Orange Customer Service, Complaints and Contact Phone Numbers

For Orange customer service you can use this free number 0800 05 10 10 you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Orange Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Orange UK provides Mobile, landline & broadband services to its business as well as domestic customers. It is offering various price plans for their customers that enable them to connect with each other through phones, data sharing & texts. The price plans of Orange are named after animals such as Canary, Dolphin, Panther and Raccoon. The customer can visit the site to get more details of Orange. The contact numbers of Orange mobile can also be assessed through this website. Orange contact center jobs are available for 365 days in a year with the aim of delivering richer experiences to their employees & maintain strong relationships with them.

Orange Customer services

As we all know every person today is connected with each other through mobile, internet service etc. & it is very important to survive in this fast life. Orange offers mobile services that connect various persons whether they are at home, office or outside town. Its customer desk is offering excellent & faster services for customers. Orange customer service address where you can contact is:

PO Box 10,
Bristol, BS32 4BQ

The timings for contacting customer service are between 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 6 pm on weekends. Orange can be contacted through email also using Orange customer service email address [email protected] .

Orange customer service number (from any other phone) to make a call at customer desk is 0044 797 310 0150. The customer can also make a call from Orange mobile at Orange customer contact number free by dialing 150. These numbers are to make queries related to mobile & home broad band and also for making monthly payments.

For queries related to “pay as you go” call on 450 at Orange customer contact from Orange mobile. This number is not free; you will be charged 25p per call if call is made before 8 pm during weekdays & before 6 pm on weekends. If you make a call after standard timings you will be charged 50p per call. Orange customer service number (from any other phone) for “Pay as you go” queries is 0044 797 310 0450 & for home broadband queries it is 07973 100 450. If you want to talk to orange customer service representative for general queries you are required to make a call on orange customer service UK landline numbers 07973 100 450.

Orange contact us email address is [email protected] & Orange contact us UK landline number is 07973 100 450.

Orange also offers text message services under which you will send a particular code to 150. You can check you balance by sending a text message “BA”. The code for checking bills & payments is “BILL”. For upgrading your phone, the code is “UP”. You can also check you unbilled amount by sending a text message “USAGE”. For checking the subscribed plan the code is “PLAN” & for necessary assistance sends a text message “HELP”.

Orange complaint services

If you are not satisfied with the mobile services of Orange you can easily make a complaint by calling at Orange complaint department phone number 0044 800 956 6060 (service available from 8 am to 8 pm). For making complaints related to broadband services call at 0044 800 956 6059 (service available between 08:30 am to 8 pm).
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@EEComplaints :Promised to send engineer 3 times and never showed up. Daughter has recorded their promise -we are taking them to court

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The customer service representative can be contacted for filing a complaint regarding other services of the orange, by making a call at 0044 808 121 3333. You can also fill a complaint form which will be responded within 72 hours for filing a complaint. The complaint can also be made through email at orange complaint email address: [email protected] or [email protected].

Phone Upgrade services of orange

EE orange phone upgradesFor availing phone upgrade services of Orange you need to check your eligibility first. You can check your eligibility by logging in to the registered account with Orange or by sending a text message “UP” to 150. In case you have not paid any debt related to your phone plan you cannot upgrade your phone as eligibility criteria is not satisfied.

If you have less than 45 days to go until the renewal date of the contract, you have the option to upgrade. You can also avail early upgradation service even if eligibility criteria of free upgradation service are not satisfied. For availing early upgradation service following are the qualifications:

  • SIM-only customers with 12, 18 or 24 month plan or any customer with any monthly plan
  • Contract period is of more than 6 months & more than 45 days are left before the renewal date of contract.

However, if you are a business customer or mobile broadband customer or have any pending payment in any Orange plan, you are not eligible for early upgradation. If you have more than 60 days pending before the renewal date of contract, you have the option to buy a new sim to switch to 4GEE plan. For getting this service your phone must be 4G compatible. The fee charged after switching shall not be less than existing contract monthly fee.

