Sony Customer Service and Support UK, Playstation and More

For Sony customer service you can call 020 7365 2810  you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Sony  UK Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Sony customer service email is: [email protected]

Sony is a Japanese multinational company that sells consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services worldwide. Their products include the PlayStation gaming console, computers, mobile phones, televisions, cameras, creative software and many more. Sony support in the UK have a great reputation and a huge fan base. They always fulfill their customers needs and expectations and provide them with the best products always. Their customer care team is ready to provide support to a customer whenever they come for help. They have a very systematic method of contacting the customer service department and finding assistance. The customers can contact the Sony customer care team over the phone, by email or by sending a letter to their customer service address.

Direct Sony Telephone Numbers:
Sony contact number and service opening hours


Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
Sony Customer Service Contact Number 020 7365 2810 +44 20 7365 2810
PS4 Support and Sony Music 02035382665 +442035382665
Sony Mobile (Xperia) 03705237237 +443705237237
Customer Complaint 02073652810 +442073652810
Sony Helpline Number 02034413013 +442034413013
Sony  Sales 01932 816000 +44 1932 816000

Sony Customer Service Address

To make general enquiries from the Sony customer relations department, you can write a letter mentioning your query and send it to the following address:

Sony UK Technology Centre, Pencoed Technology Park, Pencoed, United Kingdom

It is recommended that you mention all the information related to the issue you are facing as well as the serial number of your product along with your contact details so that you can receive a quick and appropriate solution from the Sony customer assistance department.

Sony Customer Service Number 020

Customers facing technical difficulties while using Sony products like Sony Xperia Mobile Phones, Sony PlayStation, Sony Cameras, Sony Televisions, Sony Laptops, Sony Entertainment Network, Sony Creative Software and all the other Sony products can call on the Sony customer services number  0207 365 2810 from 9 AM to 6 PM any day of the week. To ask general queries regarding the Sony services, customers can use the Sony customer services number UK provided above. Another way of reaching out to Sony customer services UK is by filling up an online email form provided at this link . The Sony customer care department requests you to provide them with appropriate time to come with a suitable solution for you.

Sony Xperia Phone Support Number 037

All the users of Sony Xperia Mobile Phones seeking support can contact the Sony Xperia customer service and make an enquiry. The Sony Xperia customer care team can be reached out in a number of ways, these include by phone, by chat or through email. The customer care number of Sony Xperia is 0370 523 7237 and this line is open from 8 AM to 8 PM between Monday and Friday and from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays. You are free to fill up an online email from provide at this link and send it to the Sony Xperia email address at any convenient time to you. Another way in which you can get in touch with the Sony Xperia support team is by doing a live chat with them. The Sony Xperia support chat is open from 8 AM to 8 PM between Monday and Friday and from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays and it can be done at this link .

Sony PlayStation Support UK Telephone Numbers and Helpline 020

Sony playstation support number

For customers seeking help related to the Sony PlayStation gaming console, they can contact the Sony PlayStation support UK team in a number of ways. These include by phone or through filling up an online email form. The Sony PlayStation support UK number is 0203 538 2665 and the helpline number is open from 10:30 AM to 7 PM between Monday and Saturday. It is requested that you have access to your PlayStation system and that you have noted down the serial number while you contact the Sony PlayStation customer service department as it would help the customer care department to bring up a quick solution to you. You can send an email to the Sony PlayStation customer service email address by filling up the online form provided at this link . Additionally, you can also discuss issues related to hardware of the Sony PlayStation console with the Sony PlayStation customer care department by giving them a quick call at the Sony PlayStation UK customer support number 0203 441 3013.

It should be considered that all the calls made to numbers starting from 02 or 03 would charge you up to 12p per minute if calling from landline and about 3p to 45p per minute plus network access charge extras if calling from mobile phones.

Sony Xperia Repair UK Phone number 03

If your Sony Xperia device stops working, you can follow these simple steps and repair your device easily with guaranteed quality. You can restart the device, or apply a system software update; if both of the given steps do not help then you can reset your device to factory settings but do backup your data first. If all of the provided steps do not work then you can place a repair order by calling on the Sony Xperia repair number 0370 523 7237 from 8 AM to 8 PM between Monday and Friday and from 9AM to 5 PM on Saturdays.

