Groupon Phone Numbers

For Groupon customer service you can use our signposting service number: 0203 808 4223 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Groupon Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Groupon UK  Contact List:

Helpline UK Contact Numbers International
Groupon Customer Service Number 0203 808 4223 +44203 808 4223
Groupon Business Contact Number 02035102248 +442035102248

CCCustomer Service

You can contact the customer executives by dialing the Groupon customer care center number 020 3510 0444 which is available from 8AM to 8PM, Monday to Friday.

Since the phone lines are open only for limited period, so the Groupon customer relations department offers the online assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The customer representatives can also be reached at Groupon customer care phone number mentioned above for any general enquiries for the account registration or the payment methods etc. If you have any queries in regard to the order made, then you can also visit this link

After you sign in the account, options will be given to choose from to proceed further. This is done when the customer has online account with Groupon. The customer support page provides all relevant details required. If you are not registered online with Groupon but would like to have details about the ongoing offers then you can check the link .

The FAQ section (frequently asked questions) would answer most of the queries.

The customers are being given so many options to contact the service representatives like online support form, phone, by email or postal methods.

Groupon Customer Service Address

Along with the helpline numbers, the customers are also given an option to mail in their feedback or questions on the below mentioned Groupon customer care address

Groupon customer service, No. 1 Swan Lane, London, EC4R 3TN

The contact information should be clearly mentioned so that the customer assistance team can reach out to you as soon as they come up with a solution.

Groupon’s registration number is 07112363 and its VAT number is GB989026181.

You can also write in your issues to the following Groupon complaint postal address mentioning your contact details so that you are contacted as soon as possible. The Groupon customer service address is:

Groupon Customer Center, One Swan Lane, London, EC4R 3TN

Groupon Business Contact Number

For any business related queries like building up the businesses, advertising and sales promotions, the Groupon business contact number is 020 3510 2248. You can also email at [email protected] to get the details reply. The agencies can also email at [email protected] for their respective marketing plans or can visit the site  to know about the company’s merchant solutions. Apart from phone numbers, it can be convenient for the customers to send email to [email protected] for any of the concerns.

This also becomes the quickest way to reach to the Groupon customer care team. An online form is also given by the company, which the customers can fill up with all the details as required. You are required to visit the page  from here you can select the options as needed and press Continue. The contact form will be shown. Fill this and submit.

Groupon Contact Centre

If you are a media member, you can contact Groupon contact center at [email protected] . If would like to contact for any sponsorships, then Groupon customer service members can be contacted at [email protected]. You can also get Groupon customer assistance services by having a live chat with the link  just type in your question and will be replied back as soon as possible.

By visiting the link you need to sign in the account and get subscribed for the alerts. Then you can receive all latest updates and offers by Groupon on your email address. You can also redeem your Groupon vouchers to book flight at Here the registration form is available.

It needs to be filled up with the contact details and the voucher info and then submitted. After verification, the balloon flight vouchers are sent by email within three working days. Then at last when all the given options do not provide help as required, social media like twitter and Facebook pages becomes the best way to communicate. The customers are asked to email at [email protected]. The details of the email are then directed to the concerned support team by the social media team.

Groupon UK Coupon Codes

To check the details of deals offered by the company, you can visit this site offers many discounted offers from the retailers to attract sales.

You can also check at This page will also show the latest Groupon UK coupon codes. For more information, you can check the company’s official website or the social medium

Groupon Helpline Number And Support

Being one of the leading market portals in U.K., the company has a dedicated team to serve to the best of satisfaction of its customers. You can easily sign in to the face book or Groupon account and directed to the customer care department. Or else you can call Groupon helpdesk number 020 3510 0444 which is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After you receive a confirmation mail, you have 14 days to cancel your purchase of the voucher. After cancelling, the immediate return should be made within the 14 days since the company has been notified about the cancellation. You can inform about the cancellation or can visit for the needful. The cancellation form is also available online at which has to be filled up and then submitted for the necessary action. You can also write a mail regarding the same at the Groupon customer service address mentioned above.

A confirmation mail is immediately sent that the refund has been processed by Groupon. Even when the product is damaged or faulty, the Groupon customer service should be contacted immediately to get a replacement.

Groupon Customer Complaints And Complaint Procedure

Groupon provides a quick and easy way to make and then resolve the complaints, as complaining becomes a tool for them to upgrade their services a level ahead. It is important to remain composed and focused while dealing with Groupon customer complaint. If the customers have any complaints regarding the products or services or any deals, they can contact the Groupon complaints team by way of Resolver tool.

