Specsavers UK Telephone numbers

For Specsavers customer service you can call 0345 2020 241 charged at local rate you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Specsavers Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Specsaver is the UK based company having widest selection of glasses.  You can get more than 1000 glass designs with Specsavers.  The glasses they provide to their customers are professionally fitted because they are framed under the supervision of qualified optician. They have made promise with themselves that they want their customers to be completely happy. Specsaver customer service number is 0345 603 6026 local rate number, call this number Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm Saturdays 9am to 5pm Sundays 10am to 4pm.

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Specsavers contact numbers

Helpline UK contact numbers International contact numbers
customer service 0345 603 6026 +44 345 603 6026
Media Support
Whiteley Office
0345 202 0241 +44 345 202 0241
Departmental support 0345 202 021

0207 100 0241

+44 345 202 021

+44 207 100 0241

Southampton office 0238 062 5625 +44 238 062 5625
Kidderminster office 0156 273 3920 +44 156 273 3920
Nottingham Office 0115 933 0500 +44 115 833 0500
Skelmersdale office 0169 555 4200 +44 168 555 4200
Cornwall office

Careers support

0156 677 1888 +44 156 677 1888
Corporate eye care support 0115 933 0800 +44 115 933 0800
Home eye test care 0800 198 1132 free phone +44 800 198 1132

Specsavers Opening Hours

Media support between 9 AM-5 PM on any day

Specsavers media contact

The press office of Specsavers can be contacted between 9 AM-5 PM on any day. You need to call on Specsavers media contact 0345 202 0241 for all your media queries between above mentioned timings. Alternatively, an email option is provided to customers for sending their media enquiries. The press office email address is [email protected] .

Specsavers Address

Specsavers has many departments such as product development, marketing, public relations, finance, legal, insurance, HR & communications, information technology etc. All these departments can be contacted by writing a letter at following Specsavers department contact address:

Specsavers Optical Group, La Villiaze, St. Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8YP

If you prefer to make contact through phone, you can do so by calling Specsavers department contact number 0345 202 021 or 0207 100 0241.  The contact can also be made through fax on this number 0148 123 5555.

Specsavers Whiteley office

The departments working under this office includes retail system and training, procurement, property services, healthcall and HR.  You can contact these departments through telephone by dialing SPecsavers Whiteley Office number 0345 202 0241. The fax number for contacting Whiteley office is 0148 988 0615. You can even contact in written form by sending letter at following address:

Specsavers Optical Superstores, Forum 6, Solent Business Park, Whiteley, Hampshire PO15 7PA

Specsavers Southampton office

The department working under this office includes Airways optical limited that can be called upon by dialing Specsavers Southampton office number 0238 062 5625. You can also send fax at this number 0238 062 5626. If you prefer sending written letter, send it to following address:

Airways Optical Limited, Unit 1, Airways Distribution Park, Wide Lane, Southampton SO18 2RT

Specsavers Kidderminster office

The departments serving customers in this office includes Commercial, laboratory training, Ophthalmic lens development that can be called upon at Specsavers Kidderminster office number 0156 273 3920.  The fax number for contacting these departments is 0156 282 7481. The office also can be contacted by writing letter at following address:

Specsavers, Foley House, Unit 4, Foley Grove, Foley Business Park, Kidderminster DY11 7PT

Specsavers Nottingham support office

The office address where letter can be send through post is

Specsavers Optical Superstores, Cirrus House, 10 Experian Way, Nottingham, NG2 1EP

The departments working under Nottingham office is finance, contact lens development, contact lens operations, contact lens direct mail, and corporate eye care. You can call any of the department for your queries on Specsavers Nottingham support office number 0115 933 0500. The query can also be sent through fax using the number 0115 982 6071

Specsavers Skelmersdale telephone number

The Skelmersdale office consists of regional development, retail development and professional service department that can be contacted at Specsavers Skelmersdale telephone number 0169 555 4200. The fax number of Skelmersdale office is 0169 555 4210. The customers can even send a written letter at following postal address:

West Lancashire Investment Centre, Maple View, White Moss Business Park, Skelmersdale, WN8 9TG

Specsavers Cornwall office

They offer recruitment services to their customers. For any queries related to recruitment can be resolved at Cornwall office by dialing Specsaver Cornwall office number 0156 677 1888.  The fax number is 0156 677 1897 that can be used for sending fax. The postal address for sending written queries is:

Specsavers Recruitment Services, First Unit, Newport Industrial Estate, Launceston, Cornwall PL15 8EX

Specsavers corporate eye care

The corporate services of Specsavers can be contacted using contact number 0115 933 0800. They will respond you back within two working days. The postal address for writing your queries related to corporate service is:

Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, Cirrus House, Experian Way, Nottingham, NG2 1EP

If you wish need a brochure of Specsavers, you can do so by sending request at this Specsavers corporate eye care request form page.

