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For British Airways customer service you can use 0344 493 0787 or our signposting service number: 0843 837 5401 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “BA Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


contact british airways

  • British Airways customer service contact support number, main helpdesk and customer care number:
    0344 493 0787
  • British Airways contact from abroad number:
    0344 493 0747
  • British Airways booking number Helpline
    0800 727 800
  • British Airways hire car, hotline and delayed baggage number (UK)
    0344 493 0785
  • British Airways travel booking contact number 24 hours
    0344 493 0765
  • British Airways flight Status check
    0344 493 0777


British Airways Customer Service


If You have any query regarding services provided by British Airways, you can contact at following mentioned British Airways Customer service Address. While writing your query, always mention your contact number so as to enable them to respond to your query on time.

British Airways Customer Service Adress:

British Airways
Customer Relations (S506)
PO Box 1126
Uxbridge UB8 9XS
United Kingdom

If you want to contact Head office of British Airways for resolving your queries or for filing a complaint, you can write a letter and send it to British Airways Customer Helpline address. Please mention your contact information while sending a mail as it will help them to contact you for providing adequate solution to your problem.

British Airways Head Office Adress

British Airways Plc.
PO Box 365
Harmondsworth UB7 0GB,
United Kingdom

British Airways Customer Care Phone Numbers

  • If the customers have to make a fresh booking for flights, hotels, cars, they can contact at British Airways contact support 0344 493 0787  and select option 2, available daily from 07:30- 22:00 (calls are charged at 7 pence per minute)
  • If any changes have to made in the existing booking of flight, the British Airways contact number is 0344 493 0787 option 1, Daily from 06:00-20:00 (calls are at local rate)
  • If the customer has a hearing or speech impairment the contact number is 0344 493 0787 (Minicom) Daily from 06:00-20:00
  • The customers are given timely and frequent updates regarding the delay of any aircraft. The information becomes available on website and the telephone reservation system.
  • You may also cancel a reservation made through the British Airways call center within 24 hours of ticketing for a full refund by calling the British Airways call center at 800-AIRWAYS provided travel is one week or more from the date of purchase. The 24 hour deadline can be extended up to 48 hours if the call center is closed when you first call.

British Airways contact from abroad numbers

British Airways contact from abroad numbers 0344 493 0747 and +44 191 4907901 (outside the UK) can be used for enquiries related to managing the executive club account, making changes in the existing bookings, refund requests, regarding seats and extra baggage, for baggage claim, airport or website information

British Airways customer care telephone number and contact details

  • If the customers need to contact for making any changes to an existing hotel or car bookings made; or if refund to be claimed for flight, car or hotel bookings, then they can contact at British Airways customer care number 0344 493 0787 option 1 (calls charged at local rate) daily from 07:30-20:00
  • For enquiries about group travel bookings, the British Airways contact details are 0344 493 0765, accessible from Monday to Friday, from 08:30-17:00. If calling from Republic of Ireland the number is 015 319 039 between 08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday except bank holidays
  • Using the link the customers can select their country from the drop down menu and get the contact details of the respective offices all over the world.
  • The time schedule is available at with a complete listing of all scheduled flights operating under BA flight numbers.
  • For any airport information, this link can be used select the respective airport and get the information as required about the airport services, cafes, restaurants, lounges available and shopping services
  • Under the website, the customers have been given option of Manage My Booking which is a self-service online initiative to do all the transactions online and thus saving time.
  • Refund of tickets: Refunds for electronic tickets can be obtained by contacting the reservations department or through the Refund section on our web site at any other requests can be sent to the following address-

British Airways Customer Relations (S506)

PO Box 5619
Suffolk CO10 2PG
United Kingdom

It should be noted that the Refunds for credit card purchases will be made only to the credit card account.

British Airways Baggage Claim

  • You need to fill up the Baggage Claim Form from the link to claim for the bags which are missing. Once filled up, it is sent to the British Airways Customer Relations department who will process further. The quick way is to scan all the documents required with the said form and get uploaded on the website, otherwise mailed to the above mentioned address
  • Mostly baggages get to the owners within 72 hours. When the baggage is found out it is returned at the mentioned address without any service fee but with restriction in some countries
  • You can also get in touch with Bag port UK at these run their services at Bristol International Airport, London Luton Airport, London Stansted Airport, London Heathrow Airport and Leeds-Bradford International Airport to offer services such as Baggage Trolley Management, Baggage Wrapping and Weighing

