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0800 083 4000 free phone is Last Minute free number (currently pepole report that its not working, maybe due to COVID. You can Call This Number and Save it Under “ Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Important Lastminute UK numbers

Lastminute Service UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
Queries/ Bookings/ Cancellation 0800 083 4000 free phone +44 800 083 4000
Queries When Calling From Mobile 0330 100 9126 +44 330 100 9126
Spa Bookings Or Queries 0330 100 3505 +44 330 100 3505
Experiences / Gift Vouchers Bookings DeadLine DeadLine
Experiences Queries 0330 111 0844 +44 330 111 0844
Queries Except Spa And Experiences 0203 499 5346 +44 203 499 5346
Help With Hotel Booking 0800 093 5555 free phone +44 800 093 5555
Travel Experts For HotelsWhen Calling From Mobile 0330 100 9125 +44 330 100 9125
Help With City Break And Flight Plus Hotel Bookings 0800 083 6000 free phone +44 800 083 6000
Travel Experts For Flight Bookings When Calling From Mobile 0330 100 9128 +44 330 100 9128
Travel Experts For Flight Plus Hotel And City Break Bookings When Calling From Mobile 0330 100 9129 +44 330 100 9129
Car Hire 0800 988 7927 free phone +44 800 988 7927

When you are looking for great Last Minute deals for hotels, flight bookings, theatre tickets, spa treatments, car hiring, city breaks, holidays arrangements, sightseeing visits and many more to add, is the leading name in the online travel industry, being the online travel and leisure retailer in United Kingdom. The company serves best to the customer’s satisfaction with their highly trained customer service advisors.  LastMinute customers contact number is: 0800 083 4000 this is a free number. If you are calling from abroad, contact last minute on +44 800 083 4000, and if you are calling from mobile, contact LastMinute on this number:
0330 100 9126. contact

Here is an official twitter response bt the staff.

Last Minute Contact Address

If you prefer to write in, you can send the mail at the following LastMinute contact address with mentioning your contact details so that the LastMinute customer care team can reply back as soon as possible, 77 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8JS, United Kingdom

LastMinute Contact

  • If you have any kind of enquiries about the bookings, payments or any other, you can call the LastMinute contact number 0800 083 4000.
  • The phone lines are accessible for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also ask questions to the LastMinute travel experts by calling from your mobile at the Last Minute phone number 0330 100 9126

LastMinute Bookings Number

You can contact the LastMinute customer care team by dialing the Last Minute bookings number 0800 083 4000 and the team will assist in making your reservations. Once the booking is done, you will be sent a conformation email on your given email address. You can also make the bookings online using the official website.

LastMinute Spa Bookings

If you would want to make the bookings for the spa treatments or have any queries for the same, you can contact the Last Minute customer care team by calling the LastMinute spa bookings number 0330 100 3505. The phones lines are open from Monday – Friday: 8am to 8pm, Saturday: 9a.m. to 6pm and Sunday: 10am to 6pm

LastMinute Experiences Contacts experiences

  • When you have queries regarding the holiday experiences like meals option, planning the day out, gifts for the love ones, special offers and vouchers, you can contact the LastMinute sales team to make the bookings either online, or over the phone at the LastMinute contact number.
  • For any of your queries, you can call the LastMinute experiences contact number 0330 111 0844. The phone lines are open from Monday – Friday: 9am to 5pm

LastMinute Package Holidays Bookings

For all your enquiries and bookings for the package holidays, you can call the LastMinute package holiday bookings number 0800 083 4000. The LastMinute customer care agents will be more than happy to assist anytime as they are available for 24 hours.

LastMinute Contacts except Spa and Experiences

When the customers would like to enquire for any categories like hotels, flights etc but except for the spa and experiences bookings, you can call the LastMinute contact except spa and experiences number 0203 499 5346 anytime as the phone lines are accessible for 24 hours.

