Jet2 Contact Numbers: Booking Helpline, General Enquiries, Holidays, Check-in and Car Hire

For Jet2 customer service you can use our signposting service number: 0843 837 5460 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Jet2 Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


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Jet2 contact number UK is 0800 408 1350 for making flight bookings. It is an airline company offering flights to around 65 destinations. They offer various discount packages and assistance for their customers. The fare charged for flights are very reasonable and affordable. The flights provided are very comfortable and hassle free. The customers having any queries can call Jet2 customer care team for getting appropriate solution. Jet2 is always ready to satisfy their customers by providing necessary help through various helpline numbers.

Jet2 24 Hour Helpline Number

Jet has 24 hours emergency service helpline that can be contacted in case of some emergent situation. You may need medical assistance on your holiday. You have the option to call on Jet2 24 hour contact number 0044 113 387 9501. You can call this number any time and any day as it is at your service for 24 hours.

Jet2 Customer Service Address

You may contact customer service of Jet2 through mail by writing a letter. You are required to enter following information in your letter; booking reference number, name of passenger, date of departure and source and destination of flight. The letter can be sent to Jet2 contact address:

Customer Care Team, PO Box 284, Leeds, LS11 1GE, England

This address can also be used for filing complaint against services of Jet2 and letter sent will include your contact details so that results can be communicated to you.

Jet2 Booking Phone Number (033 Numbers)

If you wish to get services of Jet2, like for booking flights or making change in the existing bookings, or having general enquiries, you can call on Jet2 contact telephone numbers. These numbers are available between 8 am to 9pm from Monday to Friday and between 9 am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to make new booking for flight, you can call on Jet2 booking phone number 0333 300 0404. No charges are applied for making call on this number. However, if you wish to make changes in bookings made earlier, you can easily do so by calling at Jet2 change bookings number 0333 300 0042. Calls on this number are not free yet national rate will be charged. You can also call on this number for making all other enquiries related to Jet2 bookings. Alternatively, you can send an email at Jet2 customer service email address [email protected].  If you wish to share your experiences with our services, you can send an email at Jet2 contact email address [email protected] . You need to share your booking reference number and contact details in an email sent to customer executive.

Jet2 General Enquiries Phone Numbers

You can call on Jet2 general enquiries 03 number 0333 300 0042 for enquiry purposes. This number is for UK residents only. But for customers living outside UK, there is jet2 holidays contact number country wise that can be contacted. For Spain customers, the number is 0034 935 452 395. For customers calling from France, the number is 0033 821 230 203. If you are residing in Italy, you can call on 0039 199 404 023 for general as well as booking enquiries. For Austria and Germany customers, numbers are 0043 810 1025 1565 and 0049 1803 511 111 respectively. For customers residing in other countries, they can call on 0044 203 059 8336. These numbers are not free and call charges are applicable as per the country service providers.

Jet2 Mobility Assistance Telephone Number

If you wish to get mobility assistance or call Jet2 for informing medical condition, you can call jet2 telephone number +44 800 408 5591, the mobility assistance line of Jet2. If you are staying overseas, you can call on Jet2 contact overseas +44 203 059 8337.

Jet2 Flight Booking Number and Holidays Contact 03 Numbers

If you wish to book flights or change existing bookings or make reservations for insurance or car, you can call on Jet2 Flight booking number 0800 408 1350.  This number is specially provided for flight services. You cannot call this number for general enquiries. The call can also be made on Jet2 holidays contact number 0800 408 5599, for making flight bookings. For amending bookings made earlier, you can call on Jet2 holidays change booking 03 number 0333 300 0040 or 08 number 0800 408 5597.

Jet2 Holiday Trade Relations and Sales Team 08 Numbers

You can contact Jet2 trade relation team for getting necessary information at Jet2 holidays contact 08 number 0800 408 5587. The trading team will always be at your service to resolve your queries and provide the information you wish to attain. You can also call sales team members of Jet2 at Jet2 holidays phone number 0800 408 0778. The availability timings of sales team members are between 8am to 11pm between Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am to 8pm on Saturday and between 9 am to 8 pm on Sunday.

