Sky Tv, Broadband, Sky Talk and Sky Go Contact Numbers

For Sky direct customer service number you can use 0800 1512 747 Free Phone (!) you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Sky Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Sky is one of the United Kingdom main providers of digital entertainment. This includes all needs for television and cable broadcasting, telephone and mobile, and internet and fibre broadband services. Customers include all of the UK and Ireland, with the headquarters centered primarily in London.

With Sky broadcasting services you can enjoy various channels on your TV watching your favorite shows. It also offers various broadband plans & services to its customers. You can visit the company website to get any kind of assistance such as filing complaints, resolving various queries, etc.

Yet, you may be best spending time reaching out to one of the SKY contact numbers listed below. These are easier to use with more convenient wait times.

Whenever dialing one of the Sky phone numbers listed below, please make sure to have your account information prepared. Just in case you are unsure what exactly you need to have ready for the agent on the phone, visit the Sky Contact Us home page for more information.

Sky Customer Service

Sky Customer Service

Sky customer service is available 7 days a week between  the hours of 7 am to 11 pm. It is best recommended that when you contact Sky, you do so between the hours of 7am-11am and 1pm-11pm. Otherwise you may spend that two hour gap between 11am-1pm waiting on the phone. So good luck when making the decision when to call the Sky contact number of your choice.

To reach someone immediately please call Sky customer service number representatives at 0344 2411 653 to resolve all kinds of queries. No charges shall apply to Sky talk customers for calling at Sky contact centers provided for customers.

However if charges are applied same charges shall apply for making a call at 03, 02 & 01 numbers. The trouble with using any of the Sky contact numbers is they are bound to charge you unless you are already a Sky customer using a landline.

If you are not a Sky talk customer and belong to other service provider call charges will be different depending upon your service provider. You will be charged either way but you can contact customer service number in case you forgot your online registered id with Sky.

Sky Customer Service Number Opening Hours: Depending on the specific department you are calling the hours of operation will change throughout the work week. Most lines are usually closed for all bank and public holidays too. On the other hand, technical support is open 24/7. Most of the other departments are usually accepting customer calls 7 days a week 8am-11.30pm

It is really popular now to use social media to contact Sky and other companies of the like. Avoid having to wait on a phone while making a call to any of the Sky contact numbers listed above by just sending a message or a tweet into cyberspace.

Various problems related to the TV services can also be resolved by calling on this Sky customer service number.

Sky customer service Jobs: If you are thinking about working in the customer service section of Sky, visit the company job centre online.

Sky customer service 0345 and 03 numbers (and more – PDF). This is a PDF download.

Sky technical support free phone number: 03442 411 653

Sky Customer Complaint Service

Sky complaint services are available 7 days a week to provide convenience to those who cannot find time during weekdays. You can file a complaint against Sky TV products or services, Sky talk & Sky broadband by calling the Sky customer service number 0344 2411 653. This Sky contact number is free for talk and mobile customers. You can also do live chat with Sky experts between 8.30 am to 9 pm on all days even weekends.

Sky Contact Numbers

If you want to file a complaint about Sky Go & Sky extra you are required to make a call using the Sky Helpline for customer complaints, 0344 241 1599 (free for Sky talk customers). For other customers, same cost shall apply whether they are calling on 03, 02 or 01 numbers provided customer have call package.

If you need more information, it is always important to visit one of the many Sky contact us portals on the website.

When you want to avoid picking up the line and calling Sky Phone Number center options, you can always send a complaint in the mail. Send all enquiries or complaints to the following postal address:

Sky Customer Care Address:

Sky Subscriber Services Ltd
PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD

In case you have any complaint or query regarding any TV programme, you are required to make a call on 0344 241 0265. You can also make a complaint by writing an email. But good luck finding that on their very busy and crowded content website.

The staff is trained and ready for you, which is why Sky customer service will not fail and swears by it. Contact Sky today, using any of the numbers above or the Sky phone number, toll-free 0800 759 759 for any kind of service.

Any Sky free phone number saves money but may not save time, as most people are calling this number to prevent receiving any landline charges that an 03 number would otherwise give.

