TalkTalk UK customer service

For TalkTalk customer service you can use this free number 0800 049 7827 you can Call This Number and Save it Under “TalkTalk Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


You can find all of the information in the TalkTalk contact us page

TalkTalk Free Phone Number is:  0800 049 7827 or this number: 0345 172 0088 a free number if you are using your TalkTalk phone.

TalkTalk provides various services to UK customers such as Television, telecommunication, internet and mobile services. They provide top quality customer assistance to resolve queries of their customers. You can easily reach their customer service desk by calling TalkTalk customer service desk numbers.

TalkTalk customer service address

You can use following postal address for resolving your queries and problems. If you have any question regarding any services provided by TalkTalk, write a mail to TalkTalk customer care address:

Customer Relations Department,
TalkTalk Group,
PO Box 346,
SO30 2PW

In case your complaint or problem is not resolved by TalkTalk complaint department, you can escalate it towards head office or you can say CEO office to look into this matter. They will try to resolve your complaint within 72 hours of filing it.

Head of Complaints – CEO’s Office,

TalkTalk Group,

PO Box 344,
Unit 19,
SO30 2NP

TalkTalk broadband customer service phone numbers and support

TalkTalk broadband customer service number

TalkTalk provides customer assistance for all kind of issues & queries. You can contact them for resolving your problems and if you are not happy with their services, complaint can be filed. If you are facing any technical issue related to broadband & phone services, you can contact TalkTalk broadband customer service number 020 3441 5550 (you can find a free number if calling from TalkTalk phone just below) From your landline. If you are calling from mobile you can use TalkTalk broadband customer support number 0345 172 0088 this number is free from TalkTalk mobile.  You will be charged 3 ppm, if you are calling from non TalkTalk phone number.  These numbers can also be called upon for TalkTalk customer moving home service assistance.

You can also resolve your queries by writing an email at TalkTalk customer service email address. You will be responded to your issue within 10 days of writing an email. Please ensure that while sending an email you are writing your personal contact information so that they can easily reply you back. You are required to provide name and phone number with TalkTalk while sending an email.

TalkTalk order number

how to place an order with talktalk

The order can be placed by calling at TalkTalk order number free call 0800 458 5331. The order can also be placed online and by using this option you will get exclusive & special offers. The online order can be placed by visiting the link This mobile website offers very easy & convenient way of ordering mobile. You will be required to add your MY Account details while placing an order.

TalkTalk mobile credit check

credit check number talktalk

For checking mobile credit you are required to make a call at Equifax number 08344 335 0550.  Alternatively, you can visit the link However, there may be cases when you may get failed to check credit. The reason could be wrong address details or poor payment history.

TalkTalk pay your bill UK phone numbers

One way to make payment to TalkTalk is through online using My Account details. Another way is through call. For any general enquiries related to bill payment call on TalkTalk customer service hotline number free number 0800 049 7827 (from landline) or TalkTalk 24 hours customer service number 0203 441 5550 (from mobile). If you are living overseas, you can call on TalkTalk customer service UK number 0203 441 5550 from abroad. Call on all these numbers can be made any time as they are available for 24 hours.

TalkTalk business sales services

You can make a call to TalkTalk sales team service for various issues. If you want their assistance related to broadband, TV and calls, you are required to call on TalkTalk business customer service number 0800 049 1402 (from landline). TalkTalk customer service hours are available between 8am to 10pm from Monday to Thursday and between 8 am to 9 pm on Friday. On weekends TalkTalk business support is available between 9am to 8pm. for overseas customers, call can be made TalkTalk UK business support free number 0800 458 5331. For mobile and SIM related services you are required to call on TalkTalk customer service number 0800 458 5331. For Nonresidents, the call can be made on TalkTalk UK customer care free number 0800 458 5331. Another option to contact support is TalkTalk customer chat. The TalkTalk customer care professionals are available between 8am to 10pm on all days in a week.

TalkTalk complaint services numbers

TalkTalk complaint

You may not be happy with the services of TalkTalk internet and broadband service. You can easily file a complaint regarding their default services through phone. For complaints regarding TV, landline or broadband services call on TalkTalk customer complaint free number 0800 049 7827 from landline, or 0345 172 0088 from your TalkTalk phone for free. You can also file a complaint about TalkTalk mobile services by calling TalkTalk customer complaint line number free of charge! 0800 049 7827 (from TalkTalk mobile). No charges shall be applied on above numbers whether you are calling from landline or mobile. The call can be made between 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday and between 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and on Sundays between 10am to 5pm. TalkTalk customer complaints shall be resolved within 72 hours and outcome will be intimated through TalkTalk customer complaint email address.

