BT Customer Service Phone Numbers and Support

BT  Customer Service Direct Number:
0800 800 030
Call This Number and Save it Under BT Number”.



Here are some of BT customer service contact numbers, 0800 free numbers:

Useful BT Contact Numbers 
Helpline UK Contacts International Contact Numbers
BT customer service contact numbers 0800 100 400, 0330 1234 150 +44 330 1234 150
BT customer service from Land Line 152
Customer care 0330 123 4151, 0800 800 151 +44 179 359 6931
BT Complaints 0800 800 150, 0330 123 4150 +44 179 359 6931
TV and Broadband 0800 111 4567, 0330 123 4567 +44 179 359 6931
Customer Services 0330 0330 440 1614 +44 330 440 1614
0800 Bill Payment 0800 44 3311, 0800 085 2819 +44 800 44 3311
BT Business 0800 800 152 +44 800 800 152
BT Helpline 0800 707 6310 +44 800 707 6310
Smart Talk Services 0800 011 3845, 0800 800 151 +44 800 011 3845, +44 800 800 151
Cancellation 0800 783 1401 +44 800 783 1401
Bereavement of BT 0800 169 1663 +44 800 169 1663
BT Cloud helpline 0800 500 3114 +44 800 500 3114

  1. Cancel your BT? this is the number free: 0800 800 030
  2. This number: 0800 032 2111  is a BT number that you can use for BT Broadband free
  3. BT Infinity 0800 111 4567 free
  4.  If you need to use BT helpline for billing related query, try this  free number: 0800 800 150 (this number is also the BT general number. I found this specific number here:


BT customer service address

If you need assistance of BT customer services, you can do so by writing a letter & sending it to BT customer care address:

BT Head Office
British Telecommunications 
PLC 81 
Newgate Street

The address shall also be mentioned at the back of your bill. You can use that address to write a mail to BT customer care services.

For filing a complaint about billing services of BT, you can write a letter at following BT customer complaint postal address:

BT Correspondence Centre

Providence Row
DH98 1BT

You are required to enter your contact information while sending a complaint so that revert back is possible. BT will contact you regarding outcome of the complaint filed. You can also send an email at BT customer care email address link,5644

Now, let me show you guys how to find any BT contact number, directly from BT website.

First step: go to this page:

contact us page of BT
this is how BT contact us page looks like 🙂

Next step is to find the service you need help with:

what service do you need help with

There are services to choose from. You can click directly on one of those links:

  1. Do you need help with your BT bill? If so, click this link: Or just use the BT bill payment phone number: 0800 44 33 11
  2. Do you need help with your BT order? Call the BT order line: 0800 100 400
  3. In case you are moving home, and need to move your BT services with you, call: 0800 100 400 free number.
  4. You need general help with one of your BT different services? try calling BT customer service 03 number: 0330 1234 150:
  5. If you just want to get some information about BT products, feedback etc. call BT sales on: 0800 800 150 or 150 from your BT phone free.
  6. For complaints, If you already made a complaint and need to escalate it, send an email to: [email protected]

Now, Let’s say you are having some issues with your BT Broadband or BT Infinity, and you need some help. Ok, you clicked that link (#4, the one with the different services), and you got to a page looking like this:

the BT call us link

Done! You just need to click the “Call us” button, and kaboom! you got the number!


(In this case, the BT Broadband is 0800 111 4567 (landline), 0330 123 4567 (mobile) and from abroad: +44 179 359 6931

One more thing (pretty important too) – there are small stars, those stars indicate how much you’ll pay for that call, etc. So, check them out before you make the call to BT (any customer service call to any of those BT contact numbers, always check those fine prints):

the fine prints

BT provides various services to its customers such as broadband, BT TV, Phone and mobile services & many more. It is serving large number of customers located in UK.

Their main aim is to provide satisfaction to customers & fulfil their desires. They are always available for providing necessary assistances & resolving their queries & complaints. You can visit the link for getting business related services from BT sport. We will discuss in detail the contact numbers, addresses & URLs that can be used to contact customer assistance of BT & also procedure for filing complaints.

 BT customer services

BT customer care services are always ready to provide you necessary assistance. For problems related to your landline, there are many options to contact BT service – BT customer service free number is 0800 100 400 and the BT 03 number is: 0330 1234 150 this number is charged at 8p per minute.

