Currys Customer Service Phone Numbers

For Currys customer service you can use  0344 561 1234  you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Currys Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Currys store located in UK is known as largest electric retailer company. It has been merged with PC world store & its name has been changed to Currys PC world store. It is offering various unique services such as Reserve & Collect, Pay & Collect etc. for their customers. you can visit at to find details of services & contact numbers for all kind of assistance offered by Currys.


Currys customer service phone numbers

For any assistance of customer service representative of Currys, you are required to make a call on Currys customer service number 0344 561 1234. The availability timings of customer service are between 8am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday & between 8 am to 6 pm on Saturday. On Sunday they are available between 9 am to 6 pm. you can also make a call at Currys customer service number free 0172 720 2101 or 0172 720 2119 for resolving your issues.

The customer service assistance can also be available by visiting at nearby store. You can find the location of your nearby store by visiting at Find Currys store link & enter your town name or postal code. It has been observed that online portal services of Currys are not as good as compared to its competitors. The customer can therefore visit the nearby store to get his queries resolved.

Currys pc world customer experience

The support can also be availed through Twitter & Facebook account of Currys. You can also write an email at Currys customer service email address [email protected] . However, if you wish to write mail using traditional mail method, you can do so by sending a mail at:

Currys customer service address:

Currys Head Office
DSG Retail Ltd,
Maylands Avenue,
Hemel Hempstead,
HP2 7TG.

Currys sales service numbers

For getting assistance of sales team representative of Currys, you are required to make a call on Currys Sales service number 0344 561 0000. The members of sales team are available between 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday, on Saturday between 9 am to 6 pm and on Sundays between 10 am to 5 pm.

Order / cancellation of contract service

Currys provide their customers Currys reserve & collect service for ordering items. If the item you want to purchase is available locally in the store, you can order it online & then collect it from nearby store till next day closing time. In this way you can collect the item in lesser time. However, if it is not available at nearby store, you can use Currys pay & collect service & make the payment. You will also provide the store address at which it will be delivered. You can collect it from the store on delivery. You will get intimation through email when it will be delivered at store. The time period allowed for collection from store is 28 days from the date it is delivered to store.

Whenever the order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email from Currys that order has been received. You can check the details by logging in to your online account. The customer can track a Currys order by vising the Currys knowhow track it website at link if he has chosen free all day delivery option. This link can be used to avail 24 hours Currys knowhow services. You are required to enter your order code along with postal code & contact number in the order track online form available at this site. If your order is sent through parcel, an email will be sent mentioning the courier, web address & parcel number.

You can track your parcel online through this link: The order of smaller items is occasionally sent by Currys Royal mail service.

For more information you make a call at Currys contact a store number 0344 561 1234. For placing an order you can call Currys sales team at 0344 561 1234

Currys Returns & Cancellation service phone numbers

Return at store

Currys return guy

In case product order by you is delivered in damaged condition or it does not match with the description ordered, you can return them at local store. If the product sent is unwanted, it can be returned within 21 days of its delivery date. You need to give a purchase proof along with the item you are returning. You need to inform Currys within 14 days of delivery that you want to return that product. The product you want to return should be in new condition including original packing & should not be used. However in case fault occurs in the product purchased from Currys store within 30 days of purchase, you will get repair, exchange or refund facility provided fault was not due to misuse, neglect or accidental. For faults occurring during warranty period, you can contact Currys store for repair service. In case of receipt of damaged products, they can be returned to nearest store within 48 days of its delivery. For more queries & details you can make a call at cancelling Currys contact number 0344 561 1234.

Cancel online

If products was purchased online, & you receive an unwanted product, you are required to make a call at Currys knowhow phone number 0344 561 1234 to inform them to collect back their product. You can also send an email Currys customer care [email protected]. The time period for returning the unwanted product is same as prescribed for returning at store. For cancelling the order you can make a call at Currys customer knowhow contact center 0344 561 1234

Currys Cancellations phone number

You can also cancel Currys order by phone by making a call at Currys customer help number 0344 561 1234.

