Octopus Energy Customers Contact Numbers: Support, Complaints, Smart Meter and Business Support

The Octopus Energy customer care team is always accessible for all your questions about the energy services, tariff plans, bills or any other concern about your account through various means. The customers can call them at the free Octopus Energy customer service number 0808 164 1088. The Octopus Energy phone opening hours are from 9AM- 5PM Mon- Fri. If you require contacting the team outside these hours, then you may send the requests via the Octopus Energy customer service email [email protected] and the members will make sure to revert back at the earliest. Alternatively, the customers can also call the team at the Octopus Energy contact phone number 0330 808 1080 here and discuss their concerns. If you have any questions concerning your legal rights or about the Octopus Energy privacy policies, you can send the same via the Octopus Energy email address [email protected] .There are various questions related to the energy services which have already been answered for your reference and you may access them by visiting the Octopus Energy help page.

Octopus Energy customer service

Octopus Energy Contact Numbers


UK Contact Numbers

International Contact Numbers

Octopus Energy Customer Services 0808 164 1088 +44 808 164 1088
Octopus Energy Another Customer Support Contact 0330 808 1080 +44 330 808 1080
Octopus Energy Press Office Team 0207 440 0812 +44 207 440 0812
Octopus Energy Complaints Helpline 0333 344 2268 +44 333 344 2268
National Gas Emergency Helpline 0800 111 999 +44 800 111 999
Power Cut Helpline 105
Energy Ombudsman Services Contact 0330 440 1624 +44 330 440 1624
Citizens Advice Helpline 0345 404 0506 +44 345 404 0506
Debt Advice Foundation 0800 043 4050 +44 800 043 4050
National Debtline 0808 808 4000 +44 808 808 4000

octopus energy contact

Octopus Energy Postal Address

Any of the notices or correspondence can be forwarded at the below mentioned Octopus Energy postal address along with all your contact details so that the customer service members can revert back as soon as possible

Octopus Energy Ltd, 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT

However, the trading is done from the following Octopus Energy contact address

Octopus Energy, 1 Upper James Street, London W1F 9DE

Octopus Energy Online Account

The Octopus Energy online account is the best and fastest way to get in touch with the support members anytime as per your convenience. You can just sign in to your account via the page and discuss any of your questions related to bills, payments or tariff plans.

Octopus Energy Moving Home Requests

When you are moving home, the first thing to be done is to inform the Octopus Energy customer care about all the moving details at the Octopus Energy free contact number 0808 164 1088 and then the needful will be done. The notification has to be given within 28 calendar days of moving out. The customers can check all the related information via the page.

Octopus Energy Get a Quote

The customers can easily get the quotes for the gas and electricity services by submitting the required details online via the page. The businesses can check the quotes online through this page.

Octopus Energy Tariffs

The customers can check the list of all the available tariffs through the online portal by entering the postcode in the box given via the page. And if you wish to make a switch to any of the present tariff, then you may send the requests via the Octopus Energy contact email [email protected]

Octopus Business Energy Contact

For any of your questions regarding your business needs, you can discuss with the Octopus Energy business team via the Octopus Energy email [email protected] and the team will be happy to assist further. You can also call them at the octopus business energy contact number free 0808 164 1088. In the case of sending any notices under the business agreement, you can do so either via the Octopus Energy email [email protected] or by post at the following Octopus Energy contact address

Octopus Energy Ltd, 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT

Octopus Energy Press Office

If you are a journalist, then you can get in touch with the Octopus Energy press office department for all the media related questions either by calling the Octopus Energy phone number 0207 440 0812 here or via the Octopus Energy email address [email protected] and the team members will be more than happy to assist further.

Octopus Energy press office

Octopus Energy Helpline

In case, if you suspect any gas leakage or smell gas; then you can immediately call the National Gas Emergency Helpline on their free phone number 0800 111 999 here. In the case of a power cut, you are required to call 105 for further advice. You can also directly contact your local electricity distribution company. Some of its contact details are mentioned through the page.

Octopus Energy helpline

Octopus Energy Special Assistance

The customers who need special help may be because of age, disability or chronically sick have been offered Octopus Energy special assistance programs for their support as described below-

  • Priority Services Register (PSR) – you can register your details for the priority services register, which includes the benefits like nominating someone to take care of the account, installation of smart meter free of cost if you cannot read the meter yourself or using the password for the executive visiting your place etc.
  • Gas Safety Check– as per the guidelines mentioned via the page, you can be eligible for a free gas safety check. To make a request for the gas check arrangement, the customers can call the support team at the Octopus Energy UK phone number 0333 344 2268 here

Octopus Energy Payment Issues

The customers have been offered an easy option to pay through the direct debit for their bills. If, in case, you are facing any difficulties while making the payments, they can simply come in contact with the Octopus Energy customer care at the Octopus Energy telephone number 0333 344 2268 to discuss the matter. According to the situations, the team may be able to offer some solutions like short term deferment of payment, instalment plan for future bills or payments to be taken directly from your benefits using the Fuel Direct Scheme, installation of a prepayment meter etc.

There are few independent organizations as well which offer free and confidential advice for your help. Some of the contact details are mentioned below-

  • Debt Advice Foundation– you can call them at their free phone number 0800 043 4050 here or via their web page
  • National Debtline– accessible at their free phone number 0808 808 4000 or through the page
  • Citizens Advice– via their helpline 0345 404 0506 or contact through the web page

Octopus Energy Customer Complaints

If at any point of time, you are happy with the services, you can quickly contact the Octopus Energy customer care and the team will take all possible steps to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The customers can dial the Octopus Energy UK contact number 0333 344 2268 here. The Octopus Energy phone opening hours are from Mon- Fri 9AM- 5PM. If you are contacting outside these working hours, then you may send the details via the Octopus Energy customer service email [email protected] . You can also send the details by post at the following Octopus Energy contact address

Octopus Energy Ltd, 1 Upper James Street, Soho, London W1F 9DE

Now, if you are not happy with the given outcome, you can call the above mentioned number for the matter to be investigated again or else, you may send the details of the issue to the head of the team via the Octopus Energy email [email protected] enclosing all the required details.

Still, if the matter is not resolved as per your satisfaction, then you may escalate the matter to the Energy Ombudsman Services. They can be contacted at their telephone number 0330 440 1624 here or via the email address [email protected] or at their contact address: Ombudsman Service: Energy, PO Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF and more related information can be checked by visiting their web page.

At any time during the complaints process, you can also seek free and independent advice from Citizens Advice by calling them at their helpline number 0345 404 0506 or through their web page.

Also, if you believe that the terms and guidelines of Octopus Energy ltd are not honest or fair, then you can send all the related details by email via the Octopus Energy contact email [email protected] and the necessary action will be further taken.

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Octopus Energy is a leading supplier of gas and electricity services in the United Kingdom for residential and business customers and also has been termed as the UK’s largest investor in solar generation. There are 154 solar farms in the UK and another 66 projects in France. The Octopus Energy customer services is well trained and experienced to cater to the best of your needs and can easily be contacted over the telephone, through emails, online medium, post or through the social platforms.

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