British Airways Billing Information

The customer can get a receipt of the travel within the last twelve months by filling up the form from the link  and you can check all the booking terms  and conditions at

British Airways other Contact Pages

British Airways Contact Numbers, Toll-Free, Geographic Number

  • British Airways Geographic number is: 01914907900. This number is free calling from a mobile phone or landline and is also available when calling from abroad.
  • British Airways toll free number is 1-800-AIRWAYS, 1-800-247-9297 for reservations,
  • 1-800-403-0882 for online support
  • 1-800-828-8144 for baggage claims
  • 1-800-452-1201 for executive club reservations
  • 1-800-654-6150 for group reservations
  • 1-800-955-2748 for executive club services
  • 1-877-4-A-VACATION, 1-877-428-2284 for holidays
  • British Airways 24 hrs helpline number is 18601803592

British Airways customer complaints helpdesk number

  • For any complaints about the services of the airlines, or some other reason the customer can contact at the British Airways helpdesk at 0344 493 0787 option 3, then followed by option 2 from Monday to Friday between 08:00-18:30, Saturday 09:00-17:00 and Sunday from 09:00-17:00 for a call back only
  • You can also mail in your complaint to the above mentioned contact address or email at the airline would get in touch as soon as possible
  • The complaints can also be posted at

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47 thoughts on “British Airways UK”

  1. I require an email address please for customer service I need to talk to an agent in relation to a booking that I currently have I am currently not in the UK, please can you supply me with an email for me to contact someone?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hey Lauren! Don’t worry, i will help you in any way i can.
      So, first thing: I don’t know what exactly is the issue (and don’t tell me!) but, this is the general contact page:
      there you can find your specific issue and contact them directly.

      Hope this help you:)

      You can send them Email directly through this page:

    2. I need the email to contact British airways?.
      her is my problem:
      To whom it may concern,

      I have sent 2 weeks ago an envelop from spain:Madrid to cyprus: Nicosia ,through the national company: correos with express one so that it arrives in a maximum of 3 days
      The receiver did not receive it yet. So he went to the national post office of cyprus and asked them to track it. They found out that it is in Heathrow airport and that the package carrier is british airways.

  2. The British airways has been a real pain. I had done a booking for live animals and the pets have not reached the destination. i had been trying to call all the available numbers for British airways world wide but not even a single sector has attended the call. All the numbers are either inactive or they cannot be reached and goes to answering machines. This is ridiculous. BA the airline of United Kingdom and such who does i dont know their knowing the value for pets. It says UK value for pets and given priority, and are taken care. this is the called service. i am waiting since 3 hours and now the people at destination says the pets are coming in the next flight to USA. What’s happening guys ? what is the importance of doing a flight booking? why am i paying so much for services including transit charges. i feel such useless now a days and not like before. Time to make your services a bit better guys.

  3. hello I spoke with an assistant from the British airways support centre to change a name on a flight and they told me to send an email at [email protected] but it was wrong. Does anyone knows the email. Maybe I made a mistake.

  4. I have contacted BA 7 times to get my camera returned to me. The response is beyond appalling!
    No wonder they have a rating of one star out of five!

  5. Flew from Glasgow to London, BA left our bags in Glasgow (actually left everyone’s who were terminating in London). Even though the bags arrived back in London 7:30 PM that night we didn’t get them. Trying to get the bags back has been the absolute customer service experience of my life. Now we are back in the states, still don’t have our bags and nothing has occurred the way the numerous reps I have spoken to have told me it would. Have no idea when we will see our bags and trying to get answers from the baggage service people is near impossible. I probably have a better chance of getting an audience with the Pope.

  6. Omg! That is really bad. Now I am regretting I booked my flight with BA. I am trying to call customer service I is getting me anywhere. All the time silly machine talking or phone is busy. Since the morning?! Nightmare!!! Maybe someone here could help me. I want to take drone with me for holidays but I don’t know do I can take it as hand luggage? – like laptop or tablet.

    1. Hey Agnieszka. Thats a good question actually…I didn’t found any information regarding that matter. Try calling BA.

      1. There where is a problem. I can not go through the machine. IIS NOT possible to speak with someone 🙁 I am worry if I will take Deane without checking I will a lot of money because they will not let me to take it with me.