Currys complaint service

For raising a complaint about the product or order placed by you, call can be placed at Currys customer service complaint number 0344 561 1234 or you can write a written complaint that can be posted at following address:

PO Box 1684
Sheffield, S2 5YA

Other helpline numbers of Currys

You can also contact Currys customer service by writing an email at [email protected] . The other Currys customer helpline numbers are:

  • You can call at Currys technical support number 0344 561 1234. The whole Currys customer service team is available on this contact number to help you in resolving your queries & complaints. You can follow the prompt instructions provided on phone as per your requirements.
  • The Currys customer delivery helpline number 0344 561 1234 can be called upon for resolving delivery related enquiries. The availability timings are between 7 am to 8 am from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday between 7 am to 7 pm.
  • Call at Whatever Happens Currys contact number 0344 561 1234 for resolving any kind of problem related to Currys customer service.

Few Currys Store addresses & contact numbers

  • You can contact Currys Bristol store address by calling at Currys Avonmeads contact number is 0344 561 1234 & the postal address is:Currys 
    Unit 3
    Avonmeads Retail Park
    BS2 0SP
    ** You can reserve your order online & later on visit the Bristol store to collect the product using same procedure as discussed earlier.
  • You can contact Ripon Currys store address by calling at Currys Ripon contact number 0344 561 1234 or at postal address:Currys.Digital 
    3 Queen Street
    North Yorkshire 
    HG4 1EG
    ** You can visit this store at any time 24 hours a day whenever you feel comfortable.
  • Currys Aintree store can be contacted by calling at Currys aintree phone number 0344 561 0000 or at postal address:Racecourse Retail Park,
    Ormskirk Road Aintree
    Liverpool, L9 5A
  • If you want to contact Currys alperton store, you can call at Currys Alperton contact number 0344 561 1234 or at postal address:416 Ealing Road
    Alperton, HA0 1JQ** The store is open between 10 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday, between 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday & between 11am to 5 pm on Sunday.
  • Currys London store can be contacted by calling at Currys London contact number 0344 561 1234 or at postal address:Currys 38
    36-42 Kingsland High Street
    Greater London 
    E8 2JP 

You can visit the link to find out different store locations of Currys & their addresses and contact numbers. The availability timings are also mentioned in detail for checking your comfortability timings for visiting the store.

63 thoughts on “Currys Customer Service Phone Numbers”

  1. I am disgusted with currys at harlow we are trying to track a cooker hood which we ordered on the 17th of march we have had no confirmation aboiut it the store can not tell us if its been ordered they say they will ring us back but never do well I don’t want it now there so sloppy , and why are they not ringing when they say.

    1. I totally agree with every complaint on here im fed up knowhow took money from my account without my permission and I cant get hold of anybody to get it back even my bank manager tried for me I rang the numbers and I had to go to work so for three days ive been trying I cant even get an answer from e.mails either so ive now written to them with my bank managers help and now im going on

    2. We are in exactly the same situation! We have ordered a cooker hood from Currys, but they cannot tell us when it will be delivered, only when the next stock intake is due in. We have been waiting over a month now, and been given numerous dates of the next stock intake! They keep promising to call us with an update but never do. We are now getting our kitchen fitted, at a cost of £ per day, and the fitter cannot complete the job until the cooker hood arrives. How do I get this problem expedited Their customer services line is ok but still.

    3. Well after reading these complaints I see nothing will come of my email complaint neither from farnborough store manager or customer service team

  2. Curry ‘s are the worst damaged hob on delievery absolutely appaling customer services WILL never but a product from them again.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Try calling Currys customer service through one of the contact numbers on our website.

      1. Do not bother they have not got a customer care dept,all they will do is to say they will find out and ring you back.Guess what they never do.I have been trying for weeks just to get an answer to a question,will ring you back,never happened.To be honest I do not think that they even train their staff.

      2. No disrespect but trying to get through to the Customer Service Number takes mere mortals to long…. I spend the best part of 90 minutes on hold and repeating myself….. The will to live etc etc. “The unusually high call volume” is constant. That means that A: There is an increased number of complaints coming (Doubt that they are all “Thank you calls”) or B: The staffing level(s) have never been high enough.

