Opodo Telephone Numbers

For Opodo customer service you can use dial free number: 0800 026 1621 or use our signposting service number: 0843 837 5473 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Opodo Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.




UK Contact Numbers

International Contact Numbers

Opodo Customer Services Contact Number: Ticket Bookings/ Travel Insurance/ For Baggage Allowance/ Special Service Requests 0800 026 1621 free +44 800 026 1621
Opodo Helpline Complaint  Number 01212813360 +44 121 281 3360
Flights 03333000291 +44 333 300 0291
Opodo Travel Insurance Claims 02036843566 +44 203 68 43 566.
Car Hire Booking 08001007021 free +44 800 100 7021
Car Hire Contact 01618305861 +44 161 830 5861
Opodo Holidays Contact Bookings 08003683866 free +44 8003 683 866
Opodo Holidays other Options and Payments 08003683866 free +44 207 082 0570
Documentation 08004088622 free +44 800 408 8622
Hotel Bookings Cancellation 02035646725 +44 203 564 6725
Business Number 08003588877 free +44 800 35 888 77
Business Sales line 08003683866 free +44 800 3683 866

Opodo Customer Service

Opodo is the leading online travel agency specializing in worldwide travel. The company offers access to over 500 airlines, 150,000 hotel properties and more than 7,000 car rental locations all over the world. People can have access to the travel websites in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Norway and many more countries. Along with the bookings for flights, hotels, car hires, the company also offer travel insurance and car excess reduction insurance, plus package holidays, cottage holidays, etc. Opodo serves best to the customer’s satisfaction with their highly trained customer service advisors.

Opodo Contact Us

For all the general enquiries, you can contact the Opodo customer care team at the Opodo customer services contact number + 44 800 368 3866. The Opodo phone opening hours are from Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm, Weekends 9am to 5pm (GMT)

It is to be noted that the above 0800 number is an international toll free number for the users.

If you have to make any new bookings, you can call the team at the Opodo customer service number 08003683866. The phones lines are open from Mon to Fri: 8am-Midnight, Sat- Sun9am-5pm.

Alternatively, you can also dial the Opodo helpline number +44 121 281 3360 for any enquiries.

You can sign up for latest news and updates by subscribing to the email alerts via Opodo contact us page http://promos.opodo.co.uk/newslettersignup/

For any of your queries, you can contact the Opodo help centre online by typing in the question in the box and get your answers by visiting the page http://www.opodo.co.uk/customer-service/

For all the media enquiries, you can contact the press team via the Opodo press email address [email protected]

Opodo UK Address

If you prefer to write in, you can send the mail at the following Opodo registered office address with mentioning your contact details so that the team can reply back as soon as possible. Opodo UK address is:

Waterfront building, Hammersmith Embankment, Chancellor’s Road, W69RU London

Opodo Flights

You can get the best offers on Opodo flights’ bookings and easily been made online.

But if you wish to cancel your airline booking, or to make any changes, you need to call the support team at the Opodo phone number 0333 300 0291 from Mon-Fri 8am-8pm and Sat-sun 9am-5pm. You can also call this number to make preference for your seat

If you have requested for a refund, the Opodo representatives will contact you via email as soon as the airline has authorized it. If any notification has not been received after 4 weeks, you can check the status of the refund online via the Opodo help centre

If you want Opodo to take care of your online check in, you can call the team for the request at Opodo telephone number 0800 368 3866 from Mon-Fri 8am-8pm and Sat-sun 9am-5pm (GMT)

Opodo Ticket Bookings

Making the booking online is a very easy and quick task at Opodo. Within minutes, a confirmation email is sent for the bookings made.

If you would like to make the bookings over the phone, or you have faced any problem while booking the tickets online and have not received a confirmation email since more than 24 hours, you can call the team at Opodo contact number +44 800 368 3866 from Mon-Fri 8am-8pm and Sat-Sun 9am-5pm. This contact number can also be used when the Opodo ticket bookings need to be made for the unborn infant, and also for the open return tickets.

If in any case, a duplicate reservation has been made, you need to contact the advisors at the Opodo telephone number +44 800 368 3866 so as to cancel one of the bookings and request for a refund from the airline.

Opodo Travel Insurance

Opodo offers various benefits via the travel insurance policy to the customers. If you wish to submit your claim for the policy, you can dial the Opodo travel insurance claims number +44 203 68 43 566. The customers are also given an option to send an email for their requests at Opodo travel insurance claims email [email protected] . If you need to ask any question regarding the policy, you can send the request online via the help centre at http://www.opodo.com/customer-service/

If you wish to make any changes in the policy, or even to cancel it, you can contact the support team at Opodo travel insurance phone number +44 800 368 3866, accessible from Mon-Fri 8am-8pm and weekends from 9am-5pm. The booking reference number will be asked to be given to proceed further over the phone.

