The Range UK Telephone Numbers

The Range is one of the leading and fastest growing retailers in the United Kingdom with more than 130 stores across the UK. The Range customer service number is 0345 026 7598, or use our signposting service number 0843 837 5549 with the cost of 7 per minute plus your phone company service charge. and it is a local rate number.

Customer Care numbers

The Range contact numbers

Helpline UK Contact Number International Contact Number
Customer Services and Complaints 0345 026 7598 +44 345 026 7598

The Range Opening Hours

Customer support

Complaint support

Monday – Saturday, 7AM – 8PM and

Sunday, 11AM – 5PM

In-Store queries Monday – Friday, 8AM – 6PM and

Saturday – 8:30AM– 5PM

The Range Contact Address

The enquiries or requests can also be sent by mail at the below mentioned The Range contact address along with all your personal contact details so that The Range customer care team can revert back as quickly as possible.

The Range, Tamar House, Thornbury Road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 7PT

The Range Contact Details

You have any enquiries about the products or for the placed order, you can contact The Range customer services team at The Range contact number 0345 026 7598. The phone lines are open from Monday – Saturday, 7AM – 8PM and Sunday, 11AM – 5PM. The team can also be contacted by email at The Range contact email address [email protected] . You should mention the order number and all your contact details in the email request and the team aims to reply back within 48 hours.

The Range Order by Phone

You can easily place your orders over the telephone by dialing The Range contact number 0345 026 7598 with your card details and the item codes ready in hand.

The Range in Store Queries

For all your enquiries for the products or services in store, you can call the phone number 0345 026 7598 Monday – Friday, 8AM – 6PM and Saturday – 8:30AM– 5PM

The Range in- Store number

The Range Stores

You can contact The Range stores and check their contact details and the opening times, or about the refunds information using The Range store locator page  by entering the postcode or the city name.

The Range Returns Queries

  • If you wish, you can return the product in the original and unused condition within 30 days after receiving it. The returns can be made online using the website under the returns section.
  • You can also call The Range customer care team at The Range phone number 0345 026 7598 and the team would make an arrangement to collect the product. It should be noted here that if you have purchased the products online or by phone, then the returns cannot be made in store.

The Range Careers

For all the work opportunities, you can visit the official The Range careers page  and for any requests to be sent, you can do so by email at The Range contact email [email protected] or to the desired emails as mentioned.

The Range Customer Complaints

  • The company has a dedicated staff to handle all the issues efficiently. If you have any complaints for The Range products or services, you can contact The Range customer service advisors at The Range customer complaints phone number 0345 026 7598 from Monday – Saturday, 7AM – 8PM and Sunday, 11AM – 5PM or by email at The Range contact email address [email protected]
  • If you are not happy with the given response, you can escalate the matter to the European commission online dispute resolution platform (ODR) by visiting this page

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19 thoughts on “The Range UK Telephone Numbers”

  1. We visited your aintree store yesterday 3rd June 2017 and wanted to buy the Children’s toadstool table & chairs set but were informed that they weren’t in stock

    One if your garden centre staff told us that we could place an order in line and any order over £35.00 had free delivery

    I went to order it today and I was going to incur a delivery charge if £7,95 so if they can’t confirm that we can purchase this item we will then buy it from another supplier

  2. Hello I am enquiry how you apply for that new store opening in culverhouse cross Cardiff as its not on their website but has a poster outside for vacancys many thanks shelly

  3. I have just spoken to customer service department, Rolanda or Yolanda or something sounding similar.
    I explained that I had visited your Scunthorpe store this morning and was happy with the service I received. so I told her I would go online to set out my complaints.

    The staff at Scunthorpe were unhelpful to say the least. The member of staff in the admin department intimated that a product that I had bought on 29th of September had not been sold at all during September or October, therefore questioning my honesty.
    I realize that without a receipt they are not obliged to do anything but this was a product costing less than £5 and not fit for purpose as the tube of glue to affix hooks was solid and not usable. The product is 2 Madrid hooks. They did exchange them but I was made to feel that my honesty was questionable.

