Plusnet TV, Broadband and Phone Contact Numbers and Helpline

For Plusnet customer service you can dial 0800 432 0200 free phone, or use our signposting service number: 0843 837 5536 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Plusnet Phone Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.



Plusnet offers Broadband, Phone and TV services for their customers. Plusnet in the UK telephone free number is: 0800 432 0200.

Plusnet  make extra efforts to make their customers satisfied and give you in a clear way the contact numbers on their website.

Plusnet is the service provider that never compromises with the quality of service. They offer excellent and fastest customer as well as complaint services to resolve queries.

Plusnet Contact Customer Services Adress

If you wish to contact Plusnet customer support through mail, you can write a letter to their customer service department at following address:

Plusnet plc, The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GU

You can use this address for resolving your queries and complaints and also provide your contact details in letter mailed to Plusnet. The contact details are required so that Plusnet customer executives can contact you back with the response to your queries.

The Balance in Sheffield

Plusnet Customer Service Contact Number

Plusnet customer services are provided separately for new and old customers. If you are already a customer of Plusnet, you can contact Plusnet regarding Broadband, Phone, TV and Account assistance at Plusnet customer service contact free number 0800 432 0200  if you are living in UK. However, separate number is provided for abroad customers. They can call at Plusnet contact from abroad number +44 345 140 0200.  The timings during which call can be made are between 7:30 am to 10 pm any day. Alternatively, you have the option to do live chat on Plusnet live chat support link

It is the fastest method to stay in touch with Plusnet customer support. However, if you want to get assistance regarding technical services of Plusnet, you can call on above Plusnet technical help number.

Plusnet Broadband Problems Phone Numbers

For broadband queries, you have the option to read Plusnet router setup guide in which solution to all problems is given. The guide is available at following link . If you are not satisfied with the solution referred by the guide, you can call on customer service numbers mentioned above. The problems regarding Plusnet broadband speed, Plusnet broadband and phone and to check Plusnet broadband status, these numbers can be called upon and this broadband guide can be followed. For checking Plusnet broadband status, you are provided with an option to call them at Plusnet check broadband status number 0800 917 6714. It is an automated service line that can be easily approached by the UK customers.

Plusnet Helpline

net check

Plusnet is always at your service to give you advice on all kind of matters. You can contact Plusnet helpline numbers by calling on Plusnet Helpline number 0044 345 140 0200. Their service representative will be there to guide you and give you necessary support. They give you step by step guidance for resolving problems faced by you.

Plusnet Sales Contact 03 and 08 Numbers

If you have any query regarding product and services of Plusnet, you can fill up the form given at Plusnet sales link . You also have the option to resolve your query through phone service of Plusnet. You can call on Plusnet Sales phone free number 0800 023 2221 or Plusnet sales team number 0330 123 4433. Plusnet Sales lines are available between 9 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Plusnet Moving Home Service Numbers

moving home

When you are thinking of shifting your house, you need to inform Plusnet at least 2 to 3 weeks ago. You are required to inform the date of shifting and new address on Plusnet moving home free number 0800 013 2632. This number can also be called upon for installing new phone lines at new place. Everything related to Plusnet phone and broadband packages can be sort out by calling on this number. For further help you can visit the following link where solution to your queries is clearly given.

Plusnet Business Support Numbers (080 and 033)

For customer support services of Plusnet Business, you can call on Plusnet Business contact free number 0800 028 0282, if you are staying in UK. For users staying abroad, they have the option to call on Plusnet contact number from abroad +44 330 123 9123. These numbers can be called upon any time as these lines are open for 24 hours.

Plusnet Cancellation Numbers 08 and 033

You may not like Plusnet services for any reason. You are provided with an option to cancel your services related to business as well as residential any time by calling on Plusnet cancellation free number 0800 013 2632.  This number is for UK residents and for people staying abroad the number is +44 330 123 9197.

PlusNet vs BT

These numbers have fixed timings when they can be called upon and timings are between 9 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Plusnet Billing Problems Contact Number

If you are facing problem related to payment of bill or getting statement of your bill account every month, following link shall provide you useful information. You are required to visit the link where all queries related to billing procedure are resolved properly. You may be facing hassle related to Plusnet change billing date, Plusnet change payment details, overdue bill, missing payments and many more. If your query is still not resolved, you can get in touch with customer executives of Plusnet by calling on Plusnet billing contact number 0800 432 0200.

Leaving Plusnet Contract Early

If you are not satisfied with the services of Plusnet and thinking of leaving them, you can do so just by calling on Plusnet contact free number 0800 731 7512. They will inform you about all special offers they have so that your decision can be changed.


They will try to improve the things that became the reason of leaving Plusnet.

Plusnet Enhanced Care Telephone Starts with 080

This service is offered for customers who need immediate solutions to their defaults in broadband services. It is the advanced services specially offered for businesses that are facing serious problems with their broadband connection. This enhanced care service can be opted by signing in to the Plusnet online account and follow the instructions mentioned. All kind of assistance related to this service is available at following link Your problem will be resolved within 24 hours but for certain kind of issues time taken can be extended. If you further need any help, you can contact Plusnet telephone number 0800 432 0200.

