Samsung UK Customer Service Contact Phone Numbers, Suport and Samsung helplines

For Samsung customer service you can call 0330 726 7864 you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Samsung  UK Phone Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Samsung contact Numbers

Samsung is a very popular electronic and technology company that is serving its customers in a best way. They offer various household appliances, electronic items and other technology products to their customers. Besides this they provide full customer service and support to their customers through phone numbers, emails, postal mail system etc. They have provided very easy process of customer service and complaint services so that customers do not face any hassle.

Samsung Customer Service Address

You have the option to contact Samsung through postal mail service by writing a letter. The letter will be sent to following address:

Samsung Customer Support, Selectapost 38, Sheffield, S97 3FJ

You can use this address for filing a complaint with Samsung too. Please address the letter to complaint department and do mention your contact numbers or addresses while sending postal mail so that they can revert back regarding your problem.

Samsung Customer Care Contact Numbers And Samsung Product Support Numbers

You can contact Samsung customer care number 0330 726 7864 between 9am to 6pm for resolving your queries. This number can be called upon even on bank holidays. Whether you have an issue related to Samsung Television or Smartphone, Samsung customer helpline is always available at your service. Alternatively, you can contact Samsung through Samsung customer live chat link The timings for chat link are limited. It can be done between 10am to 7:30pm on Monday to Friday and between 10 am to 5:30 pm on Saturday.

You can also resolve your query through email by sending it at Samsung Customer service email address [email protected] .

For getting Samsung mobile devices related help, visit the link and choose your query. These FAQs will provide you necessary help to resolve your problem. Alternatively you can call on above mentioned Samsung contact customer service number between prescribed timings.

For getting energy information and eco-design, you are required to visit the following link . Add the type of product and model name to get the necessary information.

You need to get hassled for finding out service locations of Samsung. You are required to visit the link and fill your postal code or address. Find service location nearby easily through this link and get your problem resolved.

Samsung Repair and Service Centre

Ford repair and service center, just navigate to this page:

Samsung has various support centers that grants Samsung Support services related to phone and its wearables. You are required to visit the link and choose your category service you want to avail and resolve your query. Now whether you have software problem, crack screen problem, hardware repairs etc. come to support center of Samsung and become tension free.

Samsung UK Technical Support Customer Service Number

In case you are facing any technical issues, Samsung is always at your service with its Samsung technical support numbers. You can call on Samsung technical service UK free number 0800 169 1269 and resolve your issues. Alternatively you can write and email at Samsung Technical support email address [email protected] to get their assistance.

Samsung SmartThings Support

You can get in touch with Samsung service assistance through email address [email protected] . Alternatively, they also have Samsung customer online chat service at following link between 10 am to 7pm on Monday to Friday.

Samsung Online Support Services

For making new orders online, you can call on Samsung online store phone number 0330 726 7467.  The number will be available for customer assistance between 9am to 6pm. The call charges will be at local rates applicable to landline. However, calls made from mobiles are subject to their service provider rates.  You can also write and email at Samsung customer care email address [email protected] for completing your online shopping.

Samsung Business Contact Number

Samsung business number can be called upon at 01932 455 000 for getting Samsung business technical support or making any Samsung business enquiry. This number can also be called upon for Samsung business UK careers.

Samsung News releases

You can get latest news, alerts and general information regarding Samsung products and services by visiting the link . In case you want to search any past news, you can do so by sorting news and alerts alphabetically or latest as per your requirement.

Samsung Warranty Check

Samsung provides warranty information regarding various products offered by it. You can visit the link and choose your product regarding which you are seeking information and warranty period. This link will also provide necessary information regarding warranty service.

Samsung complaint Phone Number

Samsung provides very easy complaint procedure for their customers. If you are facing any issue with the services of Samsung, you can easily file a complaint by calling on Samsung complaint number 330 726 7864. Other methods of filing complaint includes through Samsung complaint chat link or through mail by writing a letter at Samsung customer service address.

If your problem is still pending or you are not satisfied with the solution granted by complaint department you can write an email to CEO at Samsung UK CEO email address. You are required to fill the details at following page and click on send to submit the mail to CEO.