Sony PlayStation Help Number 02

If something is going wrong or something is not working with your PlayStation device, you can find support by visiting the following page . On this page the repair team will help you in fixing or replacing your product. You can find support for PlayStation 4 and its accessories, PlayStation 3 and its accessories and also for PlayStation Vita. You would have to enter your 17-digit serial number online in order to find support. Alternatively, if you are not able to fix your product you can call on the Sony PlayStation repair number 0203 538 2665.

You can also visit the help desk page

sony help of Sony PlayStation and find assistance related to various things like My Account & Security, PlayStation Store & Transactions, PlayStation Network/Online, System & Hardware, Apps & Features and Sony PlayStation Accessories.

Sony PlayStation Parental Controls

If you want to report inappropriate behavior on the Sony PlayStation network or you want to set up parental control for your child, please visit this link and go through the various guides provided to assist you.

Sony Creative Software Help

For assistance related to the Sony Creative Software, you can go through various community forms posted at this link or download manuals and help guides according to your software at this link. Customers can get technical support regarding the Sony creative software by going through their knowledgebase community answers, by writing an email or by giving them a call on the Sony creative software support number.  You can send an email to the Sony creative software email address by filling up an online form by logging into your account at this link . To have access to the answers provided by Sony experts please visit the knowledgebase at this link . To reach out to the Sony creative software technical support department by phone you would have to purchase a support plan. You can choose between varieties of choices at this link . The contact numbers would be open from 9 AM to 5 PM CST from Monday to Friday.

Another way of finding support is by visiting you nearest local store. You can find the nearest store to your location at this location .

Sony Customer Complaints UK Numbers 02

If you are not satisfied with any of the services provided by Sony, you can file a complaint with the Sony customer complaints department. They can be contact by phone, by email or by mail.

The Sony customer complaints number is 0207 365 2810 and it is open from 9 AM to 6 PM all 7 days of the week. You can speak with a customer care executive and let them know of the complaint that you have.

You can file a complaint by filling up the online form provided at this link and then sending it to the Sony complaints email address UK.

You can mention your complaint in a letter and send it to the Sony complaints address provided below:

Sony UK Technology Centre, Pencoed Technology Park, Pencoed, United Kingdom

It is suggested that you mention maximum information regarding your complaint and issue that you are facing so that it becomes easier for the Sony customer complaints department to provide you with a solution.

Sony Sales Number

You can contact Sony sales team, in the UK through: 01932 816000 Local rate number, and if you are calling Sony sales from abroad, call: +44 1932 816000. Fax: +44 1932 817000.  Sales team email address is: [email protected] Sales office address is the same like Sony head office address:

The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0XW, United Kingdom

48 thoughts on “Sony Customer Service and Support UK, Playstation and More”

  1. Sony Network has go to be the worst customer service I have ever experienced, if someone would like to sort this out and give me a call, someone above the customer service exec’s I have spoken to for 7 times now then please tell me how can i tell them to call me? It seem you know your way around the internet.

    1. I totally agree 4 times my phone has gone in for repair, still same fault twice they have lost my phone and couldnt find it,sony support were no help at all in my customer service case

      1. I know it’s been a couple of years but what happened after they lost it? I’ve been told they’re investigating it and i need to wait. I’ve already waited a month I think they just want me to forget about it.

    2. Shouldn’t have to pay to phone to make any inquiries either especially if you phoning to give suggestions on inmproving their product, the should have a freephone numbe

      1. so i was banned for 30 days on psn and its been 30 days and i can’t log in for some weird reason so please contact email

  2. TV registration procedure. Three times I enteredmy details and serial and model number of 32in tv. Each time after entering “UK” the screen changed to a picture of a big camera. No sign of purchase has been registered. Next screen stated “failed attempts LOCKED OUT . Time wasted 1 hour.
    Phone line operator said serial or model number not correct.
    On knees to check both. Asked to send receiptby email. Explained had no scanner to do this . suggestion take a photo graph of the back of the set. showing details and send that by email. 18mins later called off the waste of time.
    Next day found email asking for details . Sent every thing including till receipt number date shop (Currys) .
    Next day got email saying that details not good enough Sorry must have receipt by email.
    Total failure Hours wasted. All that is required is a simple postcard to Sony included in the box fill in and post
    Not everyone has a smart phone or a scanner or the ability to use either. Where is the commonsense element in the customer service training? This set cost £330 a stamp 60p hours wasted £x’s

  3. Just written full details of complain t Now a request to write a comment!!!
    I can’t beleive it to quote victor meldrew

  4. Please help i made a rare mistake in putting my date of birth inaccurate.My email. Gamer help by sending me the needed information required.

