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The users can get in touch with the So Energy customer service advisors to get any information about the energy supplies, tariff plans, meter readings, payment options or any other concern in various ways. You can call them at the So Energy customer service number 0330 111 5050 from Mon- Fri 9AM- 5PM.

The requests can be sent by email via the So Energy email address [email protected] or through the social platforms like Facebook and Twitter accounts and the team members will make sure to reply back as soon as possible. The questions can also be sent online by filling in the details in a contact form via the page. The customers are also being given an option to search the answer for their questions or doubts online through the So Energy help page. There are various energy-related questions which have already been listed with their answers for your reference and you may access them by visiting the page.

So Energy Contact Numbers


UK Contact Numbers

International Contact Numbers

So Energy Customer Services 0330 111 5050 +44 330 111 5050
National Gas Emergency Hotline 0800 111 999 +44 800 111 999
Electricity Emergency Number 105
National Terms Of Connection Helpline 0207 706 5137 +44 207 706 5137
Ombudsman: Energy Contact Number 0330 440 1624 +44 330 440 1624
Ombudsman: Energy Textphone Number 0330 440 1600 +44 330 440 1600
Citizen Advice Consumer Service Helpline 0345 404 0506 +44 345 404 0506
Age UK Contact Number 0800 169 2081 +44 800 169 2081

So Energy UK Contact Address

Any of the requests or desired documents can be sent by mail at the below mentioned So Energy UK contact address. You should clearly mention all your details so that the So Energy customer service members can revert back at the earliest. The address location can be checked using the map via this page.

107 Power Road, London, W4 5PY

So Energy Change Direct Debit

In order to make a change in the date of the direct debit plan, the customers are required to fill in an online contact form via the page. To make the changes in the direct debit account details, you can either call So Energy customer services at the So Energy contact number 0330 111 5050 here or send the requests online by signing in the account via the page.

So Energy Emergency Contact

  • If in case you smell gas or suspect any gas leakage, then you may quickly call the free 24 hour National Gas Emergency hotline 0800 111 999 here and should some of the precautions as mentioned via this page.
  • In the case of power cut, you are required to call the 24 hour electricity hotline 105 and the call will be connected to the local distribution company.
  • Alternatively, the contact details for your local distributor can be checked through this page. If the local distributor informs you that the problem is at your meter point, then you may send the details via the So Energy contact email [email protected] and the advisors will contact you back at the earliest.

So Energy Privacy Policy

Any of the questions concerning the So Energy privacy policy can be forwarded via So Energy email address [email protected] and the So Energy data protection officer will contact back further. If in case, you are not happy with the given response, then you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office via the web page for investigation.

So Energy Customer Complaints

The So Energy customer support team always strives to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Still, at times you may have issues in regard to the services, then you may quickly contact the team members in various ways and they will take all possible steps to solve the issue as soon as possible.

  • They can be contacted at the So Energy phone number 0330 111 5050 here or via the So Energy complaints email address [email protected].
  • The details can also be sent in an online email form via the web page or by post at the address: So Energy, 107 Power Road, London, W4 5PY
  • If you are not satisfied with the given decision, or it has been eight weeks and the complaint has not been solved, you may refer the case to the Ombudsman: Energy. They would carry out a free and independent investigation. You can contact them at their telephone number 0330 440 1624 here
  • Via the textphone number 0330 440 1600 or via the email address [email protected] and more related information can be checked by visiting their web page.

At any time during the complaints process, you can also seek free and impartial advice from various organizations as mentioned below

  • Citizens Advice consumer service by dialing their phone number 0345 404 0506 here or through the web page.
  • You may also contact local Citizen’s Advice Bureau by filling in an online form via the page
  • Age UK – can be contacted at the free helpline 0800 169 2081 or via the web page
  • The So Energy is working on behalf of your network operator under the guidelines of the National Terms of Connection (NTC). If you wish to have a copy of NTC or would like to ask any questions, then you may call them either at the phone number 0207 706 5137 here
  • Or contact at the address: Energy Networks Association, 6th Floor Dean Bradley House, 52 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2AF

So Energy Quotes

You can easily get the quotes for the electricity supply online by mentioning the postcode in the given box via the page.

So Energy Newsletter Request

To get the latest news and updates about the energy supplies, the customers can register their email address via the web page. If in case, you wish to make any changes in the marketing communications, then you may send the requests via the So Energy contact email [email protected] or by signing in to So Energy online account via the page.

So Energy Payment Options

Your payment method will be determined according to the applicable tariff.

  • Credit Meter- if you have a credit meter then the bill will be issues monthly
  • Direct Debit- the direct debit set up enables the amount to be automatically deducted from the bank account on a desired date
  • Prepayment Meter- when you have a prepayment meter, you need to top up the meter in advance to receive the supply

Contact So Energy through Facebook and Twitter account

So Energy is one of the leading energy companies in the United Kingdom, supplying 100% renewable electricity at such competitive tariff plans. The customers are being offered to choose from where the electricity can be sourced from namely from wind, solar, hydro, biomass or tidal. The So Energy customer service advisors can easily be contacted for any questions in various ways such as telephone, email, mail, online form, or through the social portals like Facebook account and the team makes sure to provide the best customer service possible.

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