Please ensure that while filing complaint you have provided your name, date from which problem started and TalkTalk home telephone number and full description of your complaint. If you are not happy with the solutions provided, you can escalate your complaint further to Chief Executive Office.

The complaints can also be filed using social media links such as Facebook, twitter etc. However, you have one more alternative option if you do not feel satisfied with the solution provided. The complaint can be filed with Ombudsman, an independent organization, providing free services to their customers. Their decision regarding complaint cannot be refused by any organization. They can be contacted through call, email or postal mail. Following are the contact details:

Contact number: 0330 440 1614

Email address: [email protected]

Postal address:
PO Box 730,

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    1. With reference to the Talk-Talk Feedback questionaire
      recently completed. Please accept my apology for the
      harsh statement on the summary ie: Did not want to know
      On reflection I realized your Customer Service team were
      only doing their job and were most polite and patient.
      I was so annoyed at the dis-engage of our phone and computer
      without prior discussion and then being forced to pay the account before re-engaging Not very assuring

      1. Hey Desmond. Thak you for your comment.
        Did you talked to their customer support?

    2. Please accept my apology for the harsh statement ie;
      : Did not want to know : Realized your customer service
      team were only doing their job most polite and patient

    3. Hi I can call talk talk as I’ve an engaged ringtone on my phone I can make calls & I have no broadband.Can u contact me please.on email . thanks

    4. Hi, I am moving home and have tried to contact them. When I finally get through, it was to late for me Have you got an email address?

  1. my talktalk tv players .apps is not connecting i have been to yvm102 and after following your plan still no response i left an e mail for you last night still no reply please, do you know how do i sort this out

  2. 7 months later. Still no refund for a service that didn’t work. Even though they made me pay for setup and 2 months of line rental.

    Bad customer service exper, they just send me round in circles and waste my time till i give up.

    1. Im having the same problem I will find one of there’ office and smash it up they have Imature Indians and phillipenos just taking the piss sending me on wild goose chases

  3. Why is it not possible to talk to an agent in the uk,I cancelled my talk talk after 11 yrs,mainly because of misunderstanding communications.i have spent over a hour again talking to 3 different agents in another country telling me a load of bull again,I think I have matters sorted then next month I get another bill for something I don’t owe in the first place,I paid in advance for my service which ended mid month,which meant I should have had credit,they said I owed, I had cancelled, they then charged for not being able to take payment,I paid, they said the payment was waivered off,I then get another bill for more added because they couldn’t get the first payment!!!,I ring again to be told they have took it through direct debit,after I had cancelled it!!
    I am at my wits end with this company the stress have suffered is unbelievable,it has been a constant battle for nearly 2 year,I couldn’t even get through to them that our local phone numbers????

  4. Due to not so good services we left talktalk when our contract had finished for our landline and broadband, we also had mobile phone contracts with them. I have spent the last 6 months and numerous ineffective calls trying to find out why I can’t get online to check the accounts of my mobile accounts. Some time ago after talked to operators I finally found out why – because I no longer had a landline with them I was no longer allowed access to my account (although I still get the emails to say your talktalk bill is ready to look at online). One of the contracts was due to end so I finished it early, which took a further 20 mins before they would accept that I wanted to finish it earlier. I asked over and over for email confirmation of this and am still waiting. I cant recommend talktalk…

    1. Hey Marie. What about trying to complaining? try and make a complaint. If that wont work out for you, try sending your complaint to Head of Complaints – CEO’s Office TalkTalk Group P.O. Box 344, Unit 19, Southampton, SO30 2NP. If that won’t work (which is relatively rare from what i have been hearing), you can talk to the Ombudsman Service: Communications.

      1. I’ve been on the phone for 3 f****ing days why have customer service in India is tht coz u no u wouldn’t have any buildings left with un happy customers like me coz I’m putting in to good thought about finding one of ur offices and showing uses what I think .every bloody time I ring it’s like speaking to a brick wall I refused 2 weeks ago to pay £18 unless a engineer come out n checked my connection which he did yesterday n like a thought there was a problem the modem was uploading more than down loading something to do with the tam test since yesteady when he left I’ve been speeking to various customer service agents which not one of then understud what a waste saying like I said talking to a brick wall!!! 72 million in profit 2015 no fucking wonder ur paying 1 pound a week for a foreigner to sit in a chair n ask for payment n they haven’t got a clue what there going on a bout any how I’ve smashed my modem up with frustration send talk talk round and I’ll lift them off there feet !!!talk talk wank talk talk will go bust karma!!!