  5. hi i was on ps3 yesterday and it logged me out i receved a email saying my email address has been changed but it wont let me report it on log back in any help please

  6. my password is ok but it does not accept i this has been happening every time Sony send me an update o I’m becoming annoye and I need some suppor been on the Internet have not got any answers from anybod can you please tell me what is going on so that I can correct this error and hopefully it won’t happen again

  7. Bought a Sony Bravia in 2016.

    Sony support was and is …first of all they said the product was bought in April 2015 and NOT in June of this year which is when I purchased it from Currys.

    Yet the Sony Maufacturers stamp at the back clearly states that it was manufactured

    So, Sony and the service team insisted I had to go to curry’s to get proof of purchase and email as sony system was incorrect.

    This is BEFORE service team would even instigate a repair.

    Since all the hoops I have had to jump through, I have been informed that the engineer will not be coming out for at least 3 days due to parts awaited for potential fix…..even though the tv has not yet been seen or inspected for fault

    The facts are, I paid several hundreds of pounds for a Sony Product that does not work within 4 months of purchase.
    Sony feel it is ok to treat customers in a manner that lacks urgency or sincerity, and repairs and inspections are done in their own sweet time.

    Meantime, Sony have had my money.

    SO……it is my intention to speak to local press who are very much interested in running a story for Leicestershire and East Midlands, highlighting this case. As well as speaking to the Office of Fair Trading.

    I will make sure I let as many people know as i can, NOT to buy Sony products as the support if faulty is appalling.

    Bottom line is my children and my family now do not have a TV to watch and will be without one until maybe if ever Sony bother to fix it….and I am several hundreds of pounds out of pocket!

  8. Trying to register a tv, twice got through to sending me an email to confirm my email,need to register within 72 hrs but both times no email,rang to the Sony customer service number the other day a week help line was told to ring back tomorrow. Why is everything so hard to do? I the old days haha it was easy just fill in your details and post,easy.

  9. i was told my ps4 will be unban as it was sony’s fault i got banned in the first place but still waiting and still losing money as i am waiting not happy about this at all

  10. Absolutely admissmal! Avoid Sony because if Sony product develops a fault you are in for a fight!

    I emailed Sony UK about a faulty pair of headphones. 2 days later I received a reply stating that because my UK (!!!) bought headphones were not a UK product that will not be able to assist!

    Surely all Sony products are Japanese!

    I bought the headphones from a Sony Centre in the UK!

    Very bizarre response indeed!

    1. Paul, if you purchased them from a shop in the UK then return them to that shop, your contract of sale is with the shop, not with Sony, it is the shop that has a legal responsibility to you under UK law.

  11. Hi, I’m downloading cod modern warfare remastered and it says its going to take 82 hours to download…. That can’t be right surely??

  12. i used an old email for my psn account.. i cannot remember it. tho i can remember my psn name is there anyway i can get back onto the account?

  13. Really surprised how bad Sony’s UK customer service has been. I purchased a Sony TV which has had issues from day one, I had initially thought it as down to being an early Android based TV unit that would eventually iron out any issues through software updates.

    The TV now constantly crashes, freezes and reboots by performing simple tasks like changing channels, or moving through the home screen menu and opening apps.

    After emailing Sony’s customer service team numerous times over a period of weeks, explaining the issue in details, providing diagrams of connections, photographic evidence of software updates, as well as letting them know i have recorded videos of the crashes, they keep saying the case is being escalated; and asking for information that has already been supplied.

    I have called since to follow up and they say the case is still being escalated with the promise of a call back in 24/48 hours, which has not transpired.

    It really feels like the call centre team are targeted to avoid acknowledgement of faults, or to offer repair or replacements.

