Google Contact Numbers: Google plus, Play / Apps, Adwords and Gmail

For Google UK customer service you can use our signposting service number: 0843 837 5382 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Google Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.



Google HQ Adress UK: Buckingham Palace Road London SW1W 9TQ United Kingdom

Google Customer Service

One of the best and widely used search engines is Google with one aim to easily give what the users want. There are more than 40,000 Googlers behind the tools that we use every day. A lot of tools and products are offered to the businesses for their long term growth like Google ad words, Google apps, and Google analytics etc to become more productive. Today, the company has over 70 offices across the globe in more than 40 countries. The company ‘vision has always been to provide value to money to as many people as possible with the great offers and excellent customer service and to arrange the world‘s information and make it unanimously accessible and useful. Call Google customer service phone number 0800 026 1478 for resolving your problems

Google Contact Us

The users have the option to contact Google by mail service as well. If you need assistance of Google help forum, you can do so by writing a letter and sending it to Google customer care address. You are required to add your personal contact details in the letter posted so that the customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible. Following is the google contact us address:
Google UK Ltd, Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TQ, United Kingdom

Google Customer Care

Google customer service is essentially an online system, which offers help through both online assistance as well as the already answered few questions system to ensure that you do not face any problems while using their products or services. For any of the general enquiries or if the users are facing any issues while using Google and its products, they can call Google customer care number 0800 026 1478. The users can also fax their details and the query and would be responded back as soon as possible. The Google contact number for fax is (0)20-7031-3001. For the queries for the Google apps, the users can dial Google customer service number from Monday–Friday 8AM–8PM. More:

Google plus Customer Service Phone Number

For all the Google plus users, they can sort their queries by dialing the Google plus customer service phone number 0800 169 0455. The Google plus customer service team is available for 24 hours, 7 days a week

Google Store Number

If you have purchased anything on the Google store, you can call the support team for any queries at Google contact number UK 0800 026 1478. The phone lines are open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Monday – Friday) and 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Saturday – Sunday). Alternatively you can also dial Google customer service UK 0800 026 1478. The store has variety of products to be offered like Google phones, Google phone 2016, Google phone chargers. For the media enquiries, the press team can contact via email at Google contact email address [email protected] . Alternatively, the media queries can be done at by dialing the Google phone number 0800 026 1478

Google Help Support

If the users require to contact for Google Ad words Support in UK, they can call Google help phone number and the Google ad words customer service team will be happy to help. For using the Google ad word tools in your advertising, if you need any expert help, you can dial Google help center phone number. The phone lines are open from 9am – 6pm, Mon – Fri.  Alternatively, you can also seek support for using the Google ad words tool at Google customer number from Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm and signing up with Google ad words is absolutely free. It may be noted that the calls to the Google helpline 0800 numbers are free from BT landlines.

Google Play Customer Service/Support

The users can download and enjoy apps and digital content on Google Play like movies, books, news, games, music, newsstand and various other applications to enjoy. You can call the Google play customer service phone number (855) 836-3987 to get all the related details like how to set up devices and use the Google play applications etc.

Google find your phone

Google find your phone provides an option for Google phone locator, where you can trace the lost phone using the information at the page
You can download the Google phone app by visiting the page

Google Apps Support

You can sign up for Google apps customer service at the page .For the work administrators, if they require Google apps support; they can dial the Google contact app number 0800-169-0455. This Google phone support is available in about 14 languages and is accessible for 24 hours, 7 days a week. While making a call, a support pin is needed to be verified. If you have to locate your pin, you can access the page . You can ask for the questions online at the page!forum/apps . If you would like to email your concerns or questions, you can email at Google customer service email . You need to sign in the page and get the Google help live chat support and other contact options at the Google help page. Via online, you can also fill up a Google contact form at for the enquiries and submit it with your personal contact details.