This tool is an independent, free of cost system using the link connecting to the desired complaint resolving team. You have to choose from various listed options and then submit to get the response. Using this technique, the customers can submit issues for two services offered by Groupon. All the details are kept in a case file which is saved for future, in case if the complaint is required to be escalated to above levels like Ombudsman services or Regulators.

The customers can also dial in Groupon customer complaint number 020 3510 0444. If you have downloaded our apps for iPhone or Android then the call can also be recorded. The company aims to respond promptly with their trained and experienced customer representatives.

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  1. I am unable to know how wish to return a parcel. I do not have a printer to print out a label and my parcel arrived with no Royal Mail returns label.

  2. Dear groupon, I can not purchase from your site as your site says it can not deliver to this part of Nowich. My post code Barns School Lane. Contact. Could you please look into this for me.
    Many thanks Caroline

  3. Hi,we were given a Groupon voucher for a meal;unfortunately my husband has had 2 operations and only now were we thinking of the voucher.However, when I opened the printed voucher I noticed “use by 14.10.16” I rang the restaurant and they advised me to contact Groupon and perhaps you might be able to help?

    1. please can they come and collect my mattress any time from 30th November night or day I keep trying to contact them but no joy

  4. I am still waiting for my item after 2 weeks, I have looked at the tracking but it hasn’t even left Manchester yet…. why… I needed it by Friday..

  5. I bought a deal for restaurant in Manchester on sauterday and it said £ but when I pressed buy it came up at £ pence could you explain why I don’t have a lot of money as I am in my 70 year and every pennie counts

  6. This is my second week and the carpet wash cleaner has not arrived, I have to sit in the house waiting every day,I have messages twice

  7. dear sir I orderd a jacket off you thank you it arrived today but it is too small and at the moment the printer is not working can you please email me to tell me how I will get it back to you .if you email your address I will send it back by return of post thank you

  8. When you request on $ Billions profit then you contacting on a correct address to be on a partnership to starting . Dear ,President Good evening YOU CONTACTING ON MY A SYSTEM , I AM AN INVENTOR OF TECHNOLOGY AND I AM INVENTING ON A LAPTOP SAMPLE TOO . and I got on some Technologies TO CLOSING ON 2 COMPANIES FROM ON ALL WORLD . AND TO CHANGED ON THAT FRAME , REASON TO GOT ON SOME THING MORE . AND THATS’ MEAN A MAN CAN MAKES ON A BUSINESS WITH ONE OF THEM .

  9. Hi my account was into twice in a week and I can’t reset my password nor access my account. I was clear to customer services which 3 products which wasn’t mine. I have since received several emails regarding cancellation of all the vouchers that I HAVE bought Including dinner vouchers for my son’s birthday And my account has been into again and I can’t log in

  10. Keep trying to ring customer service, what a joke!!!! it’s now 9.14 am and I keep being told the lines are closed and are open 9 – 5 Monday to Saturday…… is Saturday, and guess what??? no phones switched through.

  11. I purchased a 5piece luggage organiser 2 weeks ago. I still have not received it. Please tell me, how can i check when I can expect it?
    Thank you.

  12. Hi
    I have just had an item delivered and the packaging was damaged. Opened package and took out item (Garden storage box, laid on floor, lifted side of box to begin assembly and it cracked. Not happy with the quality of this product, it is a large (ish) item which I will have trouble returning to a locl shop ofr delivery. What do I do?

  13. Dear Customer Service Team of Groupon

    I have called and sent emails to you over the last two years to try to resolve an issue with a holiday that was booked, but was unable to go due to a rather earthquake in the area I was meant to be visiting.

    How many calls and emails have to be sent for you that reply.

    Maybe the customer services for the UK should be in the UK, not the flippin Philippines

    I look forward to not so swift reply


  14. Why can I not log into my account? Sent requests to change password and still not received 1 email.from you? Not good customer service really is it..been 2 days of constantly asking and trying to log in

  15. groupon you are a complete waste of time just like the have working in customer services. I purchased a deal for £only for website to crash and I had to try and log back in with no success. I tried to reset my password which sh*site wouldn’t let me do then I contacted customer services who claimed They don’t have my email address registered with them which Is a complete lie as I have purchased other items from over the past two weeks. I have heard f*** all from customer services who now say they can’t do anything about it so im now £ out of pocket and my daughter doesn’t get a birthday party. I even emailed with a copy of the bank statement to prove purchase.

  16. I have notice £ as been taken out my bank account and I haven’t ordered anything, I have just rang customer service and I won’t be ringing them again

  17. I order some men shoes they were send back to you had I was not in when they came I would like them to be redirected to me you have took the money for them

  18. Dear Customer service,
    Received email confirmation for my purchase on about 3.30pm with the order But still haven’t receive the Groupon voucher. Got on to the chat line and was told that the transaction failed. I haven’t receive any email to inform me of the failed transaction and I have paid with my card.
    I feel that Groupon will have to honour the transaction as the purchase was confirmed.
    Thank you.