      3. Ordered new TV from Currys. Normally use Amazon for everything. Set up the TV and luckily didn’t fix it to the wall as old wall brackets don’t fit this TV (of course!). Anyway sit down and find no tv remote supplied. Already been through a faff calling whichever call centre who promise to call back but NEVER do. Now being told that I should not have taken the tv given to me at the store as the box had previously been opened and taped closed again. Clearly some cowboy at Currys has taken the remote either for themselves or for another customer. Anyway, now being told to return the TV in its packaging for a refund. Truly hopeless customer service. Currys is a great advert for Amazon. Never had any problems with Amazon. Never using Currys again either.

      4. I ordered a Samsung Fridge Freezer
        I paid for next day delivery got a text saying it would be
        Phoned but no explanation given. Offered a refund on next day delivery. Still no reply, harsh customer service.

  3. Ridiculous service
    I’ve been booked in for a delivery of a cooker with fitment for over a week now, I had the text saying it will be delivered , I’ve taken a day off work and lost a days wages
    And now 1 hour before delivery they ring to cancel saying they don’t have a fitter available
    You would think I would learn after being let down lots in the past by them, that’s it, I will never visit there shop again ever

    1. I have had the same problem ordered cooker month ago had 2 delivery dates but still no cooker have lost money from work, have had enough now written to the company of the cooker and also watchdog its a deplorable service wont be going to currys again, they take your money GAIN INTEREST on your payments and DONT DELIVER

    2. Same thing happened this week to me at Orpington’s store.
      Ordered fridge freezer and a freezer paid for next day delivery service. Got a text next day saying it would be delivered between 4:10 & 8:10. 8:30 I went on tracking site only to see it was being delivered 2days later, was not informed it was not being delivered,
      customer service hard, no matter what number you phone you get answer machine and options.

  4. I have rung 6 times this morning, gone through the ridiculous options each time. And then been cut off. Just done this again someone answered and hung up. I am livid at the appalling customer care offered by curry sauce.

  5. I’ve had enough of being messed about now I’ve got insurance on my washing machine it’s 5 month old and broken I’ve had to phone 5 different numbers to get someone out it took a week to get them out when they did arrive he didn’t speak a word of English didn’t tell me what was wrong with it just said had to order a part so waited 12 days for that he came out today fitted the part to still not be working I stated on the phone what was wrong with it and still without a washing machine yet the insurance payment has been taken its a joke it says that there will be a 3 day call out max now I’ve been nearly 5 weeks without a washing machine I’m absolutely furious with this what is the point in taking insurance out on a product to be treated like this I want this forwarded to head office and I want a reply via email I will be taking this further believe me it’s ridiculous

    1. Sorry to hear that mate… Remember that you can contact Currys through one of the numbers above.

  6. I had a broken washing machine delivered yesterday, Indesit wanted me to keep it and wait for their people to come and see it, I refused, was told to go to Skegness branch to chose another model, staff their didn`t want to know as I bought the first on line. Told I would have to buy another one and to claim back the money for the first one. Who can afford to buy 2 machines??? and have to pay again for a delivery time, no customer service here, just fobbed off. 2 days wasted. Bought another machine, elsewhere, delivered in less than 24hrs, no charge, installed FREE. Currys take note, your delivery man even had to borrow a screwdriver.

  7. Sam
    Currys Catford branch is great.
    There is a sales guy who acts like a managers
    and the manager he is a proper mate. He kept saying ” If this store was my own business I would of helped you” He clearly understands customers. I wish someone from head office can see this and if you want to know more you can contact me at anytime

  8. I have got a currys essentials bagged vacuum cleanerof you from the Blackburn store and I now find out that you no longer stock the dust bags I now cannot use the vacuum cleaner I think you should tell I person that you do not stock the dust bags for the producks that you sell the dust bag code is p.n;CH846-IB VERY DISSAPOINTED WITH THE SERVICE INSTORE I hope think I will get a reply to this comment.

  9. This is my experience: Twice in 3 months, Currys did a not show. Last time, they rang last minute saying that they could not deliver. Today I paid extra for the fridge to be delivered not only did they not turn up, no one called me either until I rang them after that they could not do it. I had to take time off work to wait for them. They then shifted me to various different departments (customer service, delivery department, depot) before I could cancel. Then they sent me a mysterious email saying that sorry they (Currys) had “to cancel the order because the item is not available”.