Cancel  Early Upgradation

If you wish to cancel the early upgradation option you need to inform Orange within 14 days of applying for this service. For cancelling the contract you are required to make a call at 150 (for pay monthly phone), at 450 (for pay as you go phone) from Orange mobile phone. If you want to make a call from any other phone call at Orange phone number to cancel contract: 0044 800 0790 103.

Orange phone number for upgrade service is 01325 395911 or 01325 395852. You have the option to switch to other Orange price plan provided contract value is higher than earlier one & your elapsed current contract period is more than 3 months.

Procedure for Unlocking device

Orange also provides unlocking device service for their customers. You are required to make a call on 150 from your Orange mobile. A fee of 8.99 pounds (including VAT) shall be charged for unlocking device. The time period taken by Orange services for unlocking device is 10 days. In case you do not have your device code, time period will be more than 10 days because Orange customer service may contact your manufacturer first to get the device code. You will be informed through text message in this situation.

Is it Fast?

Unlocking device service can be availed immediately by the customers who are “Pay as you go” or “SIM only”. For other customers who are on “Pay monthly”, 6 months contract period eligibility is required.
For unlocking requests of Apple & Samsung phones, a link will be send by Orange services mentioning unlocking instructions. If number provided to Orange which is attached with the device is not in use, message will be sent to alternate number.

Billing contact numbers at orange

You can make payment to Orange against bills using phone service. For making bill payment using Orange phone you are required to make a call at 150. Orange contact number to pay bill from any other phone is 0044 7973 100 150. If you face any difficulty while paying you bill, you can talk to customer service representative of Orange by calling at following numbers:

  • Call at Orange phone number from Orange mobile 178
  • Call at 0044 7973 100 178 (Orange phone number from landline or any other phone). Call charges will vary based on the phone service provider used for making a call.

Registration service phone number

For getting registered with orange, you are required to make a call at Orange contact number free from any other phone: 0044 800 079 2222.

Activation of Sim card phone numbers

Take a sim card from Orange mobile services and register or activated first by making a call at Orange phone number for activate sim: 0044 800 079 0006. No extra charges charged as it is a toll-free number.

Following are the contact numbers for various other services of Orange mobile

If call is to be made from Orange mobile:

  • For complaining about faults call at 151
  • For billing services call at 152
  • For data support services call at 156
  • For roaming support services call at 159
  • For registration services call at 180
  • For Orange wildfire customer services call at 435

If call is made from any other phone:

  • For complaining about faults call at 0044 797 310 0151
  • For billing services call at 0044 797 310 0152
  • For data support services call at 0044 797 310 0156
  • For roaming support services call at 0044 797 310 0159
  • For registration services call at 0044 797 310 0180
  • For Orange wildfire customer services call at 0044 797 310 0435

20 thoughts on “Orange Customer Service, Complaints and Contact Phone Numbers”

  1. I am writing to you for both complaint of most of Orange staff.
    The main reason for my complaint started when i rang Orange, i being a customer of over 20 years, i enquired about my contract to see if both my phones were due an upgrade & they said yes, we discussed models & came to the conclusion of the LG Spirit which from then on it was told that only one could be sent to my address (odd!) so i had the other sent somewhere else.
    First problem i’d got the first phone but it didn’t tell me for which phone number it was for, so i rang, the person could not answer the question even though i gave him the number on the sim card, so no help, i finally picked up the second phone but did not really like them as they are too big & no one bothered to contact me to discuss about my ‘new’ phones i just got lumbered with them, oh well such is life i’ll just keep using my old phones as i hadn’t had problems with them even if one is nearly 10 years old.

    Next problem, one afternoon my little old Nokia’s sim went down & i could not use the phone, this is without any warning Orange/EE just pulled the plug on it, so i had to ring again, now this is costing me money (nearly 2 hours from a landline) heaven knows what my Virgin Media phone bill is going to be, finally someone said after being passed from Ireland (i guess EE?) to India (i guess Orange) no one could help but finally someone said try putting the ‘EE’ sims in your old phones, once we had worked out which sim was for which number i did, the Nokia 6500s would not accept the sim card as the phone was locked to Orange which is feasible because i am an Orange customer!, the Samsung Galaxy accepted the EE sim card but i was then told that i would have to pay to have my Nokia unlocked!.