 BT contact number moving house number

for activating phone line in your new home, you are required to call BT contact number moving house number 0800 100 400 – Free number.

contact number from mobile and contact BT customer service abroad numbers

For other queries regarding phone service of BT you can call BT contact number from mobile 0330 123 4151.  If you are calling from landline, call BT customer service phone number 0800 800 151 free number.  However, if you are not staying in UK, contact BT customer service abroad 0179 359 6931. These numbers are available for 24 hours & can be called upon any time. You can also resolve your problem through live chat using following BT customer chat link,5628. The chat timings are between 7 am to 10:45 pm.

If you are facing problems related to broadband services of BT, contact BT broadband customer service number
0800 111 4567 free number. This number can be called using landline. You can also make a call using mobile on BT customer broadband help number 0330 123 4567. But if are non-resident and live outside UK, you can use BT contact number abroad 0179 359 6931. These numbers can be contacted anytime but best availability timings are between 12pm to 4pm.  You can also call on these BT customer helpline numbers if you are facing problem with email or security software, problem with BT TV or problem with BT sport.

You will not be charged any amount for making call on 0800 numbers from UK landline. However, for calling on 0330 numbers, national charges will apply. The numbers calling from abroad will cost depending upon the country from which you are calling.

If you have moved your home & your phone line has also shifted to new area, you need assistance to activate your phone line in new area.

BT customer number UK (Moving)

You can call on BT contact number moving house 0800 100 400 from landline free number. For making a call through mobile, you can use BT customer number UK 0330 1234 150. BT customer helpline desk will start its operations from 8 am to 9 pm on Weekdays. BT customer service opening hours are 8 am on Saturday & closing timings are 8 pm. On Sunday you can make a call between 9 am to 6 pm.

BT landline contact us number

If you are facing problem with logging in you BT id, you can use BT landline contact us number 0800 707 6310 free number. For calling through mobile, you can use BT customer contact number 0330 1234 150. These numbers are available between 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday the availability timings are between 9am to 6pm. You can also use chat services of BT. Following BT customer live chat link can be used to talking to customer representative.,5637

If you are having queries & need assistance regarding BT Smart Talk services, call BT UK customer service number 0800 011 3845 free number. The call timings are between 8am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday & between 8am to 6pm on Sunday. For resolving problems related to signing up  to BT Smart Talk services, please call on BT customer number UK 0800 800 151 free number.

BT business customer service number

It is available for 24 hours & can be contacted any time for getting necessary assistance. You are just required to make a call on BT business customer service number 0800 800 152 free number. This BT business customer helpline number is free & you will not be charged any amount for making call.

BT bill payment services number

bt payment number

  • You can use BT contact phone numbers for billing payments & resolving other queries related to such topic. You are required to make a call on BT automated telephone service number
    0800 443 311 free number. You are just required to follow the instructions given by automated system. You will be asked to provide account details & checking account details through which you wish to make payment. After the payment is completed you will be provided receipt confirming that your payment has been submitted with BT.
  • The payment of bill should be made on time otherwise you will be charged late payment charges of 7.50 pounds. For making payment using online services of BT you are required to follow the link  For this option you will be required to get registered at their official website.
  • You can also use the following link for making payment This method of payment is used by business customers.

BT customer complaints department  numbers

  • BT services are always there to help you in resolving your problems. If you are not satisfied with the billing services & order services of BT, you can file a complaint. You can lodge a complaint by calling on BT customer complaint number 0800 800 150 free number using landline.
  • The complaint can also be filed by calling through mobile on BT complaint department number 0330 123 4150.
  • If you living outside UK & using the services of BT but are not satisfied, you can call on BT complaint number from abroad
    0179 359 6931. You can call between 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday & between 9 am to 6 pm in Sunday.  The complaint can also be filed using BT complaint live chat link,5644
  • The chat services are available between 8 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday, between 8am to 8pm on Saturday & between 8 am to 6 pm on Sunday.
  • Above numbers can also be used for filing complaint regarding phone service of BT. The BT chat services for making a complaint regarding BT mobile will be available between 7am to 11pm every day at following link,7550
  • The complaint phone numbers related to technical issues of BT mobile service are available between 7 am to 10 pm from Monday to Sunday.

BT complaint telephone numbers from mobile / landline

  • If you are not happy with the landline services of BT, you can call on BT complaint telephone numbers 0800 800 151 free number if you are calling from landline, 0330 123 4151 if you are calling from mobile & 0179 359 6931 if you are living abroad & want to file complaint in UK department. The call timings are between 7 am to 11 pm on all days. After these timings BT automated phone system service can be used for filing complaint.
  • The chat timings are between 8 am to 9 pm on all days at following link,5676
  • BT community forums at following link is another way to file a complaint
  • For filing a complaint BT TV services or BT support services, you can make a call at BT complaint contact numbers 0800 111 4567  free number, using landline, 0330 123 4567 using mobile & if you are not staying in UK call 0179 359 6931. These numbers are available for 24 hours. The complaint can also be filed using live chat services that are available between 8 am to 9 pm.
  • If your complaint is still not resolved & eight weeks have been passed, you can refer your complaint to Ombudsman services. It is neutral and independent organization for those who are not satisfied with the results of the complaints. No fee shall be charged & complaint can be filed by calling on number 0330 440 1614.