Samsung Email Support

Samsung offers high quality email support service to their customers. They follow 3-step procedure where you are required to first tell the issue related to particular product. You are required to visit the link and select the device in which problem is faced. Choose the sub category of your device, model number and topic that will explain the problem you are facing. In the next step you will be given FAQ help in this link. If your problem is still not resolved at this step, go to the third step and send an email after filling your contact details at the following link

Samsung UK Contact us Number and Support

In case you want to check your order status you can sign in to your Samsung account to do this but if you do not have your own account, you can call Samsung UK contact us number 0330 726 7864. The call can be made between 9am to 9pm, any day in a week. You will get all the details related to your order. You can also use this number for cancelling your order.

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    1. Trying to register my wash machine for warranty on line for and get a cashback.
      Appears to be a scam ? by Curry’s and Samsung Impossible to do.
      Samsung just want your personal details and then good bye like this

  1. So far quite honestly customer care situation i have ever been involved in

    Samsung’s APPROVED service centre in Norwich called ANOVO

  2. Dear

    I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you are well and happy. I on the other hand have been submerged with sadness and unhappiness for the last four weeks. Why? I can hear you ask….well this is how the story goes….4 months ago i upgraded my phone to one of samsung galaxy 7 phones (having being a faithful apple customer for years), the advertisements in cinemas and television were amazing and lured me in, ( by the way…well done to the samsung advertising team on that has been well spent there), after being lured in and excited i went along and upgraded my phone at a carphone warehouse store. Upgrade went well and i was in reciept of my shiny new limited edition samsung galaxy 7! I went home and immediately started to use my phone, finding new apps and exploring all the new programmes and facilities it had to offer.
    At first it took a bit getting used to as ive mentioned above im a devout apple customer until now but the more i used it the more i started to appreciate its brilliance. I was very chuffed with my purchase and as i largely use my phone for my business so i went to town with loading up all my personal documents and saving all my business contacts to my handset. So as my phone is my lifeline to my business being fully operational i was in full trust that it would support me and be with me through to the end until i would eventually upgrade. I am now mourning the death of my phone who died on me a month ago. My s7 lived a short life and left me at a frustrating loss of where to go for support and help. I was passed around from pillar to post to see if anyone could help me. No such luck. In the end i was informed that the phones motherboard had gone haywire and nothing could be done. At this point i was going haywire for being passed around to different stores and travelling trent only to be told that they didnt know what was wrong with it…No sorry…no explanation…and not covered by warranty….nothing.
    I had been left without any means of communication to my business which is  miles away from where i stay and given no alternative to what i should to next.
    Can imagine at this point i was exhausted and gutted and eventually went to a store and bought an apple phone outright.
    This whole miserable experience has left so unhappy and traumatised that i have now decided that i will not purchase the 5 samsung tvs for my new house that i was going to get, i will not get the samsung american fridge freezer  that i was going to get, i will not get the new Samsung washing machine (i was debating in between the new one that auto dispenses soap and connects to phone and has a touch screen, which i must add is amazing, or new add wash model), i will most definitely not buy the samsung printer i had in mind and lastly i am most definitely telling my wife and relatives to get rid of their samsung phones and convert to apple.
    Looking back on this experience i now see how all of this could of been avoided if my handset was replaced free of charge as it was no fault of mine
    customer of Samsung

  3. Samsung products. Four months since I bought the S7 and a month after it fell on the pavement and the screen cracked, the phone DIED after a software update that it forced me to run. Samsung’s support people in Manchester simply claimed that the cracked screen meant that the warranty was void. In other words Samsung in my opinion, just like Apple, are trying to get people to buy a new phone, a phone that costs almost 600GBP. When I said to them that I could and would pay for fixing the screen if they’d fix the motherboard within the warranty they simply refused. Their support guy was annoyed when I refused to acknowledge that I was given any options. Get a new phone is NOT “options”, it is simply. Ironically I moved to Samsung from Apple because of similar.

