Jaguar Land Rover Contact Numbers

Jaguar Land Rover Customer Service Direct Number:
0370 5000 500
Call This Number and Save it Under “Jaguar Land Rover Number”.



Jaguar Land Rover Contact Numbers

Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
Land Rover Customer Service Centre 0370 5000 500 +44 192 664 1111
Financial Services DeadLine DeadLine
Land Rover Roadside Helpline 0800 521786 +44 800 521786
Land Rover Insurance 0800 917 0740 +44 800 917 0740
Excess Protect Claims 0330 100 0469 +44 330 100 0469
Land Rover Warranty DeadLine DeadLine
Land Rover Fleet And Business Team DeadLine DeadLine
Experience Team 0800 655 6465 +44 800 655 6465
Jaguar Customer Relationship Centre 0345 303 2303 +44 345 303 2303
Jaguar Roadside Assistance 0800 246 844 + 44 1926 320 004
Jaguar Insurance Sales 0800 197 8967 +44 800 197 8967
Jaguar Insurance Customer Services 0330 100 0471 +44 330 100 0471
Jaguar Claims And Accident Helpline 0330 100 8702 +44 330 100 8702
Approved Warranty Administration DeadLine DeadLine
Special Operations Enquiries 0203 601 1544 +44 203 601 1544
Head Of Corporate PR 07469 039 535 +44 7469 039 535
Corporate Affair Manager 07880 043 184 +44 7880 043 184
Jaguar Land Rover Corporate Headquarters 024 7630 3080 +44 24 7630 3080
how contact jaguar land rover

Jaguar Land Rover Whitley Address

If you prefer to write you can send in your requests to the following Jaguar Land Rover head office address.

Customer Relationship Centre, Abbey Road, Whitley, Coventry CV3 4LF

*You are required to add your personal contact details in the letter posted, so that the customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible

Jaguar Land Rover Plc Contact

For all enquires, you can fill in the required Jaguar Land Rover enquiry form via the page .

If you are looking for the Jaguar Land Rover news, you can visit the Jaguar Land Rover plc contact page


Land Rover Contact Number

The customers can get in touch with the Land Rover customer service centre for any of their enquiries by dialing the Land Rover contact number  0370 5000 500.

Land Rover customer service centre opening hours are from Mon-Fri 8am-6pm and Sat 8am-2pm. The requests or queries can also be sent via email at Jaguar Land Rover email address [email protected]

Land Rover Global Contacts

If you are calling from outside the UK, for your general enquiries, you can call the Land Rover phone number +44 (0) 192 664 1111. If you are a Land Rover owner and have a query about your vehicle and calling from abroad, you can dial the Land Rover global contact number +44 (0)2476 564 600.

The enquiries can also be sent online by filling the details in this page and the service team will make all possible efforts to revert back quickly. If you would like to talk about the Land Rover special vehicles, you can call the Land Rover contact number +44 (0) 203 601 1544.

Land Rover Dealers

You can check for the contact details of your area’s dealers via the Land Rovers dealer’s link and then select for the required services like sales, servicing and repairs

Land Rover Financial Services

To get the details for the financial services, you can contact the support team by dialing the Land Rover financial services phone number or via post at the below mentioned address. Along with your contact details, you need to mention the agreement number to speed up the process.

St William House,  Tresillian Terrace, Cardiff CF10 5B

Land Rover Roadside Assistance

In the case if any roadside assistance needed, you can call the Land Rover roadside assistance 0800 521786 and if an accident has happened, then you can call the Land Rover roadside helpline 0800 521 786.

Land Rover Insurance and Warranty

To get the information for Land Rover insurance covers, you can call the Land Rover phone number 0800 917 0740 and in the case of details for the Land Rover excess protect claims, you can dial the  Land Rover insurance & warranty phone number 0330 100 0469 . The Land Rover warranty queries can be asked by calling the Land Rover contact number Land Rover Fleet and Business

To get in touch with the Land Rover fleet and business team, you can either call the Land Rover contact number  or fill in the Land Rover business enquiry form:

Land Rover Experience (LRE)

If you would want to book for a Land Rover experience day, you can dial the Land Rover contact number 0800 655 6465

Jaguar Contacts

You can send in your queries via email at Jaguar Land Rover email address [email protected] . You can contact the Jaguar customer relationship centre over the phone at the Jaguar contacts number 0345 303 2303 from Mon- Fri 8am-6pm and Sat 8am-2pm. If the customer wants to update the information already provided for the records, they can call the Jaguar contact number 0345 303 2303.

Jaguar Dealers

You can check the contact details of the nearest dealers via Jaguar dealer page or else, you can send the requests by email at Jaguar Land Rover email address [email protected]

Jaguar Roadside Assistance

In the case if any roadside help is required, you can contact the Jaguar operations centre at the Jaguar roadside assistance number 0800 246 844, which is accessible for 24 hours, 365 days, and if you are calling from outside the UK, you can call the Jaguar phone number + 44 1926 320 004

Jaguar Insurance and Warranty

For all the sales information on insurance policies and their renewals, you can call the Jaguar insurance & warranty contact number 0800 197 8967 from Mon-Thurs 8:30am- 7:30pm, Fri 9am-6pm and Sat 9am-5pm. You can contact the Jaguar customer services team by calling the Jaguar phone number 0330 100 0471 from Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm. In the case of any accident or claims, you can call the Jaguar claims and accident helpline 0330 100 8702.