  4. I recently took my elderly mother in law (80 Year old) and auntie (84 years old and disabled) to the Range store in Blackburn. We spent quite a few hours shopping due to mobility issues and had to stop for refreshments in the in house cafe for a rest period for our elderly family members. Two days later we received a parking fine advising that we had stayed over the allotted 2.5hrs parking time. Surely the fact that was was parked in a disabled parking space, the fact that I was with mobility restricted people, that we spent time in the onsite cafe and that we never left the site/shop at any time should waiver the 2.5hrs parking allowance. I am absolutely disgusted with this and neither myself or my family members will visit this or any other Range stores in the future.

  5. I visited your Range store at Plymouth/Sugar Mill Retail park at 16.07 on the 19/12/18 and left the car park after purchasing an item at 16.32. I returned the following day (20/12/19) in my car at around 10.00am and left at 10.26. On both occasions I spent less than one hour in the car park. To my surprise I received a parking charge notice stating that I had spent 18 hours 19 minutes (overnight) in the car park. Obviously the parking firm did not look at their footage showing that I had actually left the car park on the 19/12/18 and returning the following day 20/12/18. This is unacceptable shoddiness by the company issuing the charges. I will not be paying and will take them to court if necessary.

  6. I placed an on line order on Sunday 6th Jan and the Comapny have taken my money from account and this was aslo confirmed ny my bank, but they never sent me an email confirmation and when I phone couldn’t give a hoot! I’ve contacted by every means possible and they have ignored all contact made by me.

    Either supply what I’ve paid for or give my money back! Its that simple.
    This Company have basically committed Theft! taken the money but now denying they have it.

    I would advise everyone Not to place orders with them, because they are taking the payments form customers bank accounts but its now ‘Lost’ in there systems and they dont give a dam!!!

  7. How do I get my VAT refund, I’ve been carrying the stamped form with me for a while now, the store refused to refund me while at the airport the officers asked me to get the refund from the store where I purchased the goods

  8. I just went to the Croydon branch. For gods sake don’t have an accident in their carpark. Whilst I was walking into the entrance a lady came up to me begging me to help her husband, I walked out to find he had caught his fingers in the boot of their car, another man also came to help at that stage. Whilst the man helped I ran in to see if there was a first aid. The security guard went to find one. I ran back out and the guys fingers were out from the boot and he needed ice or something. When I went back in 3 members of staff were all milling about discussing if they should come out, the girl that did bother to speak to me (who needed to put a uniform on and not a hoody and jeans, I would not be pleased if someone represented my company looking like that) said she couldn’t treat someone in the carpark and that was that! The manager didn’t come from his or her office and not one of the members of the staff came out to check on their customer – he was a customer as was loading gardening stuff into his car when the incident had happened.

  9. Dear Sir

    We are absolutely disgusted how Range have handled our issue with an item we have purchased from one of the stores. We brought a water fountain for the cost of £150 for our garden, obviously with The Ranges reputation we did not keep the box as we had never thought we would have an issue with an item from The Range having spent £1000s of pounds in the same store with no issues. When we installed the water fountain in our garden we started to realise a design fault with the unit, it would splash water all over our newly installed wooden decking, and with a slight bit of wind again would continue to spill water, we was filling the fountain up 2-3 times per day, so obviously we wasn’t happy. We took the item back to our local store with the receipt which was less than 2 weeks old and asked to have the item changed to a different design. The manager was very unhelpful, rude and refused to do anything about it even though she tested it in the stores rear yard and said yes it does spill water. We then decided to take this further by contacting customer services and again was told nothing they can do, this is completely unacceptable especially for a major high street retailer and we expected some help from a store we had faith in. We did not want any refund but just a different design that was obviously a design fault with this fountain. The store is Canterbury Kent. Kind Regards

  10. Rang customers service to sort out delivery of some chairs I ordered I have been on hold for a bit trying to sort out the awful delivery company they use, the worse customer service I ever known.
    I been waiting nearly 3wks for my delivery as the delivery company they have used have made excuses not to deliver. So if they say they are using ArrowXL all I can say is good luck.
    All I want now is my money back which they have told me could take up to 14 days to be refunded to me. Absolutely disgraceful

  11. I have had an enquiry which I emailed to the Range contact us email above with a reply that the email was still in use and no one will look at my email. I was then given a link to enquire on the Range google page, I filled in all of the boxes and typed in my enquiry to where it said there had been an error and my message was unable to send. Finally I decided to phone up the contact number, to then be put on hold for some minutes without speaking to anybody. It is such a hassle to be spending this much time trying to contact somebody about a simple question.