  5. This is what i’m going to send to the Complaints Service Personnel:
    Last time I made a big move from Northeren Ireland to London, But as a responsible I made sure all my phone, broadband, tv license, bank accounts etc were canceled. I rang Talk talk in particular to put a stop to my subscription.
    Months passed, I have been so busy being new to the city, so many adjustments, sorting outs and changing of places (my fourth time in several months). Imagine my shock when I finally had the chance to open my emails and letters (forwarded late to me) that I am still being billed by talk talk. There was also a letter from them telling me “you were attack by a cyber virus”. Could this be the reason maybe my files or records or whatever was/ were affected that is why I am still being charged eventhough I have canceled my contract with them before I transfer? Anyway, I rang the costumer service department to ask why. I gathered that, according to my records, I did place a call last September 2015 (one of the very few I made since I subscribed with them since 2009 I think), but was cut off which is not true at all. If the call got cut off, I would have definitely rang again for the simple reason that I am moving house and I wanted my contract canceled. Who in their right minds would like to be charged for the services they didnt use? Not me of course! The call went smoothly as far as can remember and I am very certain I made my message clear to talk talk staff that time that I wanted my subscription or contract. But obviously until now I still get emails from talk talk asking me to pay this amount which I am not paying since its very unfair.

  6. Hi after waiting 4 weeks for our phone and Internet to be connected I am really annoyed that at least twice a day we have NO internet – usually mornings and every evening for a couple of hours – this is so annoying — in this day and age it is not acceptable –
    Tell me what to do, this website is really helpful i must say.

  7. I would like to cancel my direct debit because I’m moving abroad. What I need to do as I can reach customer servise. They always ask for my home line number but I don’t have any.

      1. What did they not respond to the person who complained about the lack of internet service for a few hours every evening but have responded to the easy to solve emails? I find this very concerning as a brand new customer whose services have not yet been connected?

  8. My TalkTalk has been running at a snail’s pace now for over a week. I did the oneline chat but this produced no results. We just went around in circles. Was asked to do a Speed Test —– joking. The system is going that slow it would even run. Is anybody else having this problem.

    1. i have the same problem but it has been going on for months am told the speed in my area is good so it must be my lap top

  9. I do not have any internet I phoned Talktalk and was on the line for 30minutes talking with an advisor in a far away county .. this is not good as although trying to be helpful he talked so quickly with an accent I found hard to understand it was near impossible!!
    One thing I did understand was that he said there was a fault that would take 72 hours to fix and that he could not do any testing until this was sorted…
    I live in a flat and my next door neighbour is also with Talktalk and has perfect working internet so if there is a fault why is hers working perfect,y???

  10. had my broad band and phone go down for 5 days was offered compensation (what a check )as I work from home I lost a lot more than this .but keep trying to get a better offer .and they keep going round in circles’ Still they keep saying they are very sorry .I have been with talktalk for 16 years . And thank you for this great website, very informative

  11. phone company i have honestly ever come across, they will send you in with cheap prices but when they start making up for it by taking extra amounts. Even after i cancelled my line they continued to charge me and when i dared to challenge them they flat out refused.

  12. I keep getting calls from people who say they are from talk talk saying there are problems with my server/router being hacked. How do I know it is a genuine call. I ask for a return number and the line goes dead.

    1. Hey Pauline, I really don’t think you should answer those calls or give them any information whatsoever. Be smart and safe.

      1. Petty hard when it comes through as a private caller which can be anyone. I am getting around 10 calls a day from people saying they are calling from talk talk and before i say anything I have contacted to make you aware how ever no number displayed and can not dial back to get their number maybe they need to tighten thr network again or get customers to log the time of the call then they could trace it that would be doing something useful rather than the cr$%* I get told when I phone them up

    2. hi sorry if you got my last reply .only something went wrong on my side .answer to your problem.KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING .but remember .talktalk never call you unless you have arranged a call back date and time .(then most of the time they don’t call ) I get these scam calls 3 times a week .and do the same as you. ask for the call back number .or go to your account .and report the number as a scam call .

  13. They run you around in circles and get you to run test after test after test and every signle person to discuss your problem with is from some foreign country who speaks poor english and you just cannot relay your problem to them and feel they have a grasp on the issues.
    A company to deal with.

