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For Apple UK customer service you can call free 0800 048 0408 you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Apple Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Apple Customer Service Free Contact Number: 0800 107 6285

Apple is a global technology company which makes variety of consumer electronics, computer software and other products. Their most sold products include iPod, iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV along with other utility software. They are famous for providing high quality service worldwide and people are always happy with the product that they receive. Apple UK can be reached by phone, email or through their online assistance services.

Apple Customer Service Address

In case you are having any query related to Apple products, you can write a letter and send to their UK registered office. Their postal address is:

2 Furzeground Way,

Stockley Park


Alternatively, you can also contact the head office by calling on their free phone number 0800 039 1010.

You are required to give your phone number, email address, issue with the product, and postal address in the letter so that the Apple customer support team can bring up the suitable solution to you.

Calls made from British landlines are absolutely free. However, international calls and calls from mobile may charge extra amount of money depending on the network service provider.

Apple Customer Service And Technical Support Numbers

Customers looking for general support and support or looking to find solutions to the problems that have come up with any of the Apple services can call the Apple customer support team by calling on their Apple customer care phone number. The Apple customer service phone free number is 0800 107 6285. By calling on the Apple support team number UK, you will be provided instructions by trained individuals who will lead you to the appropriate solution to your query.

All the users of beats headphones can call on the Apple beats customer service free number 0800 028 2329 to get technical help. Whenever you are facing any issue with the Apple product, you can easily contact the Apple beats customer support and mention your query to them, who will thereon look for the solution and let you know suitable time.

Please note that all the customers of Apple products, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple display are entitled to complimentary telephonic technical support for the first 90 days. Thereafter, online technical support is available beyond the initial 90 days.

apple contact information

All the online technical support for the Apple products can be found out at this link .

You can find support regarding Apple accounts and billings at this page . You can learn how to set up payment information, how to set up an Apple id and also various methods of making a payment at this support page.

Customers looking for help and solutions can also view millions of threads at the Apple discussions page where Apple users share their experience and also provide tips and solutions. The Apple discussions are given at this page .

This is for your information that all the calls made to 0800 numbers from landlines are absolutely free of cost, however mobile network providers charge costs and network access extras while you make the call.

Please use prefix +44 if calling from outside the UK. You may be charged extra amounts for international calls depending on your network provider.

Apple Online Support

If anyone has purchased products from the online Apple store and is facing difficulties should immediately take his query to the Apple customer care department. You can easily track, modify or return your order by simply going to the Order status page in your online account. Otherwise, for other enquiries please call on the Apple customer service number  free 0800 048 0408, anytime between 8 AM and 9PM from Monday to Friday and between 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. By calling on this number, customers can receive all the sales support.

Business or professional users who are looking to buy Apple products for their offices or department can reach out to the Apple business customer service department. The Apple business customer care free number is 0800 058 2222 and the lines are open from 9 AM to 6 PM between Monday and Friday. The Apple products are well suited for an office and they always offer great performance. Anytime there is a problem, customers can call on the Apple business customer care number and let them know of your problem. The business sales department offers plenty of schemes and offers, as well as trade in and financing solutions. To open a business account with Apple, please visit the following link .

To buy for education, a student or a teacher can visit this page or call the Apple education customer service department at 0800 048 0408. If the customer is buying on the behalf of an institution, they can visit this page or call the Apple education customer support at 0800 912 0207. All the education Apple helpline numbers are open from 9 AM to 5 PM between Monday and Friday.

All the online support regarding Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, iTunes & Apple Music, Apple ID, iPod and other Apple services can be received at this page . You can get support for all the hardware issues, software, usage, battery problems, forgot Apple ID & Password at this link in a number of ways. You can also schedule a call, where you are required to enter your phone number and the Apple customer support team will call you to ask you your query. You can call the Apple support later, where you can just provide them with your information and problem and call them whenever you have time. A live chat with Apple experts is also available where you can discuss your problems and get solutions immediately. Additionally, there are also many pre-provided solutions for queries given on the page.

Apple Product Retailers

Apple retailed outlets are present throughout the country and they provide the customers with products of their choice at any time they want. You can look for your nearest Apple shop at this link .