  10. 4 days ago I purchased an integral fridge from Currys, and paid a lot of money for fitting. The fitters arrived and fitted it, took a tenner tip and left.
    Two days later on opening the door several screws and 2 nuts fell on to the floor, and the eternal wooden panel fell loose. The door was also fouling an adjacent unit.
    i phoned and made an appointment for prior to 11.30am on the following Tuesday (I had to leave by then for a work appointment) – that morning I received a text stating that they would not be there until after 12.35.
    I then had to spend ages on the phone to make another appointment for the morning of Saturday 13th, between 7 -11, and that day received a text saying that they would not attend until 12.35 – 4.35, completely ruining my plans for the day.
    Why is it that they have so little regard for their customers, and go through the pretence of arranging appointments that they will not keep. When I ring them I get a hollow apology and a promise to turn up, but nobody does.
    As they did not fit my fridge properly, and seem to have no desire to rectify the issue, I don’t see why they did not not just refund my money and I will get a more competent fitter to carry out the work.

    But it got far worse after that …….

    The engineer turned up yesterday(Saturday) – a lovely bloke called Stuart. He was completely bemused … he said that his appointment was for 4.00pm, and that he had been told that he was coming to fix a washing machine. He took a look at the job anyway, and was gobsmacked at what he saw. The fitting carries out by his colleague had ruined the wooden cabinet door, and had also knocked adjacent doors out of alignment.
    In his opinion it was not repairable.
    He immediately got on the phone to his office and gave it to them straight about the dreadful job that had been carried out. He apologised about not being able to fix the issue, but took several photographs of the unit, and assured me that someone from Knowhow would ring me to arrange to discuss it.
    Well, a gent did call very soon afterwards, – a reassuring chap called Lee.
    Lee made all the right noises, and said that their top fitter would be out on Sunday (today) to see if anything could be done.
    A FIRM APPOINTMENT WAS MADE FOR 8.00 TO 11.00 – fixed because I have company over for dinner this afternoon.
    So, at 6.59 this morning, I received the almost inevitable text telling me that the visit is fixed for 13.10 to 17.10!!
    Why on earth does this company continue to treat it’s customers like this?
    Looking at the other reports on this forum, one cannot help but believe that they like this.
    Well, at the time their engineer comes this afternoon I shall be entertaining guests, and he can go whistle if he thinks that I will be disrupting my Sunday as well as my Saturday because they cannot be bothered to keep fixed appointments. I’d like to let them know this, and to try to get an appointment they will keep, but nobody answers the phone.

    Get a grip.

  11. After recently making a purchase from your Curry and PC World store in Letterkenny in County Donegal in Southern Ireland, I felt I needed to write. On holiday from England, we visited store and were helped by a young man by the name of Declan.What a personable, helpful young man: in fact a pleasure to deal with. In turn, we want to congratulate them for choosing people of such a high calibrate for a member of staff. thanks to Declan who we believe has a promising future? Thank you. We intend making a fairly expensive purchase in the near future and as a result of our experience at this store, we will purchase from our local Curry/PC World store.

      1. Don’t bother as they didnt respond to emails

        I have sent 6, 4 to customer services and 2 to the CEO, they still don’t bother to reply.

  12. Had a washing machine delivered and fitted, when they left I noticed they caused a leak while fitting it and they had fitted incorrectly as the washing machine kept going into fault mode. Rang them up told me that they could come to refit the following week. That would mean another day off work without pay and would have to wait for them to turn up from 7 am to 7 am . Was told a manager would ring back . Guess what no call.

  13. KNOW HOW – I think NO HOW
    Please repost and share this so everyone is aware of how the Customer Service of Currys was with me.
    item Purchased : One new induction hob with installation
    Delay in fitting and installing : 11 days
    Time taken to fit : 1 hour
    Time taken for it not to work: 5 mins
    Time taken to phone Currys to get help : 2 hours before giving up
    time taken to drive to Kendal and speak to them there : 2 hours (total)
    time taken for them to explain to me that they could not do anything for me for a further two weeks : 2 mins
    Time taken for them to tell me that I should use another supplier ; 1 minute (??)
    Time until next hob installation : 2 weeks
    Time spent waiting for someone to try and get appointment changed so that I can cook – dont know 18 hours and counting
    Time spent composing email to CEO etc which are not replied – 15 mins
    time spent going t buy emergency hob from Lakeland – 1.15 hour
    (with LOVELY PEOPLE )
    there KNWO HOW shoudl be rechristened NO HOW

