Ebico Energy Phone Numbers

Ebico is the gas and power energy supplier in the United Kingdom. With the efficient customer services number: 0800 458 7689 the company has become one of the top energy companies in the country and also being the first nonprofit customer service provider. Ebico have a proper procedure to solve all the queries raised and the users can easily reach to the customer care by calling on the Ebico customer care number. The company has always kept its vision to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
Customer service 0800 458 7689 or 01993 608 404 +44 800 458 7689 or+44 1993 608 404
Quote Enquiries 0345 072 1940 +44 345 072 1940
England Gas Prepayment Meter Team 0800 980 0427 +44 800 980 0427
Ebico Meterline 0345 071 7936 +44 345 071 7936
Media Enquiries 020 3327 4050 +44 20 3327 4050
Media Queries outside Business Hours 0784 396 4793 +44 7843 964793
To Enquire for Complaint Process 0345 071 7800 +44 345 071 7800
Power Cut Emergency Number 105 105
Gas Leak Emergency Number 0800 111 999 or 0345 111 999 +44 800 111 999 or+44 345 111 999
England Electricity Prepayment Meter Team 0345 073 7969 +44 345 073 7969
Citizens Advice Consumer Service 03454 04 05 06 or 03454 04 05 05 (welsh speakers) +44 3454 04 05 06 and+44 3454 04 05 05 (welsh speakers)
To Set Up Payment Mode by Text 07786 200 270 +44 7786 200 270
Credit or Debit Card Payment over the Phone 0800 980 9649 +44 800 980 9649
Careline Team 0800 622 838 +44 800 622 838
Careline- Textphone Services 0800 622 839 +44 800 622 839
Ebico Home Moves Team 0345 071 7851 +44 345 071 7851
Ebico Home Moves Team- For Prepayment Meter 0345 071 7858 +44 345 071 7858
Inform for Credit Meters at New Property 0800 072 7204 +44 800 072 7204
Inform for Prepayment Meter at New Property 0800 072 7219 +44 800 072 7219
Not Sure About Meter Type 0800 072 7204 +44 800 072 7204
Landlord Queries 0800 072 7248 +44 800 072 7248

Ebico Contact Address

Along with the helpline numbers, the customers are also given an option to mail in their feedback or queries on the below mentioned Ebico contact address, along with mentioning their contact details so that the Ebico team can respond back as early as possible.

Ebico Ltd, PO Box 354, Witney, OX29 7WN

Ebico Contact Details

For all the enquiries, you can call the Ebico customer service telephone number 0800 458 7689 or 01993 608 404. The Ebico customer care team will be happy to assist further. The Ebico opening hours are from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm where you can get Ebico contact details. If you are planning to change your services to Ebico, you can get in touch with the Ebico support team to get a quote over the phone by calling the Ebico contact number 0345 072 1940. The queries can also be sent via email at Ebico contact email [email protected] . If you would want to cancel the Ebico services, you have all the options to either call, email or post, as described above and the support team will assist as required.

Ebico Emergency Numbers

If you have a power cut, 105 is the general number to be called upon in Britain. However, you can also contact the power distribution company in your area by calling the Ebico emergency numbers mentioned in the page https://ebico.org.uk/power-cut/ . In the case of gas leak, you need to call Ebico helpline 0800 111 999 or 0345 111 999. The Ebico emergency numbers are accessible for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Ebico Prepayment Meter

If you would like to have information for the prepayment meters, you can call the Ebico prepayment meter team in England at
0345 073 7969 for the electricity supply and the phone number 0800 980 0427 for the gas supply.


The contact numbers for Scotland and Wales are also available via the page https://ebico.org.uk/contacting-ebico/

Ebico Meterline

You can contact the Ebico meterline team on the Ebico contact number 0345 071 7936 and provide the meter readings to get the more accurate bill

Ebico Trust

ebico trust stats

You can send the application for funding to the Ebico trust by downloading the form via the page https://ebico.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Ebico-Trust-Fund-Application-August-2016-1.pdf, either by email at Ebico email address [email protected] or via post at the following address

The Ebico Trust, The Carpenters Workshop, Combe, Oxfordshire, OX29 8ET

You are notified about the result within 2 weeks of the meeting of the trustees.

Pay Your Ebico Energy Bills

You have been given various options to pay the bills as described below-

  • Direct Debit– this method debits your account automatically every month for the desired amount, which you have decided to evenly spread over 12 months
  • Pay as you go– this means you have to pay the amount in advance and will use what has been paid for
  • Standing order-an amount is recommended by the provider and your account is set on the standing order to get the payment from the bank
  • Swipe card– a swipe card is used at the post office or any pay point to make the payment by the due date
  • Internet/ telephone banking– you can use the following details to pay the bill online or over the phone from the banks
  • Account number: 90210170 and Sort code: 57-17-57
  • Pay by text-to set the payment mode by text, you need to text ‘yes’ to 07786 200 270 or email SSE our energy supply partner at [email protected] with your personal name and contact details
  • Pay by credit or debit card- you can pay using the credit or debit card by calling the phone number 0800 980 9649
  • Post- you can send your cheques or postal orders to the address: SSE, PO Box 13, Havant, PO9 5JB. It should be noted that cash should not be sent by post.