Google Sales Team

If you are a new user, you can contact the Google sales team by dialing Google customer phone number for work apps , from Monday-Friday, 9.00 am to 5:00 pm. All the technical support is provided as per the technical services guidelines at the page . If you are a new user for the Google apps, you can access the learning centre at the page

Google Gmail Customer Service

You can check for all the related information for setting up the Gmail account, sending messages or any issues at the page
Google also lay down the rules for participating in a Google Product forum and the content to be used at the page
Google Gmail customer service help for the all the Gmail related issues like any technical issue, configuration help, password issues, lost contacts, want to block some unwanted emails, not able to sign in etc are given at Google customer service number for Gmail available for 24 hours

Google useful links

  • United Kingdom is one of the most connected countries in the world as per the Google consumer barometer. You can install this tool at to understand as to how the internet is used world wide for your reference

65 thoughts on “Google Contact Numbers: Google plus, Play / Apps, Adwords and Gmail”

  1. I NEED help from somebody in Google Company. I have changed my mobile phone number. Therefore when Google try to send the verification number, I can not get it. Therefore I would like to talk to a human rather than a voice robot about this change in my mobile number. When I call 020 7031 3000 I reach to voice robot which is no good for me.
    I appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you for the great blog with the numbers again.

    1. Hi i have same problem I am in Dublin Ireland; I have access to my mail but I need a new pass word can you help please;

      Thanking you;

  2. Its so not fair that Google gives you tubers free phones and I would love to own a Google phone but I do you not have the money as I am in very bad way see in orgies you tubers get free phones and I cannot afford one is upsetting why don’t Google think of the poor like me

  3. I want to contact Google via email, due to the shift patterns I work this is the only practical way to contact, oh no an internet based company has contact email, or ?

    1. I see that this page isn’t even looked at by google, 3 months on and still no contact, if you had a problem with me I am sure you would be in touch at the drop of a hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Not impressed, your customer services policy isnt very good, I don’t think.

  4. ***Gmail support = potential scam***
    ***DO NOT USE*** 0800 031—

    I phoned the gmail support number given here above the map

    “One more phone number that I just found: Google customer service number for Gmail: 0800 0—”

    Operative (Indian accent) asked me to download & run AskMeIn, which gives full access to my computer, so she could see the problem email. It is of course unnecessary to have access to my computer to do this; I felt suspicious that I was being scammed. I said instead I could forward the problem gmail, but she said no, she doesn’t have access to that (and they are offering gmail support?) So, she said that their security section will phone me back.

    After this, I did a tentative search [0800 0—- scam ]
    and found alarming reports.

  5. I love Google. I love Google translator,as it helps me respect people in their
    native tongue, audio and transcript. I think all the people who help keep this valuable idea alive are visionary. Let’s hope we use it as a good thing to help, not hinder or take for granted. May we not lose sight of each other, and continue to love others more than ourselves.

  6. Having problems in the last week. I ve followed links on Google Chrome and suddenly i ve been diverted to an ad type sceen. CONGRATULATIONS you have won….blah blah. Its a page you CAN’T close it just keeps redirecting to similar pages even when you try to close. I only use Google Chrome on my phone. I ve not been on other sites. Who or how do i contact Google what can i do
    Help please

  7. Why gmail asking my location I sign in every week? Is this spyng on my where about? My email now is blocked because of useless demands of my locations.

    1. Please please help me. I am having extreme problems of accessing an email account. I am receiving the verification code via another account (not Gmail) and I am still getting told that my account cannot be accessed.

      Google are a massive concern and such problems should not be occurring for their clients. Please can someone inform me as to what I can do as I have followed all questions. As someone has said, how can you remember what day you opened your account!!

  8. Who remember the day they create Gmail Account? What kind of security question is this?
    Even i know my own password i can’t sign in

  9. I cant sign in to a new phone or other computer with the correct password, they ask me my phone number that i lost, and asking me the day i create email, does anyone remember the day?