Contact BT through social media, Facebook, Twitter and BT Login

31 thoughts on “BT Customer Service Phone Numbers and Support”

  1. Hi There,

    I am writing form London regarding telephone manual. What I need to do is add and save some telephone numbers, so I’will be able to see who is calling to me. Thanks in advance

  2. i am a long time bt broadband customer . i currently have infinity and have the bthub4 . i understand the new smart hub which is supplied to new customers is supposed to give the best performance . at present by signal in various rooms is not at all good and certainly not the 40/50 mgbts i get in my lounge .

  3. Does anyone support desk know how to fix my internet connection. I have spent all evening on the phone and it still doesn’t work. I am paying for infinity which is supposed to be the best service. I am disappointed with the level of service bt provided so far

  4. Hi

    Which form of contact should i use? – we have our email address with BT but due to circumstance have moved to another supplier – I would like if possible to keep our email address, can you please help me? As it is on all our business paperwork and customer contacts etc. please could you help – we need to call BT sport?

  5. We’ve been with BT for many years, however at the beginning of August our phone line when dead nothing, after many phone calls to India and one man coming to the house to confirm the fault is not in our home, were still without a landline… Not at any point have BT called us to give an update although we ask every time we call and I’m now calling them two or three times a week. I’ve just spoken to India again and have been told there are no updates to our problem and they can’t advised when it will be fixed. But they are happy for us to keep paying our landline bill. Any ideas

    1. tell them they are breaking their contract with you and you are not paying for line rental and the package you are on and you want compensation for the disconnection.

  6. Hi. I am in charge of my Aunties estate after my Uncle died and have PA. She`s 92 years of age and very lonely after her husbands death. She keeps being contacted by people trying to sell her new windows. Because she`s lonely she agrees to meet them! How can I find the numbers of the last company that phoned her? Can I find it on the invoice or, can you help me?

  7. having nuisance phone calls saying their from bt broadband ;indian voice ,contacted bt & they only want to sell me a new phone to block nuisance calls maybe they should supply this free as part of their service they charge enough;as for the broadband if it gets any slower it will go backwards! ha! ,& any more than 10 to15 feet away and in my case, i can say goodbye to the signal,please do publish this people.

  8. trying to get through to talk to someone at bt about a bill issue on my mobile impossible to get through spent over an hour gave up absolutely impossible

  9. my mother-in-law has moved to another address and requested to keep her number. The BT engineer has gone to another address with a similar sounding address and told the old lady that lives there that she is moving and changed her phone number to my mother-in-laws number….
    Just phoned BT and spoken to a lady in India who hasn’t got a clue what to do about it…

  10. I’m frankly astounded how I’ve been treated as a BT customer by BT. Why do they not allow contact via e mail because trying to call them is like trying to call!! Unless of course you are a potential new customer I guess with e mail there is an audit trail which would make it too easy for the legions of customers who find themselves being messed around by a run company with systems to complain.
    their customer service is so..
    I was very happy with my BT service until I moved house and couldn’t connect at my new address. The line boxes etc at the new address were very old ( GPO boxes with old earth cables etc) 30/40 years. Numerous attempts to speak to someone average times to get through being up on sent through to wrong departments etc etc.
    The final straw was phoning pretending to be a new customer and getting through to speak to an advisor in less than 2 minutes But then having to be transferred to the correct department resulting in me hanging up when the call passed the mark and they have still not picked up
    really but then the next day I’m contacted via voice mail and they are chasing that I’ve cancelled even though it isn’t due for 9 more days.

  11. it is the service i have ever encountered.
    they keep promising to call back or hang on for a connection and after a long hold .. hangs up.
    i have dedicated 2.5 hours to solve this simple problem with no way forward as yet.
    really service and very or response or assistance.

    1. It’s service after service have and had same problem For big company seems they take your money and after service ? I have been the same waisting hours hang on phobe for help @mick hope u have better luck than me ?