  19. ******URGENT Can someone please contact me I am unable to log into my account and will not let me reset my password. Because of this I can do the online chat and I am receiving emails to say I have purchased items I haven’t and that I have sent gifts to people which again I haven’t

  20. Log in complaint. When I try to sign in it wont let me won’t let me reset password. Fill in the sign in form it says someone has this account.HaHa what a waste of time.

  21. Trying to contact customer services to retun unredeemed voucher for 0ne year Premium UK Breakdown cover but can’t find email address to send email and contact on the phone number provided.

  22. Hi,

    I have sent about 20 emails now regarding an item i ordered that was delivered and left outside my house, needless to say the parcel was not there when i got home. I have spoken to numerous people within Groupon to resolve this however nothing has been done and most of the time no one replies to the emails.

    what this is responded to with a resolution.

  23. I made a purchase half an hour ago and realised with confirmation address that it is going to the wrong delivery address. Your site says that I have 2 hours to edit the address but there is no edit my order button. HELP?

  24. I placed order for Parker pen Nov 26th have not received it have sent so many emails and received so many it’s ridiculous. I have asked for oder to be cancelled and money refunded but I get nothing. You try saying I ordered it incorrectly.. Why did you accept order and confirm order,take my money and then nothing??

    Please sort this now I have had enough

  25. I paid for a cut and blow dry half a head of highlights , when I got to the shop it was not half ahead it was a quarter of a head just the top so I paid extra to get half a head down …..I did not get my Groupon on the email so I had to ring customer service I will not be calling customer service again
    And why was it advertised half a head of highlights when it was just a quarter

  26. I still have not received a item I placed can’t get through to customer services can someone from that company please get in touch

  27. Hi,

    I received a Groupon Voucher for the Flying Experience for 2 including champagne lunch. The voucher expires in January, the flight has already been cancelled once and I am rebooked for January but I am conscious that if it gets cancelled again then it will expire.

    Are they able to get an extension on the voucher if the booking gets cancelled due to weather?

    Please can you let me know. Thanks

  28. Hi I purchased two items from Groupon for Christmas gifts. A pair of Ernest silver ear rings and a colour changing diffuser. Neither if the items arrived. How do I get in touch with your Dublin office. I was so disappointed as my daughter was looking forward to getting the ear rings. My groupons state they were in transit but never arrived. Can I get a refund to my bank account please. Wouldn’t deal with Groupon again ever.

  29. I purchased goods from groupon the goods were so disgusting and dangerous that it caused injury to my 1yr old grandchild I have complained over the last 2 days to them to come and see the disgusting state of there goods there answer has been sweet F-A disgusting behavior from this Groupon company

  30. Hi,
    I have purchased Garden Furniture from Groupon on the 01/04/2019 and 12 days later it still states on the tracking that it is in Transit.
    I have had an email to state that my item has been dispatched on 05/04/2019 but i am yet to receive anything.
    I have called the contact number for Groupon that seems that they cant help me, i have even tried the business call line and been through every scenario for which department with still no luck.
    This is ridiculous and i would just like to speak with someone or find out where my items are.

  31. Got a shaved ice groupon for my kids. Took them to use it at the listed address, and pulled up to an apartment building. Tried calling the listed number.

  32. I have purchased a bed from groupon I have 1 part of the bed arrive but not second part .have emailed numerous times and also called. Group neet to get their act together and give people what they pay for and also a reply of some sort would help.

  33. I will NEVER purchase an item from GROUPON again. I have waited nearly 4 WEEKS for a pair of shoes to be sent which were originally sent on 3 occasions but no notification was sent to say it had been delivered apart from a calling card that left no return number. I have tried relentlessly to contact Groupon by phone and spoken to at least 7 different operators. All of which have asked me to pick an alternative option. On more than one occasion I have asked for my item to be redelivered and it has not been sent. Every time I call I am asked the same question and I give them same response – Option 1 .. yet my package has still not arrived. I have relentlessly also emailed groupon support for help and just like over the phone they respond asking me what Option I would like and I request Option 1 – just send my package again. On my last call today I realised that each time I call I speak to a person with an accent so I asked the person where they were based… No wonder, I have not received my package. This is an item I have PAID FOR over 3-4 weeks ago so I will continue to CALL/EMAIL until I receive my goods… but I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM GROUPON AGAIN. If I do not receive my goods I will ensure that people are aware of the TERRIBLE DELIVERY SERVICE that groupon is providing.

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