Opodo Car Hire

Opodo offers best car rentals rates on its website and you can easily make the bookings online. If you want to make the bookings of the car over the phone, you can dial the Opodo car hire booking contact number 0 800 100 7021. The car rental team is available for 24 hours, 7days a week.

Alternatively, if you have any queries regarding the car rental bookings, or about the documents required, or about the rental covers offer, you can call the Opodo car hire contact 0161 830 5861

To make any changes or cancellations in the bookings, you can follow the steps via the Opodo help centre online.

Opodo Baggage Allowance

In the booking confirmation email sent, the Opodo baggage allowance is generally displayed next to each passenger’s name. For any queries, you can contact the advisors via the Opodo help centre online at http://www.opodo.com/customer-service/

If you have any queries regarding what articles are to be carried in checked and hand baggage’s, or if to travel with more bags than expected, you should contact the concerned airline or else the support team at Opodo phone number +44 800 368 3866

Opodo Special Service Requests

If there is any kind of special request to be made like the pregnancy issues, or if you are travelling with a pet, or if there is an unaccompanied minor or a wheelchair request, you need to inform the details to the support team while making the reservation over the phone at the Opodo special service request number +44 800 368 3866 from Mon-Fri 8am-8pm and Sat-Sun 9am-5pm

Opodo Holiday Packages

Opodo offers best deals in packages to get the best prices for the holiday. It should be noted that the holiday offers are non-changeable and non-refundable.

For any queries regarding bookings and cancellations, or any amendments, you need to call at Opodo holidays contact number 0800 3683 866. And if you are calling from outside the UK, you need to contact the team at the Opodo holiday packages number +44 207 082 0592.

If you want to add the transfers option in your package, or have any questions regarding the baggage allowance, you can call the team at the Opodo holidays free phone number 0800 3683 866 and if the call is made from abroad, the phone number is +44 207 082 0570. You can also send your requests via email at Opodo email [email protected]

In order to check for what all documents you should take for your travel, you can contact the support team at Opodo holidays phone number 0800 408 8622

To make the payments for the package holiday, either in full, or by using multiple cards, the support team is happy to assist you at the Opodo holidays phone number 0800 3683 866 and if the call is made from abroad, the phone number is +44 207 082 0570

Opodo Hotels Contact Number

You can get the best accommodation deals from Opodo and can easily make the bookings online within few minutes.

If you need to make cancellations to the hotel bookings only, or to make the payments, you can call the team at the Opodo hotels contact number 0203 564 6725. They are available for 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you are looking for a hotel which has facilities for disabled travelers or for any special request, you can contact this same telephone number

Opodo Corporate

For all the Opodo corporate deals and enquiries, you can call the support team at Opodo business number 0800 35 888 77. The team is accessible from Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

You can also contact via email at Opodo business email [email protected]

If you are interested in finding more about the offers for corporate travelers, you can contact the sales department either over the phone at the Opodo business sales line 0800 3683 866 or via email at Opodo business sales email [email protected]

Opodo Complaints

The company is committed to providing a high-quality service to everyone and has a trained and dedicated staff to handle the issues efficiently and to the best of customer satisfaction.

For any complaints regarding the services, you can fill in the details in the “customer feedback” tab online via the link http://www.opodo.com/customer-service/?contentSectionId=35169

If you wish to call, you can dial the Opodo complaint number +44 121 281 3360 and get in touch with the team to resolve the issue

42 thoughts on “Opodo Telephone Numbers”

  1. Hi
    vueling cancelled our flight and said they had already refunded opodo and we have not heard back from opodo.
    can you please advise by when can we expect to have credited to our bank account? Thanks you for helping.

    1. Hey Simon, I think the best thing is just to contact Opodo, and check your status. Hope i helped.

    2. Exact same situation happened to us with other airline and Opodo has not replied as yet. Did you manage to find a solution? Customer service is the hard.

  2. Opodo booking

    Please note that I made the purchase yesterday and I paid the money as well
    while no confirmation on the ticket made from end.

    I just talked to Flydubai, and they are saying no booking was done on my name.

    Please can they finish the booking now with immediate effect or cancel it so I can proceed with other airline, accordingly please how to arrange to refund the money completely that you had deducted, please also ensure that no any fees deduction to be processed on this amount.
    immediate action is required.

