Ryanair Contact Numbers

For Ryanair customer service you can use our signposting service number: 0843 837 5415 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Ryanair Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Conact Ryanair


Ryanair Customer Service

PO Box 11451 Swords Co Dublin Ireland

Ryanair customer service has the best and dedicated staff to handle all your complaints, requests and queries. We will be happy to assist you with your general queries. To make a new booking we suggest you to opt for Ryanair self-service links, click on Ryanair customer service link https://www.Ryanair.com/gb/en/ . In case you need to change a booking click on the Ryanair customer care link https://www.Ryanair.com/gb/en/check-in . If you want immediate support from one of our team members then you can use Ryanair customer service live chat https://secure.livechatinc.com/licence/5665411/open_chat.cgi?groups=1 . If you still wish to talk to one of our team members regarding new bookings or general queries then contact us on Ryanair customer service number 0330 100 6996 for which the Ryanair customer service opening hours are from Monday to Friday, 6:00-19:00 GMT on Saturday from 9:00-18:00 GMT and on Sunday from 10:00-18:00 GMT. The call rate for the same will be 0.13 pounds per minute. You can also send us your queries and requests via email on https://contactform.Ryanair.com/ . In case you have any queries related to advertising then write to us on Ryanair contact email UK [email protected] .

Ryanair Head Office Address

Our customers can also write to us at
Ryanair head office address Ryanair Ltd. Corporate Head Office Airside Business Park Swords Co Dublin Ireland
Ryanair is registered in Ireland No. 104547, and Ryanair Ltd. V.A.T Registration number is:
4749148U. You can also contact us on Ryanair UK phone number +353 1 945 12 12.

Ryanair Customer Care

Our staff will be available to take your calls regarding flight change and flight disruptions on Ryanair customer care number 0330 1007 828 from Monday to Friday, 6:00-19:00 GMT, on Saturday from 9:00-18:00 GMT and on Sunday from 10:00-18:00 GMT and calls will be charged at local price rates.

Ryanair Contact Details

There is a special assistance Ryanair helpline for our customers who need special airport assistance or special assistance related to mobility. For availing special assistance Ryanair contact details are as follows: you can chat with our agents on Ryanair customer service live chat link https://secure.livechatinc.com/licence/5836511/open_chat.cgi?groups=18 and in case you need telephonic assistance then call us on Ryanair contact number UK 0330 100 6996. Please note that general queries and flight cancellation issues will not be held during special assistance.

Ryanair Flight Refund Request

Customers who have queries and requests related to Ryanair flight refund due to unused flights following the cancellation of your flight or in case the flight has been delayed for more than three hours and now you decide not to fly you need to fill an online fund request form. You can get access to Ryanair contact form by clicking on the following link https://refundclaims.Ryanair.com/ . In case you seek information regarding the refund policy simply click on Ryanair contact centre link https://beta.Ryanair.com/gb/en/useful-info/help-centre/terms-and-conditions#section-termsandconditionsar_1182589074-termsandconditionsse .

Ryanair Flight Disruption Expense Claim

If there is a flight cancellation or a delay in the flight, or you do not wish to fly and want to file a claim for travel, refreshment or transport expense then you need to fill an online claim form. The online claim form is available on Ryanair flight disruption expense claim form link https://eu261claims.Ryanair.com/ . Make sure you have all the required documents to support your claim along with your bank details to make the claim without any chaos. You can refer to the link https://www.Ryanair.com/content/dam/Ryanair/help-centre-pdfs/eu261-.pdf in case you need to know your rights under EU Regulation 261.

Ryanair Contact us

The customers who require Ryanair insurance letter for a flight delay then click on the link https://www.Ryanair.com/content/dam/Ryanair/help-centre-pdfs/INSURANCE%20CONFIRMATION%20DELAY_EN.pdf . The customers who require confirmation regarding unused flight then click on the following Ryanair contact us link https://www.Ryanair.com/gb/en/useful-info/help-centre/faq-overview/Travel-insurance/How-do-I-get-an-insurance-no-show-letter