  14. Good Evening i have been with AOL for 11 years as i understand a few years ago Talk Talk took over, my Wireless ADSL Modem Router Netgear has been playing up, it is 11 years old,and we need it as we run a guest house. is their any chance we can have a upgrade ( new one ) and if you can advice me how to do it. kind regards and very helpful website. phil & julie

  15. I have received to day four attempted scam calls from a person claiming to be a representative of talktalk.
    Luckily I am fully aware of his aims.
    I am reporting this just in case you have the means to trace him.
    These type of phone calls are becoming a pretty regular occurrence. Best of luck.

  16. Darby Allen
    I have been having up to 4 a day calls awsell from overseas stating they are from Talk Talk and wanting information. I don’t think Talk Talk know or care , just want them to go away.
    Do you think Talk Talk can help or at least email me with confirming you don’t employ Russians Indians or Pakistanis calling from overseas?.
    If you want to get in touch please email me from your registered site.

  17. Strange services by Talk Talk, a new customer left with an appointment between 8 am to 1 pm. The engineer comes at 8 am knocks the door makes a call to registers no and leaves. After that Do follow up from fall talk. When enquire says you will be charged for missing appointment and your job is back in queue. On the other hand customer too off from work for this appointment only. He was suppose to receive a call on his no which never got updated in talk talk system and now he is trying to get a connection. Service provider is not worried about giving comfortable service and offering a new connection. Customer needs to be worried and pay penalty.

  18. I thought that Vodafone had the customer support but it seems that Talktalk is a contender for the title.
    There is no email address for contact.

  19. Unable to talk to an agent Is there anyone who deals with faults who is not a machine.

    My mothers phone is not working I did the checks and the fault reporting, but I wish to tell them she is 91 and her phone is her lifeline to friends and family. But all I get is that it will be 72 hours or more.

  20. Can someone please help me I am trying to disconnect from talk talk as I am moving home They are claiming I cannot cancel until my 30 days is up (I am moving in 6 days). Next they tell me that if I choose to cancel, I will still be liable if anyone makes calls on the phone line- as it will only get cancelled in 30 days time. Can someone please help?

  21. Talk talk customer service is absolutely; they are slow, don’t respond quickly and are totally If you are a new customer, – their call centre staff are nice

  22. I switched from BT broadband to Talk Talk just under a year ago and since the day I moved over my internet has been hard It’s slow and intermittent and that’s if it’s working at all for me. whenever I have spoken to someone at Talk Talk I get kept on the phone for over an hour a time and am asked to do numerous tests which never seem to amount to anything. One thing they have never suggested is to change the router Are Talk Talk so tight that they will not even consider that there may be a fault with the hardware and exchange it at a small cost to them? When I mentioned to them about leaving I was told that it would cost me over £200 to leave a service My advice of this internet provider.

  23. Ever since we got talk talk the internet has been slow and barely work as it just doesn’t connect to any of the devices in the house I have to sit on the stairs as it is the only place it will work in the house which isn’t the best when finishing of work and projects at home and really need the internet as I have deadlines and the internet barely and the stairs is hardly the comfortable

  24. How do I apply for the latest Router? I have an HG533 and I understand that there is now an HG633 router available.
    I would also need a new Filter,
    This is to try and solve a very poor internet reception where you say my 12mps speed is compromised by also having an ‘unstable’ line, it may be possible to try a new filter and router.

  25. I have a problem with the cable pulling my barge board away from my house. I have contacted talktalk, who advised I talk to BT who advised I get in touch with Open reach who in turn cant do anything unless I contact Talk talk and so the run around starts again. no one wants to take ownership of the problem just keep passing the buck.
    I pay Talktalk for line rental, who in turn pay BT, who authorise Openreach (a subsidary) to make necessary repairs all part of the gravy train what ever happened to competition. BT needs breaking up

  26. Talk talk thats all they do chat bull and dont resolve issues I have been with the since may 2016 they you told me they where cheaper and provided a good service. Now I realise it was all talk talk. I wouldnt recommend them people to my enemies :). My service still hasn’t worked properly since may my broadband and phone has been down for nearly two weeks and they have still not corrected the ongoing issues.

  27. The Company I’ve ever had to deal with. Customer service hard. Refunds don’t happen. You’re on the phone for ever, or cut off then have the call back and wait another 30 minutes A frustrated, almost ex customer.

