UPS Contact Numbers UK: Freight Service, Tracking, Delivery Complaints and Billing Helplines

For UPS customer service you can use our signposting service number: 0843 837 5437 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “UPS Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


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UPS Customer Service

UPS or United Parcel Service Inc. has become one of the world’s largest package delivery companies along with a leading provider of transportation and other logistic services worldwide. UPS delivers more than 15 million packages a day to more than 6.1 million customers across the world. The customer service representatives work determinedly and deal with various customers daily and make their best effort to give the right solution of the raised concerns. The company has always kept its vision to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. For customer enquiries you can call on UPS customer service UK number 0345 787 7 877.

UPS Customer Center

If you need any assistance of UPS customer care, you can do so by writing a letter and sending it to the following UPS customer service center. You are required to add your personal contact details in the letter posted so that the customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible:

UPS, Forest Road, Feltham, Middlesex TW13 7DY, United Kingdom

UPS Customer Service UK

Providing best services to the customers has always been a priority for UPS and they offer various options of phone calling, emails, online methods or postal to contact them as and when required. For all the general queries, you can connect to the UPS customer service and talk to a person by calling at UPS customer service UK number 0345 787 7 877. This number will cost local rates and if calling from a mobile phone then phone charges may vary. UPS customer service hours are from Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 20:00 and Saturday: 08:00 – 12:30. This is also taken as the UPS local phone number. Alternatively, you can email your issues at UPS contact email at [email protected] . You can also get in touch with the UPS contact number for national customer services for redeliveries and other enquiries for all areas, which is 020 7949 0190. By filling up an online form at , under the UPS contact us, you can ask for any question and email the same. Within a business day, the team will try their best to reply back. You can get access to the UPS contact info at . UPS customer service chat can be done at

UPS Billing Phone Number

For any questions regarding billing and payments, the customers can dial the UPS billing phone number 0345 161 0016. You can easily download the billing analysis software offered by UPS from the page . This will help to analyze the shipping expenses easily.

UPS Technical Support and Corporate Number

If any help is required in respect to installing, upgrading, or using UPS technology or for any technical support, you can contact UPS Technical Support and corporate number. You can dial the UPS number customer service 0800 331 6010 for resolving your queries. For the TTY/TDD services for the hearing impaired, the UPS phone number is 1-800-833-0056. The customers can also dial in the UPS corporate phone number, which is 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877). You can also get help from the online support team at the link Just enter your question and get the queries answered by the support team regarding the tracking your parcel, billing, any payment issues or any technical issues.

UPS Helpline UK Numbers

If you would like to get updated about latest news, announcements and updates from UPS, you can get enrolled yourself for the Email communications at Periodically, the communications will be sent on the mentioned email address. For the UPS worldwide supply chain solutions, you can dial UPS Helpline UK number 1-800-742-5727. For all the details about international import/ export services the UPS customer number is 1-800-782-7892. UPS services and tariff guide is accessible at . To learn about how to send shipments with UPS, the detailed information is available at the link page .

UPS contact UK

These UPS contact UK links are very helpful for customers. If you need to calculate the time and cost for your shipment, you can use the link . This will enable you to get a fair comparison of the delivery times and the rates when sending UPS shipments worldwide. To get details for the various payment options offered by UPS, you can visit the link It will show different payment methods like electronic payments, checks or payment cards and how to get enrolled in them. You can also schedule the collection of your parcel online by following the steps as described in . To know about the nearest UPS location centers to your place, you can check from the link

UPS Delivery Number

For all the queries regarding delivery of the parcels or even claims’ details, you can dial UPS delivery phone number 03457 877 877.  For any value added service like on call collection or Saturday deliveries etc. you can check for the information and pricing at the link . Details for value added services for air freight are accessible at .

UPS shipment Tracking

If you need to track your shipment’s status, there are several methods being offered by UPS tracking customer service under the link  as follows-

  • Tracking by numbers- using the link , enter the tracking or info notice number and press the button track.
  • Tracking by reference- here shipment reference to be mentioned which can be a purchase order number, customer number, company name or a bill of lading number up to 35 characters. Along with this, mention other details destination country and postal code and press the track button.
  • Track by email- up to 25 small package shipments can be tracked by emailing the tracking numbers to UPS customer service email [email protected] . It should be noted here that this feature is not available for freight shipment.
  • Import tracking numbers- you can import the tracking numbers by signing in the UPS account at
  • SMS tracking- this mobile service has to be opted for, so that the company SMS text messages with your tracking status for the shipments.

Alternatively, you can also dial the UPS tracking customer service number 0345 787 7 877 and get the required UPS shipment tracking details.

UPS Freight Services

The company also offers various freight services for heavyweight shipments over 150 lbs (70 kg). They are broadly classified into Critical freight, Air freight and Ocean freight. A freight guide is accessible at, for the detailed information. For the information of value added services offered by UPS, the details can be checked at the page Alternatively, you can dial the UPS contact number UK 0345 787 7 877 for all the queries related to UPS freight services.

