Aqua Card Customers Contact Numbers: Cover- Claims, Activation, Debt Line, Lost Card, Stepchange Money Advice and Complaints

For Aqua Card customer service you can call: 0333 220 2691 or, you can also use our signposting service number: 0843 837 5529 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Aqua Card Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


The customers can enquire for all details about the card over the telephone. The Aqua Card customer care team is readily accessible for help at the Aqua Card customer service telephone 0333 220 2691. The Aqua Card customer service opening hours are for all seven days of the week, from Mon- Fri 8AM- 9PM, Sat 9AM- 5PM and Sun 10AM- 6PM. If you are calling from outside the UK, then you may call the Aqua Card services telephone number +44 113 244 8986. The fastest way to manage your card account is online network. You can sign in your account via this page and submit any of your requests or concerns. Apart from the telephone discussion, you can also get your doubts cleared by using the questions and answers via this page. The page covers majority of the information about the aqua cards application, payment, safety cover and the PPI policy.

Aqua Card customer service

Aqua Card Contact Numbers

Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
Customer Services 0333 220 2691 +44 113 244 8986


Credit Card Repayment Cover- Claims 0345 600 6007


+44 345 600 6007


Card Care Cover- Claims N.A. N.A.
Aqua Card Activation Free 0800 028 7777 +44 800 028 7777
National Debt Line Contact Free 0808 808 4000 +44 808 808 4000
Money Advice Service Contact Free 0800 138 7777 +44 800 138 7777
Stepchange Contact Free 0800 138 1111 +44 800 138 1111
Financial Ombudsman Service Contact Free 0800 023 4567 +44 800 023 4567
FLA conciliation scheme- fax number 0207 420 9600 +44 207 420 9600


Aqua Card Customer Service Address

Although, it is simpler for the customers to talk to the customer care executive for any of their concerns at the above-mentioned phone number; however, if you prefer to write, you can send in the details by mail at the below mentioned Aqua Card customer service address and the service team will revert back as soon as possible.

Aqua Customer Services, PO BOX 173, Sheffield, S98 1JW

 Aqua Card Application

You can apply for all the aqua cards namely, aqua classic, reward, start, and advance, online through the page

Pay Aqua Card Phone Number

In order to make the payment over the phone, the customers can dial the Aqua Card payment phone number 0333 220 2691. The phone lines are open from Mon- Fri 8AM- 9PM, Sat 9AM- 5PM and Sun 10AM- 6PM. the customers also have been given various other options to make the payments as described below-

Direct Debit– you can set up a direct debit on your account either online or by phone at the Aqua Card contact number 03330333 220 2691. This will enable the payment is automatically deducted from the bank account on a specified date.

Online or Telephone Banking– using the bank account details, the payments can be made through the bank.

Via Cheque– along with the bank giro credit slip, the cheque can be either sent by post or taken to any UK bank (displaying the Mastercard logo)

Standing Order– you can set a standing order with the bank and manage your payments.

Aqua Card Payment Problems

If you are facing any financial issues while making the payment, you can speak to the Aqua Card service advisors for help and support by dialing the Aqua Card customer service number 0333 220 2691. Some independent and free advice can also be sought by different agencies, the contact details of which are listed below-

National Debt Line on the free phone number 0808 808 4000  here or through the page

Money Advice Service on free telephone 0800 138 7777 here or online via the page

StepChange on the free contact number 0800 138 1111 here or online via this page

 Aqua Card Lost Card Number

if the card has been lost or stolen, you are required to contact the Aqua Card customer service team over the phone by calling the Aqua Card lost card number 0333 220 2691 and the team would assist you further. In case, if you are calling from outside the UK, then you may dial the Aqua Card phone number +44 113 244 8986. If the statement has been lost and you wish to have a copy of the same, you can again call the team at the Aqua Card helpline number 0333 220 2691 and they will be happy to assist you further.

Aqua Card Lost Card Number

 Aqua Card Repayment Plan

the Aqua Card existing customers can make the claims on the credit card repayment cover by contacting the Aqua Card claims team at the Aqua Card UK phone number 0345 600 6007

 Aqua Card Care Cover

In order to make claims on the Aqua Card care cover, the customers can call the Aqua Card contact num  here and the claims department will be happy to assist further.