Ebico Sign Video Services

You can get in touch with the Sign Video BSL (British sign language) interpreter to connect the call with the Ebico support team. The Ebico sign video service is accessible from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday and you can visit the link https://ebico.org.uk/signvideo/

Ebico Careline

The Ebico Careline services team provides information and support advice to the elderly, disable customers. You can register for the same by calling the Ebico contact number 0800 622 838. For the textphone services, you can call the Textline on 0800 622 839 from Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm and Sat 8am-2pm

Ebico Home Moves Numbers

moving in the ukIf you are moving home, you need to call the Ebico home moves team on 0345 071 7851. The phone lines are open from Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm and Sat 8am-2pm. If you are using a prepayment meter, then you need to call the Ebico contact number 0345 071 7858.  It is always recommended to take the closing meter readings at your old address and the opening meter readings at your new address. If you are an existing customer and your new property has credit meter, then you need to inform at the Ebico phone number 0800 072 7204 and 0800 072 7219 for the prepayment meters. If you are not sure about the type of meter, you can call at the Ebico phone number 0800 072 7204. If you are a landlord, you can call at the Ebico phone number 0800 072 7248. If you an new customer, you can call the Ebico phone number 0345 072 1940 for the information or visit the page http://quote.ebico.org.uk/usage-details

Warm Home Discount Scheme

To apply for the warm home discount scheme, you can call the Ebico contact number 0800 458 7689 or 01993 608 404 or send the requests by email at Ebico email address [email protected] .

Ebico Media Enquiries

For all the media related queries, you can call the Ebico media enquiries number 020 3327 4050. If you are calling outside the business hours, then you can dial the Ebico phone number 07843 964793

Ebico Customer Complaints

If you have any complaints regarding the services, or concerning the marketing activities of the company, you can call the Ebico customer complaints number 0800 458 7689 and the advisor will make all possible steps to help you regarding the matter. The phone lines are open from Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm. If you prefer to write, you can send the concerns via email at Ebico email address [email protected] or via post to the below mentioned address

Ebico Ltd, The Carpenter’s Workshop, Units 2A & 2B, the Sawmills, Swan Lane, Combe, OX29 8ET

If you are not happy with the given response, you can write the matter to the manager at the following address

Customer Service Manager, Ebico Ltd, Wittas House, Two Rivers, Station Lane, Witney OX29 7BL or also can send an email to Ebico email address [email protected] . If you would like to have details on how the complaints are dealt with, you can call the team on the Ebico contact number 0345 071 7800. You will be sent a free copy regarding the same.

You also have an option to seek advice from the Citizens advice consumer service regarding any energy issues, services or the complaints process by dialing the phone number 03454 04 05 06 from Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm. The Welsh speakers can dial the number 0800 458 7689.

You can check all the related information via the page www.adviceguide.org.uk . At any point if the complaint is not resolved for more than 8 weeks, or you are still not satisfied with the solution given, then you can also contact to Ombudsman Services: Energy. They are an independent dispute resolution provider and are free to use and can be contacted at 0330 440 1624 from Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm.

They can be also contacted at 0330 440 1600 for the textphone services, or via email at [email protected] . All the related information can be checked by visiting the page www.ombudsman-services.org/energy

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  1. i need to go on ebico zero because i use no gas and am currently with SSE ebico. iv’e made several telephone calls to you today and told to make an application on line and found nothing helpful and i still haven’t been able to register and get told different telephone numbers to try in getting onto ebico zero, the advice on the phone was unhelpful.

  2. Somebody else having the devil’s own job getting any sense out of Ebico! Earlier this year they left me with SSE though I had told them I wanted to move with them to Robin Hood. Eventually I got onto them again when SSE were about to double my electricity costs by imposing a standing charge, and they actually changed me over to Robin Hood, but this was in mid August,when it should have been back in March! This cost me money because SSE had made a small charge increase in April already. It also messed up my “quarters” and they would not put me back onto the one I had before which neatly fitted to March 31,June 30,September 30 and December 31. Now they send me a request for a reading early this month,which I gave them right away and asked for a paper bill as I pay by cash at the PO. They now tell me I can view my bill online, and when I look it is under-estimated! They are administratively HOPELESS and if they got their act together and answered emails for a start I would not have been messed about like this. Now I am looking for the times their phone lines are open as I want to complain over that as well in an attempt to get them to DO something-but find they are only open weekdays in normal office hours. What use is that?

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