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ESA Customer Service

ESA Customer Service Address: It depends on your specific location. You can go over this PDF and just use  Ctrl + F to find (F) your location and specifc ESA address to use.

A welfare initiative designed in United Kingdom to help the people financially who cannot earn because of a long-term illness or disability is Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). Someone wanting to claim ESA will need a medical certificate to confirm that they are not fit to work. The users can either get Contribution based ESA if they have paid enough National Insurance contributions or Income Related ESA if you are on zero or low income or even both ESAs depending upon the qualifying criterion. You can call ESA customer Service number 0800 055 6688 for applying ESA.

ESA Contact and Adress

For any of the enquiries for employment and support allowance, the customers can write in a mail to the following ESA contact address mentioning their contact details so that the support team get back with them as soon as possible

James House, 2 – 4 Cromac Avenue, Belfast, BT7 2JA

However the Jobcentre Plus website can be checked upon at to find your local job centre address and then contacted upon for the queries.

ESA Customer Care

To apply for Employment and Support Allowance, the customers can dial the ESA customer care number 0800 055 6688 to get in touch with the service support team. This ESA contact number UK would help to answer all the queries for new benefit claims. The phone lines are open from Monday to Friday between 8am to 6pm.  If the customers have speech or hearing difficulties, they are also given the ESA text phone number 0800 023 4888 for all their enquiries about the claim and the team will coordinate with maximum ESA customer satisfaction. The claim form is also available in Welsh. If the customer wants to speak to the executive in Welsh language, then the Telephone number for ESA is 0800 012 1888 accessible from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Above 0800 numbers are ESA contact number free phones when calling from landline or mobiles.

ESA New Claims and  Existing Claim Telephone Number

ESA claims telephone numbers are also given to discuss any of the claim details or if you need to intimate the department about any changes in your work or income. Like if you are under the coverage of job seeker allowance, income support or incapacity benefit, you can contact the service team at ESA contact 0345 at 0345 608 8545. The text phone number would be 0345 608 8551 and the customers preferring for Welsh language, ESA phone number existing claim would be 0345 600 3018.

ESA Maternity Allowance 03 Numbers

For existing ESA maternity allowance claims, you can discuss your queries at ESA contact number 0345: 0345 608 8610 or can text phone at 0345 608 8553. For the Welsh language the telephone number is 0345 608 8674. All the other ESA claim numbers for various benefits are mentioned on the page . While calling to any of these numbers, you will be required to given the national insurance number and your date of birth over the phone. This insurance number is mentioned on your pay slip, P60 or tax return. If you still do not find it, you need to get in touch with the online service at to get to know your insurance number or else the desired office can contacted over the phone at 0300 200 3502 and the Text phone number is 0300 200 3519 from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. If you would like to check as to what are the call rates for calling to these numbers or any other number, you can visit the link for details. Alternatively, ESA claims can also made via online medium. ESA claim online process requires ESA claim form to be downloaded from the page . The form is required to be filled up with all the details and then send it to the Job centre plus office which can be found out from the page . If you have any technical difficulty in downloading the form or in printing the form, you can get in touch with the online helpdesk team.  ESA telephone number 0345 is 0345 604 3349. The phone lines are open from Monday to Friday: 8.00am – 6.00pm and are closed on all public and bank holidays. ESA helpline number for Minicom (text phone): 0345 604 0523 for technical difficulties.  If you wish you can also email your requests to the online helpdesk team at [email protected]

ESA Contact Number Ni

Under the Ni direct government services, the customers can use the link to get the contact information. You can dial ESA contact number Ni 0800 085 6318 for details about making a new claim. For all the other general enquiries the phone number is 0300 123 3012 and the text number for deaf and hard of hearing users is 0800 328 3419. The customers can also contact Vodafone ESA customer care number 08006783682 which is DWP (department for works and pension) helpline and for Welsh language the number is 08006783696

Useful Links

ESA Appeal

If the customers disagree with any decision made about the benefits or tax credits, they can ask for Mandatory Reconsideration within one month of the date of a decision. This can be in regard to any benefit like Attendance Allowance, jobseeker’s Allowance, Maternity Allowance, Pension Credit, Child Benefit etc. You need to contact the department who passed on the decision via phone or mail as the contact details are mentioned in the decision letter.