  4. I got pre-orderd note 7 from carphone warehouse as I know that it has battery issues, such as being over heated or exploding…i went to my nearest store to get replacement of note 7 they did not had any not 7 left lend me galaxy s6 til note 7 replacement comes in..i spent £699 got galaxy s6 an old phone rather than getting galaxy 7 absolutely Samsung giving customers galaxy s6 should be galaxy s7 and should give samsung vr gear as complimentary gesture..i been samsung customer for long time

  5. The customer service ever My new TV came with the wrong port cover for the rear of the TV, after several phone calls and e-mails I was told a new cover was being sent out. I then received another phone call saying it was not being sent out as I have not provided proof of purchase!

    The bloody TV has only been out for 4 months I sent them a picture of my receipt and was told this is not valid as it does not say where it was purchased!

    Absolutely the last Samsung product for me….

  6. I brought my Galaxy S7 (bought on the 22nd of July) to have its screen replaced on Sept the 13th at the Surrey Quays Samsung Center, because it cracked falling from my desk. The employee said it would have been ready early in the following week as a replacement screen was available in store (she went in the back to check while I was there). She charged me 180£ and gave me the references to track my repair online. When I didn’t hear anything from the shop, I checked the tracker and found out that my repair had been cancelled, the reason stated was: ‘customer request’. As I never got in touch with the repair center to reschedule my repair, I phoned them with no luck and then sent them an email. On the 19th of September, the store manager told me that he was ‘hoping’ to have the replacement by the end of that week (so by the 22nd).
    After not hearing from anyone, on the following week I phoned in again. An employee told me that the repair had not started yet and that my phone would have been ready in 7 working days. In the meanwhile, I got in touch with the main Samsung customer service support via email, but the employee wasn’t even able to get in touch with the repair center.
    I am writing today at the very end of my hopes and wits. I phoned the store today (11th Oct) and they told me that the phone will need 7 more days. I am at loss at what to do. I had to invest so much money and time, being on the phone and writing emails that I can never be compensated for that. I only wish I had never bought that phone.
    Is there something to be done to have my phone fixed? Is it possible to retrieve my phone (with the screen broken as it is) and receive a refund? I just want this to end for me as a customer

  7. One month and still no repair a cracked screen
    I put my Galaxy J320FN in for a cracked screen repair on the 15th September 2016 after being quoted that it would take two working days excluding the Sunday of that week. It has now been just under one calendar month and despite being told on three other occasions in the last month that it would be ready within two days. This includes the one time on the 29th September when I went to the Samsung Support Shop in person and was shown a form stating that the part would arrive on the 6th October. Still Nothing!
    I have also called the support helpline who told me that the Samsung Shop in question has to put in a request to inform the main supplier that the part has still not arrived but no other information was given, except to call the shop back.
    At no time has Samsung attempted to contact me with an explanation, I continually get told that the part is not available and told to call Samsung customer services who then tell me to call the Samsung shop and I am just left going around in circles.

    I called the shop, again, today and the shop representative was very defensive when I asked what was happening and explained my annoyance to him. He just made out that the part is unavailable and that nothing could be done if the part is not available. I got a call back from another representative of the Samsung Shop stating that due to my attitude they are no longer dealing with my repair. I defended myself and asked what the reasoning was for this decision and was told it was because I was abusive. At no time was I abusive, just annoyed after a month of being taken round in circles. I asked that representative in what way was I abusive and asked if the other representative was accusing me of using profanities/swearing, which I had not done though I am annoyed, I’m not a swearer . I managed to get the shop to continue to deal with my phone, I am justifiably annoyed.
    I was quoted two days it’s been one month!
    I have numbers and information on the phone that I need.
    Nobody at Samsung seems to have an answer and nobody at Samsung ever contacts me with an update, not by text, a call or email. I have to chase them up
    All I want to know is, what is happening, when will the repair be done?

  8. I have sent a few email, 20, around the Note 7 issue and huge failings of Samsung UK to either actually take care of its customers, or as we are now seeing worldwide, at least offer us a small token of compensation for all the major troubles they have recently put us through. It still shocks me when I see or US counterparts (and indian) being offered goodwill gestures for sending back note 7 phones and all I got was….Nothing offered, not even a reduced s7/edge, except an excruciating 2 week war to get a refund and my vow never to buy any samsung product again. I will be asking for compensation for both my case and screen protector that I purchased but expect either no reply as per normal. Simply shocking Samsung UK.

