Teletext Holidays Contact Numbers UK: Emergency, Support, Payments

Teletext Holidays Customer Service Direct Number:
0207 741 1303
Call This Number and Save it Under “Teletext Number”.




Teletext Holidays Emergency Contact Number

Teletext Holidays staff can be contacted even while you are travelling. In case there is any emergency and you wish to talk to our customer service staff then you can call us on Teletext Holidays Emergency Contact Number +44 (0)207 741 1303. Our line will be available 24/7 to handle your complaints and queries in times of emergencies. Teletext Holidays emergency contact can be contacted in case you have difficulties either in the resort, or you are facing a problem with the hotel/local agent.

Teletext Holidays Customer Support Number

In case you have booked but you haven’t travelled yet we have a responsible team of Customer service advisors who will be happy to guide you and handle your requests and queries. You can conduct a live chat with our advisors on the following link for which our team will be available from Monday to Sunday, 9am-9pm. You can also write to us on Teletext Holidays email id [email protected] for which our team will be responding to your request or queries as soon as possible. Teletext customer support advisors can be contacted through Teletext Holidays Customer Support number 0207 7411305.

Teletext Holidays Customer Service Adress

In case you have a feedback for Teletext Holidays or you wish to make a complaint when you get back home then you can write to us on Teletext Holidays Email Address [email protected] . Teletext Holidays Customer Service has a priority for its customers so the best team is appointed in order to handle complains and improves the services as soon as possible for a better experience. It is not necessary that every time things will go right but your valuable feedback and complaints will be important as they will help us provide our customers a better experience for their next visit. In case of any issue that you may have all you have to do is writing to us within 28 days of returning from the journey.
Our contact address is
9th floor Holborn Tower, 137-144 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6PL

You can email us on Teletext Holidays email address [email protected] for which you will be receiving an acknowledgement from Teletext Holiday Customer Service team within 48 hours of receiving your email. When the full investigation will be completed you will be informed within a period of 28 days. You will have to give us information regarding the booking reference number and all other essential information along with the receipts that you have in hand, photos and other documents supporting the investigation. It is important for you to know that in case you are sending any personal details of our credit card or debit card then make sure you mask out all the numbers to maintain their security. Our dedicated team members will take care of your complaints and queries and will make sure that in future you do not face any such kind of problem.

Teletext Holidays UK Contact Number

Teletext Holidays is an online travel expert agency in the United Kingdom. Teletext Holidays has been running its business smoothly and they keep getting great deals for the customers who choose Teletext Holidays. Teletext Holidays is one of the oldest in this field of service. So the best team is appointed for our customers to provide them the best of all. Teletext Holidays team is available for your queries and requests on Teletext Holidays UK Contact Number 0207 741 1305.

Teletext Holidays Phone Number

Teletext Holidays will be happy to help you as and when needed. Teletext Holidays has the best advisory staff who will be available to take your requests and queries on Teletext Holidays Phone Number +44 207 741 1 303. Service user has to make sure that he/she is above the age of 18 years in order to get the matter solved and queried handled as soon as possible.

Teletext Holidays Payment Number

Teletext Holidays provides you an easy mode of paying for which you can directly open the following link . This is the most convenient way to pay the amount for your holiday. Our dedicated payment staff will also be available to take your calls on Teletext Holidays Payment Number 0207 741 1347 for which the staff advisors will be available from Monday to Sunday, 8:00-21:00. Teletext Holidays payment lines will also be open during Bank holidays.
In case you have to make payment for Teletext Holidays Hotel Only booking then you can simply click on the link and the system will take you to the Manage my Booking page and you can then make the payment.

Teletext Holidays Baggage

For any queries related to your baggage, please click on the link mentioned . You will be redirected to the baggage page so that all your queries can be cleared.

8 thoughts on “Teletext Holidays Contact Numbers UK: Emergency, Support, Payments”

  1. Our flight was cancelled on the 15 of September. We could not get a flight back to England till the 18th of September. We had to pay another for the hotel and £ for the transfers and for calling teletext holidays. Then when we got in Manchester parking we had to pay to get out.