If not satisfied then can file ESA appeal to the Tribunal within one month of the date of the mandatory reconsideration notice. All the contact details for Tribunal appeal are mentioned on the page

ESA Complaints

If you have any complaints from the services of Department for Work and Pensions or from any of its agencies like Job centre Plus, The Pension Service or Disability and Careers Service, the department for works and pension can be contacted at their following postal address mentioning the ESA Complaints issues:

Department for Work and Pensions, PO Box 50101, London, SW1P 2WU

For the job centre plus, you can dial the ESA complaints phone number 0345 604 3719 and text phone at 0345 608 8551 or the nearest job centre to your area can be located at the link . For the pension service, you can get connected with the phone number 0345 606 0265 or text phone at 0345 722 4433. Your local pension centre can also be located at the page  . All the information for the complaint process can be viewed at the link . The team makes all possible efforts to rectify the issue as soon as possible. If you are not satisfied with the final response, you can approach the Independent case examiner to look into the matter by dialing the telephone number: 0345 606 0777. If you are calling from outside the UK the number is +44 151 221 6500. The phone lines are open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. The letter of complaint can also be faxed at the number 0151 221 6601, alternatively; you can also send an email at [email protected] or write in a mail at the following address

Independent Case Examiner, PO Box 209, Bootle, L20 7WA

If again not satisfied with the response of the examiner, the matter can further be escalated to Ombudsman services at the page

16 thoughts on “ESA Contact Numbers”

    1. Really annoyed. Called last week, problem with system. Called 5 times today pressed relevant numbers then cut off. It needs sorting.

  1. Was on hold in a que for 30 mins and then they hung up on me. This has happened on many occasions. I have been off sick for nearly 2 yrs and they still haven’t got my claim right and sorted. The system is rubbish! Feeling very frustrated and angry.

  2. Nice staff when you can get through to them, but I have had sick notes go missing, waited an hour for the phone to answer then been cut off.

  3. I’m homeless and have mental health issues and a hole load of health problems. I’m going throw a very low time at the moment on the ViRGE of just ending it all as a result of the DWP just adding moor stress keep stopping my money. And sending me on a wild goose chase… I’m beginning to think that they do it on perpoos so that i do end up commiting sueaside or something like that

  4. Made a claim for ESA due to been payed of from work,
    Was told a payment would be in my account,handed in sick notes from start of April and still 9th June was told they would phone me and as yet nothing

  5. Why is there a free phone number, As having to wait 30 minutes to 2 hours to speak to someone, is a joke and costing too much for the people that are on ESA, they just make us even poorer and sicker, stressing over the cost, endless phone call, I hate this

  6. There is an email address for formal complaints: DWP Online Helpdesk for ESA complaints ([email protected]). You are unlikely to get a reply soon but it’s a good way to put across your concerns. I then followed up with both a written letter to cover the email & sent in a request for a ‘mandatory reconsideration’ (appeal). Personally I have problems (mental health & specific learning difficulties) with ringing up folk so I have always had to find other ways to get my concerns across. I recommend putting things in writing rather than verbal communications because that in writing is clear evidence whereas that communicated verbally can be denied by the DWP. Good luck!

  7. Dear Sir or Madam

    I am asking you for information about stopping my sickness benefit. The last payment I will receive will take effect on and from that date you have three weeks without any information from side. I would like to add that I am still treated for and I am under the care of a doctor from a skin specialist. This year, in November, I am finishing 60 years and it is difficult for me to know the permanent work due to my age and health problems. That is why I am writing with a request for information regarding my subscription

  8. Dear sir or madam I was awarded esa dated 2 16 could u please send me a new award letter out to me soon as possible I had dentist work done last month and I need to know if I’m still on it here my reference number also my date of birth 2/12/1958 my address Maureen Baines 29 gleave street St. Helens Merseyside WA10/1ua my email is u please send award letter out to me soon as thank you m baines

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