Thomas Cook UK Contact Numbers:

For Thomas Cook customer service you can use 01733 417 100  you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Thomas Cook Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.



Thomas Cook customer service address
If you are having trouble finding the right Thomas Cook phone number to solve all your queries regarding, booking, deals, travel and other options just forget calling. Instead you can do so by writing a letter and sending it to the following Thomas Cook customer care address:

Thomas Cook Group plc 3rd Floor South Building 200 Aldersgate London EC1A 4HD

Please mention in your letter all relevant contact details so that the Thomas Cook customer care department can assist you most effectively and quickly.
You can also walk into your nearest Thomas Cook store and ask your query. The store locator can be found easily.

Thomas Cook Customer Service Centre

Thomas Cook customer care services are always ready to provide you with the necessary assistance. For general queries you can call the Thomas Cook phone number between 8:00am – 10:00pm 7 days a week at 01733 224 808. Please note that your call may be recorded for training and security purposes.
If you wish to change or upgrade an existing service or extra, please use the Thomas Cook contact number 01733 224 330.


There are many available products and services to find online. You can also add extra valuable services of Thomas Cook online. If you need information regarding the Thomas Cook resort service you can also do so online.
If you are travelling contact Thomas Cook airlines and learn more about the baggage allowances on the flight.
You can also call the Thomas Cook customer support by doing a live chat with them and asking them about your query.

Thomas Cook Holiday Booking

If you want to book a holiday package with Thomas Cook for you and your family, Thomas Cook provides you with many options to do the same. The booking can be made in three ways: in store, online or by the phone.
If you want to book a holiday in store, you can reach your closest Thomas Cook store.
If you want to book a holiday package online you can do so by calling the Thomas Cook phone number 01733 224 808 between 8 AM to 10 PM any day of the week. All Thomas Cook Contact Number Cruise Centre agents are available from 8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week.

Thomas Cook Latest Travel Information

If you need to know about the latest travel information about Thomas Cook you can visit the news update site. This page regularly updates all the necessary and recent travel information. You can also contact Thomas Cook seven days a week between 8 AM and 10 PM at 01733 224 808. Please note that your call may get monitored or recorded for security and training reasons.

Thomas Cook Helpline 24/7

24-7-helplineThomas Cook is committed to making travel easy and affordable for their customers. So they have simplified the process of making group bookings and also provide great deals on them. If you are travelling with 10 or more people whether it is your friends, family, or partners, you can make a group booking online. You can also call the Thomas Cook contact number 8 AM to 10 PM at 01733 224 841 or 01733 224 33.

Thomas Cook Wedding Phone Numbers

Thomas Cook provides a brilliant opportunity for you and your partners to organize a wedding abroad. They are delighted to offer a selection of the very best wedding destinations and the wedding style whether it be a Mediterranean wedding or tropical celebration on the pure white sands of the Caribbean. Thomas Cook provides you with a list of top wedding destinations on their Thomas Cook Contact Us web portal.

When you have decided on your option you can call the Thomas Cook wedding dedicated team on or call customer service on: 01733 224 330 or visit them in the store near you. You can discuss about the planning, guest list, destination, abroad wedding legalities and finishing touches.

Thomas Cook Airlines Contact Numbers


If you are using the award winning airline service of Thomas Cook and you require any assistance or have a query you can call on the Thomas Cook Airlines contact number 0800 916 0652 or 01733 224 330 (if calling from overseas). You can also manage your bookings and get support at this number.
If you are a customer who requires special assistance during your travel, you can contact the Thomas Cook Special Assistance team on 0800 107 3409 14 days prior to your departure. You can also request special assistance online by filling a Special assistance form.

If you need to cancel your booking partially or completely, you can do so at these links. Booking Reference is necessary to make at the time of your cancellation. For partial booking cancellation. For complete booking cancellation. Please note that Thomas Cook cancellations are 100% non-refundable.
If you are flying from Condor Airlines, a subsidiary of Thomas Cook, you can call on +49-1806-707-606, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. For condor seat reservation call their service centre on +49-1806-767-767.
Miles & More customers can call the customer service department on +49-69-209-777-777.
For Thomas Cook Belgium Seat and Special reservations call on the Thomas Cook Belgium customer care number +32 (0)  2 400 34 22, Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Thomas Cook Cruise Contact

If you want to contact Thomas Cook, you can do so using a Cruise specialist toll-free. 0800 169 4557. The lines are open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Thomas Cook Complaints

Unlike many airline companies that do not give a hoot about their customers and their feelings, contact Thomas Cook for complaints and feedback. They field all types of concerns and will give you their full attention. If you haven’t been on a holiday and you need to submit a complaint, call the Thomas Cook phone number 01733 224 808 between 8 am and 10 pm any day of the week.