  9. I must a agree with other post, I have been loyal Samsung customer. everything is fine and dandy whilst it is working as it should. The trouble starts when you have an issue, you are stuck on phone for ages and they promise a manager will ring you back which never happens. I then tried emailing as well, yep same again no reply. truly wait to treat customers. You might want to spend some of your profits on helping and retaining loyal customers. unfortunately

  10. I would like to bring to your notice that I had submitted my Samsung J7 (2016) on 16th Aug 2016 to Mumbai Samsung Service Center(Malad West Near Sub way) for handset damaged.

    This phone was purchased on 15 th Aug 2016 around 2:00 PM from Reliance Trend from infinity Mall 2 Malad West.
    At time of demo they on it shown us and said you need to charge phone after reaching home because new phone has to be charged.

    The next day morning the phone was not on so we thought it might be switched off due to low battery.

    So we kept the mobile for charging around 8 :00 am morning, but the phone was not getting charged.

    So we went to Reliance Trend with the handset and showed them around 11:00 am that mobile is getting on.

    So they took the handset tried to check about the issue after some time they said that phone is dead you have go replacement, but that we have visit the nearest service center with the handset we will give you letter.

    Once that letter is there it will replaced. So we confirmed from them is there any other issue…. they said no it is handset issue has you purchased yesterday…not even 24 hr….it will replaced just we need the letter.

    We rushed to service center…..around 12:00 PM…..showed the mobile they said that it physical damage and it will charged around 8000/- for the repair it.

    I had urged with the service center people for the same that it not even 24 hr….how there will a physical damage…and if it is physical damage that Reliance store would have identified and that movement they would denied for the replacement of the handset why would the send me to service center.

    And my frustration well increased by think that it’s not even 24 hr….I have seen or used handset and know they are telling that its physical damage…..that too I have took on credit card where in have make the payment.

    With all this frustration and depressed state of mind I said the service center people do one thing keep this handset with you only. I went out of the out let…

    No one even tried to help or getting contact……after two hour my husband visit the service center to check the issue…..that time they said it physical damage there is bend in the handset….so it cannot be replaced or repaired under warranty….

    After which my husband tried to explain them from end noting happened…but no was ready help…..we surrendered the handset with all accessories and box too….

    After which we visited the Reliance Store and explained what ever happen in the service center……and they were also shocked by listing about physical damage…

    With the help of Rakesh and Vatsal continues follow up of one month got the approval for repair of handset with no cost.

    I am very thankful to them for their support and help.. and understood our situation…..and they have forward all the approval mail to the Malad Service Center.

    Now it is almost 1 month we have not got any support from the Malad W Service Center…..Service Center informed me that they do not have the necessary part for replacement are expecting the same from warehouse.

    I have been following up with service center & Samsung care but am not getting any positive response.
    Would request your support in getting this issue addressed.

  11. Hi since doing the latest update I can’t receive sound notificationsystem. This must be a software issue is there going to be another update to resolve this issue?

  12. I have tried to obtain a direct email via Samsung Facebook page messenger. They have fobbed me off 5 times with a general link I’ve told them I’ve already done and phone been sent away but came back with exact SAME FAULT it went to you with. It cuts out when both making and receiving calls.
    This has been going on months.
    I’ve emailed twice to get emails back saying DELAYED, It’s a complete shambles and a this is the customer service
    I always but Samsung but after this treatment it’ll be my last, phone tablet and camera. Great blog you have here btw.

  13. I can not believe they call this “customer service”, more like “customer abuse”. Firstly, they need to teach their staff manners and then what follows.

    I regret every Samsung purchase I have made and certainly not to buy anything else from this company

  14. Order placed 5 days ago, with a next working day delivery option. Online system says still being prepared.

    Contact the online order phone number – gets message – option?

    What kind of customer service is that?