    1. Totally agree have delivery slot for cooker last Friday didn’t turn up no call no nothing rang and they said unfortunately driver rang out of ours I have had no cooker thanks to them with disabled child in house plus house full of people I’m totally disgusted with them and their customer service stinks they don’t even know what the words mean

  14. Rang central number about laptop repair. They tried to call store but no response. Their email was not working. They said they would try later and maybe call me back tomorrow. The tracking system does not work either. I have sent an email to customer services. How can be electronically unavailable I have no idea

  15. I bought a washing machine online on the 8th of August got delivered on the 11th stopped working on the 20 th of September called there repair line got told an engineer would be out on the 22nd so booked the day off work then I got a text stating they won’t be out till the 29th called them again saying this is not on got told the earliest they could come out was the 27 th I had no choice to except this then surprise surprise got a text stating they won’t be out till the 29th called there complaint department got a guy called Christian who assured me he could sort this out to stop me making a complaint and would call me back at 4pm guess what no call…

  16. I bought tablet from curry sauce p c world , broke within five months , returned exchanged, broke again contacted store , rude staff, contacted customer services , waste of time. I always buy from Amazon great customer service.

  17. Sat waiting at elderly parents for a washing machine to be delivered between 8:05 and 12:05 it’s now 14:40. Phoned currys at 1:15 to be told van had broken down and running an hour or so late, asked if he could be a bit more accurate I was put on hold only for him to then tell me it’s still not fixed but it should be before 8pm. Then thought maybe his supervisor might be more qualified to answer my questions asked to speak to one assured one would call me ASAP an hour and a half later no call back come on currys get a grip your customer service is hard

  18. I am absolutely washing machine should have been delivered yesterday they didn’t turn up went to the website couldn’t find my reference couldn’t speak to anyone it was an automated service rang this morning only to be told we only deliver in your area on certain days no explaination why it hadn’t been delivered now got to wait another week I’m won’t be using them again

  19. Drove to my nearest currys store as the website was not working, told rudely in store that currys is so big these things happen. They then took my order for a tumble dryer for me in store but couldn’t tell me when I could expect delivery, three weeks later despite the best efforts of your telephone customer services whom I have called three times now I still have no idea when and if I will ever see my dryer! You know it’s times like these that I need to remember not to feel sorry for staff who loose their jobs when companies like this go bust, really you they are only as good as the competitors and the good ones know this

