Hearing Direct Telephone Numbers

Call 0800 032 1301  free phone, for your queries with Hearing Direct. Hearing Direct is one of the United Kingdom’s leading hearing aid specialists and being a member of the Hampshire’s Trading Standards Buy with Confidence scheme. So the customers can rest assured of the quality and reliability of the available products. The company has a wide selection of reasonable and discreet aids, from ITE (In the Ear) to BTE (Behind the Ear) aids. The range also includes hearing impaired mobile phones, alarm clocks; alerting devices and various other associated accessories at very affordable prices. The dedicated team has a good experience in the industry and knows the true value of these micro-engineered digital devices and the team is easily accessible over the telephone or through the online contact forms.

Hearing Direct contact information

Hearing Direct Contact Numbers

Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
Customer Queries 0800 032 1301 or

0126 431 3110

+44 800 032 1301 or

+44 126 431 3110

When Calling From USA 1800 216 2331
National Advice Service 0300 200 3700 +44 300 200 3700

Hearing Direct opening hours

Customer service Mon- Fri 9AM-5PM

Hearing Direct customer service team

  • If you have any questions about the product or services, you can contact the Hearing Direct customer services team at the Hearing Direct customer service number 0800 032 1301. The phone lines are open from Mon- Fri 9AM-5PM.
  • Alternatively; you may also call the Hearing Direct contact number +44 126 431 3110.
  • The team can also be contacted via the Hearing Direct email [email protected] or online by submitting the requests in this contact form and they would take all steps to revert back at the earliest.
  • You can also discuss your requirements with the expert staff through the live chat sessions via this link. If you are calling from the USA, then you may dial the Hearing Direct phone number 1800 216 2331
  • You can send your audiogram to the Hearing Direct expert team so that they can advise as to which kind of hearing aids will be suitable. You can submit the details in the online contact form via this page  or by email at the Hearing Direct email address [email protected] or [email protected] or the copy can also be sent by post at the following address and for more technical details, you may visit this page

HearingDirect.com. Unit 4, Nine Mile Water, Nether Wallop, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 8DR

HearingDirect contact us

Hearing Direct Address

If you prefer to post, you can send in all the requests or queries at the below-mentioned Hearing Direct address along with all the contact details so that the customer service members can respond back as quickly as possible.

HearingDirect.com. Unit 4, Nine Mile Water, Nether Wallop, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 8DR

The map is also accessible for the address directions via this link. The Hearing Direct registered office can be referred to at the following address

5th Floor, 89 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1DA

Hearing Direct Orders

You can easily place the orders online for the hearing aids via this Hearing Direct orders web page. The process for the online purchase is also explained via this page. The support staff can also be contacted over the phone at the Hearing Direct contact number 0800 032 1301 and a confirmation will be sent back either by email or by post.

Hearing Direct Catalogue

The catalogue provides you with a detailed description of all the available products and its usage. You can request to get the copy of the same using the online portal by submitting the Hearing Direct catalogue contact form via this page

Hearing Direct Repair

All the aids have a 12-month manufacturers’ warranty and outside this, you will have the benefit of full repair service. You can download the hearing form via this Hearing direct repair link and along with the hearing aid; it has to be sent to the following address and if you have any questions about the same, you can call the Hearing Direct contact number 0800 032 1301

Hearing Direct, Unit 4 Nine Mile Water, Business Park, Nether Wallop, Stockbridge, SO20 8DR, United Kingdom

Hearing Direct Returns

If you wish to make a return of the product, you can do so up to 30 days after it has been dispatched. You are required to contact the Hearing Direct customer services team at the Hearing Direct contact number 0800 032 1301 or via the Hearing Direct email [email protected] and you will be given a Return Authorisation Number (RAN). This RAN has to be quoted on the return letter along with the product.

Hearing Direct Affiliate

You can be a Hearing Direct affiliate and earn money. The details can be registered via this link.  If you have any queries regarding the scheme, you can send them via the Hearing Direct email [email protected] and the affiliate team will be more than happy to assist further.

Hearing Direct Reviews

You can check for the comments or feedback of various other customers by visiting this link

Hearing Direct VAT Information

For all the enquiries about the VAT information, or about the amount to be refunded, you can call the Hearing Direct contact number 0800 032 1301. If you are eligible to claim for the VAT, you are required to submit the VAT form via this page to the above-mentioned Hearing Direct address. In the case of any disability, for any VAT relief advice, you may also refer to National Advice Service on the phone number 0300 200 3700 or contact via this page

Hearing Direct Complaints

If you are not happy with any of the products or services, you can get in touch with the Hearing Direct customer care team at the Hearing Direct complaints phone number 0800 032 1301 or via the Hearing Direct email [email protected] . The team can also be contacted by mail at the above-mentioned Hearing Direct address and they would take all possible steps to rectify the issue at the earliest.

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  1. After a week of being ignored by this company. Further action may ensue. Yall have had the returned merchandise SINCE Jan 7th. Miney5 still has not been charged back to the account. I need answers Gina

  2. I’m sorry to bother you but I have been told to Email them,we brought mum some Cordless phones the Vita DC5002 ,no one can leave a message because the message’s are full,I have tried to Delete them but it won’t have it, keep pressing 3 but no luck can you please help me with this, kind regards Ann.

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