  14. I got a second hand PS3,and got the game destiny for it,and I can’t play it,because it says my email and date of birth is not valid,been trying for 2nites now,can help,sony network not letting me register

  15. I have tried registering my email,and date of birth,and keeps telling me it not valid,been trying for 2nites now,bought destiny for PS3 and play it till I get registered

  16. I have tried registering my email,and date of birth,and keeps telling me it not valid,been trying for 2nites now,bought destiny for PS3 and can’t play it till I get registered

  17. Hi I have a play station 3 and I love playing gta v on it but it keeps timing me out there has been no up dates for it and to tell u the truth I am up set about that.i am get a ps4 in January or February time so I can have 2 crews on the go as I love the game to bits please please can u do something about the server please as I get timed out or frozen out thank u for ur time reading this just hope u can help me out hear as it makes me so happy on gta v

  18. Hi i bought my son a psn top up voucher but i have scratched a couple of the letters/numbers off is there any way you can help me thanks i have a receipt.

  19. My PS4 wil not work iv tried everything u told me too and iv watched other people’s you tube videos on the problem but not helped me my screen is blank but I can hear my game playing in background if this problem is not sorted considering iv had it a week spent on it and not played a single game I’m switching to Xbox iv had ps1,2,3 and psp and psvita never a problem now this il get people to switch and stick it up all over social media get it sorted please.

  20. I’ve been a PlayStation user for many many years now and every time i purchase a new call of duty game ( infinite Warfare) within a few days if release they are cheats using mods..its frustrating as i feel im losing a battle before its begun.. How can players progress when there is loads of cheats n cheats already …frustrated ps4 player

  21. Hi i went on holiday and i came back only to my ps4 acount has been banned and my games i cant use them i dont why because i bought the games from my moms card could you please tell me what the problem is because i have no clue . Thank you

  22. Sony online customer service is severely lacking! Last year I tried to buy Witcher 3 through my playstation and Sony’s website crashed (3/6/2016) and there was no trace of my purchase. I decided to try again this year and succeeded. I then found out that SONY had charged my paypal account first time round, despite not making the game available on the Playstation.
    After requesting the the unlawful removal of my funds be reimbursed…they kept saying that it is too late…hence making me pay for the same game twice and not willing to recognise that the error was on their side… They are hiding behind the fine print that you can only get a refund if you ask for one within 2 weeks…but this is not a case of buying something and returning it for a refund. It is blatant theft from ones account since money was taken and nothing was given in return.

  23. I bought a Sony on 26th of December. I didn’t even have the TV 3 months before it started playing up!
    The TV would keep connecting and disconnecting to the Internet throughout the day.
    I took the TV back to the store I got it from and they gave me another TV.

    The 2nd TV is now playin up but only after 10 days.
    I turn it on but no picture, the screen stays black.
    Turn it off and back on again the TV will reboot itself but still no picture. Turn it off and on again and finally get a picture, this happens 2/3times a week. Now the TV has started turning itself off when watching it.

    Also I can’t seem to watch anything on the catch up channels.

    I am now waiting for my 3rd tv to turn up.
    But I must say I am truly disappointed in Sony

  24. Please contact me so I can email you my query I live in EIRE and would like to contact by email. I am trying to connect a router to my Sony TV and would like to forward in detail describing what has occurred.

  25. I bought a SONY TV just before December, took it back to Currys the next day as it didn’t seem to be working correctly, had a blinding argument with them but CURRYS wouldn’t do anything as I had plugged it in, they said once it’s plugged in they can’t exchange it for another TV even if I paid more money for another model, now after the latest update, from SONY the TV is worse than useless, so many things have changed that it’s frustrating just to watch it.

  26. Hi all i havebought some add on for my sons game The crew.
    Mywallet was empty so i bought voucher at tesco for, after loading up with money
    Bought as mentioned The Crew calli g all units is discounted so kid was happy and now what happens ….
    Bought this add on and it say purchased but cant download it got email about purchase dont have it in library when i go to my account settings ti check my billing it says that been purchased
    So i end up spending money but cant download it. Sony can help?
    Ps kis is not happy as he real like game…

  27. My son has deleted his account on the psn by accident. So I cannot sign in to cancel any further payments for the PlayStation network. Which is still being taken out every month. How can I cancel the payment?

  28. My Account Hacked, I am following your help line in Dubai last few weeks but not receiving proper response. Sony representative made me very much disappointed with behavior. She is bluffing me last two weeks, please take action against this lady and obliged.

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