  10. I have my email on a phone ( when sign in to another phone with correct password it can’t, and a cant answer the day i create email, and when put my linked email it can’t also, and when i put the same email ( it say i can’t put my own email to send verification code

    1. There are some flaws in the Gmail account recovery process… I have the correct phone number setup but this code I enter still isn’t enough to get my account verified

  11. I cannot access my account .
    It sends a verification code to my phone.
    Which I can access but then sends a recovery text to a recovery email which I cannot access .
    Please help

  12. Thanks for verifying your email.

    You weren’t signed in because Google couldn’t confirm that belongs to you.

    yes it is mine, I have 2 accounts linked to this, i had an alert from google, someone tried using my account, so changed password.
    Entered password.. Got the above. , cant use my phone as its no longer in service – network provider. = new contract – bought something recently.. cant even track my order because im locked out.

  13. I have been locked out my gmail which I happen to need for a considerable amount of things and I cannot get back in. This survive does not provide help with gmail or password resets. Why?? All I want is my account back from whoever went in and changed the password and I cannot even get help.

  14. Hi am from Kenya and I would kindly ask to speak to an agent from the google company .
    I can’t log into my account

  15. I have seen the banner currently across the top of the Help page, to the effect that some customers cannot log into their account, but my problem is slightly different.

    My phone is putting up an alert that says ‘Account Action Required’ and the text says ‘There has been a change in your Google Account. For your security, sign in again’.

    This is all very well, but I don’t get the same message from my PC.

    So is this a valid alert?

  16. They do not reply to people’s enquiries about login issues even when they have the right log in details. We’re not all secret agents and therefore can’t second guess how to get into our own accounts, after certain things have been changed.
    It puts the rest of us off from contacting them after reading some of the comments on this page.
    However, on the face of it, contact details do look useful.

  17. I have recently been having a problem with google translate. Emoticons have been translated to a text message which was not part of my original text. It is like there is a bug or the service has been hacked. Can Google please fix this?

  18. There seems to be an algorithm issue with the Google search engine on my phone. I am using Chrome to browse the world Wide Web but was wandering if they had a platinum version of the browser, something a bit more slicker and manageable with a friendlier interface?

    I hope you could process my request quickly as I am running out of ideas on what to do as there are so many kinks in this system.

  19. Do google do a sweepstake as I have received one saying I have won £750.000.00 can trey pay this into my account if so,,

  20. How can I add my Google Account password into my Saved Passwords list? I’m fed up of constantly typing this password in and I really don’t understand why all of my other passwords have been saved there when Google Chrome can’t even save their own password in exactly the same way! As I say, I keep typing this password in or occasionally change my Google Account password in order to try to get the prompt box up in order to do this! I, obviously, have Google Chrome as my default browser but that situation might change if I don’t get any response to this question!

  21. Tried to set up bank payment card . Put in my name address and telephone number. When the address came to post code I naturally put in my postcode and was told that it was invalid a post code. The postcode it said for my address which is an a dress 3 quarters of a mile at least from my postcode . All my correspondence has as my post code but Google say it’s not .

  22. I closed a business over 5 years ago and have tried numerous times to delete the information such as address and phone number but it is still displayed I try works and I want it gone

  23. How can I find someone to talk to re Google Analytics. Have tried all their Help? pages to no avail.
    After using same email address to sign in for past year all I am now asked is to Sign Up to Analytics. I have already signed up a year ago

  24. I’m sick of google it keeps on saying I haven’t got any storage when I have just bought a new sd card and is not letting me run my apps. Furthermore Its not letting me open Snapchat and is aggravating me alot.
    So if this problem doesn’t get sorted I’m moving to APPLE products u fools.

  25. I want to tell to Google, customer service is appalling. What is the point of flagging a review when you don’t do anything about it. We have had three malicious reviews, two have nothing to do with the company, one completely made up. I suggest you get in touch before we decide to take this further.

  26. I am sick and tired of google chrome using drop down adverts for , YouTube, also drop down adverts for women from all over the world offering me are now stopping me from using my Photo Challenge sight, (Guru Shots) and other sites. i have asked a few weeks ago to desist from this. I did not ask for them, and certainly DON’T want them. Do something about it please.

