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For Very customer service you can use our signposting service number: 0843 837 5394 call will cost you 7p/minute plus your phone company access charge, you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Very Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.



Very Customer Service

All the account information remains the same. Now the Isme customers are Very customers.  The account number, credit limit, payment rules, company address all being the same, just the name has changed. It has been one common destination offering a wide collection of clothing, electronic and home décor products items, jewelry and beauty products, sports, toys and games, automobiles and much more to ask for. The company stocks over 1000 famous brands in different categories. is among the UK’s most visited websites, serving over one million customers. Very customer assistance services have always been at their best for all the queries raised, to the maximum customer satisfaction. For customer queries, you have the option to call Very customer services number 0344 822 2321

Very Contact Us

The users have the option to contact Very by mail service as well. If you need assistance of Very customer care team, you can do so by writing a letter and sending it to Very customer care address. You are required to add your personal contact details in the letter posted so that the Very customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible. Very contact us address is:
Very, Aintree Innovation Centre, Park Lane, Netherton, Liverpool, L72 1LD

Very Contact Details

For all the general enquiries, the customer can call the Isme contact number or the Very customer services phone number 0344 822 2321. The phones lines for Very contact detail numbers are open from 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week. The customers can also mail their queries at Very customer service email [email protected]. The support team will respond back within three days maximum. For any of the enquiries, the quick option is to online access the account at the page . And the Very new customer can press the register button to proceed further. The social media platforms like face book and twitter pages are also encouraged to be used to get in touch with the customer service representatives. You can use the online page at to get answers to your issues under various categories listed on the page.

Very Order Line Number

If the customer would like to contact Very order line number for placing an order, they can call the Very customer care number 0344 822 2321. It may be noted that the calls to these numbers cost up to 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. To help the customers in making a purchase decision, the guide is accessible online for various categories at the page

Very Credit Limit Increase

When the customer would like to request for increase in the credit limit, they need to fill up an Very credit limit increase form via the link  or else can dial the Very contact number 03 which is 0344 822 2321. The customers can join the Very affiliate program through the link

Very Customer Enquiries

Very offers the customers to take back all portable waste batteries. You can return these batteries to any Littlewoods Clearance store, which can be found out by the link . Details for recycling of the old electrical products can be checked at . You can check for all the catalogues list at and subscribe for the newsletters to get the latest updates and promotion offers. For any Very customer enquiries, you can email the query at [email protected] . For the catalogues queries, you can dial the Very catalogue phone number 0151 432 1000. The entire Very kool phone is displayed at the page . The phones are also in the category of Very iPhone and Very slim mobile phones. The different categories for Very cheap iPhone 5, Very iPhone 6, and Very kool phone case, Very small phone etc can be seen at the page

Very Delivery Options

The customers can use the Collect+ service to pick up the products from their nearest local shops easily and safely. The details are listed on the page Just need to enter their postcode and they would get the shops’ details in minutes. You can even call at Very phone number 0344 822 2321 from Mon- Fri 8am to 8pm and sat- 8am to 12 noon and get the information. The shop keeps the parcel for 10 days so you can collect as per your convenience.
Next day Delivery is also provided for small and large products. All the information is enlisted at the page
For any queries regarding the Very delivery options, you can email your concerns at Very contact email [email protected]
If you would like to track the order online, you can access the page , log in the account, select “recent parcels” tab and then click on ‘track parcel ‘to get the latest order status

Very Returns’ Services

You can easily track your returns online via the following Very return services links-

Very Helpline Numbers for Faulty Electrical Items

If any electrical item is faulty, you can directly contact the Very helpline numbers for faulty electrical items to get the issue resolved. Following are some phone numbers-

  • For Acer computing, the desired phone number to be contacted is 03717 601000 from Mon – Fri 9am to 6pm
  • For AEG All, the phone number is 03445 610643 from Mon – Fri 8am to 6pm and Sat 8am to 12pm
  • For Beko – Refrigeration, the telephone number is 0345 600 4911 from Mon – Fri 8am to 8pm Sat 10am to 4pm Sun 10am to 4pm
  • For Beko – Dishwashers/Washer dryers, the number is 0845 600 4911 from Mon – Fri 8am to 8pm Sat 10am to 4pm Sun 10am to 4pm. More
  • For Canon – Photography, the phone number is 0207 6600186 from Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm

And there are many more numbers in different categories. When you log in the account, select the tab ‘faulty’, it will display the relevant supplier number.

