Emirates Contact Numbers, Arabic Language, Flight Helplines and Emirates Hotels UK Contact Numbers

For Emirates customer service you can call: 034 4800 2777 charged at local rate, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Emirates Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Emirates is one of the most efficient aircraft in the skies; Emirates customer service is top notch, their telephone number in the UK is: 0344 800 2777

Other Emirates contact numbers can be found:

This Dubai based airline, Emirates. Since 1985, the company has been in operations and successfully growing its network and has been determined in providing world class services to the passengers. At present, Emirates fly the world’s biggest fleets of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s and has the fleet size of 177 aircraft and covering almost 125 destinations. The airline company has been keeping its service at par with the mission and vision of the company.

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Emirates Customer Service Address

Along with the helpline numbers, the customers are also given an option to mail in their feedback or questions on the below mentioned Emirates customer care address

Emirates Customer Services, 95 Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 4DL

And you can also use the following addresses for mailing-

Emirates Airport Office, London Gatwick Airport, North Terminal Departures Level

Emirates Customer Service Phone Number 03 and Arabic Language Number

Emirates have built a good reputation for service excellence, growth and profitability. The company serves best to the customer’s satisfaction with their highly trained customer service advisors.You can get in touch with the Emirates customer service team to know details about the latest offers or discounts being given, or in managing your account, or with any issue regarding the services rendered at Emirates customer service phone number 0344 800 2777 or 0344 800 0991 (Arabic)

Emirates Flight Services and Customer Care Bookings and More 03 and 020 Numbers

To get details about the flights, stopovers, or other service related information, the customers can contact Emirates customer care team at the Emirates contact number 0344 800 2777.If you need to discuss about your travel requirements or bookings, you can contact Emirates customer care executives at the contact number 020 7590 1400. If you need to make any changes in the bookings, any additional travel request or would like to know details about airport facilities or need help for online booking, refund information etc.; just dial the Emirates customer care center number.

Emirates Car Hire UK

In order to hire car, you are required to dial Emirates customer care number +44 203582159. It can be noted here that this number is only to hire car and they may not answer any service related service like chauffeur drive or other services.

Emirates Hotel Booking Telephone Numbers

To book hotels, the customers can contact Emirates customer service members at the phone number +44 203 564 6725. You can also email at [email protected] if the reservation is made with the hotel partner booking.com. But if hotels are booked through a Dubai stopover package or some other service, booking.com may not be of any help.You can log in to the home page http://www.emirates.com/uk/english/help/contact-emirates/  and check the information for baggage allowances, lost and found, online bookings, cancellations and changes etc.

Emirates Holiday Reservations and Travel Agents Contact Numbers UK

For Emirates Holidays Reservations, you can dial the customer care phone number 020 8972 8951 and Emirates Holidays Travel Agents can be contacted at 020 8972 8940. The March Opening hours are Monday – Friday09:00hrs – 18:30hrs and Saturdays09.00hrs – 17.30hrs. Regular Opening Hours are from Monday – Friday 09.00hrs – 18.30hrs and Saturdays 09.00hrs – 15.00hrs. Emirates Holidays Contact Email address is [email protected]. You can also mail your queries at the following address with mentioning your contact details so that the team will get back with you quickly.

Emirates Holidays, Clarendon House, 147 London Road, Kingston upon Thames, SurreyKT2 6NH

To contact Emirates customer relations department at the London Heathrow airport you can dial the phone number 0208 745 0823 or check the information at their website http://www.heathrowairport.com/ . You can even mail in your issues to the following airport office address-

London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3 Departures – Zone C

The working hours are from 05:30 to 21:30 all days in a week.

Emirates General Enquiries Customer Relations and Heathrow airport Emirates

If you need to contact UK service team for medical cases or for visa and tariff enquiries, you can dial the geographic number 0162 544 5288. To get connected with the Heathrow airport desk station, you can dial the free number 0208 759 3303. For the London office Emirates customer assistance services, you can dial the geographic number 0207 808 0033. To get information for Emirates’ travel insurance products, flight bookings or other facilities available, you can dial Emirates customer relations number 0207 808 0007.