Jet2 Pre Travel Bookings 08 and 03 Telephone Numbers

For people who wish to make group bookings, this service of Jet2 is very beneficial. You can call Jet2 group holiday bookings number 0800 408 0774.  The timings for making call are between 8 am to 7pm from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on Saturday and between 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday. If you have already made bookings and wish to make amendments in those bookings, contact Jet2 pre travel service team at 0333 300 0737. This number can be contacted between 8 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday and between 9am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. Alternatively, an email can be send to pre travel service team at Jet2 email address [email protected] . However, if you wish to cancel your bookings you can email at [email protected] .

Jet2 Operations

For approaching Jet2 operations department, you can call on 0800 408 7391 or alternatively send an email at [email protected] . There are particular timings for contacting operations department. Jet2 opening timings are between 8 am to 7pm from Monday to Friday and between 9 am to 6pm on Saturday. On Sunday the lines are closed. But on bank holidays, you can call during normal timings provided here.

Jet2 Press Office Contact

This number can be called for making media enquiries. You can call on 0113 243 1355 or send an email at [email protected] for making enquiries at press office.

Jet2 Check-in Queries

For check-in and boarding queries, you are required to visit the link . This link will provide you solution to many questions and still if your queries are pending, you can call on general enquiries numbers of Jet2. You have the option to check-in online but there is time limit for this service. The time starts from 28 days till 5 hours before the departure of flight. The questions regarding boarding passes shall also be resolved here in this particular link.

Jet2 Car Hire 08 Phone Number

You can contact Jet2 phone numbers for hiring car on rent. The call can be made on 0800 086 8883, if you are an UK resident. But if you are staying overseas call can be made on Jet2 International Phone number +44 203 642 6793. These numbers are available for 24 hours, so you can enjoy this service any time.

Jet2 Part Payment Contact Number

You are given the option to spread your holiday cost by opting part payment scheme of Jet2. Under this plan, you are provided with the convenience of making payment for holidays in parts. For availing this scheme, you are required to call on Jet2 call Centre 0800 408 5599. This scheme includes four steps of payments. In the first step, you have to search your holiday place and deposit some amount as security. Now in next step, you have to divide your payments within the booking timings. Check your outstanding balance regularly and release all balance 10 weeks before your departure. Enjoy your holiday with this easy and convenient payment method.

Jet2 Complaints Contact Numbers

You may not be satisfied with the services offered by Jet2 or may face problems in flight bookings. You can file a complaint against the careless services of Jet2 by calling at Jet2 complaints telephone number 0044 20 3059 8336. The call can also be made on alternative Jet2 Holidays complaint contact number 0333 300 0404 for raising complaints. Your complaints will be resolved soon. You can also write a letter at customer service address of Jet2 for filing complaint, if you do not wish to use phone system for complaint.

34 thoughts on “Jet2 Contact Numbers: Booking Helpline, General Enquiries, Holidays, Check-in and Car Hire”

  1. I have just returned from one of your holidays from Majorca booking. On my return flight I was given a voucher for £60 off my next booking. On reading the terms and conditions it states a minimum of 2 adults per booking. I travel on my own most times this seems very unfair. Why are single travellers always treated unfairly. I have already booked a holiday with your company for July and probably be booking another in September that will be 3 this year alone. I am a loyal customer booking holidays over many years. I was so excited when I received the voucher thinking it would save me some money for my March 2017 holiday now I am so disappointed.