  12. BT cannot believe when say there sorting stuff given phone number Ed at connections
    Joke never there result my phone us cut off grrr disabled need phone health reasons ! I’m new customer have house phone and infinity 2
    Had to have replacement router fault on first one nothing but problems spoken to chat ect say looking into it yeh lies ? I’m really at end of tether have breathing problems disabled left with no phone really disgusted at treatment. From BT and there no regard ? Now won’t post my comment says duplicated comment when it’s not

  13. The help line is covered by inept people not properly trained in customer services and based in India or Bangladesh they cannot even speak English, they are rude and i have moved away from BT services for good after being a customer for over 25 years and I am an INDIAN before you accuse me of racism

    1. I totally agree with this person, with regards to how customers are treated, but dont blame India and other foreign countries BT use, lets look A BIT CLOSERHOME,.THE SERVICE IS UNBELIEVABLE, your put through to these so called customer service advisors, who are, they accuse you of not being truthful over an account, try to speak to a senoir member of staff, who always seem to be unavailable, or they will ring you back in 4hours.Not only do they put you on hold for ages, they talk over you, frustration is a very mild word one can use. Ask to speak to some one of senior authority, well are these People “scara cur”, that its beneath them to speak to us mortals., and when you ask for their names they will only give their first names, is this PROFFESIONAL, then if you do call and ask for “Joe” they say we dont know anybody of this name, I just want to speak to a SENIOR MEMBER OF STAFF, do you think I am being unreasonable

  14. I am a new customer trying to order a new infinity account with all the sport and HD. I am in a new appatmentvblock and everything is ready…but BT can’t even make a usable customer website and after over 2 hours I can’t place the order. Am going to sleep on it but seriously considering paying more for Sky as they seem to want customers! Wake up BT…You really have no right having British in your title if this is how you treat Britain’s? Think about it.

  15. Complaint regarding BT account
    It’s been over 9 months since my traumatic time started after I joined BT Infinity service just to get better broadband speed as I used to be with Sky before and broadband speed were between 5-7Mbps and after checking with BT for the availability of fibre optic speed they confirmed availability and guaranteed to me 35Mbps speed.
    I plugged in router and after few days as promised I wasn’t getting infinity speed so I contacted BT customer service and engineer visit were arranged and engineer came I think in April 2016 and done some work for nearly 2 hours and checked speed which I found ok and he left.
    Again after few days my broadband speed started playing and messing around and I called BT customer service and they said if BT engineers comes and visit my place then I might have to pay for the engineers visit and when I asked them to check at list router then customer service people performed some test by their end and came to conclusion that router is perfectly working fine.
    Now since I started with BT I hardly received 30 plus Mbps speed and I have done speed test numerous times and speed test results falls in between 1.8Mbps to 3.9Mbps and it’s been 9 months and issue is still on going.
    On 18/12/2016 when I made one more call to BT customer service and after talking to advisor who agreed that the speed is lower than expected and finally said router they have provided if faulty and need replacing and gave me reference number VOL 013-172133950417 and arranged replacement router which I have received but still I didn’t plugged in because I am claiming back for the money I have paid so far to BT for absolutely low broadband speed (90% lower than what we agreed) and my question is when engineer were around at first place and spend 2 hours in resolving this issue why he didn’t get this sorted then and there only?
    I have spoken to various people of customer service just to get this issue resolve and claim back my hard earn money which I paid to BT for nothing and couldn’t get any success so far. Each time I talked to them I managed to get reference number out of which some were repeated one and these.
    In BT’s terms and conditions under section 8 of sub section 2 and 3 following points have mentioned which clearly according to me they have breached those points-
    8.2 – We aim to provide a continuous, high-quality service using reasonable care and skill but given the nature of each Service and the equipment we use to provide it, we can’t guarantee that they’ll be available all the time.

    8.3 – Sometimes faults or errors occur in our network and to the Services. We’ll repair them as soon as we can.
    I don’t understand why it took 9 months for them to understand that the router is faulty and I am again not comfortable with the money I have paid for the service didn’t get.
    Also call from customer service manager were arranged on 23/12/2016 between 15.00pm-17.00pm and text message regarding this call has been sent out and I had to take half day off just to get this issue resolve as I do lots of work online and really wanted to get this resolved. Surprisingly no one called me and neither received courtesy message regarding call reschedule.
    I have specifically mentioned in the complaint email not to call me after 18.00pm as I would like to spend time with family but again surprisingly today on Boxing Day I was shopping with my family and received call from BT customer service manager at 18.32pm hours and no text message were sent out to me regarding this call. I and my family had to cancel shopping and attend this call which was run for 57 minutes and customer service manager denied of any compensation which according to them they have got right to refuse and asked me to refer to terms and conditions on their website
    I have also asked for the call recordings against the calls I have made but this request has been refused by customer service manager as according to one call I made on 19/12/2016 and asked for customer service supervisor/manager and advisor Nayana told me that supervisor is busy and will call you today in an hour but I was waiting for 3 hours and no one called me and when asked Customer Service Manager Soumalya to go through that recording and check for the call which was arranged on 19/12/2016 and manager put me on hold and then get back to me and said he didn’t find any such call back request.
    Dear OFGEM officers I tried to explained everything in a nutshell and after going through this note you will find according to their terms and conditions if customer is going for Infinity broadband then customer should get 35Mbps speed minimum and this is what customer service said and I have got video recordings of this statement given by advisor and also I have performed speed test numerous times and can provide video recordings of all those test and you will find speed never crossed 4Mbps.
    Finally I have got 3 months left for my contract to finish and no doubt they have sent finally replacement router to me 3 days back which I have informed to BT unless my compensation request get approved I will not replace old router with new one.