Sky Bill Payment

You can pay your bills to Sky TV using online services by signing in to your registered account or if you are not registered, by getting registered first. This seems simple and easy. But what happens when you are ready to dispute an unwarranted charge? Maybe you received a fee for Sky TV and this was not something you had requested. Either way, you can resolve all these issues with a live agent.

You can contact Sky about any enquiry and your bill payment liability can be discussed by phone only. Usually it will start immediately from the day your service is activated. The first payment shall become due within 14 days of the date your service is activated. The amount liable for payment shall belong to that 14 day period too. You can use automated system services for payment by calling the Sky contact number 0333 202 2133.

Contact Sky

If you are a Sky talk customer, you can call a Sky talk expert more than once and still get the help you need. Try using this Sky phone number 0344 241 1653. You can make changes in your account details, track your order and can get Sky insurance also by calling on this Sky customer service number. For getting information regarding introductory offers, use the TV experts, 0333 202 0921.

And in a serious manner, if you want to report the news regarding a deceased account holder, the Sky contact number to change account holder status is 0333 202 0912.
For delay in payment of fee you will be charged $5 as late payment fee which you will pay in addition to your bill amount.

Sky Broadband

You can make a call on using the Sky Contact Number for all your fibre broadband needs and toll-free 0800 151 2747. Resolve queries related to broadband services, Sky WI-Fi services and for setting up any new Sky email account.

If you are a Sky talk customer, no call charges shall apply, however in other cases, call charges of 7 pence per minute plus charges by your service provider shall apply. You can use live chat option also for availing broadband services when you go to the Sky contact us main page.

You may need a Sky phone number for any of the following services:

  • For cancelling Sky broadband services, you can call on the Sky contact number 0333 202 2135. This telephone number is open 8:30 am to 8:00 pm.
  • For downgrading a broadband services you can make a call to the local Sky helpline 0344 241 1653.
  • When figuring out what is the best Sky broadband pro option for you, call the Sky contact number 0344 824 5100.
  • All technical support needs can be found using the Sky Phone Number 03442 411 653.

Sky Talk

For resolving problems related to Sky talk services, you can call on the Sky helpline number 0344 241 1653, and for upgrading Sky talk call on the same number. If you want to cancel Sky talk services contact Sky cancellation 0333 202 2135.
For downgrading Sky talk services you can make a call on the Sky talk downgrade number 0344 241 0266.
In the event of a home move, Sky is quite flexible with switching your services and more than willing to transfer you free of charge. However you need to be in touch with them, so do not forget to use the Sky phone number for transfers 0333 200 8000. You also have the option to go to visit the FAQ page to find out more.

Sky Go

Contact Sky Customer Service

For problems & queries related to Sky go services, you can contact an expert on Sky go service contact number 0344 241 1599.

For fixing & rescheduling appointments with Sky TV engineers, you can either go to the Sky Contact Us page and click on “reschedule” or call the Sky helpline for appointments, 0344 241 4141.

DND for Sky phone service

If you are fed up of receiving unnecessary calls from Sky TV, you can use following procedure to stop unwanted calls from specific number:

  • Dial 14258 & enter default Pin number 1234. You can change the pin & set up your own.
  • Follow the instructions & select the option of barring the number
  • Enter the number from which you want to stop incoming calls or you want to block & press hash (#) reflecting in your phone keyboard.
  • To check whether number has been blocked or not, call again on 14258 & enter your pin number
  • Select the option of check blocked number from the options available.

Contact Sky today for cancelling any service including, TV, Broadband, Talk, Go and Go Extra. The Sky customer service team will be reached most easily using this number 0333 202 2135. The Sky Contact Us Live Chat option is also a great way to start the conversation for cancellation. Click on Start Live chat and begin.

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  1. Its headquarters are located in London. With Sky broadcasting services you can enjoy various channels on your TV watching your favorite shows. Where did you get this information?

    1. We work hard to collect this Sky information or any other post on this site
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  2. I would like to close my account with Sky. I am finding it to expensive when there are others around offering similar products. I currently pay £80 per month and when I started it was £30. I was miss-sold on the other unit we received as I was under the impression that the new box would be the same as the main one. Please let me know the procedure to close the account and when you would want your equipment back.