    1. You can contact the Jet2 complaints contact number. Check out the post for more details.

      1. Hi my name is Margaret Reston and just returned from two weeks in lanzarotte at the Beatriz spa hotel foward photos of my four star hotel room before it was cleaned and then after and there was not much of a difference could someone please contact me either by one very unhappy customer would also like to say this is the first time in all the years ave travelled and hope they can come to some compensation as you will see I’ve booked already for Christmas thankyou

      2. Hi
        Are holiday was cancelled yesterday but we wish to rebook with themselves when will we receive refund or can we transfer ?
        Lind regards
        Lisa cooke

    2. Hi a booked my holiday with alpharooms but our flights were with jet2. We were going to Rhodes on the 2nd may 2020. Jet2 says they gave a full refund the middle of may but theres nothing in my account. Can they let me no what’s happening

  2. we leave for zante wednesday june 8th.when we booked the flight it was april 29 and 2 more passengers on april30 2015 .our grandaughter decided to come with us and we booked her flight september 23 2015 .our complaint is that we paid £535-05for 2 that was including luggage and seats but our grandaughter had to pay £577.08 for her flight and today i see flights have been reduced even further surely this cant be fair she is 17yers old had to pay for her own flight and is very dis appointed when today the very same flight is £300 cheaper. Now, i know prices go up and down but this is ridiculous.All of our flights were booked in my husband. Looking forward to your reply.Many thanks

      1. I think in this case, you should contact Jet2, and ask them what happened there. Maybe you ordered from some kind of 3d party website?

  3. thank you for replying so quick but my husband booked and paid for this flight directly through jet2 website and paid in full with his barclays credit card,i hope you can look into this and find out why she was charged this amount and refund her appropriatley as i feel it is an extreme price thanking you. look forward to reply.

  4. I collect my wife Monday July 11th at 19.40 at Manchester terminal 1. She is disabled. Is the parking free at the pick up car park?

  5. We have just purchased a pandora bracelet off our flight and the attendant has given us the wrong bracelet we were given the bangle and requested the bracelet with charms for,can you tell me please contact myself a sap.

  6. We booked and paid to sit together for our flight, on printing boarding passes we were sitting on different rows . Phoned helpline that night , I emailed that night . I received email from customer services stating I would receive a response within 21-28 days . I have had no response at all .

  7. I have contacted Jet 2 by letter, with regards to a complaint about our recent holiday. I posted the letter on I have since heard and read several reviews about how slow Jet 2 are at responding to letters and emails. As I have also just seen that I have only 28 days to place a complaint. please provide me with an email contact to allow me to forward my complaint

  8. Why is it that every time I fly with Jet 2 the in-flight attendants state they have NO change and will return later to give me the change. Guess what, they never do! It has become the in-family joke when we travel.

  9. Put in a claim for 4 people under same booking number for flight delay. eventually they paid out for 2 people on the booking but not the other 2. reason different surnames on the one booking. Phoned jet2 and you cant speak to anyone about this, instead I have been told I have to do the whole process again. and claim for the other 2 people. this is one booking…. one payment for the flights… but yet they treat it as different claims. this wasn’t even brought to my attention when they acknowledged they had received my claim letter. quick enough to take money for booking but when things go wrong they make it really hard to get what you are owed.

    1. Hi Jane. I see you put in claim for comp. we have just had 22.5 hour delay due to high winds. Just wanted advice really. Would we be able to claim do you know? Many thanks.

  10. Hi I have 4 return flights that I now need to cage the names on. The flights dates are not being changed just the names . How much will this cost on 4 flights. To and from girona to Newcastle.
    Also the flights have now gone up in price by each since we made our booking will that also be added to this name change cost

  11. My 4 wheel walker was damaged on the Edinburgh flight to Alicante on the damage was checked by jet 2 rep. at Alc. airport bag the rep said to report it to the hotel at the photos of damage and the forms on to Jet 2 it cost 20 euros to hire one it is going to much for to repair it cost me 50 pounds to buy it 3 years ago

  12. Hi I have left some duty free items on a jet2 flight from Malaga to Manchester how can I enquire about this please I have emailed but they are telling me it would take up to 21 days to respond

  13. I am a frequent jet to user on returning from Alicante to Glasgow I took my precooked seat 12C in front of me were 3 middle aged ladies seats 11A B and C who were clearly drunk ,the cabin staff continued to sell them alcohol even after 2 of them were so drunk they dropped there drinks ( vodka) and asked could they be replaced which they were without question, they were abusive shouting and swearing throughout the flight with not a word from the cabin crew ,when a lady in row 10 there with her small daughter she was told to [email protected] off,30 mins from the end of the flight one of them went to the rear of the plane and never returned to her seat ,on disembarking from the plane security and the police were waiting on them at the plane door ,the journey was a nightmare I would like a customer care person from jet 2 to contact me this complaint .