Aqua Card Contact Free Phone Number

If you wish to get your Aqua Card activated, you are required to call the Aqua Card contact-free phone number 0800 028 7777 here and get the needful done. It has to be noted here that this is an automated phone service and no service executive is accessible for support. You can just simply follow the instructions and get it done. If you have any issues concerning the PIN number, then you may talk to the advisors at the Aqua Card helpline 0333 220 2691from Mon- Fri 8AM- 9PM, Sat 9AM- 5PM and Sun 10AM- 6PM and they would assist further.

aqua card card activation number

Aqua Credit Card Help

The UK residents can easily apply for the aqua credit card online via the page. This is the fastest way to apply for. The application for the same can also be sent by post, and cannot be done over the telephone. The online application gives you the instant response and post may take time. If applied by post and it’s been more than 2 weeks that no communication has been made or for any other concern, you may check the status of the support team by calling the Aqua Card contact number 03 – 0333 220 2691 from Mon- Fri 8AM- 9PM, Sat 9AM- 5PM and Sun 10AM- 6PM.

 Aqua Card Credit Report Online

If you wish to check your credit report online, you may visit this page or the page. The Aqua Card existing customers have also been offered the aqua credit checker services, whereby they can have unlimited access to their credit reports. You can register for the same through this page

Aqua Card Increase Limit Phone Number

The credit limit can be increased or decreased by contacting the Aqua Card support team. For the credit limit increase, you have to make sure that the account is well managed. In order to reduce the limit, you can call the team at the Aqua Card increase limit phone number 0333 220 2691 and discuss the same.

Aqua Card Moving Request

In case, if you are moving house, then you are required to get in touch with the Aqua Card customer care team and update them with all the details. They can be contacted in various ways like by post at the above-mentioned Aqua Card customer service address or over the telephone at the Aqua Card contact number 0333 220 2691or +44 113 244 8986 (from abroad) or by submitting the details online via this page

Aqua Card Customer Reviews

You can check the reviews or feedback of various other clients by visiting the Aqua Card customer reviews page.

 Aqua Card Cancel Request

If you wish to close your aqua credit card account, you need to call the Aqua Card contact number 03 – 0333 220 2691and submit the request.

 Aqua Card Services Complaints

The company takes all measures to comply with all the rules and regulations and serve to the best of customer satisfaction. Still, if you have any complaints in regard to the services, you can get in touch with Aqua Card complaints department in various ways. They can be contacted over the phone by calling the customer services number 0333 220 2691. The Aqua Card customer service opening hours are for all seven days of the week, from Mon- Fri 8AM- 9PM, Sat 9AM- 5PM and Sun 10AM- 6PM. You can also send a mail at the following address and the support team will take all possible steps to rectify the issue at the earliest.

Complaints Department, PO Box 700, Leeds LS99 2BD

For any of your complaints regarding the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) cover, you can required to complete the form via the page and submit at the following address

PPI Customer Services PO Box 816 Leeds LS1 9NY

If you are not happy with the given response, the issue can be forwarded to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). FOS can be contacted at the free telephone number 0800 023 4567 here or via the email address [email protected] or by post at the following address

Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR and more of the information can be checked by visiting their page

The online transaction disputes can also be escalated to the European Commission Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform through the page

Before escalating the issue to FOS, you may also refer to the FLA’s conciliation scheme. The details can be sent by fax via the fax number 0207 420 9600 or via the email [email protected] or even by mail at the following address

The FLA’s Conciliation and Independent Arbitration Scheme, The Compliance Manager, Finance & Leasing Association, Imperial House, 15-19 Kingsway, London WC2B 6UN and more details can be checked online via this page

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Aqua Card is a leading United Kingdom’s company offering credit cards to over 1 million customers. Aqua start, classic, advance and reward are the different master cards being offered and which in turn, helps to improve your credit rating. All aqua credit cards are underwritten by NewDay Cards Ltd (the leading specialist credit card provider). Being a member of the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA), all the lending code has been subscribed for. If you have been refused credit in the past by credit card companies, the Aqua Card enables you to get the credit you need. The aqua credit card is accepted in more than 36 million places across the world. Its customer service team is readily accessible over the telephone via the UK based customer helpline to answer to all your concerns to the best of your satisfaction.

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