Ryanair Complaints Procedure

There is a simple Ryanair complaints procedure that our customers will have to follow in case there are complaints to me made by our customers and our dedicated team will be happy to help you with the issues and we will make sure to improve the services for a better experience. There are different links that you will have to click on. For general refunds, serious illness and death issues please click on https://refundclaims.Ryanair.com/ , for issues related to flight cancellation or delay you can click on https://eu261claims.Ryanair.com/ which is considerable under EU 261, for complaints regarding baggage please click on https://baggageclaims.Ryanair.com/ and in case you wish to compliment Ryanair or you have complaints and queries against Ryanair please click on https://contactform.Ryanair.com/ . You can also send your compliments and complaints in written on Ryanair contact UK address
Customer Service Department PO Box 11451 Swords Co Dublin Ireland
In order to avoid delays in getting your issues resolved you need to make sure that all the information that Ryanair seeks has been given to the team. Our dedicated team members are there to handle complaints regarding items purchased onboard for which you can write to us on Ryanair complaints address
Inflight Sales Ryanair Ltd. PO Box 11451 Swords Co Dublin, Ireland

Ryanair Customer Service UK

Ryanair customer service UK has appointed the most dedicated team in order to assist you with claims regarding baggage. If you wish to submit a baggage claim online then click on Ryanair baggage claims department link https://baggageclaims.Ryanair.com/ and follow the instructions. There is a special link by Ryanair in order to access Worldtracer and the link is http://www.worldtracer.aero/filedsp/fr.htm . Ryanair customer care department has provided a link for the customers who wish to cover the baggage for a comparatively higher value in case of misplacement, damage or loss of a baggage. An online form has to be filled by the customer and to access the form please click on the following link https://specialdeclaration.Ryanair.com/ .

Ryanair Lost Luggage Contact

Customers who have requests regarding baggage misplacement can contact on Ryanair lost luggage contact numbers which are given separately for every airport situated in UK. Customers calling from Birmingham can call us on Ryanair helpline number +44 1217678699, customers calling from Bournemouth can call us on Ryanair contact number +44 1202 364318, customers calling from the Bristol area can report the misplacement of luggage on Ryanair contact telephone number +44 1275 473543, customers calling from Derry area can contact our team on Ryanair centre number +44 2871 810784, for reporting lost luggage customers from Doncaster area can contact us on Ryanair customer service phone number UK +44 1302625158, customers calling from East-Midlands can call us on +44 1332 814203, customers who are calling from Edinburgh area can contact our team on Ryanair contact telephone +44 131 3443253. All the customers calling from Glasgow (Prestwick) area can contact our team on Ryanair customer care number +44 7990 551125, customers calling from Leeds Bradford can call us on Ryanair phone number +44 791 955 3053, our team will be available for customers calling from Liverpool area on Ryanair helpline number +44 151 9071022, callers from London-Gatwick area can report on Ryanair contact centre number +44 8443754260, callers from London (Luton) area can contact our team on Ryanair call centre number +44 1582 702312. Customers reporting from London-Stansted area can call us on +44 330 1007 828, customers for the same calling from Manchester region can contact us on Ryanair contact us number +44 8443754257 and customers calling from Newcastle area can report on Ryanair lost luggage contact number +44 191 2144376.

Ryanair Business plus Contact number

Ryanair customers who need assistance regarding business plus services can contact us on Ryanair business plus contact number 03301006 996.

33 thoughts on “Ryanair Contact Numbers”

  1. Good evening,

    I want to request to resend to my email my flight and return flight confirmation details, i can send the flight Reservation
    Passengers names and the Return Flight info:

    Thank you,
    Jurgita J.

    1. Hey Jurgita.
      Best thing you can do is call them and ask them directly to resend you.
      As far as i know, they will resend you about 10 days before the flight, as a reminder to go through the online check in.

    2. Hi in May last year my niece bought me £150 worth of vouchers for my 70th Birthday .She was over the moon giving these to me as she said I would be able to get home to Ireland more often .Image. Her disappointment when I went to use these and they wouldn’t accept then after munerious callers to they offices I was told to use real money and that I would be reinberce we are still waiting for this to happen and still many ,many many more call to their both from here in Yorkshire and in Ireland where my niece lives .We cannot afford to lose this money ,so as a last effort My niece has decided to take her claim to the small claims court if she dosnt hear from them soon .Thanking them in anticipation

    3. hi I’m having air hostess birthday party in march I’m inviting Ryair flight attendant to my party I don’t know the date yet . can I get back to you or I give you my phone
      then ill tell you date from Jodie laren page

  2. Hello,
    How much cost a ticket for London Luton to Vilnius 11:20 ? I can’t see a price online. Online booking is not possible, I need to book at the airport. I tried to call directly to airport, but nobody answer. Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

  3. Does anyone know ryanair’s email address to ask simple questions, such as:

    Is there a weight limit for free hand carry and I hard now Ryan air allows 2 free bags. Is this correct?