  28. My broadband isnt working. I went on TalkTalk website at 21.30 to see if i could contact them as i put my issue in on drop down boxes it told me to call talktalk which i did. Minutes later i was still waiting for an advisor. My wife checked the opening hours which were nicely hidden to find that the phone lines were closed. But that the live chat closed at 22.00 so because i had spent so waiting on hold i had missed the live chat as well. Why was i directed to call them when they were closed rather than be directed to the live chat which was open when i started the call. Why was there no message on the phone saying you were closed rather than just some irritating music that repeated itself every 30 seconds. And after all this my broadband still isnt working. Oh i wonder why they have such a bad reputation for customer service.

  29. Sir i recharge my number on vodafone .. But sir recharge not resive and bank blance dedakt ….Help me sir….My trans.

  30. I can not get internet. Is off the router but no internet diode. 15 months Internet works without errors .You can leave, what is the email service? Thank you.

  31. Hi, well I’ve come back to talk talk after too long with Sky, yes they do use indian based staff who are always exceptionally polite, and you just need to run with them if you have a problem and do as they ask. Unfortunately BT open reach have been busy again working in their new and old green boxes, so as a result I have not phoneline. I would like to have a free number to call them on my non TT mobile – I couldn’t see one – as although you need to go with them when you call, it does take time!

  32. I have been on this phone holding on listening to music for 20mins to talk to someone talk talk it is a joke . Every time I complain about something and you offer me an apology and a better deal something else goes wrong I am so sick of this . Came home after visiting someone in hospital looking forward to catch up on all my programmes NO catch up arrrrg what now still holding on NO one to speak to if I wanted a disco I would order one soooo fed up please. Great website.

  33. Rang technical support as I have no internet or incoming calls – Horrendous customer experience: Having endured the most frustrating conversation ever I was advised I must have requested a change of phone number No I haven’t I’m then put on hold – which seems to be a common occurrence on their webchat too. I rang back to be told by a lady to call back in 1-2 hours

  34. Clearly, TalkTalk is a customer service.

    Does anyone have a direct e-mail address for Dido Harding? It was recently reported that she reads through customer complaints every day (although there was no suggestion that she ever takes any action).

  35. My home telephone line has been dead now for over 5 days, I was informed by text that the engineers were working on the problem from about 15:00 on Xmas eve, this was confirmed by live chat on Xmas eve evening, they also said it’s a 72 hour time window..!! I was given the same info. on Xmas day evening. On Boxing day evening when I checked for progress on live chat I was informed by the talktalk operator that I had been given false information over the two previous days because he claimed talktalk engineers do not work on Saturdays and Sundays. I sent a complaint by email Tuesday evening and received a reply today with apologies and to check on my mobile phone because someone will text me when it is resolved…they cannot give me an estimate of the length of time for the problem to be resolved, they also chose to ignore the part about the false information they’ve been feeding me over the weekend….
    Does anyone have the contact details for talktalk CEO Are we due compensation for their customer services and for the information they have given me.?

  36. We have had intermittent broadband and poor quality phone line since November 19. We replaced the phones, filters.
    Open reach replaced the master socket and internal wiring. We still have a problem. The call centre in India seem incapable of dealing with any situation that does not fit the script.
    We were promised a new router…that was cancelled with no notice. We were promised a BT engineer visit …that was cancelled with no notice . I receive daily “FIXED/NOT FIXED ” texts which seem only to reset the whole problem back to square one!
    Today I have been on again, gone through all the tests for the umpteenth time to be told that …once again, a BT engineer will be called. I have spent hours listening to ‘musak’ while waiting for a reply.

  37. After 18 months of the Talk Talk account being cancelled at the address associated with an account not belonging to my 72 year old mother she is continually receiving telephone calls asking for the previous account holder. For reasons I will not go into she is finding this extremely distressing and gets very upset every time it happens. She has asked on every call that her telephone number be taken off the account and I also have asked them to make sure this was done on three separate occasions but this request has been deliberately ignored by the staff at Talk Talk. I find this to be direct harassment and should it happen again will be seeking legal advice. I expect a reply directly to my email address with an assurance that this harassment is going to stop.

  38. Why is it that this uk based company finds it to provide their customers with a phone number to talk to a proper service engineer instead, TalkTalk have a call centre in india and mainly the people have not got a clue and all they do is read a script instead of using common sense . I have had the same problem on and off for min 2yrs and the same old from india . COME ON TALKTALK try helping your loyal customers instead of ignoring them .

  39. my phone Is trill not working, now one month after issues started, I was told I would get updates, I haven’t had anything for a week. last time I spent time on the phone trying to get someone to look at my phone. I had an engineer booked, and cancelled several times.

