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For Gumtree customer service you can use our signposting service number: 0843 837 5480 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Gumtree Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Gumtree Contact Number List

Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
Gumtree Customer Service Phone Number 020 3608 5072 +44 20 3608 5072
Business Queries 0203 5800 500 +44 203 5800 500
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If you need to get in touch with Gumtree, the best way is through their Twitter page. But, if you like to actually contact them through phone, just visit this contact page. You will find there the current and up to date number for Gumtree customer service phone and email address.

Gumtree Contact Number

With millions of users across, so the Gumtree customer service helpline becomes the busiest one. However the dedicated customer support team functions at their best to serve you better. If you have any queries or facing problem while using the site, you can contact Gumtree at the Gumtree contact number is 0208 605 3325.

You can also contact by email at the Gumtree customer service email [email protected] and the Gumtree support team will respond back as soon as possible. If you are part of the police, or any other law enforcement agency, you can contact by email at Gumtree contact email [email protected].

Majority of your queries will be answered by visiting the Gumtree help page . Gumtree Live chats can also be done with the customer support team 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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Gumtree Press Office

For all the media enquiries, you can get in touch with the Gumtree customer support team at the Gumtree press office contact email [email protected]

Gumtree Business Queries

For all the business related questions, you can contact Gumtree by phone at the Gumtree contact number UK 0203 5800 500. The Gumtree business hours are from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. You can also write in your queries and email via Gumtree business queries form . The Gumtree customer support team will make all possible efforts to reply back or call back as early as possible.

Gumtree Jobs

If you would like to be a part of the Gumtree team, you can send in the details via Gumtree jobs page

Gumtree Complaints

For any disputes or complaints, you can contact the Gumtree customer support team at the Gumtree complaints number 0208 605 3325. The team will make every effort to resolve the issue.

What is Gumtree

Gumtree is the United Kingdom’s leading classifieds website, with over 15 million unique visitors per month and over 1.8 million ads on the site at any one time, so it is the ideal place to buy or sell your second-hand items, find your new car, hobby, job, properties to rent and buy, professional services, community events and so much more. Gumtree customer assistance services have always been at their best for all the queries raised, to the maximum customer satisfaction.

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  1. You can’t be bothered to resolve fraud, staff think that disabled customers are and have no rights. Please provide me with the CEO’s phone number so that I can complain.

    1. same thing happened to me today. i just created an account and tried to put a couch for sale. they immediately blocked my account for NO reason. been on chat with 2 of their people and i got told they won’t answer any of my questions and they ended the chat right away.

    2. I have always used Gumtree thinking its safe and user friendly who care about their customers/sellers. However most recently I tried to purchase a car through Gumtree and it was a scam. I then reported this with Action Fraud and Police and also with Gumtree. It has been 10 weeks on and all Gumtree have done is repeat same email with different people saying they are dealing with this. Not once has anyone came back to tell me what is going on. One adviser told me from the username he wasn’t active account holder, so I informed the next adviser of this to which they told me is incorrect, basically calling me a liar. Once I quoted the email with exact words they came back to say sorry some miscommunication. But they keep telling me we will pass to Police and Action Fraud in which I told them in beginning I have already done. Not once has anyone took into consideration of what I am going through as a victim of scam through their website. They have not yet once took responsibly or helped in any way. They just pass the buck and I even asked for some type of compensation as the service level is below the belt big style and not once has anyone came back to explain or give anything. All I get is new email formatted same text but different name of adviser. Really is horrible and they don’t want to help, so would advise stay away from Gumtree now because whether you are buyer or seller they don’t keep you safe or provide any help if something does go wrong. I am proof of that!!!


      2. Can you help me…..not sure what to do…..I bought a rat cage from a lady on gumtree and she said she would courier it….that was last monday and ive heard nothing from her not a tracking number or verification it has been sent….and she said she would report me for being not so nice…..I said I would report her to police and she cut off communication so I know nothing….Ive emailed her 4 times for tracking number and heard nothing…..dont know how to get my money back or do you think ive been scammed?? Help me!!!

