Tesco Car Insurance Contact Numbers, New Drivers (Box), Quote, Claims and Complaints Numbers

For Tesco Car Insurance customer service you can call 03453668631 or to use our signposting service number (NOT A FREE NUMBER!): 0843 837 5440 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Tesco Car Insurance Phone Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Tesco car insurance is a car insurance service provided by the Tesco bank operating in the United Kingdom. They offer many variations on their policies and also different types of insurance covers. Tesco car insurance has tied up with some top firms to help them to make a claim with ease. They have also set up a great customer care department, who is always present with a suitable solution for the customers’ queries. The Tesco car insurance customer care team can be reached out by phone or by a letter.

Tesco Car Insurance Numbers List

Tesco Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Tesco Contact Numbers
Tesco car insurance customer phone number 03453668631 +443453668631
Tesco contact number 01132093098 +441132093098
Cancellation phone number 03 03452462895OR




Tesco car insurance from mobile 01132093098 +441132093098
Tesco underwriting Ltd 03456777222 +443456777222
Sabre insurance company Ltd on 03456784444 +443456784444
Coverage Insurance Plc 03456782222 +443456782222
Aviva Insurance ltd 03450307373 +443450307373
AXA UK plc 03455045389OR




Tesco car insurance glass line number 03456778888 +443456778888
Claims Line 03453000680 +443453000680
Emergency breakdown number, RAC breakdown assistance 0800003001 free OR


+44 800 003 001+443300222525
Key Cover claims 03453660228 +443453660228
Tesco box insurance (Tesco car insurance young drivers) complaints 03300222202 +443300222202
Tesco car insurance phone number 03453661309OR




Tesco car insurance logo

Write to Tesco Car Insurance Customer Service

To make a general query related to the policies provided by Tesco car insurance, customers can write a letter and send it to their postal address provided below:

Customer Relations Manager–Tesco Helpline, Freepost RSJB-RYLK-JKUX, Tesco Bank Complaints, P.O. Box 277, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 2BU

Do mention accurate and precise information in the letter, so as to get maximum support and attention from the customer service team.

Tesco Car Insurance Customer Service, Quote, Cancellation Phone Numbers 03 and 01


New customers, who are looking to insure their car, can now easily get a quote from the Tesco contact number centre. The policy service is applicable for all the drivers above the age of 21. One can easily get a quote for the Tesco car insurance by calling on the Tesco car insurance phone number 0345 366 8631. Mobile users can get a quote by calling on the Tesco car insurance helpline 0113 209 3098. The Tesco customer service opening hours are from 8 AM to 9 PM between Monday and Friday and from 9 AM to 5 AM on Saturday and Sunday.

To find out more about the Tesco helpline gain access online too. At this Tesco Contact Us page, you can also find the terms and conditions of the service. Additionally, to get a quote online please visit main site.

Tesco Car Insurance Contact Number for Existing Holders

tesco app

Existing holders of a Tesco car insurance policy can make their enquiries by calling the Tesco car insurance contact number 0345 246 2895 or the Tesco phone number from any mobile device, 0113 209 3098. These phone lines are open from 8 AM to 9 PM between Monday and Friday and from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Always avoid calling between 11 AM and 1 PM when the lines are at their busiest.

The Tesco helpline offers existing customers opportunities to update their car policy and much more. To change a plan or upgrade, downgrade, or make any kind of switch or change, pick up a phone and contact Tesco car insurance customer service phone number agents at 0345 246 2895.

You are able to change your own policy. If you plan to change or alter another person’s policy, you will need to provide the proper details for their protection. The claim will always be applicable to the individual based on the name of the policy.

Tesco Contact Number centres are  open from 8 AM to 9 PM between Monday and Friday and from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday and Sunday. In case you do not want the changes to take place immediately, you can fill up the online secure form provided at the website at any time of the day. You can inform about the change of your vehicle or that of your address. You can also make changes to your Direct Debit details, make a payment and request a replacement document.

Tesco Phone Number Cancellation

Existing customers who want to cancel their car insurance policy can call on the Tesco car insurance phone number 0345 246 2895 in the Tesco car insurance opening times from 8 AM to 9 PM between Monday and Friday and from 9 AM to 5 AM on Saturday and Sunday.


Tesco Contact Number for Customers with Hearing Disabilities

Customers with hearing disabilities can use their textphone and dial 18001 0345 246 2895 to make queries or to make changes to the car policy provided by the Tesco Helpline. You will be provided with full support by the Tesco customer service department day or night, and all you need to do is just have all your details prepared.

Whenever your insurance is due for renewal, you can visit this page. Sign up so that the Tesco car insurance customer service UK team can contact you with a great deal and offer.

Existing customers who want to make a claim should call their policy underwriters, who will further let you know the steps of making the claim.