  3. Hi,

    I made a booking with Opodo on the 18th November. They have sent me the email confirmation and the invoice for a total of(flight GBP and OPODO.The fee is not a problem, the problem is that when i looked at my bank statement OPODO FEE was GBP and flight was GBP On top my bank has charged me another GBP for an international transaction. This has never been advised on the website. The OPODO website that i have used, thus implying that the prices are in GBP and it was a UK Website.

    I would urgently like someone to explain to me what happened here and how I will be reimbursed for this.

    I do work for a travel agency and i have never encountered this.

    Kind Regards,
    Steph 🙂

  4. 3 time’s contact opodo manager
    Is till they say sorry
    Takes 1 -3 working day’s
    Naw is 30 day’s
    Please give me opodo my Refund
    Thank you

  5. Opodo made me an incorrect booking, deducted the money from my account and there is just no feedback regarding this. very hard customer service. I never even joined yet service. how do I top this

  6. I have boked the flights and I received an e-mail that I was contacted but I receive no phone calls.Than there was a change in flight and I was told that if I do not contact them back my flights will be cancelled.Shame

  7. How the Opodo team work?
    We are customer from Australia. do Opodo have a local customer service number we just received an email last night , the contact number is this an UK number or Australia one Thanks,
    it’s regarding some changes from the airline

  8. i have been in contact with opodo for the last 14 week with regards a refund for a flight opodo re scheduled and told me to re book i finished paying twice…

  9. I have booked a flight through Opodo, then I have cancelled it straight away. They told me that they were going to refund me within three weeks. I have not received any money back after almost two months now.

  10. I booked a flight last tuesday and got declined but the amount was deducted to my bank account. I called the call center agents many times and they told me that I’m going to get it within 24-48 hours. now it’s ben 4 days and i havent got any. I have been calling the hotline since then until now. I also received a voucher and when i tried to use it yesterday it was not working and it says it reached the maximum use. Can they please help me how to sort this thing out. your help would be much appreciated!

  11. search information includes the statement ‘hand luggage only’
    This implies there may be a charge for luggage placed in the hold. If so, it should be stated so that the total cost of flights are known before purchase

  12. Worst Customer Service ever.

    Tried calling multiple numbers with no answer. Used their message system with no response. How extremely disappointing.

  13. my flights have been cancelled from Berlin. Had to ring number to connect. When got through to someone was told had to contact the airline direct. They couldn’t provide the number. When I asked calmly why number were not working…. (no raised tone, no rudeness…) I was told to calm down! Have this call recorded if needed as evidence.. Should anyone at Opodo care. But doubt would risk booking anything with this company again. Not worth the stress and hassle should something go wrong.

  14. The worst Customer Service I have ever experienced. I will NEVER use Opodo again. i had to make an immediate amendment to my booking on Dec and was advised by the Opodo rep to cancel and re book. He informed me the refund would be paid in 30 days. It is now coming up to 90 days and nothing has been repaid. Since then I have emailed countless times without any reply and rang the helpline (spending over£) to be told the refund would be repaid in 10 days in one case and then 3 days on the most recent call over 4 weeks ago and still nothing. How do we hold this company to account for their Customer Service and

  15. I want to talk about issues to do with my account and my use of the opodo website and app. My email address which is changing before my next flights but I cannot find an answer on the website to the app. the telephone number is general inquiries.

  16. Hi,

    Unfortunately i had to cancel my flight as unfortunately circumstances changed post-booking. I think it is unacceptable that the money left within minutes of me confirming the purchase but now I have to wait up to 30 days (?) to get the money back. Outrageous – especially as I need to book the flights again.

    I would call – again – but frankly I am tired of wasting time.

    Is there anyone that can give me answers on this?


  17. I tried to book a flight with opodo and although the booking as not successful opodo charged my card
    I try to find an email to contact them but there is not a chance to do do it

  18. Hello,

    when I was booking it was mentioned that if I use a visa credit card, i’ll be taking euros off the amount, and I actually used that to get the off amount. but then after booking it took the full amount without excluding what they have promised.

    please advise!

  19. i have been advised by Opodo customer service helpline to send an email. There is email address for customer services. Please tell me where i should write to. I also need to send Opodo an invoice for the credit card charges I have incurred waiting for a refund for a flight that was cancelled by the airline. I have already been waiting for 2 months, and apparently it may take up to another 3. I have paid for a service that was not delivered. I am still paying for it.

