Ebay UK Customer Service Contact Numbers and Helpline

For eBay customer service you can use our signposting service number: 0843 837 5400 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “eBay Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


This is EBay Contact Number 03 number is: 0345 355 3229
More information about EBay different numbers, HQ and more in the UK visit this link.

Whether you would like to buy new or used, common or some trendy products, you will find it on Ebay UK. It has become one common destination offering a wide collection of clothing, electronic and home décor products items, jewelry and beauty products, sports and games, automobiles and much more to ask for. You would like to sell your second hand goods; Ebay is the place to get through being the largest online market. The website is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items and again when those items are sold. Ebay customer assistance services have always been at their best for all the queries raised, to the maximum customer satisfaction.

Ebay Customer Service Address

The users have the option to contact Ebay by mail service as well. If you need assistance of Ebay customer care team, you can do so by writing a letter and sending it to Ebay customer care address

EBay Customer Service, P.O. Box 9473, Dublin 15, Ireland

You are required to add your personal contact details in the letter posted so that the Ebay customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible. The above mentioned address can also be used to raise any of the queries or complaints with the company. Along with letter of complaint, mention your contact details and attach all the desired documents so that the Ebay customer relation department can reach out to you as soon as they come up with a solution.

The Ebay UK Head Office address is as follows-

Ebay (UK) Ltd, Hotham House, 1 Heron Square, Richmond, SurreyTW91EJ, UK

You can also mail in your complaint at the above mentioned Ebay complaint postal address. They will reach you with solution at your mentioned contact details.

Ebay Customer Service and Helpl 08 and 02 UK Numbers

With millions of users all around the world, so the Ebay customer service helpline becomes the busiest one. However the dedicated customer support team functions at their best to serve you better. The help page of Ebay provides all details as to how to contact the customer support team http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/account/contact-customer-support.html. The help and contact tab on the top of the home page will ask the user to sign in to get the account information and then the options to choose from. It will be an easy way to resolve the issue yourself or else the numbers will be mentioned to contact further. The support team is also accessible at phone number 0345 355 3229 for 7-days a week during the business hours. The support team is also accessible at phone number 0345 355 3229 for 7-days a week during the business hours. You are also given one Ebay customer relations number 0345 355 3229 which is open for 24 hours. Calls to these number cost 7p/min plus access charge. The support team is also reachable at Ebay helpdesk numbers 0345 355 3229. If you are calling from abroad, you can dial the Ebay customer service phone number 0208 605 3000. Live chats can also be done with the customer support team 24 hours, 7 days a week. It can be noted that the calls may be recorded for security and training purposes.

Ebay Customer Care Telephone Number 03, 08 Numbers

The customers can contact Ebay customer care executives for any of their general enquiries by dialing the Ebay customer care phone number 0345 355 3229. The phone lines are open from Mon-Fri 8am – 10pm and Sat & Sun 9am – 6pm. Alternatively, you can call eBay customer services for free using their UK free phone contact free number: 0800 358 6551 or 0800 358 3229 free phones. You can also call Ebay customer service team at Ebay contact number 0345 355 3229. The team members are well versed with the details about the products or transactions to be made and will be happy to help through the entire process. It can be noted here that calls to these numbers cost 13p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. You can use the social media like Ebay Twitter and Instagram account to get an easy accessibility to the company’s available products and services

Ebay PayPal Contact Number for Support

Buyers on Ebay are recommended to link their Ebay account with their personal PayPal account as this will be the quickest payment method for them. However if the eBay customer service are unable to support you with issues directly linked to PayPal then you can use the PayPal contact number 0800 358 7911  free where a PayPal agent will be happy to assist you.