If you have already been on a holiday you can fill up a complaint online. As soon as the customer care staff members come up with a solution they will reach out by email or by calling you on your mentioned mobile number.

They will ensure that your query is resolved or not and will try to provide timely solution to your problem. In case of any delay, they will inform you the reason of delay and why they are not able to resolve your query. If after getting the results to your complaint, you are still not satisfied, you can contact further to the independent organizations authorized for this purpose. Their decision shall be binding on Thomas Cook and will provide a great support to you.

Thomas Cook Group plc is a British global travel company listed on the London Stock Exchange. It was formed on June 19th, 2007 by the merger of Thomas Cook AG, itself the successor to Thomas Cook & Son, and MyTravel Group plc. Under the terms of the merger, the owners of Thomas Cook AG, KarstadtQuelle (later Arcandor), owned 52% of the new group. The shareholders of MyTravel Group owned the remaining 48% share. The company proudly serves 23 million customers who chose to travel with them each year and, are focused on transforming their business so that they can serve even more customers in ways that deliver better their holiday dreams. The company likes to work according to the convenience of their customers and their aim has always been to fulfil their desires. Whenever a customer arises with a query, they are available all the time to provide their full assistance. To learn more information about the company and to use their service, you can visit their websiteF. We will discuss in detail the contact numbers, addresses & URLs that can be used to contact customer assistance of Thomas Cook & also procedure for filing complaints.

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  1. i have been on the phone to the 01733 224 330 number and am still on hold after 1 hour and 15 mins. Can you tell me whilst i’m waiting if i am being charged 0.07pence per minute.

  2. I am trying to add hold luggage to my flight my on the 11th July flying from East Midlands to Antalya but it will not let me do it on the imternet I have looked for live chat but cannot find it my i have a ref number.
    Could you help me please

    Many thanks

      1. i am in hurghada egypt can i book a tickit from mancherster to hurghada and a retune to mancherster but only use the retune tickit

  3. We have just moved house and we have lost our flight details we fly from East Midlands and return on we are going to cyprus could you help us please thanks Jeff

  4. Trying to get through to the right dept at Thomas Cook sent numerous emails nobody answers when they do answerd me and get through and it’s automated there is no option for the dept I want even when I spoke to somebody and they were redirecting me to the right dept it just takes you back to the same automated call .

    1. What department you are looking for? Maybe i can help you find the direct number…

        1. OK…Now i’m a bit lost Rachel. Please explain (if you can: ) – what is your location, and i will find you the direct number to contact them.
          What number did you call?

  5. hi been left on hold for 1 hour everytime i ring need to book a flight but keeps saying 2974 failed but can book through other airlines please help

  6. I need to make a complaint, but having no success finding a suitable email address, or with live chat line. How do I contact a customer relations person please. I am not able to phone as I am in USA on holuday in accommodation provided by Thomas cook

  7. Please could you tell me how I get. A claim form for damaged luggage I have filled in a complaints form online and attached the relevant photos, I have not had any response after more than 4 weeks today I have tried to phone but cannot get through to anyone,

  8. My luggage has been lost for 5 days and I have received no help at all from anyone. I have submitted receipts for some expenses and have gotten no response. I don’t know where my luggage is or when it will be found or who to call next. I’ve called and emailed everyone. Can you think of some advice for me? Thank you, and great blog.

  9. I have just contacted 02733224808 to make a complaint I got through to one of the operators and when I was explaining that I was phoning on behalf of my mum who is currently on holiday, they put the phone down on me. What a terrible customer service i feel. I have completed the complaints form on the web address but it says it can take 28 days to respond, my mother is currently on holidays and having an awful experience- it seems the customer service runs through the company?