  16. When asked about since I was only 2 months into my contract, they told me, the biggest Internet provider of UK and control of all lines, that there was nothing they could do, I don’t like in that house, nor do I have a house to move the connection to, I work alot and would have like to send emails to find there is no customer service to send to, this is disgusting and will never be using bt again

    1. Contact email address = well doesn’t that just tell you something. I too have been on their helpline to India so scripted and they cannot think outside the box = forget it. for a major company not to have an email address is hard. Oh you can print my email address if you can find it after you have made me change my password 3 times and still will not let me into my email.

  17. BT have not taken my complaint seriously at all.
    Since JULY 2016 I have had issues with my email account. Every time I called BT it was a case of ‘change your password’ which I did. I am not a technical guru, but I do know when I get series of ‘odd’ emails which has resulted in my account being and my 300 plus contacts been contacted by the guy who has now set up another account with my name! BT’s responses – didn’t call back when promised, had no idea when they did access my account….the damage had been done….compensation ..ur….two months free email access…£…..what an insult…and the manager then hung up………I have NO intention of letting this go….my privacy and personal space has been accessed purely by BT’s inadequate security systems and staff i have no idea what they are doing…..all i can do is read a script……having had issues with BT in the last all my other communication methods are elsewhere…..the only reason I have this account is due to the number of contacts and personal files held…
    BT…you should be to have ‘British’ in the title….

  18. Signed up to BT in December last year was promised speeds up to 30 found out today that my speed is so slow that there basic broadband couldn’t be offered to us. Signed up for infinity 4. Bought a new infinity tv box only to find I can’t use it because my download speed is too slow to view films etc .if there is fibre optic cables to every junction box why have households not had it brought to there properties yet?

  19. would like to switch to b.t. mail from yahoo mail ? as my passwordwill not be accepted any more with yahoo mail as i tried to login with my friends tablet ?? please can you help i dont want switch back to virgin media ??

  20. Having given BT 10 days notice that are move had been delayed by 2 weeks so we did not want our phone and broadband changed till that date. Spoke to James very nice all ok haha!!
    The day before we were originally going to move I receive a text saying not to forget they were transferring our service from one address to another tomorrow 18th May. Ring up speak to a manager who tells us he can’t stop the broadband off but he can stop the phone going off but our broadband would be back on for the weekend and a caseworker would ring us Saturday, that didn’t happen so we rung them. They are trying to expedite to order with open reach to get us back on but some one will ring us tomorrow. Caseworker rings I explain it is a necessity that I have my broadband back by Tuesday 23rd as I have to work. He rings back 30 minutes late, he has had confirmation from open reach our broadband will be up and working by midnight Monday, that’s fine as long as I’m working on Wednesday.
    Monday I receive a text to say my phone is ready and I can find a phone number by phoning 17070…. there was nothing wrong with the phone line so I quickly dialled my home phone from my mobile… no such number!!!!
    Phone up BT AGAIN why has my phone number gone off, oh we’ve given you a temporary number, why, they don’t know but they will have it changed back definitely the engineers have promised by midnight, so the same time as my broadband then. Oh no your broadband won’t be going on till Wednesday at midnight. I explain no I have all ready taken 5 days of work as I have no work if I don’t start back on Wednesday they will have to let me go. BT don’t care a very condescending guy told us there was nothing he could do.
    I asked to speak to a manager and he said ‘that’s not going to happen’
    It’s now 1.02am on Tuesday I haven’t got my broadband neither has my number been changed back.

    15.21 caseworker just been on the phone, he hasn’t any idea when we can have our broadband band

    If anyone from BT sees this feel happy but tomorrow (Tuesday 24th) if I have not got my broadband back I will be out of work due to your incompetence. As a communication company they never get back when you say they will.

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