UPS Complaints UK

The UPS group has a trained and dedicated staff to handle the issues efficiently and to the best of customer satisfaction. The customers have been given various options like phone, email or post to make their respective complaints. UPS complaints UK can be made by dialing the UPS complaint phone number 0345 7877 877. The UPS customer center hours are from Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 20:00 and Saturday: 08:00 – 12:30. The customers can get in touch with the UPS complaint department by filling a UPS complaint form at with mentioning their contact details and email address so that the UPS customer service complaints team respond back as soon as possible.  And if you prefer to write, then send in the letter with the required documents attached to the following UPS Complaint postal address

UPS contact customer service, Forest Road, Feltham, Middlesex TW13 7DY, United Kingdom

23 thoughts on “UPS Contact Numbers UK: Freight Service, Tracking, Delivery Complaints and Billing Helplines”

    1. Dear Sir / Madam,

      I am writing to to raise an issue about: Delivery

      The issue that I have experienced was: I am currently living in Thailand, am disabled and bedridden, I purchased a Patient hoist in UK and needed it shipping here to Thailand, I am in desperate need of this as I say I cannot get out of bed etc etc without it, this item was due to be delivered today ( 10 April 2019) here in Thailand in just a few hours and I am at a loss to understand something? a message was sent to the sender ( my Niece in UK, Rebecca Harrison) last night at 10:17pm telling us about hazardous material, surely this was never going to be here on time – as promised – by today, surely this should have been noticed before when collected, although my niece was asked about being a lithium rechargeable battery which it is and should be ok? I am in desperate need of this item and very very anxious now I have heard this as I was expecting to be able to get out of bed with more ease today? I am wondering what I can do as we paid for express delivery and was told all was ok then the battery thing came up, sounds like an excuse to me for something, either way it is not going to be here today as promised and paid for? UPDATE; now 11th April and still its in UK although the battery issue was resolved and we were told as I am disabled it would be given urgent attention but still its in UK and the sender has not been told why?

      It occurred on: 8/04/2019

      This meant that I am disabled with a muscle wasting disease and bedridden, I need the patient hoist to get from my bed to my wheelchair and commode and back to bed etc, no one knows the frustration of this who has not experienced it?

      Get it here………..

      I look forward to their response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.

  1. UPS are utterly useless. Tried to speak to someone about my parcel. There is no way I can do this, therefore my parcel will continue to be unsuccessfully delivered to me and it will end up returned to sender a d I’ll have to pay for another bunch of failed attempts. Online services are also a joke. I’m so frustrated, but no human to talk to for answers.

  2. delivery guy did not ring bell. my wife was in all morning and the guy just put note through the door. to arrange another day. front door open tv on. do you think she was out. hard service phoned to explain. she even took day off work to get package, what a waste of time.

  3. Why can’t you speak to anyone??
    They took my payment for a pick up and guaranteed delivery, 24 hours later they still haven’t collected the package, there are 3 1/2 hours left for the guaranteed delivery and no contact from them to say there’s a problem!

  4. what a sham I used them last year and it was brilliant.. this year I still have a package ready to go but the collection is via Santa Once a year talking to a human to air my concerns “impossible”

  5. On May 2017 delivery man went to the wrong door. It is second time. He doesn’t look for the right door number.
    I was at home all day. I received email said I missed my parcel without anyone knocked my door. Then I called Croydon office and informed no one knocked but doesn’t help at all and asked me to collect at local shop. Just today I found out because my neighbor handed me the delver note. Why my supplier is using UPS? I’m going inform not to use if UPS send the wrong address again. Let me give them one more chance, to UPS.


  6. What’s going on with this company??? Work at ups that is capable of answering the telephone and giving a proper Customer service .

  7. I ordered radiator of Amazon the company has it Sharon I’ve been waiting three days for them to deliver can they phone me and let me know what happening concerned customer?

  8. Got an email from Wayfair to say parcel is on its way …tracking says it is out for delivery 2 November but nobody delivered ..a second tracking event says it is out for delivery today 3 November but also says it will be delivered on Mobnday 6 November ??? I called the UK (0345) Customer Service Number and after shouting in my Scottish accent at a machine which asked for the Tracking Number I remained silent until I got a real person but she sounded like she was in America ….She suggested parcel(s) had not been collected by UPS but she phoned a local deepot and said I would get a call back within an hour ….we shall see…..What an experience and I hope.

  9. Hard delivery company I have ever had to deal with. And I thought Yodel was hard. I wanted to change the delivery time to a time when I was actually in, but no, that is not possible!! Why?!?
    Looks like my parcel is going to end up back with the sender in France – thanks UPS for your service.

  10. they delivered my parcel to wrong address they know where and time it was received
    half 4 in morning
    yet they will not go and get it
    the sender put two address labels on
    but incompanent driver is in the wrong job

  11. tracking page said attempted delivery but my cctv cameras show nothing ……..liar, took an hour to find number to contact UPS eventually got an american lady only to be told to contact royal mail then put phone down….thanks a bunch,

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