Emirates Helpline Number

You can connect with Emirates contact center free helpline at 0800 777 3999. The phone lines are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is an automated service and as you follow the given instructions you are promptly connected with the desired department.  You can call this number for all Emirates related customer queries such as flight times, departures, baggage allowance, and check in details etc.

Emirates Baggage Claim Number (03)

You can check the status of your delayed baggage by entering the reference number and your name on the link


You can contact on Emirates Customer Support line 0344 800 2777. If the baggage is damaged in transit, you need to contact the local emirates office to check the status. This can be done with the help of link


A claim has to be filed at the baggage service desk at airport or these local offices to be contacted within 7 days in writing.Baggage allowance calculator can be used to check the given restrictions and in which category you fall using the link


Useful Links to Different Emirates Services

Emirates Customer Complaints Department Contact Number

With the highly qualified customer support team, Emirates endeavor to resolve any problem promptly and to the customer’s satisfaction.For any complaints about the services of the airlines, or some other reason the customer can contact the Emirates customer complaints department at the phone number 0344 800 2777.The complaint can be made online by filling all the details as required at the website mentioning all the details as required so that you are replied back as quickly as possible.


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14 thoughts on “Emirates Contact Numbers, Arabic Language, Flight Helplines and Emirates Hotels UK Contact Numbers”

  1. Due to fly with Emirates to Australia. Can I put hairspray in my checked in luggage? I know I can’t take it in my hand luggage.
    Also am I allowed to take my handbag on board as well as a cabin bag?

  2. Hi I was lookingfor your email address.

    I am flying with Emirates inMarch 2017 and have been told I do not need a. I fly from Birmingham Airport.visa for China by CIBT as it is a stop over in Shanghai before boarding P&O cruise ship. Can they confirm that i will be allowed on flight?

    Thank you and I hope you can reply to me

    1. My wife and I returned from a combined trip to South Africa and Australia on April. We flew business class on six Emirates flights

      We were well looked after by the cabin crew on all six flights but I was advised to let you know that the in-flight entertainment system did not work well on three of the flights, namely:
      when my wife’s screen kept switching off randomly in spite of the crews’ efforts to fix it.
      when I was unable to access more than a few films, only one of which I wished to watch. The result was I spent most of the 13H 45M flight with no in-flight entertainment available in spite of reporting the matter to the cabin crew. (I was offered a bag of toiletries from first class as some compensation but declined.)
      EK1 when the handheld screens remained locked in their docking station until well into the flight in spite of the crews’ attempts to unlock them. They were eventually freed by ground-based engineers.
      I know you do everything possible to ensure this sort of thing doesn’t happen and generally the services on your aircraft are first class. However, this communication is sent in a spirit of co-operation as I’m sure you would want to know about such defects in your ICE system, especially when we experienced them on three out of six flights, a 50% deficiency which is not up to your usual standard.

  3. Am martin james Cowan. On July, 2016, I was bonding a flight EK from Glasgow to Dubai. I got delayed by 3 hrs 5 min, final destination was Nairobi, arrived much later than expected due to delayed departure in UK. please tell me if there is any compensation due to delayment, thank you.

  4. Hi i like to book ticket Manchester to Dubai staying hotel than to India I’m shoping in Dubai I’m allowed take 65in TV to India same flight any extra cost? Thanks

  5. I’m travelling from Glasgow to Bejeing via Dubai as part of my 50th birthday celebrations and am struggling choosing my groups seats…please help. As this is a special occasion i really want to ensure that my party are all sitting together

  6. My son is travelling from Gatwick to Dubai then onto Sydney then on to New Zealand in business class. I want to book first class from Dubai to Sydney leg of the flight , but Emirates will not allow me to book this, can only book the 3 separate legs of the journey thus more money to Emirates. Emirates will not give a reason as to why can not upgrade on one of the legs of the journey

  7. Hi
    My family had checked in at Manchester airport proceeded straight away to the security clearance and due to long ques and followed security procedure in place. And were cleared and the flight had gone. A female gate staff approached the family to tell them that they have missed the flight. No one had gone looking for them or make announcement for their whereabouts?
    Where was the customer care that should have been in place for Emirate passengers?
    Why have they been classed has No-Show passengers? As they had the boarding tickets and by rights were placed in the responsibility of the Airport Authority and Emirates care team but none have shown any concern for their welfare and more-or-less abandoned in the Airport.
    The most disturbing fact is that they made a 11 year old to carry heavy luggage and Airport authority and Emirates customer care team made no effete to arrange a porter to help them. they were in the airport.
    We are owed serious answers to disgraceful event?