  20. I took my laptop to PC World in Harlow on 21/08 as it was loading up correctly when I turned it on. I paid for data to be recovered onto my external hard drive and for it to be repaired. I was told that it would be collected from store on 05/09 and then returned to store once mended, I was told I would be kept informed throughout the process. I then on 16/09 received a call from a man at the gate to my flat saying he was delivering my laptop, I said I wasn’t aware 1) it had been mended 2) that is was being delivered and 3) I was at work. He hung up giving me no information about why my laptop was being delivered back and where it was then being taken. 17/09 I went to the store who said my laptop was not with them! I then followed this up by calling the head office, the first person I spoke to basically said it wasn’t his problem, when I asked to speak to his manager he left me on hold for in excess of 40 minutes so I hung up and redialled. The person I spoke to was really helpful and was able to advise that my laptop was at the store and it had never been sent away for repair, someone had filled out the form wrong so the repair was only requested 19/09 and was waiting to be collected! This was all pretty poor in my view but I was told it would be back on 28/09 and I could speak to the store about a refund of some of the cost. I collected the laptop on 02/10 with a £50 refund. When I got it home I found that although it now turned on when I typed certain keys were not working correctly generating hyphens before letters or instead of their normal function. I took it back to the store on 08/10. I was told that ‘I had’ put the ease of access setting on when I set it up. I did not set it up so clearly didn’t. I was told it was easy to resolve and could be fixed in store and they would call me on 10/10 to let me know if had been sorted. No call on 10/10 and the main phone line would not give me the store number to call them. On 11/10 I got a message from the store saying my laptop could not be fixed and I should collect it, fortunately she left the store number which was the first helpful thing anything had done! When I called back I asked to speak to the manager, he said he would look into it and call me back to me. He said it was actually going to be sent to the repair centre to be fixed, the keyboard needed to be replaced and they would call when ready. He acknowledged that the fault was not there when I brought it in and that the store would cover the cost of the repair. I called the store on 24/10 for an update and was told it had been fixed and would be back the next day but they would call when it arrived. No call. Strangely the repair centre then called on 29/10 to say they did not have the parts to repair it and they were on order! I called the store 30/10 and 31/10 but no one answered. On 01/11 the repair centre called and said still no parts and that if I wanted to escalate matters to call the head office. 30 minutes on hold. Passed on to someone else another 10 minutes on hold. Told they would look into I and come back to me. Asked to make a complaint and was passed into customer services whose role I was told was to register my disfaction with the service but they did not investigate complaints or try to resolve issues and that I had to continue to speak to the technical chase team and the repair centre. I got a call back from head office later that day to say the parts had arrived and the works would be done that day and I’d be told when completed. No update yet again. Went to store on 06/11 (I have been there every weekend since this saga started!) asked to speak to then manager, the one I had been dealing with previously had now left. I waited the usual 20 minutes to be seen. The person serving me called the repair centre who said that the wrong parts were order and so they had ordered again but it would be a few weeks for them to arrive!! I told the supervisor that this could not continue, I needed a time frame for it to be resolved or they should replace my laptop. I was told that they could not give a timeframe and that they would not issue a replacement one, the policy was to continue to seek to repair until the matter was resolved and even they could not repair the damage they caused they would not replace. At this point I burst into tears, still no reaction from staff, I have had nearly 3 months without a laptop, I have spent so much of my time phoning and going into the store, no one seems to understand why I am upset/annoyed, this is quite possibly the worst service I have ever had. I honestly do not know how a company can operate in this way, if I behaved like this in my job I would be sacked! I require assistance for this matter to be resolved as quickly as possible.

  21. Purchased Induction Hob, built under dish washer and microwave (about £1,000 in total) on 25th October. Induction hob delivery within 4 days but other 2 items 7-14 day delivery. Ok, induction hob turned up when expected (am a little shocked at that when reading through some of these posts!!) and phoned up to inquire as to any dates for the other 2 items. Was told that both items were out of stock and they were expecting delivery to them on the 3rd and 5th November. I spent 20 minutes explaining to the representative what the difference between “out of stock” and “7-14 day delivery” means and why have i basically been lied to. Obviously no real explanation other than “that’s how all companies work” which was ridiculous. Anyway, 3rd and 5th of November were within the 7-14 day delivery, so will wait. Phoned up on Friday (4th) to find out when they would be delivering the item delivered to them on the 3rd…….no records that they were due a shipment on the 3rd. They’re not due into them until the 10th! Again, went through all the details about “out of stock/7-14 days delivery” with the chap who couldn’t comment other than to say “that’s when the deliveries are coming in, there’s nothing more I can do”. I requested a call back from a manager (as they were too busy to talk to me at the time) to discuss the lack of customer services, no one calling to keep me informed of what’s going on, have a whinge about the “lie” on the website etc. Was promised that “Amy” would 100% call me back before 4pm. Yes of course, didn’t happen. Left it 2 hours this morning (give her the benefit of the doubt) and no one called. So, phoned up again, (with the dishwashers down for turning up on the 5th) to ask about the deliveries. Told that the dishwasher is now not expected to them until 12th November! Again, apologies about inconvenience etc etc, nothing more I can do, i will let manager know that you’ve requested a call, cant really comment about the website “lies”. No one bothers to let you know anything! what’s the point in having customer services if they don’t provide you a service, they may as well have an automated number that keeps you updated with delivery dates as customer services can do NOTHING! They’re nice enough people, but what is the point of them. Managers (who allegedly are in the know and are able to “stuff”) too busy to take calls or return calls, customer services are a glorified “stock check” team. The whole thing needs to be sorted out from top to bottom. Lying website, to “entice” customers to part with their hard earned cash, no support or follow up from customer services to let you know whats going on and constant changes to delivery dates of which YOU have to chase up to keep informed. Is totally wrong behavior from a company on this scale. These guys and all do price match guarantees and things like that now, but at least you get a phone call from AO within 2 days of your order making sure you’re happy with it and organising the delivery etc. They keep you informed of “snags” or problems. It really isn’t that difficult to sort out. But they need to sort out website. It is a blatant lie and completely consumer