For the Jaguar warranty queries, you can contact the Jaguar approved warranty administration at the phone number:.

If you would like to make a booking for a test drive or any kind of business enquiry, you can fill in the Jaguar enquiry form via the link .

If you have any complaints regarding the services, you need to fill in the Jaguar enquiry form via this page  and select the global customer enquiries option so that the issue reaches to the concerned department

JLR Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations Enquiries

For the JLR Jaguar Land Rover special operations enquires, you can dial the Jaguar Land Rover contact number 0203 601 1544

Jaguar Land Rover Careers

You need to apply online for the Jaguar Land Rover jobs and if you face any kind of technical error, you can mail in the requests at Jaguar Land Rover careers email address [email protected]

Jaguar Land Rover Dealers

If you have any query regarding the supply, you need to visit the Jaguar Land Rover dealer page

Jaguar Land Rover Media

For all the media enquiries, you can contact the head of corporate PR at the Jaguar Land Rover media phone number +44 (0)7469 039 535 or via email at Jaguar Land Rover contact email [email protected] . The corporate affair manager can be contacted by dialing the Jaguar Land Rover phone number +44 (0)7880 043 184 or at Jaguar Land Rover contact email [email protected]. All other media team contacts are listed via the page

Jaguar Land Rover Investor Relations


For the media related queries, above are mentioned the Jaguar Land Rover media contacts and for all other enquiries, you can call the Jaguar Land Rover corporate headquarters on the Jaguar Land Rover investor relations contact number 024 7630 3080. If you would like to receive the quarterly updates, you can send the requests via email at Jaguar Land Rover contact email [email protected] .

8 thoughts on “Jaguar Land Rover Contact Numbers”

  1. What a rubbish system this is. Hung on for minutes after being told by a machine that I could expect a 5 minute wait. Hung up and redialled to request a call back, again within 5 minutes. The call back duly arrived within the stated 5 minutes, but then had to sit and endure their awful choice of Muzak for another minutes. what a customer service….

    1. i am having the same problem 1st call today waited 22 mins second call today well lets say im still waiting . i am realy fed up with the way range rover are dealing with this no customer service what so ever

  2. I am amazed and extremely disappointed that a so-called customer relations service is so unfriendly and seemingly totally. ABSOLUTELY not what you expect from a quality carmaker like JLR.

    I simply want to know when my Certificate of Conformity will arrive having already waited twice as long as I was told it would take.

  3. Hi my self Harshvardhansinh
    From India
    I have received email from land rover range rover world motor wide and I got win cash prize of FOUR HUNDRED BRITISH POUNDS
    Is it true?

  4. Good morning!

    My name is Svetlana , our family owns a Range Rover Sport car (Italy)
    A month ago going back from Milan to Pesaro
    Our car stopped on the highway, the next day, it was taken to the official RANGE ROVER service in Bologna, where the cause of the damage was found out immediately, therefore spare parts (floating fuel sensor) were ordered. We were informed that the details are missing in Italy and they were ordered in England.
    Despite our numerous requests to the Range Rover Bologna service, they continue to report that spare parts ordered earlier have not yet arrived.
    Today, almost a month has passed, we need a car, and we do not quite understand how such an inefficient support is provided to such a high-level car.
    We chose the Range Rover brand because we believe in GB, in our opinion, everything connected with England is always very serious and reliable, but this time it turned out differently: 1. the car stopped on the highway without exit and safety pockets, threatened life 2 Adults and 2 children aged 5 years and 7 months! 2. Repair services are not effective
    Also, a long delivery time leads to doubt whether the original spare parts are genuine.

    The Consumer Protection Law states that:
    The manufacturer allows the use of the product throughout its life cycle. For this purpose, the manufacturer provides repair and maintenance of the goods, as well as the production and supply of professional organizations and repairs needed to repair and maintain the scope and range of spare parts during the production period and after It protrudes the production during its life cycle …

    Since the repair period due to the expectation of the manufacturer of spare parts exceeds the “reasonable time”, the manufacturer does not allow the product to be used during its life cycle and, thus, the legitimate rights of consumers are violated.

    For us, this is a very comfortable car inside, a beautiful design and we planned to soon replace it with a new model, but apparently the fate develops in such a way that we will have to change not only the model of the car, but also the brand of the car.

    I’m waiting for any reply – your official response if you ordered the part necessary to repair our car, and when it should arrive at the service center. I ask them to give the exact date when our car will be repaired and ready.


  5. Purchased a brand new fully loaded Range Rover Autobiography (£120k Made to order). Taken to Listers Solihull dealership for servicing and repairs (as you know all Range Rovers come with a long list of complimentary manufacturing defects, electrical faults and engine problems). Initial problems started on the day of delivery of the vehicle and I did 60 miles on the clock.