  8. I have been trying to contact someone with reference to my complaint to the service my wife and I received on our recent Business class flight from a London Gatwick to Dubai the complaint ranges from a menu issue on the flight (EK 012) to the service we received when leaving the plane at Dubai. I would like to discuss the details of the complaint with a senior member of customer care.

    I have tried by filling in the complaint form online only to be cut off and then on live chat that would not let me go into detail. I then phoned the customer care phone number. only for the person answering the call to be in telling me that Emirates head office did have a phone no. and an email address for customers to contact them. We are both Skywards members and have been travelling to Dubai with Emirates over the past 12 years and championing Emirates service to friends and relations converting many of them to travel Businesses class.

    All I ask is for someone to contact me to discuss my problem, who should i call ?

    here is my review of emirates from leaving Glasgow on 5/10/19 and also on my return flight from Bangkok on 19/10/19
    On arrival at Glasgow I check in my cases , check in staff no smile no hello just 1 word PASSPORT
    checked in my case then she said to me HAND BAGGAGE
    She said SCALES NEED TO BE WEIGHED what a rude person
    Arriving at airplane to board again no smile or hello from cabin crew was greeted with the words BOARDING PASS then told to turn left , no welcome on board no nothing
    Plane left Glasgow waited 2 hours yes 2 hours for the drinks trolley to come round only to be offered orange juice , water or Pepsi cola OUT OF A 2 ltr bottle with no cap on so the Pepsi was flat , no offer of a beer or wine or a spirit , it wasn’t even on the trolley , I asked for a vodka and coke , well she huffed and puffed and said something in her own language , she banged about the drawers in the trolley to find a vodka miniature but there was none on the trolley she said in English I WILL GET IT AND GET BACK TO YOU. Ok that was fine then she poured me a half plastic cup with Pepsi , I looked at her wondering why only a half plastic cup full she said FOR YOUR VODKA ,
    45 minutes later and 3 bell rings later I got a vodka
    Then the meal was served and offered tea or coffee no alcohol offered
    Then cabin crew disappeared from aisles for 3 hrs literally there was not 1 member of cabin crew going up and down the aisles looking after passengers EXVUSE ME IS THAT NOT WHAT THEY ARE PAID FOR ??
    Bells from other passengers where ringing and cabin crew ignored them , if you wanted a cup of water you had to go to the galley and ask , attrocious
    1hr 30 mins before arrival at Dubai cabin crew came round with a raspberry pastry for breakfast and offer of tea or coffee again no alcohol offered
    I did not get my raspberry pastry because I was not in my seat when cabin crew came round I was in a queue for the toilet so was not left my pastry
    I asked about it when I got back to my seat and was told sorry NONE LEFT and she walked away
    This leg of the flight was diabolical maybe next leg Dubai to Bangkok would be better
    got the same sloppy service
    Unhelpful staff
    2 hour wait for refreshments
    Staff disappearing for over 3 hours
    Bells ringing but ignored
    Pepsi cola and water out of a plastic bottle uncapped , what happened to the small cans ?
    On returning from Bangkok on
    Same sloppy service and same uninterested and couldn’t care less staff attitude
    Approaching Dubai we where told that there was a sandstorm approaching and that we would have to hover in air for 20 mins till air traffic control said it was ok to land , then told we would have to hover for another 45 mins as sandstorm had not cleared
    Our flight had left staff not interested given hotel voucher flight home from Dubai next day Same disgraceful service I WILL NEVER FLY EMIRATES AGAIN

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