  2. gumtree is hard am trying to post a ad for six week old pups so that when eight week old can leave home and they wont let me how u ment to sell owt so gumtree are sayin i have to wait till 8week old to advertise them wat a load of 💩💩💩 put them on free ads from 4 week old so wats the crack

    1. Registered breeders are just as scammy as gumtree workers!! You’ll eventually get your ad up, then they’ll delete & block you. No direct point of contacting them either… disgusting 😡 I had puppies on there, one lady paid her deposit, gumtree blocked & removed the ad now she is out of pocket, I can’t contact her (trust me, I’ve tried!!) & I’ve still got her beautiful little puppy 😥 Gumtree is the worst 😡 Totally pissed off!!!!!!

  3. Aabsolute rubbish customer service from Gumtree jobs. They want to keep sending me emails of collection of for a service which I don’t think has been up to scratch. Been waiting 4 months for my account manager to call me, but have received nothing, instead I get emails from the team, saying “If I don’t pay it will be passed on to debt collection agency”.
    They have a option on their phone line to complain about mis sold items and, with a voice message being all sad when saying “If you’ve been missold something or been a victim of fraud. YOUR NOT TALKING TO KID, YOUR TALKING TO YOUR CUSTOMER”. What about something for customers who want to complain about GUMTREE as a company?

  4. In Australia my question is : I have tried to put some items in Gumtree Sydney etc. I have NO IDEA if this works or not ?Better service needed thanks AM I A MEMBER OF ALL GUMTREES IN AUSTRALIA ?

  5. I have just been the subject of attempted fraud
    They tried to make me send money to them.
    It would be a shame to post on
    Twitter and Facebook .

  6. A recorded list of options and customer service. No matter which option I select they offer me a link…I have paid to bump my ad up, the moneys been taken from my account but the advert is not bumped up.
    Service – not impressed

  7. I wud like to complain about mr daniel shaun kitts i bought a nokia luma for pound and we hav text him foned him but no reply we put the money into his account and he kept saying he wud send it up but we haventgot it i need ur help kiñd regards

  8. Hi
    message ifor williams
    seller, we send 4 messages for meet seller for buy trailer, no answer from seller, can you contact seller for know reason no answer , this trailer not sold, or can you mail phone number seller ?

  9. I Have No Time for Gumtree
    They Employ Staff who Don’t no what there Doing & All have Different Opinions. They Do Not have “Filters”(how do sexual ads get passed them?) the General Public are the Eyes/Ears on Gumtree they Only Remove Ads if they get Reported by the Public. Advertising is All down to Luck Most Ads that get Posted under “Community” by Companies who Don’t want to Pay Jobs/Service Fees still go “Live” no matter how many times you Report them they get Back On? If they had “Filters” they would Pick Up Reported Ads that people Keep Reposting? Innocent People who make Genuine Mistakes by posting under the Wrong Categories are the people Pick On by putting your Ads Straight into “Processing” which means your Ads will Not go “Live” until a Member have Viewed it First which brings the point straight Back to why they Don’t do this to people who No they are posting under the Wrong Categories to Avoid Paying for there Ads & Ads that get “Reported” You Wont Win Please &

  10. Twice on 2 separate occasions gumtree have taken payment but won’t post my ad!

    I’ve tried to call Won’t be using them again,

  11. I posted ad toner cartridges for sell in Ink&Toner category.My ad was removed wrong category reason!!!
    I tried to sell plastic fence panels.My ad was removed and I got email that it needs to edited but it doesn’t say what I need to edit it.
    Now im trying to contact them over the phone

  12. Hello guys,need your help n advice,I’m going to borrow some business loan from,,Jerome Brun,, one of gumtree finance advertisers,but,my phone fell out of my pocket and I’ve lost his only landline number,it’s in Paris,, also,I need to ask….

  13. I seen a guitar on gumtree in Tasmania AUS spoke with the seller emailed each other threw gumtree site every seamed grate so I buy the guitar off him did ant restive it from him an did contact him and he told me a story about the courier didn’t give me the number or details but said he will contact them and get to me haven’t heard back from him at all docent pick up calls He RIPED ME OFF dose anyone no this no good so an so

  14. They should stop selling puppies or any animal it is a disgrace. How can we treat live animals as a commodity. It is beyond belief.

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