Last Minute Hotel Bookings

Along with the Last Minute booking number, if you require any help while making the booking for the hotels, you can call the Last Minute hotel bookings phone number 0800 093 5555. You can also call the Last Minute travel experts using your mobile for the bookings at the Last Minute phone number 0330 100 9125

Last Minute City Break and Flight Bookings

  • Along with the Last Minute booking number, if you have queries regarding the bookings of city breaks or for the flights plus hotels packages, you can call the Last Minute city break and flight bookings phone number 0800 083 6000.
  • You can also contact the travel experts from your mobile as a part of the inclusive minutes at the Last Minute phone number 0330 100 9128 for the flight bookings and 0330 100 9129 for the flight plus hotel and city break bookings.

Last Minute Car Hire

car-hire lastminute

You can easily rent a car or make any changes in the bookings online through the Last Minute page or if you wish to call, you can contact the team at the Last Minute car hire contact number 0800 988 7927. The phone lines are open for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Last Minute Gift Vouchers

If you want to make the booking for the gift vouchers, you can do so online via Last Minute gift vouchers page or call the Last Minute customer care team at the Last Minute phone number Last Minute Email Alerts

You get all the email alerts regularly to be updated about the latest news and offers from the Last Minute customer support team and you can subscribe for the same via Last Minute email alerts page and if you wish to not to receive the email notifications, you can make a request via the page

Last Minute Media Business Team

If you are looking for opportunities for doing advertising business with the Last Minute, you can contact the Last Minute marketing team by email at the Last Minute contact email [email protected] or by mail at the below mentioned Last Minute media business team address

The Johnson Building, 77 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8JS

LastMinute Partnerships

If you are interested in being a part of the LastMinute partner hotels, you can send in the requests by email at the Last Minute partnerships email address [email protected] with all your contact details and the LastMinutes hotel team will reply back as early as possible.

LastMinute Bookings Cancellation

If you wish to cancel the reservations, you need to get in touch with the Last Minute customer care team on the LastMinute bookings cancellation number 0800 083 4000. The team is accessible for 24 hours and would make all possible efforts to resolve the issue.

Contact through social media – Facebook, Twitter and LastMinute apps

40 thoughts on “ Holidays Contact Numbers”

    1. I have rang to them some times today to change my booking &. There is no option on my account to amend my hotel booking. When I chose the option to amend flight I received a notification instructing me to contact the airline directly. I paid an additional fee to for them make amendments to my booking if needed – why? This clearly not available.
      Secondly there is no available email address to contact customer support.
      Please contact them immediately

  1. Error made with our booking. Trying to contact, or when you do make contact is a task

    Think I might go back to traditional travel agents. Face to face

    1. My husband, mr stephen gilchrist made a booking with you last july, he cancelled it because flights and accommodation didn’t match, he is due a refund. He has now passed away on November 2019, and I’m stil waiting on refund, please look into this matter please, Yours sincerely Mrs vin gilchrist

  2. What a nightmare trying to find the email contact! Not sure if this will work. Make a booking, anxious to know why I don’t get confirmation by email? Whereby I have another booking made on the same day, I got a confirmation straight away.

  3. i have made a booking this flights and hotel- still not confirmed.
    I checked all the details very carefully and saw that it wasn’t clear on their website what part of the date of birth goes first, so I triple checked that they put the month first and then the day and then the year when making a booking, i CHECKED THIS and my partner checked all the details, and then we pressed confirm….then once we confirmed one of the date of birth’s is incorrect. I had actually checked this so the website auto corrected the dates to incorrect dates. I have been on customer service, I have then had the call cancelled at end when someone answered, so i called sales. Sales said i HAVE TO SPEAK TO customer service but said the customer service manager will call me. I need to change the date of birth before the flight is confirmed, and expressed this very clearly on the phone. No one has called me back. I am at the end of my booking. How can i ask them to call me back before I take this higher up the chain. This is a simple request which I need to do before my flight is confirmed.

  4. I am trying to cancel a flight booking and I’ve tried to call the numbers listed on the website and it does not seem to work.

    Can someone please help with another contact number or email?

  5. How about a working contact email address? I am trying to get a refund for a booking cancelled a month ago. I had to use mortgage money to make another booking and now can’t afford to pay my mortgage until I receive a refund thanks to Last minutes’ administration systems. I have called about this and get no sense so would like to make contact quickly in writing. None of the email addresses floating on the internet work.