Ebay Power Seller in the UK Customer Support Phone Number and Fax

The phone numbers for PowersellerUK on Ebay UK are 0345 355 3229 and their 0800 free number is 0800 970 9151 that can be called upon for assistance. The customer executives can also be quickly reached at Ebay contact phone number 0345 355 3229. The number is open from Monday-Friday 8:00 am-10:00 pm and Saturday-Sunday 9:00 am-6:00 pm. The PayPal team can also be directly contacted at the phone numbers 020 8605 3000. The fax number can also be used which is 020 8605 3001. Apart from calling, you can email to the PayPal office at [email protected]

Ebay UK Helpline Numbers 08

You can get the Ebay customer assistance services by dialing the Ebay UK phone number 0345 355 3229  which is accessible 24 hours. This will connect you to Ebay UK’s head office support team. However, calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus the access charge levied by your phone company. You can also contact Ebay customer care helpline at 0345 355 3229 and get your concerns or questions answered by the efficient team of customer service advisors in any respect like registration queries, selling problems, buying problems, packaging and posting issues etc. The customer relations department can be reached at phone line 0345 355 3229 and you can clear all the concerns. Alternatively you can also dial 0345 355 3229 for any of yours’ account related questions like to change the password or to make any update in the account or to get information about the buyers or sellers.

Set Up Account

This is a very simple process. Just follow few steps as mentioned below and grab your products through Ebay:

  • Register in the account at

https://signin.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?SignIn&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2F&pos=1 Enter your name, email address and password as required.

  • Click My Ebay
  • Under the tab buying, you need to click Won
  • Then the next step is to click Pay now for the future payment transactions
  • Then press Continue
  • This will show the confirmation page. You need to review all the details entered and then click on Continue
  • Now the Paypal account to be created which will further confirm the payment made
  • A confirmation will be sent on your email address for the transaction done

Useful Links

Ebay Customer Complaints Telephone Number in the UK 08

Ebay strictly adheres to their rules and regulations and make all possible efforts to provide maximum customer satisfaction through their services. If you have any complaint regarding your order, or the services rendered or the product is broken or facing any difficulty handling the gadget etc, you can dial the Ebay customer complaint number 0345 355 3229, the Ebay complaints team will make best of their efforts to resolve the issue. The customer support team can also be reached at eBay UK complaints number 0345 355 3229. Various options will be given to choose from and then it will get connected to the Resolution centre to answer all your queries. You may also be offered the option of a call back and/or live chat. The customers can use the online tool to raise any of the concerns. Using the link http://ocsnext.ebay.com/ocs/home select from various given options and open a request and the Ebay customer complaints department will possibly solve the query in the best possible time

29 thoughts on “Ebay UK Customer Service Contact Numbers and Helpline”

  1. I am sick and tired every time I try to log in to purchase ebay system does not recognise my password even though it is set in automaticly,I am waiting for delivery as a guest on two items which I am also unable to track (CANT GET IN TO SYSTEM), i hope they will sort it out or clear system so that I can start again. either way, Thank you

  2. Customer service is existant if anybody can get through to them they must have supernatural powers. Ebay is totally biased towards bidders, there is no protection at all from time wasting dreamers bidding on things they have no intention of buying. We cannot even leave any feedback for these . If anybody from Ebay reads this (which I doubt) just answer the phone for us