Specsavers corporate eye care contact
Picture from: https://www.specsavers.co.uk/corporate

Specsavers careers

Specsavers offers in house recruitment that can help you in making brilliant career. You can get support of recruitment team on retail store, optical and hearcare vacancies. The Specsavers careers number that will provide various job opportunities throughout UK and Ireland is 0156 677 1888.  You can even send an email at Specsavers recruitment service email address [email protected] . For detailed support, you can contact in-house recruitment team at this email address [email protected] .

Specsavers home eye test

You can book your home eye test free of cost by filling certain details at Specsavers home eye test page. You can even book the appointment through phone service by calling at Specsavers home eye test number 0800 198 1132 free phone!.

Specsavers feedback

You can even share your experiences about Specsavers by giving feedback. For giving feedback, you need to visit the Specsavers feedback page . Alternatively, you can send it in written form at following Specsavers feedback address:

Customer Care Manager, Specsavers Optical Group, FREEPOST GU209, GUERNSEY, GY1 5SS

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5 thoughts on “Specsavers UK Telephone numbers”

  1. How do you make a complaint about the service received at North Finchley branch North London? Is it best to call you or send email? I am enquiring on behalf of a friend who is disabled

  2. I would like the email address for the Ireland. I wish to let the relevant authority know how I was treated in Athlone this morning,as much for the sake as getting off my chest how I was treated by one of the managers.. Stan.

  3. Had glasses on the 12th of October 2018 been back six’s times to the shop in neath branch South Wales the glasses where £ 200 I can’t wear them the girls where rude I went today to see if I can change the frames has they are hurting my nose was told no and yet on the tv you say if you bring the glasses back before the three months his up they will change them been back today so see if I can change frames and
    I was told no his this his how you treat people his very bad treatment will wait to hear back I bet I want

  4.  I am writing to lodge a formal complaint regarding the service I received in your store on Saturday 08 December 2018. The details of which, are outlined below:
    I am a 64-year-old pensioner. I have diabetes, and related eye problems. I was tested for and bought a new pair of glasses last year. however, in recent weeks, I have felt that my vision has deteriorated. I arrived for my appointment on Saturday 08 December 2018 at 10.50am. I was attended to by Ana. She asked me to sign my free eye test voucher, and marked the areas for my signature. I pointed out to her that I found this action offensive, as the implication is that I am unable to read the form, and work out where to sign for myself. Ana informed me that I was the only person that had ever said that to her, and thereafter, she had a bad attitude in dealing with me. I proceeded to meet with the optician, who after my test, advised that the medicine in my lenses needed an update. I left the booth, and approached the desk, where I was dealt with by Mike. Mike advised that the update in my lenses would cost £46. I asked why, as I had purchased the glasses less than a year ago, and the optician had not told me of any extra cost. Mike was unable to explain the cost, and ended up walking away from me, refusing to deal with me. Ana came over to find out what the issue was, I explained that I did not understand why I was being charged £46 and asked to speak to a manager. Ana advised that the manager was busy. I further explained that I had not received good customer service from either herself of Mike. Ana advised that if I did not like the service, then I could leave.

    I waited a further hour until the manager was available to see me. I explained what had happened, and she assured me that she would speak to both members of staff, as this behaviour was totally unacceptable.
    I found this whole episode totally embarrassing. So much so, that I will not be returning to that store again. Can you please arrange for my glasses, which were left in the store, to be returned to me, at the above address? Also advise what happens to the voucher, as I still have the same issues, and need to have them rectified.
    I do not expect to be treated this way by anyone, when I go in to a shop. The staff in this instance were totally disrespectful and dismissive of me, and the only reason they felt able to do that was because I am a pensioner.

  5. Hello, i am leaving this message for the manager of this service, regarding two persons employed at the Specsavers in South Harrow, Greater London. In May 2017, a man described as asian origin, medium quite slim built, medium length hair, uniformed, possibly aged between 20-30 years, optician/other. and a woman described as asian origin, medium slim built, sahoulder lenght hair, uniformed, possibly aged between 25-35 years, receptionist/other. Person number one, had sprayed a liquid into my eyes, whilst having an eye test. I spoke to him about his. Person number two had whispered something about me to another receceptionist. There were no aggravations between me and this person. Please could you deal with these persons and their associates immediately.

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