    1. My god I feel so sorry for those guys I have never been through so much hassle I booked a holiday with then getting home I spent 13hours at Malaga airport calling to find out they out sourced my flight with last but the money went to tui for my flight try them you may get help

  6. Days ago I called the lastminute customer service requesting information about the changes time of arrival of my flight, from London to Salvador on January 4, 2018, I arrive at the final destination 05/01/2018 at 08:10 am in the Morning , but after doing a search on my flight on Tap’s website, I discovered that my arrival time was changed at 10:45 p.m.
    schedule completely different from what I bought on lastminute’s website. So far I have not received any emails from lastminute to solve this problem. When I call you, the answer is to wait for contact by email. I travel after tomorrow and nothing has been resolved. I called Tap Airlines and they ask me to get back in touch with Lastminute because I bought it on your web site (lastminute), so your company must have to solve it
    You can not change my flight schedule without notifying me in advance or without my authorization. I HAVE NOT BEEN ADVISED OF THIS CHANGE AND MUCH LESS I AUTHORIZED OR AGREED WITH THAT
    There was no agreement between the parties on these changes.
    I have not received any email containing such information.
    I as a client have the right to be notified about what happened and to agree or not with this change
    I have called your company as TAP too several times but not was resolved

  7. Hello,

    i booked a ticket, but i didn’t received a ticket yet

    when entering my profile it is written that the booking is Not confirmed yet .

    can you please tell me what is the problem.

  8. Haven’t received my eticket and need it urgently for my visa to show I will be leaving the country.
    Please help, I’m also currently abroad so the phone doesn’t really help! Is there an email I can use to contact

  9. Hi There,

    My name is Annavarapu booked the ticket to Hyderabad (India) from Dublin on 5th June 2018. The outbound is 22nd June 2018 and the return is 23rd July 2018. However, unfortunately, I missed the flight on 22nd June (Emirates @ 1.59pm). I have contacted the last-minute customer service on 21st and 22nd June but didn’t get any help (Full flexy, paid €). As i need to travel on an urgent basis, i have booked anther ticket and flu to India. As i didn’t used the outbound ticket can i get my money back? further, while coming from India i came to Airport on 23rd July morning and trying to check-in in the Hyderabad airport but the Emirates people said that there was no ticket on my name (I was shocked as i have to fly with my family 3 years son and 6M old baby), can they please clarify why my return ticket is cancelled? i understand i have missed the flight as per Booking but i took the different flight as per Booking. I never cancelled the return ticket from India. Due to this issue i was panic and annoyed by the decision which made. I have paid € to come back to Ireland. Can they please kindly refund my money as I paid extra € due to the decision take by company. Also, kindly refund my money as I have full flexy and contacted company on 21st June to change (Morning the flight but staff told us it is not possible. Kindly review my request on humanity grounds and refund my money on urgent basis to proceed further


  10. Fuimos de viaje a Roma por Rumbo la atención de los operadores muy deficiente,no llegabana las tarjetas de embarque para volver a Madrid,y nadie nos explico que Alitalia no la envía por imail,gastamos tres llamadas de móvil,de Roma a Madrid y ninguna volveremos a utilizar RUMBO nunca mas.

  11. Trying to call the numbers listed on your website. Get an automated message saying there are no bookings made under my phone number. There won’t be as I booked online. I need urgent call back for confirmation or I need to get my deposit back and book through someone else, do they have any more numbers

  12. Frustrating to say the least. If I ever mange to get my booking sorted I wont ever use Lastminute again, I wont recommend lastminute, I wont even click on their website.
    Customer service ? what is this ?
    My flights changed after booking and paying for better flight timings, I asked for a simple update……………….. I have aged 50yrs, dialling customer services in their only call centre located in India, I asked for a manager several times and guess what ? they were on a call and busy. But they assured me I would get a call back. That didn’t happen on the first, second even third time.
    I cannot express how badly this company operates. If your lucky enough to make it this far before booking then your the winner here AND PLEASE . Book with lastminute at your own risk and health.

