AOL Contact Numbers Uk: Broadband, Helpline and Support

For AOL customer service you can send them an email through here: they dont have phone support!


AOL has been a brand name in the technological sector globally and provides one of the biggest platforms for online services to the millions of users worldwide. With the headquarters situated in United States, the company has been specializing in the sector of online advertising, internet services, websites, blogs, home pages, seo services and web portals and instant messenger services. AOL customer assistance services have always been at their best for all the queries raised, to the maximum customer satisfaction. You can reach out to the customer care of by calling on the AOL customer care number or via email.

AOL Customer Service And Complaint Address

The users have the option to contact AOL by mail service as well. If you need assistance of AOL customer relations department, you can do so by writing a letter and sending it to AOL customer care address

Shropshire House, 11-20 Capper Street, London WC1E 6JA , United Kingdom

The Company number is 03462696

You are required to add your personal contact details in the letter posted so that the AOL customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible.

The postal method can also be used for filing complaints with AOL. If you wish to make a complaint in writing you can do so by writing a letter and sending it to the below mentioned AOL complaint postal address. This can also be in respect to any unlawful matter on AOL.

AOL Legal Team, AOL (UK) Ltd, Shropshire House, 11-20 Capper Street, London WC1E 6JA

Along with letter of complaint, mention your contact details and email address so that the customer complaints department can reach out to you as soon as they come up with a solution.

AOL Customer Service And General Enquiries

The services of AOL always aim to make the online experience better for the users through their innovative technological advancements and providing the trained and dedicated customer support representatives who are always happy to help.

The customers can contact AOL customer care team by dialing the AOL UK free phone number 0808-234-9279. The phone lines are open from 8am to midnight on all days including Sundays. If you are calling from a UK landline number, then calls to this number is free. But if calling from mobile, then it may cost depending on your mobile service provider. You can also dial the AOL contact free number 0808-234-9279 or to get in touch with the AOL customer care executives for any of the general enquiries or technical support services. AOL customer assistance services for the deaf or anyone who is hard-of-hearing is accessible at the number 1-800-759-3323 which requires a TTY-enabled piece of tool to use. The Spanish speaking customers can call AOL contact number 1-866-885-5117.Please note that your call may be monitored or recorded for security, training or quality purposes. You can also submit your queries to the link with the contact information and the issue rose, the AOL customer service team will respond to the mentioned email address as quickly as possible.

The customers can also online chat with the customer care executives at and get their answers there and then. But this can only be availed by AOL paid members. This is the AOL help page . You can just type in your question and the support team will respond back at the earliest. The customers are given an easy accessibility of social medium like face book or twitter accounts to communicate with the company anytime and from anywhere.  For the services like AOL computer check, or McAfee or any kind of software service for UK users, you can dial AOL customer care free number 0808-234-9279.

For all the telephone enquiries from outside the UK, you can call the AOL customer care free phone number 0808-234-9279. It should be noted here that the roaming charges and international tariffs will be applicable while making the call. However, if you are calling from a Talk Talk phone, the call to the customer service number will be free of cost

AOL Broadband Service

For the broadband services, dial the AOL UK Broadband number 0808-234-9279.  You can also connect to the AOL free phone 0800 free number 0808-234-9279 for any of the queries. For any of the broadband enquiries or billing issues, you can also dial AOL helpdesk number 0808-234-9279

AOL Press Contact

The journalists and the media people can get in touch with AOL UK Press office by dialing AOL customer relations number 0207 492 1000. Alternatively the number 0207 492 1099 can also be used. They can also email their concerns at [email protected]. This number is only for the media enquiries and not the general issues. This is a local London number so it may not cost much while calling from a landline or mobile phone.

AOL Helpline Number

The support helpline is a team of trained and experienced professionals to provide support to handle the email account effectively. The customers can contact the AOL customer care helpline at 0808-234-9279 on all days from 8:00AM – 12 Midnight for any issues related to online services, advertising, membership services etc. After dialing the number, you can press 1 to reset the password; press 2 for any email updates and press 3 for any enquiries related to bill payments or account management. It can be noted here that the calls to 080 helpline are completely free of charge if you call from an AOL Talk line. Alternatively you can also dial AOL customer service line 1800 827 6364 which is available 24 hours, 7 days. This number is accessible to the plans in the customer’s account which include technical support.

AOL account Support

One of the AOL online help centre, which is a toll free number 1-855-893-4562 which you can use for any of the account issues like log in problem, email opening or hacking issues, email sending or spam emails, anytime round the clock.

AOL Customer Complaints

The customers are always encouraged to post their grievances so that the correct action is taken and they can have the best online experience from AOL. The users can get in touch with the AOL complaints team at [email protected]. If facing any issues with the AOL mail, they can dial the AOL customer complaint number 0808-234-9279 between 8AM to midnight GMT Monday-Sunday. The customers can visit the link and report for any unlawful content available on AOL. You can fill up the form at with all your contact information so that the AOL customer complaints department can reply back quickly. The customers also have the option to use the independent tool- Resolver for filing the complaint. This tool is an independent, free of cost system using the link connecting to the desired complaint resolving team. All the details are kept in a case file which is saved for future, in case if the complaint is required to be escalated to above levels like Ombudsman services or Regulators. You can dial the Phone Number: 020 8617 5744 and raise the complaint. Notification will be given automatically when it will seem to be appropriate to escalate the matter further. You can even write in your issues following the resolver system at the below mentioned address providing your contact details so that you are contacted as soon as possible.

PO Box 387, SO30 9AL

Since the issue has been directed straight to the concerned department of the company, the techniques of resolver system make the complaining process a bit easy for the customers.

Useful Links

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  • The official AOL website will help with all the necessary details like AOL UK office, or router settings or contact numbers or AOL UK prices, AOL UK VIP etc. It also shows the list of all contact numbers which the customer can easily access to reach to the correct department.


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  1. Dealing with an automated system is no good. You cannot go outside of the parameters dealt with by the system where a real person could and does have the ability to deal with those issues that fall outside of the tightly restricted options available. When the system told me that some tests were to be done on my router and phoneline, tests I did not need and then invited me to phone back on a particular number reading that number out twice so fast that I had little time to find pen or paper to try and write it down and then hung up. As a system to satisfy customers it is sadly lacking. I was trying to find out if a phone call I had, supposedly from Talk Talk informing me there was lots of faults on my router that would only be solved by my pressing the windows key and R together. I refused to do this and told them I would contact AOL for technical support. This I tried to do but without success.

    1. Very Urgent !

      My AOL email has gone, I urgently need my Pre Court papers in my saved email file.

      I am at my wits end to get any contact re. this problem.

      With the loss of my account it has caused problems with internet use and I want to know why I was not informed if there was a problem ?

      I have a constant pop up the appears on my screen and blocks access to other tools. Any attempt to answer the request regarding password for Internet Acc. is useless.

      They had the wrong mobile number for me and my email address did not appear to be mine. Have I been hacked ?

      I am desparate, please help.

  2. Can’t remember my password to access my e-mail on new kindle please password to my e-mail so I can transfer from my old kindle how do i do it?

  3. This is completely ridiculous. My router has stopped working. no lights on etc.
    I checked the power supply and it’s fine so it’s definitely the router that’s failed but I just can’t get hold of anyone to discuss getting a new router sent to me. The phone numbers are working but support is hard.

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