2 same conversation / no funds/
    Call 3 same conversation / no funds/
    Call4 got to bottom of story – refund was sent out to incorrect customer as a voucher and it was cashed !!! (Russia?)
    Now today 17th/ Customer services (now 8 hours wasted) cant do anything/ the Investigation dept looking into it/ apologies previous 2 persons said same thing/
    Circular conversations/ will I ever get any action/ been made to feel like I am Russian Maffia/ yet all I want is my purchase price refunded.

  36. How do I report an ex employee who is suing Amazon for on-the-job injury despite having already started the process of being self-employed and being involved in sports? This makes me mad for all the employees who have real injuries.

  37. I can not sign in to my amazon account at and, because of the system verification “Two-Step Verification”. My password is working. But at menu “Choose how you would like to get a new code” i have registered two phone numbers, but i don’t receive text code neither at one or another.

  38. Had to spell out four times my email address because he couldn’t understand what i had said, if saying each letter in the NATO phonetic alphabet is going to fast god help the services that use it. After i finally got him to understand he put me on hold and transferred my call, I still got nowhere they just don’t know what they are on with. I have asked for an email with all the details on because they truly have idea and I am expecting a bill which I do not owe

  39. I’m tired of making complains to refund pounds that I was charged because I opened account and didn’t put any item. I just want to know is it possible to get my money back or I have think that was unsuspected to Amazon?

  40. I called Amazon uk helpline free today at 8:40 am . A gentleman took the phone asked my account email. which I told him. he could not get the word correct. I spelt it. phone went silent for 5 minutes. I was surprised. I was forced to cut it off. Redialed. again it answered with music and the saying ‘we will record this telephone……………………….’ went silent again. Any problem with Amazon?

  41. I am trying to send a simple email as a query. Can’t find anything that I can just click on for help? normal, simple email query!

  42. service is really completely with service, I have ordered one mobile from Amazon app
    “vivo v11 pro” on 20 September 2018 ,it was supposed to reach to me on 25 .9.2018 but it was not reached as it was my wife’s birthday on 26th , I called customer care regarding the delay again they promised and said it will reach by 28th.
    Still there is no response, when I called customer care in spite of assuring they cancelled my order.
    This is really service from end, I was not expecting this kind of service from Amazon.

  43. your codes do not work I am trying to log in to my account and getting codes that do work with this matter I am happy that I have got to keep signing in.

  44. I had ordered a xbox 360 game oblivion the game of the year edition and have not received it as it was meant to be here on the 15th which was yesterday I would like to know on where this game has gone?

  45. I am suing them through the county courts as they have not paid me my money back on my sellers account, their address is out there and they do not speak English.

  46. I live in galway, ireland and i want to purchase matebook x pro from…can u tell me , will i have to pay any VAT if you deliver this laptop to me

  47. Excellent and very gratifying to find someone
    Who is able to sort out my problem.
    To put a score on this, it would have to be 10/10.

  48. I would like to know why Amazon packaging has changed from widely recyclable cardboard boxes and envelopes to the plastic bags with bubble wrap which are not widely recycled and certainly not in the area in which I live. Sustainability??

  49. I have struggled for ages to find a way round my prime issue. I am secondary to another family member but want to buy my own prime membership to get the extra’s I don’t currently get as a family member on my Son’s account like music and photos.
    My son who is primary cannot cancel his end and I cannot cancel my end and I cannot purchase my own membership because I am a member already but with limited benefits. How do I get round this issue? and to make it worse i need now to contact Amazon to seek assistance

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