    The following was replaced on my one day old Autobiography:
    – all rubber seals around the car; as water was getting inside and whilst driving it felt as if I was in a convertible, with all the air coming inside
    – front windscreen; came with a stone chip
    – spare wheel; covered in mud
    – kickplates passenger and driver side broken (still not fixed after 3 attempts)
    – heads up display – vibrates when music is played (they claim to have tightened the placement of the heads up display inside the dash, raised a ticket with JLR but still not fixed)

    Every time I’ve received my car back from Listers Solihull, Lancaster Erdington and Marshall Peterborough dealerships they’ve damaged few other things.

    I consider myself lucky to still be alive to say the very least. The following are only 4 of 20 issues I’ve experienced with my vehicle;

    (1) Whilst driving on the motorway at 80mph my bonnet unlatched itself. We are talking about a brand new car which was 7 days old. But when I contacted JLR, Caroline Willis from the Executive Office states “it was in fact a slight misalignment of the bonnet”. How such a serious issue, one which could have caused death and they take it so lightly is beyond me.

    (2) I was sold the car with run flat tyres, yet whilst driving on the motorway at 70mph my tyre popped (with no warning on the display; before or after) I was trying to control the car whilst on the alloy wheel (all I could see was sparks from my wheel as the alloy wheel was screeching against the road. I don’t know how but I managed to safely get on to the hard shoulder – contacted Land Rover assist they sent AA to change my tyre. I further emailed the dealership with my complaint; no reply, contacted JLR – no reply.

    (3) Whilst driving on the motorway a red warning message appeared ‘Engine overheating’. I contacted JLR was told to take the car to a dealership. The car was recovered to the famous Listers Land Rover Solihull. They carried out a 50 mile test drive (fuel at my expense) and said they couldn’t find a fault with it. I luckily took a picture of the warning message and showed it to the service advisor whom still advised there was nothing wrong with my vehicle. He couldn’t explain why the message was displayed on the screen. They further replaced the centre console drink holder door under warranty and in the process caused more damage; whereby all the metal strips in the centre console are no longer aligned and the sliding door has a 5mm gap when closed.

    (4) On 19/09/2018 (10 days after receiving my car back from Listers Solihull which they had for 15 days) whilst driving on the third lane of the Motorway, I experienced another near death incident. Whilst travelling at 80mph to overtake a vehicle in the 2nd lane, I merged on to the third lane, whilst doing so my car lost all power and the speed dropped down to 20mph. A message on the dashboard read ‘Restricted Performance’ . The vehicle behind me nearly collided in to the back of me, the driver had to swerve in to the left lane to avoid a collision. I quickly switched on my hazards and was left stranded on the third lane with speed restricted to 20mph. Vehicles were having to go past me in the left lane. Once I found it safe to do so, I merged on to the hard shoulder and waited couple of hours for Land Rover Assist to tow me off the motorway. I was towed to Listers Wolverhampton as they was the only dealership who had a Discovery Sport to loan out to me. The AA driver laughed and said “Thanks to JLR the AA are busy”. I think this summed up everything for me. Since I’ve had my vehicle it’s been towed by AA more than several times.

    The level of service received from Listers Solihull, Lancaster Erdington, Marshall Peterborough dealerships and JLR Customer Relations has been dreadful.

    Our solicitors have been in contact with JLR and have not been able to come to a resolution as they take months to reply to letters, emails and phone calls. This is the situation after 33 solicitors letters many more phone calls and emails. We have now issued court proceedings.

    I would like to leave here my repudiation and deep feeling for the commercial relationship that I have just finished with the Jaguar Land Rover! On December 21, 2018 I just bought a brand new RANGE ROVER VELAR car, with a good modern design and I believed it was the result of a state-of-the-art research and development! I thought that I was buying a top-of-the-range car with all the necessary condiments of a modern and protected vehicle for the smallest situations, such as for example a rat intruder. I have other vehicles> Meercedes Benz GLE Coupe, and Jeep Grand Cherokee, and they are exactly in the same place where the Velar is parked. To my astonishment the VELAR was eaten by the rats, in vital places, hidden behind the seats and in the luggage compartment. My 1.1 Million Rands was eaten in 10 Days after the purchase, and the Land Rover Jaguar for and simply sends me to pay and sends me to burn it wherever I want!

    A customer comes to the door of the Land Rover to buy a new car and happens an icidente that is not their responsibility and have pay and have a ride!

    With the manufacturer of the car and a world class car expected more from Land Rover! I am a customer and I want to be respected as such!

    I made the purchase of the car, and within 10 days the car was eaten by rats and easy places inside the car in order to destroy vital car systems! The car is in the place where dozens of vehicles are between new and usual and do not present problems! I do not know how it will be possible to buy a car and in normal conditions undone by mice in less than 10 days.

    The car was bought new and is always closed in a lucar with conditions and where there are many vituras!

    I do not perceive as a new vehicle and of the level of Velar for being subject to being bitten in this way! In less than ten days after the purchase of the car I have the car destroyed by rats!

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