You can also contact the Apple authorized resellers to buy Apple products. The reseller locator is provided at this link .

Other Apple premium resellers can be found out at this link .

Apple Emergency Contact

If a customer has lost their Apple product, they should immediately rush to the nearest police station and file a report. You should enable the “Find my Mac” and “Find my iPhone” apps on your devices that will help you in tracking the device. Apple product serials also help you in finding your Apple product. You can learn how to find out the Apple product serial numbers at this link.

Apple Repair Center

If your Apple product has been damaged or is requiring repair and you need to give it for repair, please visit this page and learn how to send your phone for repair.

To check repair status, visit this page and enter your case or repair id along with the serial number to check your repair status.

Apple Beats Support UK

If you are facing problems with beats by Dr. Dre products, then you can visit this page to get useful information and help. Alternatively you can call on the Apple beats support number 0800 028 2329 and discuss your problem with a customer care executive.

Apple Complaints Department

If you have been unhappy or unsatisfied with any kind of service provided by Apple, you should let the company know of their fault and give them appropriate time to find the necessary solution. A complaint can be filed in a number of ways.

You can call on the Apple complaints contact number free phone 0800 048 0408 and let them know of the issue. They will consider your issue and find out appropriate solution to your problem.

You can make an appointment at the Apple genius bar and discuss with them, the methods to solve your problems. You can find the nearest Apple genus bar at this link .

Additionally, you also have the option of filling up an online form, mentioning the feedback to the support you were offered by the Apple customer support department and all the areas where you expect more help could be provided to you.

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  1. Hi, i have got a iphone 6s. Its about 11 months old. The battery is comletely dead and wont charge up. I was wondering, if they could send me a label with the address on it. So i can send Apple my phone. I shall look forward to your reply. Thank you.

  2. Wondering if you can help me Can not receive any email because my ID number has been blocked Unfortunately my ID questions been so long I don’t know the answer to that my email address is unfortunately my ID questions of been so long I don’t know the answer to that my email wonder if you could help me to solve this problem I’m using someone else email kind regards

  3. I’m very disappointed with EE & Apple, I pre ordered my jet black iPhone 7 plus in September & still waiting for it.
    I have been loyal customer to both companies but been let down badly.

  4. My husband have his iPhone and iPad how do I transfer it into my name. Unfortunately I do not remember his password.
    His name was Edward Thank you.

  5. I have today just got of from chatting to someone in apple “helpfull” online chat, This started three days ago, i was told after taking time explaining my issue with my Iphone that i would be phone called back the next day…no one called, so i had to again contact via an online chat, and after explaining my issue again, i was told a scheduled call would be made for the next day, guess what… no call, so again an online chat, again i explained my issue, and again I’m ask if i wanted a scheduled call back for the next day, where do they all get off messing customers around, i have recently began to hate my phone as does my partner with hers, but not as much as we do towards their so called customer service, our updates are due soon, and i can tell you, its time for a change, we are done with apple, its now time to try using a Banana, I’m sure it would be better than this trash.

  6. Just got sent email from someone say they from Apple. Says I bought a song for £23 and if I did not buy it to log on Apple and change my I’d. Yes it’s a scam. So Apple and Apple customers beware.

  7. I keep receiving emails from itunes informing me of purchases on my account. I don’t have an account. I need to report this to Apple but can’t find an email address.

  8. I do NOT (and never did) give Apple UK my consent for £or any other amount coming out of my bank account. Up to about a week ago, I received an e-mail message from Apple Store stating that I would be paying this amount for a ‘Michael Jackson Recovery’ album.

  9. HR Revenue & Custom advised me to contact apple customer support directly for VAT refund since the items are for my personal use.

    They only refund for goods bought for company use

  10. This is in context with my iPhone 7 128 gb which I purchase from inspire iPhone which stopped working today for no reason
    Apple service station ?

  11. Hi I found this email page , so I am going to use it , I had a message to say that it was going freeze my apple account how do I know it’s from Apple ,it’s asking for to much information they have my email address could they confirm that it’s from Apple?

  12. Hi I got apple phone that was using EE sim card and I want to use vodacom sim cart on it but it keeps on saying it does not support it where can i find please help ?

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