  7. I was booked the ticket form banglore to canada,this is 2 stops.

  8. I must say that BA baggage handling and customer service. I fly frequently around the world on business and have never run into such, customer service.
    My baggage for a flight from Heathrow to Tegel was delayed for 3 days and I purchased some essential supplies. I am trying to submit the
    Baggage Claim form for expenses through the BA baggage claim website but am unable to submit the completed form. This is quite frustrating since it takes a while to enter all the information.
    After completing all required information, uploading receipts, and ticking all appropriate boxes, I hit ‘submit’ and receive an arcane error message that provides no useful information. I have tried to submit the form using different browsers but nothing seems to work.
    I have tried to call the BA baggage handling group, but am just put on hold
    A cynical person might think that the BA faulty webpage submission procedure is a way to make it difficult to submit claims.

    Are there any steps that I can take to get this claim submitted?

  9. What a complete waste of time.

    Having just spent a long time on the phone to Customer Services in the UK I am exactly back to where I started. I am giving up any hope on retrieving our lost item, which puts a damper on what was otherwise a good trip.
    customer relations is important

  10. Traveled by British airways had annoying experience while checking in, he and 6 more passenger were told to wait as there was over booking for this particular flight. And BA staff were confirming seat availability and confirmed the same at 1am IST. As the flight timing was at 1.55am, my son had to clear two more security and he literally had to plead with the security officer to skip the Que, however the officer took pity on him and cleared him quickly which enabled him to catch the flight on time.
    The question is how such a reputed British airways can overbook seat beyond its capacity and bring its passenger to a situation. staff was very easily telling my son that if seats are not available, he will have to travel the next day and that too if seats are available.

  11. Starting out a family vacation in Rome – leaving on a cruise tomorrow. Our daughter flew alone from South America to Dallas to LHR to Rome. In Rome — No bag. After 2 hours they took a claim, and told her the bag was in Dallas. We called AA who could not have been more helpful. They had ref numbers to be certain that the bag was flown from Dallas to Heathrow. We can’t even get a BA person on the phone – and the baggage service they use in Rome is closed.
    If they get their act together – they could get the bag to us tomorrow before the cruise ship leaves. Any ideas on who to call to get some useful help. I used to have Silver status with BA – but no longer.

  12. calling British airways customer service has just bee a headache in the lasts month. I had changed my mother’s and sister’s flight date because of visa restrictions they had to travel by a certain date. I was charge almost a thousand dollars for a return which I had paid for before they can to the united states. The 1800 number I called got agents from India and they seem tell you one thing and it does not become true. My mother and sisters are travelling back but the agent just told me they forgot to issue out the tickets for their travel…
    by the way, thank you for this great website and information.

  13. in nigeria please I need you to explain me how can I get my flight to london ,I want to go for my master degree

  14. Can anyone help please, we flew back from Shanghai via Hong Kong to London Heathrow then onto Manchester with BA. When we arrived at Manchester on Thursday morning our cases weren’t there to collect. We were given a case number and informed that our bags were still in Hong Kong, we were told to phone Thursday evening which we did. After continually phoning yesterday we were told that a courier would bring one case to our home last night (still waiting) one case was waiting clearance at Manchester and our sons case was at Heathrow which they were trying to locate. After a phone call again this morning we have now been told that one case will be delivered today, the 2nd case is still at Heathrow and my sons case has yet to be located, we are getting different answers everytime we phone up. The number we have been given is a call centre in India, does anyone have a contact number for England for us to contact. We had 6 internal flights around China and not once were our bags lost, misplaced or late. This was a once in a lifetime holiday for us which has been ruined by our luggage lost. Would appreciate any help with this matter

    1. Hey Steve, sorry to hear that!
      I searched around British Airways website and found this page. You will be able to find and contact directly with the specific global lost property (for example, Manchester or any other specific branch).
      Hope this help

  15. Book the lounge at Heathrow for three hours before my flight for a party of 4 .
    Just check in online and printed my boarding passes to see the bag drop time opens only 3 hour before the flight leaves . So by the time I cleared Security And give myself time to get to the gate .
    plus the gate closes 20 minutes before the flight leaves .
    leaves very little time in the lounge .
    Call British Airways to see if I can drop my bags any earlier. to which the lady on the phone very unhelpful and only interested if I was a business class passenger.

  16. I cancelled my flights to London and return to Bangkok. BA sent an email to me refund being processed will let you know when it is done
    Phoned them said 10 days I said fine now it is 21 days, no email no refund. What should i do? Thanks.

  17. Hi. I have been trying to activate my executive club membership but there seems to be some problem with the website as not only it refuses to log me in, but trying to get it send me another or for that matter any other option brings you back to the same login page

    What should I do? Please help.