    1. eBay most likely to be open to a legal challenge for allowing buyers to place negative feedback AFTER eBay has accepted the responsibility to mediate and resolve a case via their resolution center. If an item does not arrive within a number of days and the buyer activates the resolution process, eBay automatically notifies the seller, so that in liaison with the buyer they consider certain options, one of which is to provide a FULL refund within a set time span (usually 7 days). One these options and time limits are set (in stone) would mean that both parties, who have accepted them, should abide by them. According to one buyer an item did not arrive and he/she opened a case against the seller. Fine. It was mutually agreed for a FULL refund to be provided within the time span allowed by eBay. The seller provided the FULL refund within the allowable time limit, which the buyer acknowledged and thank the seller for it, only to then proceed and leave a negative feedback. This means that eBay comprehensively failed to enforce the rules of resolution engagement [activated by them to both parties] against the buyer thus leaving the seller exposed to a negative feedback AFTER the buyer has safely received ALL his/her monies back! The result, when an item is lost in the post (not the seller’s fault) or is claimed that has not arrived, eBay allows the seller AFTER he/she has received the FULL refund to penalize the buyer with a negative feedback too. In law, when eBay’s resolution center is involved certain rules are activated and must be observed by all three sides (including eBay), if for nothing else, to prove that eBay treats equally and with respect both sides. Unfortunately, in the aforementioned case this did not happen. Why? Is it not enough for the seller to be out of pocket financially by restoring the buyer the the same financial position that he/she was before the sale, within the time limits agreed? If so, why eBay allows to buyer to place a adverse feedback against the seller, damaging further the seller? Can’t eBay block such vindictive approaches by prohibiting the buyer to place an adverse feedback when a seller provides a full refund within the time scale agreed by ALL parties? eBay seems able to do so in other things (e.g. when postage included in the price of an item, etc). If eBay does not look into it asap and make retroactive corrections on all those sellers that have suffered such misfortune in the hands of buyers then, I am sure, the Office of Fair Trading, in not the Courts, will force them to do so. I hope would not have to come to this.

    2. I have tried to resolve a payment issue with eBay who tell my I must use which I refuse to use.

      I was told that all complaints must be made in writing and made to the head office in Dublin.

      Weventually be found on the internet.

  3. I cannot contact ebay from abroad which is where I live. The only numbers available cannot be dialed internationally. It is also no longer possible to chat on line or send messages. I am trying to report fraud which clearly eBaya has no concern about. I guess I have found my own answer. Despite eBay claims it is not safe to shop online through them. DO NOT SHOP ON EBAY if you care about the safety of your on line purchases. Stick to private sellers in local adds and pay cash or use reputable UK companies. Ebay is increasingly full of trouble because they do not care to Police it or clean it up.

    1. R. De Wynton.

      I’m in absolute agreement with S. A. eBay is an absolutely no-go
      site for buyer/seller alike, since it is paradise!
      GET THIS; Seller, formerly Derek Hulme, dvd distribution,
      change a letter here/there, becomes asif, Dvd Distribution. One
      and the same. The former scammer vanishes, to be replaced by
      the latter scammer, who is in fact the same scammer. BUYER
      pays for item through Paypal……Seller purposely dispatches
      parcel to wrong address via tracking for proof of delivery.
      Parcel does not contain what the buyer paid for, in this case an
      iphone, which was never dispatched. In it’s place a silly little toy
      mouse…..Seller pockets money…..Someone somewhere gets the
      parcel with mouse, and signs for it. Buyer gets nothing.
      No compensation, since delivery confirmed by tracking to be
      proven and successful. Buyer gets…..Seller then
      vanishes from ebay, and then reappears with a new name etc.
      Royal Mail say parcel delivered to the address on parcel, therefore successfully recorded, and anyone at that address
      may sign for the parcel, which is strange, since to collect a parcel from Royal Mail depot you are required to show ID.
      “”SHAME ON THEM ALL!””
      PS, Live chats, are in fact live…..But not with a human being.
      Those are communicating with a programmed response
      to questions! Proof! Always ask a program how it feels!
      Example…..”What does water FEEL like!!! HA HA HA!

    2. MR R DE WYNTON.
      In regards to my blog of 14th Feb @ 1:33am. It is unfortunately
      not possible with ebay to exercise free expression, without the
      unwanted interference of the so called moderator, who is clearly biased in defence of a s–t system of business !
      In my article if you look, you will see how the meaning of my wording has been adulterated.
      Immediately preceding ” ———-” paradise, they have removed the word “fraudsters”. And again they have removed the word “nothing” that is preceded by, Buyer gets”——-”
      I bought the phone on 5/1/2017 and I still do not have it, since
      ebay and paypal in cahoots with others have stolen my money.
      Pension money gone…..No phone……No protection…..No ethics.
      No help……No compassion……Companies run by the lowest of
      the low, without a shred of decency, or integrity. They are in
      essence as unfeeling as their programs. Rich, wealthy, and faceless NOBODIES! I Detest them all.