    Is mobile boarding card ok, and I won’t have to pay any extra fee for not printing the boarding card?

    Thank you.

    1. I would like to complain about our boarding pass.
      We did try and get the boarding passes before we left from home
      and were told they were not ready yet. When we were in Spain we got a e-mail 2days before coming home. We also tried to get them again and they kept telling us that our e-mail address and password was wrong. we tried to get from you a new password but they never got back to us why.

      So I am very annoyed that you charged us euros at the airport. The staff were not helpful at all and we had difficulty communicating with them. We will not be flying with Ryanair again.

  4. Hello,my friends and I try to get suitcases on to our flights from Limoges to East Midlands airport…but once the checking desk,was told that we were late.but two people where at the checking desk..now we are stuck in Limoges airport trying to get home… spoken to the French lady and she has booked us onto a flight for tomorrow afternoon…
    What my complete is,she could have let us go through as it wasn’t clear enough on the TV on which desk to go through.so at first we weren’t in the right que,until we realised,then we went over to the right one… explained to this lady,but still said no…go and speak to the Ryanair desk,which I did… explained to her…she tried ringing down stairs..got no answer,so she went down stairs herself and tried to sort it for us…but couldn’t,now it’s cost us an extra a piece…( ..please can Ryanair help us out,we use Ryanair all the time flying to and from France each year..
    I think it was wrong and we should have been able to go through and get our flight back to the uk…we were late because of the person only put out everything in French and no English.
    Plus to add two of us are at work tomorrow,my self in the morning and John Hepper tomorrow night.
    I think that they should have been able to let us though as the flight had just started to let passages of the flight…so please customerservicecontactnumber: how could Ryanair give us a refund on out flights back to the uk,as it wasn’t our fault and in order for this not to happen again… think that things sound be made clearer and that the should put calls out in English as well as French.
    Kind regards

  5. Hello, I am about to fly Wed 28th of Sept 2016 from London Stansted to Madrid Barajas, at 15.30 PM and turn out impossible to proceed with check in online today, is addressing all the time to proceed with extra payments which I do not want to pay.
    I request some help from customer service call center around 11.30 am today and at the end, they have not sent to me any confirmation mail of no charge check in at the airport. They promised I should not pay any extra charge at the airport. Is there any chance some of your customer services assistant send to me any mail confirmation of no extra charge. Thanks.

  6. Dear Sir /Madam
    i did ticket with my family WIFE AND CHILD from doubling to (SXF) Berlin booking date was 12th October but because of some problem we did not travel and again we booked for 13th October .

    Please can you tell me if i can get refund which i did not use ticket for 12th October? thank you for this wonderfull help blog, great job.

  7. To whom it may concern

    Regarding to one of my friends in Italy has bought a ticket from =company for my another friend here
    Who will go directly from Bkk to Rome but the problem is,,,he have to take another flight with your company fly to Brindisi in Italy
    And his friend were busy no have time to contact your company to resend the ticket
    Therefore could you please help my friend by resend his itinerary of the ticket to this email
    His name is,…

    He have to catch flight from
    Rome to Brindisi
    On December 2. 2016
    will be appreciated

    Do not hesitate for any questions can contact us right the way

    Hopefully to heard from you very soon

  8. I wrote a few months ago and ask them that it was possible for the connection in 1 day like 3 years ago.
    Flight from Lourdes France tot Milano Bergamo italy and have a connextion for the flight .
    Milano Bergamo to Palermo
    Never I received a response. Now I see on the site
    Lourdes to Milano Bergamo 19.25
    Flight Milano Palermo
    Is it possible to take this connextion (only 25min) Its to short ?
    Can i changed time and set the connextion later for your Flight Milano to Palermo. Thanks.