  18. Pls I will like to know if I need a transit for booking? I will be flying from Florida to Gatwick and transit nigeria from Heathrow.

    1. I would like to inform BA that one of the hotels they advertise on their website is of a very poor standard. We booked assuming it would be of a readable quality as was through BA. They should check it out. Had we not had 4 hours at Santiago airport looking for our case we would have immediately checked out and found another hotel.

  19. BA has lost mu shipment and during the 9 days I cannot get any clear answer from them where my cargo is. Dealing with BA more than 15 tn years, but faced with such situation first time.
    An then no any comments about status of the cargo. Is it arrived to London or not… Empty

  20. I have been trying since April 2017 to get documents from BA for a travel insurance claim for cancelled flights, I am still trying o sort this and it is now July 2017 Every time I talk to an agent (not in the UK where I live) I am pointed in the direction of the web site, all the responses I get are not for cancelled flights. No one appears to understand what I need, this is the customer care experience I have come across, most of the BA agents I talk to DO NOT UNDERSTAND what I am saying,

  21. I am getting quite frustrated at find a telephone number for BA that does not I believe merely put me in contact with what appears to be a “catch-all” foreign call center.

    I have a legitimate complaint about being overcharged for an upgrade.

    I telephoned BA’s customer relations department and explained the problem. I was told by the operator after several minutes searching that it was a “service charge”. I challenged this and he admitted this was not the case. He then said neither he nor his supervisor could not deal with the issue and I should contact “BA Customer Relations” by email with details of the issue and backed up with computer screen shots. I did this, received an automated acknowledgement and then nothing further despite trying to chase it up by email.

    I have to admit it is not a great amount of money involved but it is now a matter of the shoddy service I and undoubtedly other users of BA are finding.

    I would like to speak to somebody in authority in the UK and get this resolved but I am damned if after considerable searching of the internet I can locate one that does not appear to immediately transfer me. It appears even BA’s Head Office number does this to mere members of the public

  22. I had a delay when going to las vegas for 8 and a half hours, we had the same when we went to Las Vegas last year with virgin the difference was virgin gave vouchers off your next flight to compensate, where as with british airways it is difficult to claim money back. Not happy not only did we loose a day of our holiday but now we have to go through all this to claim money back.

  23. hi, I having sent an items from Manchester to Lagos nigeria we meet on Facebook messenger I just want to confirm whether it’s true or not. she send it through British airways world cargo. and the receivers . checked the this transactions. because he in Nigeria we have fraud stars

  24. I am trying to book flight BA Glasgow to London Heathrow dec 2017 as it’s a domestic flight l need to pay for bags allowance as l am booked onto quantas flight LHR to Sydney 31dec and l am finding difficulty adding my baggage to my BA flight from Glasgow can they help

  25. Hello ,my name is Olaitan Ganiyu ,I am from Nigeria .I am expecting a parcel from United Kingdom since Monday via their airways but I could not get them by now to My residences address

  26. Hi I need to do a request relate to visa.
    I am a venezuela citizen, living in Ireland (working visa) also I have a USA tourist visa I will travel from Ireland to Indonesia doing a connexion in the UK without leaving the airport as the embassy is not clear, could you please clarify whether I need a visa for the UK.

  27. I am a passenger of BHUTAN nationality travelling to Zimbabwe (Victoria falls) from Bangkok and return to Phnom Penh as end of my journey. So I have my flight from Bangkok-Dubai-Johannesburg-Victoria falls and back again the same route. Until Johannesburg, I travel by Emirates(EK) and then by British Airways (BA) to Victoria falls.
    I am just carrying a cabin baggage and not check-in baggage because I learnt that I need a South African Visa to transit from Johannesburg to Victoria falls. My question is from which airport my bordering pass will be issued for BA, Bangkok or Johannesburg.

    My booking Reference ? and airline booking reference numbers? please help me.

  28. Dear i want to send this to Support,

    I have a flight scheduled for the 09/04 to Brazil. I want to add extra baggage but I cannot find any option to do it when accessing the “Manage My Booking”. Is this possible?
    I have called your number but the call is always disrupted.
    Thanks in advance for helping with this information.
    My phone number is (from The Netherlands):.


    João Lenz.

  29. hello. is the flight BA 16 on 1 of may still heading out Sydney towards London ? im booked on that one. also got connection BA 998 to Berlin on 2 of may. thanks for the news. in case its cancelled how do I get myself onto a Qatar flight instead ?

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