  12. I went to Stoke store on 10 October unfortunately I didn’t realise that I would get a parking fine of £60 if I stayed over 2 hours. I came in to that letter tonight I am disgusted as what was a nice afternoon spending money both myself and my daughter each spending £70 over on merchandise and then going into that cafe. You can sit over 40 minutes there by the time you have been served and drank and eaten. I have spoken to a lot more family friends and work colleagues who did not know this would happen. I will never use that store again even though myself and family are regular visitors there are more options in the same vicinity. That goes for my family and friends also..

  13. I have just been in your Truro Branch, whislt there christmas shopping i was appalled to hear a ‘manger?’ raising his voice and be-littling a member of staff in the soft furnishing department! It was absoulutley disgusting! Very un-proffessional of the so called higher paid bully which is clearly and for all the other customers to witness what he is! Another customer also complained and said she think twice on coming back to shop there! i also will think twice as if thats how the ‘Range’ treat their staff i’d rather not! There is seriously someone in the wrong job!!!

  14. I visited the Range in Cannock, Staffs, and purchased a few items. I returned to the store 2 days later to take an item back as the wife was not happy with the quality. I did not have the receipt as it was destroyed by rain on the day of purchase. When I went back to the store on a Sunday at around 1:30 in the afternoon. I went directly to the customer service desk and tried to explain to an employee my concerns. As soon as I said that I haven’t got the receipt I was rudely interrupted by a lady who was not wearing a uniform. She said, and I quote” we havent got time to find your receipt on the system. Come back next week when we’re less busy” HOW DISCUSTING I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER. HOW DARE SHE TELL ME TO GO AWAY WITHOUT LISTING FIRST!!!!! I have tried to make a complaint using the customer service. How does this business carry on trading with this level of customer service. ALSO, on the day I went back there were 2 members of staff standing on a main “A” road stopping traffic to let cars leave the Range store, IS THIS EVEN LEGAL??? WOULD THESE 2 MEMBERS OF STAFF BE INSURED???? Very BAD management I think.

  15. I feel your employees dont get respect they work hard as well they dont get any praise for the job that they do they are working shifts and that as well in this very difficult time to all other shops are getting praised for what they are doing they are not getting a pay rise or anything your shops are still open i am a good customer to your shop & just feel your staff nation wide deserve respect as well

  16. Hi
    i ordered industrial copper 3 cage floor lamp
    On 29 th march any ideas when it will be delivered
    Thank you

  17. I have an order that says it is completed but I have not received it. I have sent 3 email and spent hours on the customer service number, but I cannot get any support to sort this out. Help!!!!!!!!!!
    What can I do to get through?????

  18. To whom it may concern.
    The complaint i am putting forward on this website is that my nine year old grandson bought me a watch from their store at Lincoln valued at £8 for Fathers day from day one it as not worked properly where it kept stopping and the second hand was stuck behind the big hand,so we returned it yesterday as that was the only suitable time for us,we was told to go and get another one from upstairs which we did went to the customer service desk where the young lady said we cannot exchange that as it as condensation in it i explained that it had not been working properly since it was bought,she was very rude to the fact that she said outright we do not sell watches with condensation in it so i am not exchanging it,i still tried to tell her that the watch had not been anywhere near water but she would not have it so she took the watch from me plus the receipt and was told that is it so i am without the watch and the receipt,we are talking about a £8 watch here bought by a nine year old so i am very annoyed at the attitude the young lady had,i spend a lot of time and money in the range but this as now put me right off visiting the store i hope i can receive an answer concerning this issue.

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