M and M Direct Phone Numbers

For M and M customer service you can dial: 0371 200 5000 local rate number, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “M and M Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


M and M Direct Customer Service Contact Number is
0371 200 5000 (or: +44 1568 61 95 21 from abroad).

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M and M Direct Customer Service

M and M Direct is the second largest online fashion retailer in the United Kingdom and is an online clothing store. It sells its products over the internet and by mail order. It distributes its catalogue quarterly.  They have over 29 years of experience of trading. ,and are  now one of Europe’s leading online, off price retailers  offering  the world’s biggest brands at the lowest prices – with over 3 million customers and 57 million website visits a year.

M and M Direct is on sale 365 days a year and always offer you “big brands – low prices”. They purchase all of their stock and deliver it directly to the customer from the warehouse within 24 hours. They always aim to offer up to 75% off on everything they sell. All of the Recommended Retail Prices are independently obtained from the brand. They provide the best products and aim at giving the best possible customer service.

M and M Direct Contact Address

The customers can write regarding their queries to M and M Direct and post them to their M and M Direct contact address. The customer needs to mention his complete address so that revert to the query can be sent ate details mentioned. The office address where query can be posted is

M and M Direct Ltd, Customer Contact Centre, Clinton Road Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0SP

M and M Direct Customer Service Number

The customers can call regarding their queries of purchasing, returns, ordering, delivery or product related at M and M Direct customer service number  0371 200 5000  for which they are charged local rates and  for Overseas customers call  at M and M Phone Number +44 1568 61 95 21  charged at international rate. The timings and days for the customer service call numbers are Monday to Friday 9 am to 7 pm, Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, Sunday 10am to 4 pm, Public Holidays 10am to 4 pm.

M and M Direct Service Email

Customers can also email with their queries to:

[email protected]

In order to get a quick response they should include as much information as possible, in particular your customer number and/or order number where you have it. The response will be sent in 24 hours (excluding public holidays).

M and M orders

The orders can be placed on mobile, tablet or PC at www.mandmdirect.com  on all 365 days in the year and 24 hours a day. Since security is a prime concern a SMS text or email may be sent to the customer confirming to them to verify their payment or personal details.

This can be done by sending an email to [email protected]  In order to get the best deal while shopping, you can check new in section regularly for the latest arrivals. The best way to keep in touch with company to know the latest is to sign to their email at the link http://www.mandmdirect.com/02/int/emailsignup .

The payments are currently accepted Visa, Visa Debit and MasterCard credit and debit cards.  The preferred method needs to be selected at the payment stage.

M and M Fax Numbers

  • Customers can also fax their questions on M and M fax numbe – more about this number.
  • Overseas customers can fax at +44 (0) 1568 619 555, the calls will all be charged at international rates.

M and M Direct Delivery and Postage

 The standard delivery is free for all orders above 75 pounds. For different slabs and tariffs of delivery and postage one can get information by clicking on the M and M Direct delivery and postage link


M and M Order Cancellation

The order can be cancelled within 14 working days starting from the day after the order is received. If the order is cancelled after it had already been dispatched the original purchase price and delivery charge will be refunded, provided that the company is notified in writing no longer than 14 days of receiving the order.

They can be contacted at M and M order cancellation email [email protected]  or writing at  Contact Centre Supervisors, M and M Direct Ltd., Linton Road, Leominster, HR6 0SP Order number has to be quoted on all correspondence.

In case of order being dispatched prior to the cancellation, the customer has to take care of the products in their possession. The details of the entire cancellation procedure are available on the link http://www.mandmdirect.com/02/stp/ordercancellation.

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  1. my son recently purchased 3 Tshirts for his dads birthday 2 was to small which we sent back for bigger size which you gladly and swiftly exchanged but 1 says its a 2xl but it measures 42chest while the other measures 46 I don’t really want to pay the postage again but not very happy as it was a birthday present my son

  2. Hi please how could they send me a return label as the one I received in my parcel will not scan in the Hermes parcel shop Thanking you Stella

  3. hi ,had my order deliverd today and there is a item missing its a pack of fcuk mens core 3pk boxers black /multi size the number is they are this order was a very large order over 150pounds thankyou

  4. not happy with the service i ordered hunter wellies and was sent karrimor which i did not and, and they have now sold out of the hunter wellies . Now i have to wait up to 14 days for my refund . I shall then order from amazon who i know i can rely on their service is brilliant. Not happy and will not order again.

  5. I returned a parcel to you with a prepaid from dropped off at hermes drop off, barcode. I have not had any acknowledgment from them as to whether its been received .and no refund has yet been made

  6. Paid for next day delivery £6.99 i then changed delivery date to the day after the next day, DPD did not send out my parcel in time so instead of the sunday i am now having to make sure there is someone in all afternoon on the monday. Not good enough kindly can i ask them somehow to refund me the difference in postage.

  7. went on eBay .skechers footwear. made out the order. asking me to pay. ….stop.? no address no phone number.
    so I will not deal with this outlet. eBay hids lots of sellers.
    Mandm? don’t buy from outlets that you do not no.google will not help you. the UK MP are blocking all address and names, saying its for your own good. lots will steal from you, the London police that deals with scams use a call center. If someone makes a complaint it takes 28days for them to say we can not help. don’t ask the police in any county to check on an address if that person tuck your goods.they will blank you. 2017 on proved site. sent goods be for payments .one trust .emails saying you’re a f..k lie er he called me. no address was given from proved site. but photos wear there for all to see.

  8. This parcel… was addressed. I signed for this parcel, the lady who delivered it left a card for 88. I passed this parcel on to 88,
    they had no idea who it belonged to. This parcel was placed with a courier, NOT known at this address. I have no idea why it was delivered to 88, apparently this person lived here a short time and moved out years ago.

  9. I come in today to a card from Hermes saying my parcels were in my grey bin with smiley at the end!! I go to my bin ti collect the parcels and the parcels are gone I mean how can anyone think putting parcels in a bin in a front garden in full view of the street is safe? I am so upset and angry as the parcels were 3 pairs of trainers for my kids Xmas. There’s no way that I will get them before Xmas now. I really hope m&m can do something to help me the trainers are one of the kids big presents. Please get in touch asap
    . Thanks Krysha Fleming

  10. I wrote to an address in Dublin on February 7th with regard to a M&M product that contained inferior nuts and nearly broke one of my teeth. I have since sent an email asking for a reply label to send some faulty nuts for them to examine. I have not received a reply to my letter or email. This is bad and I shall take them to the local Trading office unless I get a reply by return.

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