  20. Dear
    We have Opodo tickets from dammam through Qatar airways to Vienna , through opodo online our booking, it was on September . We asked for refund as we are not allowed to travel through Qatar airport from Saudi Arabia (due political issues between 2 countries)

    We tried several times to contact Qatar airways but they do not do refund because our booking through opodo .

    I tried to contact Opodo customer services as international call international each time

    I need to refund my ticket

  21. Hi All,

    I never thought in this modern world I get undergo this much stress. After I booked flight from Sydney to Hyd – India and return. oneway confirmed by airasia (Syd – Hyd India) but for return opodo send me that there is a change in the flight scheduled and asked me to contact them however local AU number and UK number both are not connecting in spite of 10’s of time tried to contact. I really worried about my hard earned money and when they will confirm. PLease help ?.

  22. Dear Sir,tg
    i want to make booking flight Istanbul to Dubai pls i do not understand the cancellation policy ,can i cancel later or change the the flight and how much the charges, pls advice and do they have any branch in dubai

  23. Opodo service is a not easy. I have been struggling with a cancellation for 3 days. God knows how much time I have already spent on the phone !.

  24. I searched website on the evening of 14th June 2018 and found direct flights from Tashkent to London on 3rd July 2018. website displayed the message “only 4 seats left”, so I proceeded to complete my booking. But, there was an “error” and I couldn’t complete. I called booking line and was told that the flights were no longer available and assistant offered me a number of alternative flights at a much higher price (including stop-overs). I had to abandon my search as the flights were too expensive. This evening (15th June) I searched site again and found the same flights being offered as available, and “only 4 seats left”, but as I proceeded again to complete my booking an “error” occurred. The flights are fully booked but site still shows availability, 24 hours after my initial search. This is misleading and I suspect display an error message to encourage customers to phone to book alternative flights through company. I’m sure this is illegal and contrary to code of practice and The Office of Fair Trading regulations.

  25. Hi,

    My name is Kevin Farrell and I had Euro taken from my account that I can see through online banking. When I check oo=nline banking OPODO is against it. I have not made any bookings for flights etc. Could you please check this for me ASAP.

  26. I’ve got a ongoing justified complaint with them and am being completely blanked by ignoring my correspondence..
    Who is the MD and where is your head office?

  27. Via Aegean air heb ik een retour ticket geboekt Athene/Ikaria island. de heenvlucht is op en terug op
    betaling is gedaan met VISA en inmiddels van mijn rekening afgescheven.
    Heb echter nog geen betaal gegevens en tickets ontvangen .
    Er zou gevlogen worden met Sky Express onder vlucht nummer.
    verzoek dit zo spoedig mogelijk in orde te brengen.

  28. Hello,
    My name is Yaaqov from Israel. I bought flight tickets from Sky scanner and I was informed by the flying company El-Al that this flight was cancelled.
    When I should receive the money back.
    What about compensation for this cancellation?
    The details of my flights i can provide to them

  29. I will send the same to Opodo, we are having a massive problem trying to change the date of a flight, despite our willingness to pay the penalty charge. Our 20 year old is stuck in Australia wishing to come home at the end of this month but with a flight dated 27th Nov. We have tried to change this by phone many times but possibly because we have changed the flight once before, when we try and pay using either our debit or credit card, their system flags it up as suspicious and the payment isn’t taken. We have checked with our bank three times, there are no issues with our cards, it’s the system. We need someone in a position to override the tick-box system to take control and sort this out for us.

  30. I am trying to contact Opodo ! the phone and then in the chat!!!!
    Call from Greece to UK
    This is really frustrating
    Always bring me back to the chat bot after waiting

    I want to cancel my flight,

  31. How difficult is it to get in contact with you??? i’ve been trying to get a refund for over 2 months now and i can’t get through to you on the phone, your DM on facebook doesn’t work and there is no email address???? Please can someone contact me to get this resolved??????

  32. simple , i am taking them to the county court , then they will have to pay moor , new flight cost , interest ,on the money i have lost in my bank and hotel costs due to waiting in thailand for my money phone calls ,take them to the cleaners ,

  33. I had booked oneway ticket from Birmingham, UK to Benguluru,India ,(Lufthansa airways) through opodo online booking . I asked for refund as flights are cancelled.
    I tried to contact Lufthansa flights airways they say it was refunded to travel agency and they do not do refund in person because my booking was done through opodo. I tried to contact Opodo customer service but they are very reluctant and say to wait 90 days .
    I need to refund urgently for rebooking my ticket .

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