Contact Tesco Insurance Policy and RAC Breakdown

If your policy number is ending with a letter, you should place a call to Tesco underwriting Ltd 0345 677 3377. If the policy number is starting from 10, customers should call Sabre Insurance Company Ltd on 0345 678 4444. In case your policy number starts from 615, you are required to call Covea Insurance Plc on 0345 678 2222.


For policy numbers starting with 3V, contact Aviva Insurance ltd on 0345 030 7373. Customers with policy numbers starting with 4669629L should contact AXA UK plc on 0345 504 5389. Zenith Insurance plc have their policy numbers starting from R3121 and they can be reached on 0330 024 0014. All the claims of Tesco helpline services are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The Tesco car insurance phone number for glass line replacements is 0345 677 8888. For RAC breakdown assistance, please call on the free phone number 0800 003 001. For key coverage services, please call on 0345 366 0228. For driver injury coverage, first you must call the insurer of the motor policy and after that on the Tesco car insurance contact number 0345 300 0680. Customers requiring breakdown assistance, can call on the Tesco car insurance emergency breakdown number 0800 003 001 at any time of the day, any day of the week. The calls made to this number from landline or mobile phones charge no money.  It is to be noted that calls made to numbers starting from 0800 numbers are absolutely free of cost from landlines and mobile phones and from 03 will charge you up to up to 12p per minute if calling from landline and about 3p to 45p per minute plus network access charge extras if calling from mobile phones. However, these may be included in the minutes provided to you by the network service provider.

Tesco Car Insurance Contact Number  – Emergency Customer Service 03

Emergency car towIf you are covered under the Tesco car insurance and your car keys have been lost or stolen, please call on the Tesco car insurance emergency telephone number 0345 366 0228. It may charge you up to 12p per minute from a landline and about 3p to 45p per minute plus network access charge extras from mobile phones while calling on this number.

Tesco “Box” Car Insurance –  Contact Tesco For Young Drivers

To get a quote or to make queries and changes to your insurance policy or any add-on products, please call on the Tesco box insurance (Tesco customer service for young drivers) phone number 0330 022 2202.To make a box insurance claim, existing customers should call on 0330 022 2525.

box for young driver

To get breakdown assistance, please call the Tesco Phone Number 0333 202 1897 and for key cover claims, you are required to call on 0345 366 0228. Existing customers can visit online to log into their portal to view important policy documents.

Tesco Car Insurance Customer Complaints

Car insurance Complaints

If a customer is not fully happy with the car insurance service provided by Tesco or the customer care department has not provided them with appropriate solutions to their queries, they can file a complaint with the Tesco phone number for complaints resolution.

A complaint can be made over the phone or by writing a letter and sending it to their customer complaints address. You can call on the Tesco car insurance phone number 0345 366 1309 or 0113 820 9992 if calling from a mobile.  Alternatively, you can write a complaint letter and send it to the Tesco car insurance complaints address given below:

Tesco Customer Service Relations Manager, Freepost RSJB-RYLK-JKUX, Tesco Bank Complaints, P.O. Box 277, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 2BU

To make complaints about the Tesco car insurance claims, please visit the web portal. On this page, you can view the complaints numbers and addresses of Tesco car insurances for various policy underwriters. Customers wanting to make complaints about Tesco box insurance, can call on 0330 022 2202 to let the complaints resolution team know about the issue.  It is advised that you provide the complaints resolution team with full support so that they come up with an appropriate solution.

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  1. I renewed my car insurance on 23 May and haven’t yet received an insurance certificate, if they already sent me a certificate via email I must have accidentally deleted it should how do i make them to resend one, please.

    1. Hey Joe, Not to worry, i will try to do my best to help you.
      1. Check your spam and junk folders on your mail.
      2. If you didnt found your new policy and your welcome pack on the junk / spam folder, just call them and ask to post the insurance policy.
      More through this Tesco Bank community

  2. I cancelled this policy today and was told I would receive documents of cancellation yet I’ve had nothing. Please can you help me find some direct email?

  3. Dear I am ex customer and I was overseas for 6 years and I am back to the country, I would like to know how to renew my car insurance certificate and get no claims bonus certificate?

  4. dear people..i m croatian and need to buy car in uk..old car..possible to buy it or,,i m non resident croatian citizen..can i come to tesco office or store and buy it,,thank you

  5. I recently purchased a new car,i rang tesco to change to the new car,and was told they couldn’t find it on the system it was a Corsa griffin,i find it hard to believe that it’s not on the system.i,’ve had to go to a another insurance company.after many years with tesco.

  6. Hi I took out a policy with them in 2009 and I am looking for my ‘no claims’ as I am now needing car insurance again after 10 years so I was wondering who I can contact to regarding this matter as I’ve called a few numbers without success.

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  7. Hello.
    Actually I had 10 years of NCB From Iran. If i translate it officially and send it to them do they accept it to give me discount?

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