  27. I am getting weird emails claiming that I requested my google account to be shut if the people in Google know whats going on this it is flues I do not want my account shut down thanks



  29. Hi,
    With all due respect I would like my name showing a project manager CV to be removed based on Article 17 GDPR- Right to be forgotten.
    I believe someone put that CV just to jeopardize my career and I never uploaded the CV on google and I demand the immediate removal of the CV with my name. I have never worked for procon partners before and I don’t intend to work for them.

    I am still amazed how someone can put details on google without my consent and this is a very fraudulent act and as such should be properly investigated to find the root of this problem.

    I will advise for to put my full name on google and you will confirm what I am saying.

  30. Why am I being asked for my details when all I want to do is install Google Play Music as a desktop player.

    I have already had to sign in, so they know who I am….


  31. Hello,

    I have a problem and need a little help.

    Does Google have/keep historic satellite pictures ?
    This is near Hounslow Train station. The attach picture show the exact area I am interested in, with Whitton Road outlined in red.

    I believe the current satellite picture was taken in 2017/2018. Do they have any satellite pictures from 2013 to 2017. If yes they do, please e-mail.

    If there is a fee for this service, I am more then happy to pay for it.

    Any help you could provide in this matter would be greatly appreciated. This is a time critical problem so if you could send anything you have as soon as you can it would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards Saby.

  32. Google, how customer service about the Pixel Phone” “I believe we are pretty”
    I was charging my Pixel Phone when I started to smell a burning, after a good search around I found the charging point on my phone was on fire. After putting the small fire out my charger had melted itself to my charging point. I have sent it to EE in the UK who say that part is not in warranty. I am absolutely disgusted with all customer service I have had to deal with, I was looking so much to having the Pixel 3 but I am now seriously looking a some other phone. Replacing a charging point when the phone is under warranty is that such a big deal, come on Google bigger than this.

  33. I have an issue with a Local guide who is reviewing local businesses particularly builders with a 1. If this was just one builder than I would not be worried, bad builder, but I keep on coming up with the same name with 1 as a review and no comments. Here is an example. Building Services

    Write a review
    1 reviewSort by:
    Most relevant
    Local Guide · 16 reviews · 151 photos
    a year ago
    I could paste a great many more. I dont believe that this person has used the builders, he is probably one him self, can you investigate as businesses are having marks put against them which is depriving people of livelihood, possibly

  34. Trying to get ahold of a google lawyer takes a act of congrass. I have been hacked twice and have called many numbers and they route me here and there. Never to the right person. They stuck as far as I am concerned.

  35. About Graphic Web Design I am interested to learn 🙂 Adobe Photoshop; InDesign; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Dreamweaver; Adobe Muse; JavaScript / JQuery; HTML; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Python (programming language)- may without it, no essential …..I am able to work for free / without charge, for the Company Or Organisations, which are able to help me to learn some of these, for free!!!
    Please contact me

  36. Iv had disgusting comments written on a number of youtube videos by the same user and not been able to remove and never had response from any complaints

  37. They are advertising my company but they have the name spelt wrong, how do I get it changed?

    They have spelt it Nic Na’s Childminding services and it should be Nic Nac’s Childminding Services.

    can you please give me some way to have this changed as its causing some confusion.

    thank you

  38. Good afternoon Angela,
    re: Appendix 4 on “”- Website
    I have noticed my name is freely available to search on the google website I am requesting this be removed , as I don’t wish to be accessed.

    I have been advised this is the best way to have it removed, via Google ?.

    Kind regards


  39. I’m curious about the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation. Does the ‘Google activity’ follow all the regulations with all the private information it stores?,

  40. yes i have a dam question,, my name is meril, here in cebu Philippines,4 days your google team changed, my passes word,, i think they need to, ask, before they take it on themselves, to changes, emails,, i have had this email, 10 years,, so many people in u s a, has my, email,, what and why did you chang my email, acc why,, i didn’t tell, them to, change,,, meril

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