  4. Ebay need to look after sellers more, after all, it is sellers that make them their money. They would not exist without sellers. As has been said, Ebay are biased to buyers, which is why I have stopped selling om Ebay for many years. I find, however, that nowadays I am left with very little option. I hate dealing with Ebay and PayPal. i now find that after 12 years with a particular account and I am now having funds held for 21 days! They have already crashed one of my businesses and are about to crash another and my only crime? Using Ebay/ PayPal in the fuggin first place! They treat sellers with utter contempt. They even take their final value fees from the postage… What? Outrageous! Their site don’t even work properly. Nothing hut a bunch of incompetents…. or maybe just crooks.

  5. hi
    I made a request for return from ebay in the UK which is approved by seller but their is no such response till date.

  6. eBay customer service. Ha ha what a .thay couldn’t run a p— up in a pub.its like dealing with money s. I opened a case & thay closed it without looking at it properly. I then sent proof that I did not receive an item . Thay then seen in my favour & said I would get a full refund if I retuned the item what part of .NOT RECEIVED don’t thay understand. Thay even sent a returns label.

  7. I ordered goods for my daughters birthday gift bags last year in plenty of time for her December party from eBay. They never arrived.

    I’ve repeatedly contacted the seller and at first would have been happy for replacement but seeing as the party was last year I no longer require them.

    As the seller has taken so long to reply the purchase is no longer showing in my history and I’m struggling to get a refund. eBay are sending around 15 emails daily – all the same. But never read any I send and I just want my money back.

    1. This is the same problem I’m having, the seller received the item back which had not been delivered to me, I can’t even find a email address to complain to eBay , I’m out of pocket £ the seller as ignored my requests for my refund , even though I have written proof from Hermes that she received it back and was signed for.
      This as gone on since Dec 18

  8. I purchased an item in June 2016, the item has continually failed to work properly, i have had it repaired once by the seller and had to change parts on three different occasions, I used it for the first time since having it repaired by the seller and it still doesn’t do what it is supposed to do!! i contacted the seller again and he has again asked me to ship him several of the components that he thinks are faulty! i done this previously and it still comes back as non functioning! now i have asked him again for a refund, but according to ebay policy it has gone over 180 days so i can’t do a dispute despite my more than reasonable assistance to the seller, it looks like i am stuck with an item i paid over £and doesn’t do what it is supposed to do!! shipping faulty parts back to Amsterdam from the UK is around £15 how many times am i expected to do this!! i want to send the item back and get a full refund! Can you help with some advice

  9. Why are eBay reps thick or just unhelpful, you go through loads of hoops pushing you around in circles, then when you eventually appease these prats they get it wrong, i had won 3 items that were bought from a good numbered 100% seller who suddenly turned into a scammer, got in touch with Ebay after about an hour of running round in circles, the rep said have to wait for a dispute to be 8 days old before they can act, the seller has gone from 100% good feedback to the last 39 feedbacks all calling the last items as scams Ebay know this refunded one item only after agreeing yes the sellers last sales were a scam, what is wrong with them there were 3 items all from the same seller all a scam, this type of thing is becoming more frequent on eBay and i am now questioning if i will ever use eBay again.

  10. ebay call centers in the Philippines with agents not trained in customer service and spoken English. Spoken to 2 agents from the Philippines today who told me getting a refund.
    They took monies out of my account for a sale which never happened, spoke to them on 31 July and was told 10 days to get a refund. Call this morning now saying it will take 30 days but they had sent to PayPal. Called PayPal and no monies in my account?
    News from ebay to customers, always in favour of the buyer and not the seller.

  11. My son who has a disability sold some bitcoins last year but then had the money taken back by paypal as the credit card used to buy them was reported stolen. The buyer got the bitcoins my son nothing! And then ebay closed his account and so did paypal !
    They now refuse to discuss it any further.