  22. i am surprised with Currys, ordered next day delivery washing machine with installation for delivery 22 nov. Know how delivered it (it was an integrated one) they said they couldn’t fit it as the hose was connected to the sink and wasn’t long enough, told me to buy larger hose and waste pipe.
    i did this and it was booked for sat 26 nov, i received a tex on friday 25th to say they would be with me sat am, however sat 8.46 another tex arrives saying they would be with me now on tues 29th
    this is a holiday home in bournemouth and i live in oxford, 2 trips for nothing!! i cancelled the installation. my son pulled washing machine out and the pipes and connectors where behind it, it wasn’t fitted to the sink!!! they could have done it on the 22nd but they were too lazy to pull the machine out to find out where the pipes were
    also i still don’t have a copy of my order or receipt
    appalling service, also i have been holding i am surprised they are still in business.

  23. Ordered a graphics card ( collect and pay ) from Currys Coatbridge. Got away from work early and drove for an hour to get there only to be told they didn’t have it in stock – so why did they send me an email telling me it was available along with a reserve and collect id? Utterly hopeless, I said I would never use Currys again the last time they let me down, serves me right for giving them another chance. It’s Amazon for me from now on, even if they are not the cheapest they know how to do it right.

  24. called into Blackburn curry’s for a Dyson hairdryer, wich had to be ordered as no stock.
    was told it would be in monday and a email would be sent to confirm, no email so called in store wednesday, advised to ring up as it was a different department?
    tried ringing cut off and put on hold no luck.
    called back in store thursday stood at desk till they rang and got answer, apparently order was cancelled and was never going to come. and when were they going to inform me ???
    i requested money back but was told it was orderd and coming tomorow (friday) and could not be refunded.
    i will be calling in on friday to either pick up item or make sure everyone in the store hears about how currys service and customer care is, as soon as your money is taken you might as well be invisible. no chance of me ever buying from currys ever again

  25. Currys on this occasion poor customer service with no effective response to enquiry no feedback on order placed had to keep calling their “Know How” for Currys customer services and but selected the buy an item option and requested to be put through to customer services as there is no option to be put through directly to customer services as system ios centered around buying ityem or dealing with repairs or replacements but not for an item ordered (according to Currys CS apparently “lost”) but for which no delivery details or codes given despite sum being deducted from personal bank account – as am writing this reply to confirm poor service and apparentlyu inadequate systems maintained by Currys

  26. On the 28th November I bought an upright freezer from Curry’s. At the time of purchase I requested the door to be changed over son that handle is on the left. When delivered the two deliver men decided to change the door handle over on the back on the delivery vehicle. When inspected not only the handle been incorrectly fitted, the handle was sticking out to the left and not wrapping around the front of the freezer. They had left plastic covers off for the handle together with metal parts which I found in one of the draws. Damage had also been caused to the areas around the hinges and there were two dents in the front door. The drivers could not leave my address quick enough, now I know why. I too rang their customer services help line in order to get the Freezer exchanged which believe me is a long drawn out exercise with a min of wait before being answered by a human. One call on this issues was approx 15mins before getting through to anyone. The exchange was done a few days later which took a lot of time and effort on my part. The two delivery drivers arrived and again chose to work on the freezer in the back of their vehicle although there was plenty of room in my home. mins after arriving of the drivers advised they had forgotten their tools. They stated that they would arrange a service engineer to visit. No engineer visited on the allotted date. I later found that no such arrangement had been made by the driver so not surprising I had no visit. I again had to ring through on their customer lines asking for another service engineer to visit the following day. This was confirmed as done, I did receive a text on the morning but no engineer arrived. It is now some 20days since I bought the product. I have to ring through on their lines which keep you waiting no matter what the time of day it is. I have requested call back from a Manager but to date no call has been received. I will get the handle changed over as originally requested and I will not give up until done. My advice to possible customers is to be prepared for problems.
    After this episode Curry’s will be the last store I would purchase from especially if it involves their called Know how service. Reading the above comments it appears there are a number of disgruntled customer who are justifiably upset. I don’t see many singing their praises.
    Come on Curry’s its time to get your act together.
    A letter of complaint will be sent to their Head Office. It will be interesting to see if I get any response…and Thank you for this nice website.