  3. Is there a number to call from a mobile ?? . An engineer was supposed to attend my sisters property to install phone / broadband and nobody showed up . She has no access to Internet . What can she do now ???

    1. Yes…a lot of numbers…
      Just look at the post. There are alot of diffrent numbers to call from mobile.

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    I have sky equipment in nmy current property and would like to transfer all this equipment to my new address.
    How do I do this?

  5. I’m a sky customer & would like to send an email explaining my financial situation this month & why my bill hasn’t been fully paid yet. This is a temporary glitch & my overdue bill will be fully paid by the time my next payment is due. I need to confirm monthly payments will resume as normal.. I want to email my explanation & situation, I prefer this & prefer written acknowledgement & replies.. Is there an email please so I can do this & can I have it please..

  6. aman named Julius helped with a problem i had he was clear speaking polite and very helpful thank you julius

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    1. Did you checked the post i wrote? Just go over the numbers and call them….

    2. I was considering moving over to Sky for my tv, broadband and phone. I called a no. From the web site and I have been holding on now for over 30 minutes and still no one has answered.

  10. I’m moving to a location that has only Sky so it looks as if I’ll have to join Sky. I’ve given up wading through the plethora of numbers to call so just give me one where I can talk to a human and discuss the situation.

    1. Sky have some different services. Tell me which service you are looking for and i will help you to find the specific number.

  11. I’m moving home and have an engineer booked for the 14th June to reconnect my sky tv, how can I get a quicker appointment

    1. You can call them, and ask them to help you with that small thing…they are really busy out there, but if some slot is open, they will fit you right in: )

  12. i am fed up of all the mailing received from sky trying to get me to join I AM NOT INTERESTED failure to take the hint will now resort in getting legal advice to stop it

    1. You can go to your Sky account, click “My Detils” and then enter PIN.On the preferences page just unclick the box about the mailing list.
      Hope it helped.

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  14. Hi. My house was flooded this week and the box…modem box that connects WiFi was affected.

    Can you please tell me how to find an engineer to fix and or replace it.

    1. Hey Irene, Thanks for your question.
      Just call them, they will schedule an engineer for you.

  15. Hi Denise, I need to discuss my sky payments as finding too expensive. If unable to offer lower monthly payments I will need to leave.

  16. I would like to record my gratitude and satisfaction for the patience and guidance afforded to me by your customer service operator this morning. He was polite, knowledgeable and and showed interest in solving a customers problem .Well done.

    1. Dear Sir/Madam,
      I sent a payment of £ on Monday the 19th of November, did
      receive it as yet, or is it that it hasn’t got as yet.

      My name is Norman

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    Need to get sky to get in touch with talktalk to tell them I will be leaving them to return to sky…

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  19. After numerous phone calls to sky over missed sold packages I finally got what I needed with a lot of help and understanding off a great guy called les,he was very supportive,helpful and most of all polite What a great understanding guy he was and I wish him well for the future a lot of companies in the UK need to take note of this customer service instead of companies directing there calls to India and further well done sky we got there in the end thanks to les.

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  21. Customer services are very hard, I have been call them and after answer my call they disconnect my phone about six time,
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    My auto top up is set for top up but I’ve been charged more. I’d like to know why. That’s all. Shouldn’t be hard to ask but I’ve just spent time trying desperately to find a way of communicating online, found this great website with all of the numbers, but still, its not like Sky helping me . Thank you for this site, very helpful

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    How please can i to continue to contact again, as this proves Sjt service.

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  29. My sincere thanks to Mary at bb retention dept, having on numerous occasions unsuccessfully tried to contact bb switch credit,she was both very professional & sympathetic to my problem,accomplished a resolution in about 2 hours

    Thanks again Mary it’s nice to know that there are still people who have the ability to act both professional & can in fact achieve what they say.

  30. Why does it ? wen it rains i carnt get the channels wat i watch all the time all the time it rains it always happens .please can u help me

  31. why has my documentory program gone of . It Say’s insert viewing card but the card is already in the machine. It been like this since frieday

    1. I have not been able to access many channels since December. It is coming up insert new viewing card which I have not received. It is very frustrating paying for a service and not being able to use it. I have been a customer for at least 18 years but am now thinking of changing

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