  10. 10 hour flight delay 4 weeks ago Advised compensation will be paid in10 days time…..3 weeks ago
    What a Thomas cook, travelled a few times now with them, always some sort of delay/problem and we’ve always just got on with things…..first time we had to complain (10 hour delay, oil leak on aircraft one hour into our flight) and guys can’t even get this right Shame it’s quite obvious customer safety and satisfaction still requires some serious review

  11. Claimed for delayed flights on the 24th Sep, due to pilot taking ill. Had no response regarding this claim. What happens now? Who do I speak to. We were delayed for18hrs .

  12. We travel on September 2016 from San Juan PR to Manchester and had a terrible numbers of bad circumstances with Thomas Cook since the star of the depart day. I have been sending email to the Agents services at [email protected] and no-one has answer my complaint Where do I sent it by mail and to whom???

  13. Hi,

    My mom and I recently purchased tickets and hers was purchased at the wrong time. I have tried to call the number immediately after the purchase to get help and I only hear the ‘waiting’ music, but no one has ever answered. We are in the US. When are agents available? Do you have another number that is for US residents that may be better?

  14. Are you allowed to use a laptop to watch a film during a long haul flight as apparently on our airtanker flight there is only overhead screens.
    Can the films be streamed from the airline entertainment system.

  15. I reside in South Africa. Want to book a world cruise on MSC Magnifica departing. Can I book this cruise?

  16. It’s a experience with Thomoscook people are not providing any details tomorrow is my departure I haven’t yet recived any details from that side

  17. This is not your problem but will be customers on Princess Cruises that are being labelled Medallion.We are going on a Regal Princess Cruise on (booked with you in Maidstone) this is a Medallion ship on looking at packages we have found out that the drinks packages are no longer available on Medallion branded ships but are fully available on all the other Princess ships ,this is a major selling point error by Princess as these drinks packages are easy to use and aide finances we always book the full package at per day per person. Can you see if Princess are going to offer these packages on Medallion ships as if they do not custom will be lost and no mention has been made that these packages will not be available on Medallion at all.

  18. I was delayed for 24 hours on June on a flight from Manchester and offered compensation. It has been three weeks and haven’t heard anything. I’m living in the US so i am calling their international number. When I called the US customer service, he said he would connect me, then dropped the call. Please give me an update on this issue.

  19. Am not even going to bother trying to call the number as they dont reply to e mails so have decided not to waste my time. I will never use Thomas Cook again. Total price on plane – 1 euro equals 30p in their wee world. I paid 3 euros for a coffee with two 2 euro coins (they don’t accept anything less than 1 euro coin) – I stupidly expected 1 euro change but no … I got sterling … 3×10 pence pieces which I was assured was correct). They offered me a scratch card but since I only had £150 in English notes on me I decided I probably couldn’t afford one. Was at hotel for 3 weeks and saw rep 4 times and 2 of those he was eating breakfast in restaurant. I was only person at welcome meeting and he gave me a map of island with several bus numbers and destinations written on it and a note of where the local market was …. wrong place as it was somewhere else entirely but at least he got the day right. He never even tried to sell me a tour. Waste of space

  20. Hi we booked an airport transfer through TC which wasn’t there when we arrived at JFK Airport (from Manchester) last Thursday the 12th Oct so we had to make our own way to our hotel at an additional cost! How can we get confirmation that our return transfer will turn up tomorrow evening?

  21. Trying to speak to Customer services and every call is hard. I have been trying for last hour to sort this out. I have a complaint that I want to discuss with a human being not automated system.
    Do they not realize that a unhappy customer gets more annoyed when they are messed about. Obviously you do care about customers comments

  22. I have been waiting for 6 months to receive any sort of reply from Thomas Cook. I have emailed several times, written to Head Office and telephone calls too many to mention with no luck in getting to speak to anyone. I received an email 6 months ago telling me that I would be hearing from them within 3 weeks. I have never heard else back. I have left my number with telephonists with the promise that someone will contact me but nothing.. I will be contacting a solicitor to help me sort this out as not even had the courtesy to contact me. My details are below.

  23. I am trying to pay the balance of my holiday. I tried online but you system did not let recognise my details.
    I have tried 3 times to speak to Thomas Cook to pay over the phone and have still got through.
    I want to make a complaint about this service but I get directed to the same phone number being answered.
    I am about service here.

  24. I am still waiting for my seat booking fee of £25 for two.being returned to me ,after you not meeting your booking seat obligation 27th September 2018.

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