  2. I am writing as I am extremely disappointed with my holiday booked with teletext holidays.
    I have listed the complaints below.
    Very unhelpful customer services with booking holiday, very dismissive and felt rushed when booking holiday.

    No Childs meal available on way and on way back from destination, called to confirm it will be available for him and made them aware he has a nut allergy and requires a child’s meal.

    No food was available for my son on the plane.

    Hotel room was small and not up to standards.

    Swimming pool was small and over crowded,

    Swimming pool was dirty and panels on side where very dirty.

    Shade around the pool after 12 in the morning.

    Had to pay 250 dhs + 25dhs taxi fee to have access to another pool (rotana beach hotel) each day.

    Staff where not helpful and didn’t register any complaints made by myself.

    Harassed by a man and made to feel uncomfortable and unsafe in my room, no help or comfort was given.

    Was said child could eat free at arrival at hotel but I was charged each time.

    I would appreciate any suggestion on what can be done about this as I am very unhappy and didn’t enjoy the experience with my son.

  3. I was not happy with customer service while trying to cancel my holiday. They did not want to give A full refund back or either the 25% back of cancellation with in 22-28 days policy from there website. Spent £on a trip only getting back £!
    Eeach time I have called to cancel. The supervisor did not help at all.
    They said I should receive my refund back within 7 working days. 10 days later I had to chase up for my refund and they said its a error what a joke. Im still waiting. I have sent a long email of a complaint about there customer service.

  4. After booking a holiday I wanted to change hotels as after further investigation it was 5*. All the options I tried led to call centre asking for 100% increase in the holiday price despite the ‘live’ website prices being the same. i only expected to pay the admin charge.

    I was forced to cancel and lost 50% of my booking, which I still haven’t got. I sent 2 emails to complaints department who must be very busy as I haven’t had a response.

    Wont be using Teletext Holidays again and looks like i’m heading for courts to get even the 50% back.

  5. I booked though teletext holidays
    I felt rushed to book
    they said 4 start hotel when I reached the hotel, I was shocked! this hotel should have been demolished years ago. Old, outdated, disgusting, dirty hotel , no lift, horrible food, horrible rooms with beds that you could not sleep on
    I tried emailing teletext holidays about 10 times during my stay but every time I was sent an automated email saying that someone will contact me
    no one has contacted me, I have made an official complaint two days ago, no reply as yet

    I emailed teletext holidays that this hotel is NOT safe and no one should be staying here, 6 days later my daughter had an accident and she ended up having stiches
    shame on teletext holidays for misleading their customers that they are getting a wonderful 4 star hotel when in actual fact its a dump yard! the staff were fully aware of how bad the hotel was
    Phionex Sun in Bodrum, they were called Palm Gardens and recently changed their name
    you pay and look forward to a holiday but we were dreading each day in this horrible hotel
    all inclusive was awful with very short timings!
    the bar was so far away
    I felt that this was due to the hotel not wanting the guests to have so much food or drink- to save money
    I am still waiting to hear
    im not dropping this case! as it wasn’t fair on me or my kids to suffer in this way

  6. we have booked for the first time 3 holidays through teletex holidays i do understand that this is a difficult time for everyone but not being able to get help only adds to the dissatisfaction !!! we have changed our holiday dates due to covid 19 and us being vulnerable . we now need to change the flights that we have booked for the 18July to Malaga from Stansted none off the numbers we give to ryanair say are not right we wish to change date to August 2021

  7. I am beyond furious was supposed to fly out to turkey on Tuesday 22nd sept but for unseen events I can’t go as I was rushed to hospital on 3rd aug and had open heart surgery so my friends decided to change the name to there 12yr old grandson to save me going through my insurance and give me my money bk, teletext have done everything to saying they can’t do it then hang up fone after nearly 2wks they had the cheek to charge £150 extra just to change name they fly out on Tuesday but still no confirmation and this is Friday only 4 days left be4 holiday, every other company charges £50 for change of name not £150 they are scamming folk out of money, I should have just went through my insurance company as the holiday for my friends grandson has cost £800 now for 1wk in turkey, shall be contacting when they return that’s if they get away now 😡

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