  15. Dear Samsung and users,

    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy 7 edge on a contract of two years through Three Mobile.
    This was purchased in May , based on the major advertising you were promoting about your “Waterproof Phone” Do you remember the one where the boy drops this exact phone into a bowl of water? Incidentally, I see that this advert has not been on television for several months now. However, as a reminder I have provided the links below.
    As a family I would never usually consider purchasing anything other than Apple products, however we relented as it was the phone my son really wanted.
    Now, since we have been investigating further and reading the reviews about other customers of Samsung posting disgruntled feedback about the poor customer service they have received about this product they are mis-selling, my son has been extremely mindful of not getting his phone wet, let alone placing it in bowls of water as you suggest and it is only recently the phone stopped charging.
    Your emails stating that my sons phone is water damaged and now the latest email, advising that liquid or water invalidates the Warranty of the amazing “Waterproof Phone” that can withstand being underwater up to 30 minutes to a depth of 1.5 metres. (Please do watch the official Samsung advertisements )
    Strangely it has now changed to “Water resistant” My concern is not about the Warranty, it is the false advertising.
    I suggest that Samsung are (or have been) falsely advertising a product and are now trying to wriggle out of any responsibility due to the sheer amount of complaints and problems Samsung customers are having. The gentleman from UPL who collected the phone at your request, advised he had collected copious amounts of these telephones…

    Since we have received the phone back, we are wasting vast human energy on emailing Samsung UK back and forth to be met with lies and now I have most recently emailed your CEO in despair.
    We are left with a mobile phone that will only charge via a wireless charger but the screen has a red line running through it. It gets incredibly hot when being used and the back keeps sporadically dropping off, Great Customer Service after taking a look at the phone and returning it. My advice to a potential Samsung customer is to steer clear and stick to Apple.

  16. Bought a samsung CCTV camera. But i cannot get the cameras on my phone.
    after numerous calls to samsung they refuse to help. I am totally appalled by there behaviour. They say we only help set up the cctv which is soooo easy to set up. But they don’t help with the tech part of it.
    being such a big company i at least thought they would help out. On the other hand a small company help with all the IT Support over the phone and are always there to help. I regret buying from samsung and advice people out there do not buy samsung CCTV as support is useless.

  17. please have bought my Samsung phone;grand prime +.with 8Gp internal memory.can I be possible to use 32Gp external memory card?

  18. I have received an email from Samsung UK that there is no selected as winner i have given total details below please tell me is it true

  19. Just taken delivery of a Samsung RB29F fridge freezer, and have spent nearly 2 hours trying to reverse the doors. The instruction manual is hopeless with pictures only 7 mm square. In desperation rang the “customer care ” line to be told this needs to be done by an engineer – so why are the instructions for this in the owners manual and separate leaflet? – oh the cost for the engineer £99.

  20. Awful experience with these people. We purchased a Samsung induction hob partly because it came with a 5 year warranty. Samsung warranted that the hob would be defect free for 5 years. It broke 6 weeks ago and cannot be fixed. The warranty (ie contract) has been broken. Samsung have offered (1) ceramic hob worth less than half of the cost of the hob purchased ; or (2) a “refund” off 44% of the cost of the hob purchased; or (c) an induction hob worth the same as the one purchased which does not fit into the kitchen “in 7 to 10 working days”. This all their “process” allows. No escalation offered , no manager to try and speak to, no interest in trying to help out. This was their idea of “resolution”

    To reiterate – Samsung’s commitment when they sold me the hob was that it would be defect free for 5 years. There obligation to me now is to provide me with a remedy that puts me into the position that I would be had they honored their warranty. That is, I would have that hob (or it nearest equivalent in terms of value) that works . Not a 40% refund or a completely inferior product worth less than half of what their promised when I purchased the thing. They seem obsessed with depreciation. That is completely irrelevant in UK law when a warranty of this nature is breached.
    To add insult to injury – as you will know – Xmas is coming. And we have nothing to cook on for myself and 9 family members who are coming round. Thanks Samsung. See you in Court.
    Everyone else posting – I suggest that you come and join me.

  21. I tried Customer Support, I was so I rang off. If I had paid attention to Jabal or Jamal whatever her name was, It would have cost me unnecessary. I have a new Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime and had reset the phone and the screen came up in Chinese or some other Asian language wanting a code number. This was my SIM Lock PIN. She said I would have to go to have phone reflashed. Luckily, I accidently found out a free way to deal with my problem. I took my SIM card out, and lo and behold It went to initial set up with languages, so I was able to change back to English without delay. Samsung Support.

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