  13. I have a debit on my credit card for Chiasso NL.

    I am at witts end with trying to get this invoice out of and BravoFly.

    Either they fix this up or I will report this as Fraud from that company.

    I have been trying for over a month now to get this invoice out of them.

  14. Does anyone have an email address for

    I booked a holiday for 3 days time stating it was for 2 adults and an infant.The confirmation is here with only my husband and my name. No mention of my baby. Surely I cant just rock up to the airport with the baby? I need to let them know to include my baby. I have called them several times and they just told me not to worry but they will escalate to a different team. I am obviously worried. If anyone has an email can I please have it.

  15. I have been trying to check something with my booking, sadly I have a throat infection causing vocal problems, so cannot speak easily or audible on the phone, so cannot ring. I have repeatedly tried filling in a form requesting the information via email (checking accommodation paid for and the additional information relating to cash payment at the hotel is only for any extras requested that is not included in the package, (this at some places would be meals or a safe to use for the duration as examples), the further questions does not answer this. I would appreciate an email reply to confirm any extra cash at the apartments would not be for the room already paid for and only extras, thank you.

  16. Booked flights to Amsterdam. It has sent me flights to Eindhoven. I’m due to depart Friday and have no email to send the evidence of what I searched on the night of booking to report it is your error.

    Not happy with the service

  17. what a nightmare. booked a flight today. no confirmation email. so no booking reference. impossible to make contact wirhout a booking reference. 13p a minute to go through enquiries and then be cut off. so frustrated regular travel agent next time. come on customer service help !!!!!!!!

    1. Sorry to say this is big headache with last minutes. They sometimes answer phone and email as well . I m asking for refund from air India airline . They said you need to contact last minutes because you was booked from last minutes. But last minute not giving answer back to us . I m not happy

  18. Why has my booking disappeared I need to cancel due to the UK advising all but essential trips to the USA you conning clowns

  19. Booked a hotel and I received no confirmation from lastminute. I have tried to contact them several times, but is impossible. I gave up until I notice that they took my money from my debit card. I am trying to get a refund but it is impossible to speak to anyone at

  20. Booking ref: im not sure, email received one part flight cancelled. Needed to get in touch with you to say cancelling within 72 hours. No email address not answering phone numbers. What are we supposed to do? Also booked car hire with u for holiday. Again what do we do? Please give us an email so we can contact you to advise we are cancelling. Can’t get in to Lufthansa direct as booking number is not with them HELP PLEASE

  21. i made a booking on your website but the page timed out before i got confirmation. The cost of the flights have been taken from my credit card but i dont know if they are confirmed. I have not got a log in for the secure area to check my booking and none of the phone numbers are working. Help please

    1. Booking made in February for May. Now the flights been cancelled because of Covid-19. Trying to get a refund and can’t contact the agent nowhere. No email address, no phone number. What I can do now. I had booked Flights, hotel and transfer via… everything is cancelled because the situation in the world and no emails from the agent!!! Please they need to contact me as soon as possible

  22. Hi – I’m not sure if anyone has actually started to receive refunds from in relation to trips cancelled due to coronavirus – I’ve been waiting on a refund of travel credit for over 2 months now. In any case I found a contact email – [email protected] – I just sent an email and it hasn’t bounced (yet)! Fingers crossed it works ….

  23. Absolute shambles of a company it’s no way of sending an email. All I want to do is change my flight as I paid extra to do so! But can’t even get hold of them better chance of getting hold of me.

  24. I cancelled my holiday packages after COVID change in rules and we were supposed to fly tomorrow and I still have no confirmation of cancellation – I can get through on the phone, the service is just terrible

  25. I am still waiting for a refund, I was made to take a credit note in April…which I should never have done and see this was actually not legal!!! Nobody is responding, phone numbers work…customer service is non helping… will never use them again

  26. I have been trying to contact for weeks regarding cancelled flights due to covid 19. It is impossible to get through to anyone. I keep getting emails that my flights have been changed to alterntive dates. I want a refund.

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