    I am getting very confused, i have now received a bill from EE? but i’m not an EE customer & not authorised any change & they have set up a direct debit from my bank without my authentication cheeky barks!!!! i am an Orange customer of over 20 years, this has been the worse experience i have had in 20 odd years, i was left high & dry, not told of who was who Orange or EE & to which i am starting to look for an alterative mobile phone company who actually look after their customers.

    1. Hey Nick,
      Thanks for the input.
      I really think the best thing for you at the moment it just to call Orange / EE customer service number.

      You are Orange customer, so, navigate to this page:
      and go to the “Orange” button. There you will be able to see the diffrent numbers.

      Good luck!

    1. Hey Anna, thanks for your comment. You can try and text “UP” or “upgrade” to 150 (EE and orange are now one…) You can always login to your Orange account and check the status of your contract.

  2. I am on orange payg ive got anew phone but my sim doesn’t fit I need a mini sim for Samsung S5 but I want to keep my old number and carry on topping up the way I do now at the local shop is it possible for you to change my sim .?

    1. You will need to call them up, and talk to them about your specific situation because Orange pay as you Animal plans are different from each other…so it really depends on your specific plan.

  3. For TWO years I have been trying to get a piece of paper from them, proving that I paid an early termination fee and how much I paid but everyone I have spoken to (and that’s a lot of people) at Orange, seem unable to complete this simple task. I have gone through so much stress and endless minutes on hold and retelling the story – there has been so many complications and issues and I just don’t understand why. Such a simple task surely? I am at my wits end with it and at the point of considering sueing orange for my time, I am losing by not having the information requested.

    1. You are so right! You should be in France where it is impossible to even get a contact email address! Now I know! It is service even where they sneak in charges and even worse there is NO office here where I live to go to. They have closed them all and now have just got a large “boutique’ only to sell and not to provide Customer Service…

  4. I am trying to contact Orange to ask how to fix my outgoing email. It seems almost to get hold of .
    The phone doesn’t cover the problem and I can’t send an email as
    this is the problem. It was working until a couple of days ago. I can receive mail but not send it. As I still have Orange as my email provider even though I have BT broadband , I am not sure how to set up the account page. Please could some kind person help me with this. Many thanks.

  5. I cancelled a sim only monthly contract with Orange 5 months ago but they are continuing to bill me a month I gave them 30 days notice. The phone was disconnected etc. I cannot seem to get anyone from EE/ Orange to help me resolve the isssue and refund the money owed to me.

  6. made a reservation and they put me in another city, love how they can’t talk to anyone about problem unless you’re in the uk,
    learned my lesson.

  7. I have been trying to contact orange customer service My bundle has not renewed this month and I don’t know why I have paid by direct debit for years with no trouble
    Very frustrating. Don’t know what else to do.

  8. We use Orange as part of the business. I used the phone about two months ago, Orange tell me through EE, that the phone was last used in 2016. Orange have my money on pay as you go, but have disconnected my phone number. I consider that taking money under false pretenses,

    So I suggest everyone should change their phone with original number to GiffGaff.

  9. HI!! Friday top up20 pounds Sunday I have only 5 pounds only
    domestic speaking–what happened–where is my money???I try sen back SMS–not working why send I top up20 pounds send SMS giffgaff lovely thankyou good for giffgaff not for me!! Somebody explain to me where is my money????But I’m not hope giffgaff fixing this!!

    Thank you Mr.Robert

  10. Have been trying for 2 days to top up, keep getting message saying it is making changes to billing, call back in an hour, can’t get through to anyone on my phone, no credit! phoned from my landline, no one there, all gone home early because of the snow, I have to go to work, won’t be getting home until late, live in the country, Loads of snow, could well get stuck on country lanes in snow drifts and on ice.

  11. cancelled my contract with orange, gave them 30 days notice. this was over 4 months ago and now they are threating me with a collections agency. done nothing wrong and always paid them.

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