  27. I sent an email complaint on Monday – heard nothing back as yet. Waiting to hear if items are in stock, half have been delivered, oven was wrong size (was told they were all standard), didn’t fit hob, had to go to store to re-order items. I have a special needs child – she was on floor in the store for an hour whilst these Knowhow guys were trying to sort things out -not very nice people either. My daughter was having leg and everyone was looking at her in the store. Very distressing. The guys thought it was funny…

  28. Wow how can this company get away like this in this modern day and age it’s beyond belief. My saga with currys started on the 31st of Dec when I purchased an expensive cooker ,was advised del,installation,removal of old cooker taking place on the 4th of jan17. Only to be informed on the 3rd that delivery will take place on the 12th. Got a txt with del time on the 12th – but hey no delivery n no phone call. I called the so called KNOWHOW people (spent 38 mins on phn) to be told the van was broken down n the driver should have called to inform me and they were sorry about this. So the next del date was scheduled for 25th(today) and again I get the usual txt advising me of the del time. I waited and waited and of course there was no delivery. Called KNOWHOW to be told that the appliance went to Gillingham( about 30 miles from where I live) by mistake and then I was told by the same guy that the delivery was scheduled for tomorrow and not today -so why sent the delivery time txt??? Anyway the usual apology and then I was very lucky to get my call transferred to a supervisor ( I must have done a good deed somewhere sometime to be able to speak to a KNOWHOW supervisor- I mean common theses guys are like gold dust! They don’t have time to speak to people like us – THE CUSTOMERS)
    So after a very pitiful apology he offered £50 AS A GOOD WILL GESTURE and did me a FAVOUR by confirming the delivery will take place tomorrow . I shall see what excuses they come up with tomorrow. Of course I refused their GENEROUS GOOD WILL GESTURE and informed them that this matter will be referred to the ombudsman/trading standard. I won’t bother writing to their HQ due to the lack of or no response!

    So the point is, I wasted 3 days ( tomorrow being my 3rd day) off work , spent @ 1 hour on tel call to their Wonderful customer service , spent my precious time getting anxious ,frustrated ,worried and in tears, paid a company @£2000 nearly a month ago for an item that I have not received ( by the way don’t we call this daylight robbery? ) , was offended / ridiculed by their £50 goodwill gesture ! Been lied repeatedly .
    How on earth are they still trading? …

  29. Got myself a fridge freezer in mid dec to notice it had defrosted while away and had to dispose of everything. Contacted them about a repair and 2 wks later im still sittin here waiting for them to contact me about someone coming out to look at it costing me a fortune as we go along as having to buy fresh produce and not all of us have finances to do that.

  30. As a disabled customer I purchased a beko washing machine online and paid for installation, removal and a five year warranty. Just over a year later I have moved into sheltered accommodation and had an electrian come to disconnect the machine. The cable had been twisted and stuffed under the machine rendering it totally unsafe and the electrian refused to reconnect it at my new home. I first contacted curry’s on the 6/10 /18 and was asked “what do you expect me to do” after a very distressing conversation the supervisor called the following morning (Sunday) I was asked to forward an independent report on the machine. I was given the wrong reference number when I called for an update I had to start from the beginning all over again a further report sent again and my complaint was marked down as a FRIDGE Freezer. Six phone calls later last one took one on Monday 29th October RICHARD promised he would fully investigate the problem and phone the back on Tuesday morning needles to say I was let down again. I have now been without a washing machine for almost a month. I have never received such shocking customer service in all my life, thinking I had done everything to prevent any problems or stress curry’s have left me totally upset at their total lack of care and support after paying for a service I didn’t get

  31. ….. and Currys once again won the first prize for employing the largest number of people also first prize for managing to stay in business with the poorest customer service levels

  32. What proper company does not have phone numbers for branches? My fridge arrived broken – so I have to GO to a store to get it replaced!
    What century are we in?
    even better, i’m an old codger and it’s virus time, so I don’t want to go to a store just to say “replace the fridge”.
    Customer service is a foreign notion to this crappy bunch.

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