  12. I ‘sold’ my car, but when I looked at the buyers details, , the reviews showed him as a prolific non payer someone who should not be on Ebay at all. They also showed him as a 100% buyer, which he most obviously is not, just a complete time waster for everyone genuine.
    Ebay, wasted my time allowing prats like him to operate on the site.

  13. I have second time problem with bayers.One wonen broth a white top from me and then said is cremy and wanted refund. told her i posted you white top not creamy can’t do refound.she was reporting me, but nothing happen.Now same again i sold expencive to to women very cheap £3.15 brand new,now she saying i sold ger damaged toy and wand money back.I can’t even put her bad feedback and not just her a lots of people i can’t put bad feedback.just positive one. Ofcurse ebay didn’t do nothing at all to resolve problem. All what they want me to pay them for selling my items there.I am starting of thinking to delete my account thre.
    This isn’t good at all.Ebay never respond on my messages.i even add pictures to show item was new and nothing there was damaged.but still nothing.
    My friends had lots of problems as well.

  14. Dear Sirs,
    I have NOT, to my knowledge , ordered anything from eBay, yet I keep getting emails from eBay company. If a friend of mine goes into eBay from his computer, it comes up saying hello to me. Today I have received two emails from eBay and one from paypal, who I do not have an account with. The goods that were ordered were for a James Sebastian, who I do know as he used to live next door to me.

  15. ebay customer services since want to buy a the following tablecloth from seller please would forward this message to him a.s.a.p. and ask him to give me his detailsand ask him why I cant have the tablecloth shipped to my address….what is wrong with this address ??? ( if it is still impossible to supply it to me please ask him if he knows any shop outlet in the u.k. fist of all or second anywhere else in the world that can supply it to this u.k. address….thank you for your help…..
    Message: please would you ship the embroidery flower satin fabric tablecloth table runner dining table cover to England ., a.s.a.p. I know you don’t normally ship to my home address but I will pay double..by return…please telephone anytime 24/7 if you wish to solve puzzling questions..

  16. steven clough
    July 15, 2018 at 5:44 am
    Seller: yongjuche-0
    ebay customer services since I want to buy a the following tablecloth from seller yongjuche-0 please would you forward this message to him a.s.a.p. and ask him to give me his bank detailsand ask him why I cant have the tablecloth shipped to my address….what is wrong with this address ??? ( if it is still impossible to supply it to me please ask him if he knows any shop outlet in the u.k. fist of all or secong anywhere else in the world that can supply it to this u.k. address….thankyou for your help…..
    Message: please would you ship the 140* 200cm usa embroidery flower satin fabric tablecloth table runner dining table cover to 3 willow drive, poulton le fylde, fy6 8dg, England ., a.s.a.p. I know you don’t normally ship to my home address but I will pay double…i.e.$56 to you by electronic bank transfer by return…please therefore tell me your banks sort code, account number and relevant reference….please telephone 07974224927 or 01253521298 anytime 24/7 if you wish to solve puzzling questions..

  17. I recently sold a few items on FleeBay but couldn’t access my payment through paypal.
    They eventually replied after many emails for help, only to say that I need to register.
    Errrr, I’ve been a member since 2003 so this is total.
    Now, they have returned all money to buyers, but they have already received their items.
    So not only did I not get my money, but I have practically given my items away for free.

    I actually have a claim going through via a lawyer.
    I’m never giving up.

  18. I. A not contact seller of item bought but not delivered. Tracking does not exist looked up seller, no phone no. Dodgy looking company. Give up hope impossible to get through to eBay as well. Will never do a transaction tigon through them again

  19. eBay are very good at giving your money away but strangely not as good at giving you back money they owe you.
    I had 18 parcels held up in Hermes sorting office all sent through packlink (big mistake) sat there for 3 weeks so eBay refunded the customers and then they all got the parcels as well so it was like xmas for them. 4 months later still fighting for what eBay owe me. now there asking what the buyers had for breakfast on the day they purchased the good sorry sir if you dont know we cant help. court action is the next step or maybe they will realise there out of order on this one but I doubt it.

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