  9. I have vouchers given as a gift and booking site will not accept as “names on vouchers do not match booking name”

    how do I rectify – no reply from phones and sometimes I cannot even get a dial tone

  10. Hello,
    I have booked a flight with Ryanair for 2 families (10 people) leaving from Bristol to Gran canaria. Upon receiving our confirmation we can see that 1 family are returning to Bristol and the other to Luton We did not request to return to Luton. I have contacted Ryanair via the telephone and have been told that I can change flights (6 people) and return into Bristol (as requested) at an additional cost of euros This is far too expensive. Please can Ryanair help me with this you think?

  11. hi
    I need to find out about equestrian saddles.
    can I take one on as hand luggage or do I have to check it in if so how do I do this and how much will it cost
    regards emma english

  12. Good evening to RYANAIR.

    I want to request to resend to my email my flight and return flight confirmation details, I am send the flight Reservation

    Any charge in credit card?

    Thank you,

  13. Hi , I hope to travel to Malaga ,
    I have just realized that I have only one month before my passport expire , will this be accepted..?

  14. Ryanair have lost all our luggage. No contact with us in 24 hours despite knowing all we have is clothes we travelled in.,. Nothing else. No hand luggage. No medication. No toiletries. No bank cards. They’ve ignored us. How we can live on ‘holiday’ disaster without our things?

  15. Ryanair cancelled our flight fr2326 on 12/9 with 15 hours notice. I now read of your plans to cancel multiple flights over the next 8 weeks.
    We are due to return on fr2327 on 19/9.
    I am due at St James hospital Leeds vital operation. I dare not risk another cancelled flight so have rebooked on TUI to Manchester.
    I shall be grateful for any agreement to cancel our return flight and refund, how can i do it?

  16. Absolutley hard in Ryanair cancelling flight from Bratislava Friday 15th sept 2017 with little warning you must have known a lot earlier this was going to happen could have given more notice to sort another flight Which were non existent from this airport. Had to go to Vienna and pay a lot of money to get home via zurich,then Manchester. Will book a flight again for the rest of my life. Also I would like to add still arguing with customer service over goods purchased on a previous flight which were faulty and returned in April still no refund on that as yet

  17. Good morning,
    yesterday evening the flight my family was meant to catch has been cancelled. I changed the reservation as they suggested and booked 2 tickets for the next flight on the same day and received a booking confirmation email but I’m trying to sit my mum next to my dad and do the early check-in for both of them to avoid any problem, as it looks like many customers are trying to buy tickets for the same flight. I managed to reserve a sit for my dad and do the early check-in for him, but the system is not allowing me to do the same for my mum, and I’m worried she might not get any sit on that flight!
    They can not fly separately and I already arranged for hotel reservations, transport etc in London, for them and other members of the family who had the same problem.
    Can anybody help, your customer service chat is offline all the time, and they should fly to London on the 28th of September (next week)!
    Many thanks

  18. Hi,

    Is it possible to change a status of a passenger from adult to a child as the passenger who is flying with two teens was put on teen and the kids are on adult?
    The ticket were bought just now and i have clicked wrong for 2 adults and 1 child and it should be 1 adult and 2 kids.

  19. My mother is due to fly to stansted on 1st November and needs special assistance, I have tried your special assistance number and left on hold. She is travelling from Kerry to Stansted and needs an airport wheelchair to and from the airport steps.


  21. Im trying to do he online checkin but system doesn’t works. When employer was confronted and I explained everything he just told me “i don’t care, have to do 2hours before departure” and i must pay 55€. Btw That wasn’t my first flight with but something was changed…

  22. I returned from Nice in France to Dublin on Friday last 2nd November .I was unable to book in online 48 hours beforehand as Thursday the 1st November and Friday were bank holidays in Nice and there was no internet cafe or library open.When I arrived at the airport i discovered there were no computer screens there either to do it .I explained my dilemna at the Ryanair Desk and was told to queue up at check in desk to be told when I got to the desk to go back to the Ryanair Desk and as it was by that time within the 2 hours of departure I was told I had to pay 55 Euro .This was not my fault as I should not have been sent from the Desk to check in Desk at the beginning as it was nearly 3 hours before the flight then.I am very disappointd with this and I will be very reluctant to travel with Ryanair again in the future .

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  24. Good morning. I need a certificate that I flew with Ryanair on day 3/01/2018. It’s for my job. The reservation number i can send them but how do i do it ?

  25. I have been trying to check in online since early evening on the 22.4.2019 to no avail. The confirm box is frozen. It is now 8am 23.4.2019 and I still cannot check in. Is there a problem with their website.

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