Plusnet Email Guides

Plusnet provides necessary help related to email settings for their customers. Plusnet email problems can be resolved by visiting the following links:

If you are facing issues related to set up of Plusnet email address, visit the link where all kind of assistance and solution to problems that a customer can face is discussed.

If you are unaware of use of Plusnet email, they are offering video guide provided at following link . Other queries related to use of email such as changing or removing email address, remembering user name & password, knowing storage limit, regarding email settings etc. can be resolved through this link.

This link provides video guide regarding usage of Plusnet webmail. For information regarding changing personal details, using of address book, changing folders, changing display patterns etc. on webmail, visit the link .

contact plusnet

Plusnet Complaint Procedure

Plusnet aims to provide high quality service to their customers, but there are some customers who may not feel satisfied with their services. It offers Plusnet customer complaint service for making you happy. The fastest way of raising complaint with Plusnet is by calling them on Plusnet complaints phone number 0800 432 0200 between 7:30 am to 10pm on any day. Alternatively you can chat with customer executives who are available to provide you all kind of help and giving solutions to your grievances. You can also file a complaint by signing into your registered account with Plusnet. The member of Plusnet support team shall investigate the matter and provide you with solution within 5 working days. If you are not happy with the solution referred by Plusnet, you can go to Alternate Dispute resolution. You can approach Communication and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS).  Their services are free and decisions are neutral.

It is to be noted that this authority will not deal with the complaints related to commercial policy. Moreover, business users of Plusnet having more than 10 employees also cannot contact this authority for resolving their complaints. You can contact this forum by sending an email at [email protected]  or by calling at 0207 520 3827.  You can also file a complaint to this portal by writing a letter at following postal address:

CISAS, 70 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1EU

You cannot directly file a complaint with CISAS. If Plusnet is unable to resolve your query, only then you have the right to go to this forum. CISAS does not deal with any complaint older less than 8 weeks. Plusnet must agree that they cannot further provide any kind of assistance.

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  1. Yi rang you a few days ago to report a poor snd intermittent connection, they have been of very little help. I am disabled and was unable to do what they required ( They seem to have forgotton there are 1000 Of people like myself ) however my son did as you required, still the connection was intermittent. I rang last night and was told an engineer would be in contact within 72 hours. However This morning I get an email ( luckily it got through) with threats that if I don’t reply to todays e mail with a given time my problem with be considered solved…EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE BEEN TOLD MY CONNECTION IS POOR., and I have been told an engineer will be in touch. Why are they sending emails to a connection they have been told doesn’t work properly? they have been told by myself my land line works, why don’t they use that. How hard can it get? Contacting me through a device that doesn’t work properly not very clever is it? Does this also mean there will be no engineer? I am totally confused by the meandering web site that keeps going back to the place where it started. I don’t want to keep ringing and be told that I have to wait 15 minutes ( is this the standard time, it seems to be?) and be obliged to listen to loud and totally inappropriate music… Having dated hit numbers in the repertoire does not make them trendy, it makes them insufferable..

  2. Just joined them with my home and holiday home wish I had stayed with BT no customer service and having to wait for just to find out what happening as BT have ended my service and I have phone service this is one customer they have not done proud

  3. The fastest way of raising complaint with Plusnet is by calling them on Plusnet complaints phone number 0800 432 0200 between 7:30 am to 10pm on any day *************but you will have to wait over 1 hour to get a reply then for the phone to go dead ** For me this is shocking service****************

  4. I’m so unhappy with plusnet taht I’mlooking to move to a different supplier. I’ve just been passed from one department to another, placed on hold, asked the same security questions each – for an hour and then i got cut off. Worst service I have ever received anywhere or anyone. My only recommendation would be – . They are. very, very stressful trying to speak to them or get any issues resolved.

  5. Calling about broadband not working and a 30 minute call waiting time…let’s hope it’s a one off and is quicker tomorrow as no one should be expected to wait that long!

  6. I am very unhappy with the service as I have been online for 40 minutes with Mattie and Lee trying to get an answer about my bill and still not got to the bottom of it.mrs Kay Hughes

  7. Can’t believe these have had me over there owned by BT what a they are I’m trying to email them and it’s not possible well they will have to unredirect my response to their email

  8. 2 years of the same fault…BB line dropping regularly and when it doesnt drop…it runs slow…Plusnet keep passing me from pillar to post with no resolution….they are hard. Good bye Plus net I I will go to another supplier that has proper customer service and gets faults resolved

  9. After doing a factory reset of my Kindle Fire, Plusnet tells me there is an authentication problem with my password, which I have had more many years. Please can you help?

  10. Was going to change my broadband to Plusnet from Talk Talk and have decided that I am better off with Talk Talk at least they do the phone after two minuets

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