  40. I have just received a new box, I have been told that I need to return the old box within 30 days or I will be charged, There is no address in the package or a free post label to send the box back, I have call customer services, everything I have got is respond that it will be in the post in the next three days, once again i am very disappoint it with Talk Talk service and the way they deal with the problems.

  41. Talktalk is one of the companies I have come across, foreign staff who are like robots, never answering a straight question,its like they are reading from a script just offers to lock you in for more time.Been trying to cancel my contract and they make it so difficult, why should I explain why I don’t want to use them any more as they don’t listen, just try to sell you. I wanted an email address to confirm with them that I have cancelled but they do not have one, what sort of company doesn’t have an email address? I do not use them as i can not resolve issues with someone in India or wherever they operate their call center from. Does anyone know their email?

  42. Hello,

    Trying to send an image of the log from a non working router. Finally, after three attempts calling tech support, I got an email address to send the log images to but guess what. It bounced (Not surprised actually bearing in mind the address I was given despite questioning its validity).

    So. I have an open incident with a case reference. I have log images and details I need to send to the engineer/technician dealing with the case.

    What is the correct email address to which I should send the images?


  43. I upgraded to faster broadband with talktalk but now I’m disconnected daily and just get told that the service is being improved , why am I paying extra for a below standard service ,I’m ringing talk talk technical department now.

    1. I have the same problem paying for faster broadband and now my phone is down. They say they want £ if I go to another supplier and they will fix the slowness just 23mps download and 6.3 mps upload for which Im paying extra. And now I cant report a fault with landline. A hard company

  44. I rang 0800 number yesterday from my mobile as my landline is not receiving calls and I cannot call out…it’s been like this for a month did work once about 2 was ago for an incoming call.I received 2 texts yesterday to say we are working to resolve issues raised then about 30 mins later a text to say an engineer is on way to complete tests but I don’t need to be at home…no up date after 24 hours…not happy

  45. I really don’t understand why your is so complicated. I just want to address a problem in my device 4 months ago I gave up because of your sophisticated system. Now I want to give you notice that I terminate my contract.

  46. Is talk talk help desk open on a Sunday I have a problem with my landline and it keeps telling me they are shut. Even when I use my mobile and calls a different number that meant to be 24 hours or like chat to them it wont let me.

  47. fault with broadband told i had to make engineers visit on Thursday no engineers showed same again for Friday and now again today , 3 days lost wages and so many excuses , i will be lodging a small claims court action to recover my lost earnings

  48. customer service dreadful ….4 times put through to a foreign call center…very rude and could not understand the problem that was wrong.hung up on me 3 times.rude is a understatement. will be switching providers for definite. very incompetent staff and rude.foreign call centers to save money?? they need to think about your uk customers

  49. Yesterday, I contracted a service of fast broadband for 12 months and the email that they sent me reflects 24 months of contract. I called again this morning to clarify this issue and the person I spoke with told me that the contract was made for 12 months, and that they were are going to send me back another email confirming the right period of contract. I am still waiting for this confirmation email reflecting my 12 months contract.

  50. 1st issue with Talk talk is that every time you call you get connected you talk to people in different countries who are not abided by their words. Who promise something but later you find out it did not happen. I was talking to a talk talk manager in South Africa he promised me that Engineer will come with the router at the home visit but this never happened, he mentioned that he will put the notes into system requesting the same but there were no notes. I requested that manager three time in the phone call and he confirmed that notes are put in the system. When the engineer came home he did not have any router and when I called talk talk there were no notes in the system. I was very annoyed and when I wanted to talk to the talk talk people in UK it keeps connecting me to people in Philippines, Manila or South Africa, although on website it says UK contact number. It is very frustrating as I have the problem ticket opened in July for slow broadband but they closed the complaint without fixing. They say we send an email and called you as per their notes in the system but I never received any e-mail, neither I had any miss call from them. When I asked them to re push the email they said they don’t have the access to the email. During the Engineer visit the internet connection improved but after he left it went down to same slow connection again, very frustrating.

  51. Dear Manager talk talk,

    Since two years and nine months precisely have debited my account for a no consumption about talk talk mobile that i have never done. i contacted several times for claim told me that i wil be reimbursed and give no further.
    Stop playing cat and mouse with me , Stop anarchs.
    Two months i run after them, All i ask , i want to pay me back what took on my account.

  52. Can TalkTalk please provide some guidance as to how to access NetScaler Gateway. I have read a number of dated messages conveying the same issue but no solution.

    Have the Super router D-LINK model: DSL-3782.

    I was able to gain access when I was subscribed under a different service provider.

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