  14. My wife and i went to Side on Thursday May 2017 on flight from Newcastle , on board my wife purchased perfume Angel by Thierry Mugler her favorite ,last week she started to use it . The perfume smelt like a watered down version ,we took the bottle to a perfume department in a well known store an assistant sprayed the perfume onto little tabs he then said” it is Angel but this bottle shape has not been used for about 4 years so the perfume has lost it smell out of date ” is it Jet2 policy to sell stock that lay about for years?

  15. I returned from Ibiza on the 10th may our transport never appeared there were other passengers we eventually had to get a taxi we arrived at the airport with 55mins to take off the manager at airport apologized and emailed jet2 re situation i sent an email on the 11th since i have sent numerous email all to say they would look in to it what a difficult co to complain to and yet they were voted best cuts service who by I am only looking to have taxi fare refunded

  16. We have had several holidays over the last few years with Jet2 holidays and have always found them to be very good and good value but! We have just returned from 10 days in Terania in Italy during which the flights were very good but the hotel (Grand Hotel Continental) and the resort was not like the website showed it. Half way through the holiday the resort and the hotel began to close down because they considered it was the end of the season in mid September which we were never told about. The hotel room was dark, the shower leaked, no tea and coffee making facilities, the pool bar was never open the whole holiday, the beach facilities were only open for the first two days. The lunch buffet was only available the first day we arrived then it was completely closed down. The bar was open during the day but no staff manning it! The food served for the evening meal was nowhere near as good as other hotels we have stayed at in Italy so much so we had to eat out several times. Evening entertainment in the hotel was almost none existant. During one routine room clean my wife’s dressing gown was mistakenly taken with the bed sheets and even though we reported this and checked at reception every day and reported it to Jet2 in Italy we have still not had it returned.

  17. Four of us (that is two couples) recently flew to Naples and travelled on to stay in Sorrento for a week courtesy of Jet2 holidays.
    Two words that spring to mind when it comes to our holiday experience. ‘Absolutely Fabulous!’ It’s hard to describe the fantastic service provided by Jet2 on our package holiday from the moment we set foot in Naples airport until we were deposited right outside the hotel in Sorrento Jet2 staff were friendly efficient and very helpful. The same can be said on our return back to Naples from Sorrento. We were looked after by Jet2 so well that our entire holiday was stress free and effortless from start to finish. Thank you so much. I will be returning to Jet2 for our next holiday and won’t hesitate in recommending Jet2 holidays to my family and friends. Keep up the excellent work.
    Frank Mungall

  18. On a flight to Fuertaventura, flight a gentleman was taken ill, vomiting ect, not a nice sight for passengers let alone cabin crew, but the professional way the cabin crew handled the situation had to be seen, having been a miner for 38 years and witnessed many things I can hold my hand up and say that they were a credit to themselves and to Jet 2, outstanding work , well done.

  19. My names Lauren Me and a group of 8 other people are due to fly out in 2 days to Mallorca for 7 days .. I have booked my holiday with love holiday and my flights are with jet2. I have had no contact from jet2 to explain what will be happening with alternative flights for to our holiday being cancelled love holidays are giving me an option to change my dates but with out clarification from jet2 about alternative flights I’m unable to do this .. I have anxiety and thanks to the lack of communication from both jet2 and love holidays it’s gone through the roof my anxiety has never been so bad..

  20. I am thinking of booking a flight only to Skiathos at the end of August 2020, if I do this can they assure me that if the government still say we can not travel due to Covid that I will either get a full refund or I can postpone the flight until next year without any extra charges?
    Can they also confirm if a flight only is covered by Atol or Abtol in full? I have tried to find out myself but have found conflicting answers. I have tried to phone them several times and waited minutes each time but could not get to speak to anyone.
    I know they are very busy and short staffed.

    Thank you,


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