TV Licensing Contact Telephone Numbers

TV Licensing Direct Contact Number:
0845 697 0240
Calls to this number will cost you 7p and your phone company’s access charge
Call This Number and Save it Under “TV Licensing Number”.


In the United Kingdom, people are required to have a TV license to watch or record the programmes like BBC on live TV, computer or any other mode. TV Licensing  customer service contact number is:
0300 790 6165
The BBC is the TV licensing authority in the country. So, the TV licensing website provides all the information pertaining the license, as to who needs to be paid and how much, and what are the different licenses available and if any concessions applicable. A complete list of licensed and unlicensed addresses is maintained to make sure the terms are complied with. You can call TV License services at number 0300 790 6165.

Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
TV License UK Contact Numbe 03007906165 +44 300 790 6165
Enquiries 0300 790 6112 +44 300 790 6112
Accessibility 0300 790 6076 +44 300 790 6076
Minicom Services 0300 790 6050 +44 300 790 6050
Media Enquiries 020 8752 6606 +44 20 8752 6606
Community Relations Team 020 8752 6537 +44 20 8752 6537
Direct Debit Queries 0300 790 6144 +44 300 790 6144
Pay by Debit or Credit Card 0300 790 6165 +44 300 790 6165
Apply/ Queries For Payment Cards 0300 555 0286 +44 300 555 0286
Apply/ Queries for Saving Cards 0300 555 0281 +44 300 555 0281
Complaints for Reception Quality 0370 901 6789 +44 370 901 6789
Complaints for BBC Programmes 03700 100 222 +44 3700 100 222

how to contact tv licensing by telephone

TV License Contact Address

If you prefer to write, you can send in the queries at the below mentioned TV license postal address. TV License contact details are:

Customer Relations, TV Licensing, Darlington, DL98 1TL

TV License Contact Us

tv licensing contact

The customers can write in their queries and send by email at TV license contact email [email protected] . You can also call the TV license UK contact us number 0300 790 6165 and the call centre advisors will be happy to assist further. You can ask any of the questions via the page and the support team will make sure to reply back as early as possible.

The customer enquiries can also be answered by calling the TV license customer service number 0300 790 6112. If you face any kind of difficulty while accessing the website or require the license in any other format like braille, large prints etc, you can call the TV license phone number 0300 790 6076.

The welsh speakers can access the welsh language page via the link . For the speech or hearing impaired customers, the minicom services are available on the TV license phone number 0300 790 6050.

Head of TV Licensing

The BBC’s TV licensing management team heads the division and ensures that the companies comply with their obligations and are based at the following address

The Lighthouse, BBC White City, 201 Wood Lane, London, W12 7TQ

TV License Media Enquires

If you are a journalist, you can contact the TV license team for the media queries at the TV license 24 hour press office number
020 8752 6606. The queries can also be sent via email at TV license contact email [email protected].

If you have media queries concerning particular region, you can call the relevant press phone numbers which are mentioned in the Tv License media enquiries page

TV License Community Relations Team

If you require information regarding charity, or community relations work, you can contact the team by calling the TV license community relations team phone number 020 8752 6537 or via email at TV license contact email [email protected]

TV License Renewal

You can easily get the license renewed via the online portal by visiting the TV license renewal page

Black And White TV License

If you require a black and white TV license, you need to dial the TV license contact number 0300 790 6165

black white tv

Options to Pay the TV License

how to pay tv licence

You have been given various options to pay for the license charge, as described below-

  • Direct Debit– this is the easiest way to make the payment, where you can spread the cost monthly, quarterly or yearly. If you have set up direct debit on the account, you can call for any of the queries the TV license contact number 0300 790 6144. The phone lines are open from Monday to Friday – 8:30am -6:30pm and Saturday – 8:30am-1pm
  • Debit or credit card– if you are paying by debit or credit card, you need to fill in the online payment form via the link or you can pay over the phone by dialing the TV license phone number 0300 790 6165
  • Pay at pay point outlet– cash or debit cards can be used to make the payments at any pay point outlets. The outlet details can be checked by visiting the page . If you want to check for the disabled access at the outlets, you can call the TV license phone number 0300 790 6165.
  • Payment card-If you want to apply for the payment card, you can call the TV license phone number 0300 555 0286 from Monday to Friday – 8:30am -6:30pm and Saturday – 8:30am-1pm and make the payment using the debit or credit card. Besides this phone payment, you can use the online portal, or pay point outlets and even though text messages. You need to send the text PAY, then the customer number and the amount to pay to 64488
  • Savings card– the TV licensing saving cards can be applied by calling the TV license phone number 0300 555 0281 and then the payment can be made either through online platform or at any pay point outlet or over the telephone.
  • Cheques or postal orders– the cheques, made payable to ‘TV Licensing’ are to be sent to the following address for the payment-
  • Customer Services, TV Licensing, Darlington, DL98 1TL
  • BACS electronic transfer– in order to make the bank transfer, you are required to provide the following details to the bank-
  • Sort code: 60-80-09
  • Account name: CBS TVL Telebanking
  • Account number: 30287561
  • Reference number: Your 10 digit Licence number

TV Licenses for Business

For all the related information or if you need to add multiple address, you can call the TV license for business contact
0300 790 6165

TV License Cancellation and Refund

tv cancel

If you need to cancel the license, you have to fill in the TV license contact us form via the page with all the details. The bank also has to be informed to cancel the direct debit method. If you were using the payment card method, you need to call the TV license cancellation & refund phone number
0300 555 0286.

If you are applying for a refund, you have to fill in the TV license online refund form via the link . The form with the required documents has to be sent to the following address

The Refund Centre, TV Licensing, Darlington, DL98 1TL

TV License Blind Concessions

If you are blind, you can apply for the 50% concession being provided upon the receipt of some evidences. You need to fill in the application form via TV License blind concession link and has to be sent to the below mentioned address along with the required documents

TV Licensing, Blind Concession Group, Darlington, DL98 1TL

TV License Complaints

If you have any complaints regarding the services, you can fill in the TV license contact us form via the link and submit. Alternatively, you can send in a mail at the above TV license postal address for your general complaints or regarding payment or saving card schemes. If you are not satisfied with the given response, you can escalate the matter to the head of revenue management team at the below TV License complaints address

BBC TV Licensing, 1st Floor, the Lighthouse, BBC White City, 201 Wood Lane, London, W12, 7TQ

And finally the matter can be forwarded to the BBC trust for the review. You can check the related information via the page

If the complaint is about the reception quality issue, you need to contact the Radio and Television Investigation Service by dialing the phone number 0370 901 6789 or via mail at the following address

RTIS (Radio and Television Investigation Service),PO Box 1922, Darlington, DL3 0UR

The necessary information can be checked from the page

If the complaint is concerning the BBC programmes, you need to contact the BBC Complaints division by calling the phone number 03700 100 222 or via mail at the following address

BBC Complaints, PO Box 

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  1. Hi leaving uk since four February I finished filling my form since uk to cancellation my TV license and refund and now they are picking my money out of account and I have finished cancelling them now I would like to stop cutting my money on my account because I live abroad now it just that I wait for it to refund me thank you to for this website information.

  2. They keep sending letters to my upstairs neighbour but with no name on so she ignores them. She’s being doing that for over 5 years now so why don’t they get her name from the electoral register? I see the letters arrive because we have a communal letter box.

  3. Dear Madam, Sir

    I have been charged more than £29 a month direct debit from my account for TV licence when i was moved my property and was told it will be charged 3 months time due to your transferring the address but i am still charged constantly now on so would kindly check my account again please

    Thanking you.
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