Very Payment Options

The customers have been given so many options to pay the bills like direct debit, online payments, telephone banking, by mail, by post office, by bank or building society. The customers can call contact number 0344 822 2321 for any of their queries regarding Very Payment options or even if they would like to make the payment over the phone. It takes 24 hours for the amount to be credited in the account. The customers can also send their cheques, not cash with the payment slip to the following address
Very Payment Department, Sandringham House, Sandringham Avenue Clemsford CM92 1LJ
The Very account number has to be mentioned on the front of the cheque and it may take 7 days for the clearance. You can also use any pay point outlet via the link or post office at the link  and make the cash payments. Here it may take 4 days for the account to be credited. You also have an option to Buy Now and Pay Later. All the related information can be checked at the page . Details for Take 3 payment option is at . You can also choose for low and flexible monthly installments and to apply for, you need to log in the page . If you have not been able to make the payments due to illness and was out of work for more than three months, then you can contact Very contact number 0800 which is 0800 092 9042 to discuss the matter. This number is the Very free phone number. Financial Services

If you have any queries related to Very credit card and Very financial services, you can dial the Very contact number 0333 000 0064 and the team would make their best efforts to answer. For any queries regarding insurance and extended warranty of the products, you can contact at the phone number 0800 092 9051or else the customers can also write in a mail for the same at the following address
Very customer services, Sandringham House, Sandringham Avenue, CM92 1LH
For all the queries related to home insurance policies and quote, you can dial Very Contact Number Free Phone 0800 0726 349. The mobile phone insurance queries are entertained at the Very phone 0344 822 2321. You also offered policies for furniture insurance and call the service team to check the details at phone number 0344 822 2321. The customers are also provided with service or replacement guarantee for the products and they can contact the team at 0344 822 2321. You can also check for all the loan details from Very at the page or can get in touch with the advisors at the telephone 0344 822 2321

Very Customer Complaints

Very strictly adheres to their rules and regulations and make all possible efforts to provide maximum customer satisfaction through their services. The customers are given an option to mail in their complaint letter to the following Very complaints postal address. Along with letter of complaint, mention your contact details and attach all the desired documents so that the Very customer relation department can reach out to you as soon as they come up with a solution. Very customer complaints address is:
Very Customer Excellence, Sandringham Avenue, Chelmsford, CM92 1LH
You can also fill up an online complaint form at the page and press the send button after filling in the details. The support team will respond back as quickly as possible. The company also publishes their complaint report for your reference at the link  and the financial services complaint procedure through the link
If you are not satisfied with the resolution given by the company, you can further escalate the matter to European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution Platform. They are entitled for resolving disputes about online transactions. The details can be checked at the page

34 thoughts on “Very Contact Numbers, Insurance, Order lines, Catalogue and More…”

  1. Hi
    I am behind in my payments due to financial issues, can i set up a payment plan somehow?
    My phone is not accepting calls at the moment.

    1. on 1st march this year I received an order of a pair of trainers cost . unfortunately didnt i rang my usual agent to pick them up that same afternoon. I have receipt ! ..This is where all gone pear shaped…. When i realised the return hadnt come off my next statement …It was then i realised that in error i had rang my Hermes courier who only picks up for Kaleidoscope and she hadn’t spotted this either…..Sooo its had to go to one of the returns departments !!! I endeavored to speak to Very over next 2 days..and the trouble i had was Unbelievable..Shocking ..Disgusting….they just was not interested and cut me off ..Kaleidoscope at least said if they had it it was company policy to re send to correct place but .could take 28 days to sort out .
      Have fully paid off kaleidoscope i will pay remaining owed to Very and until they can say they have at least tried to settle this …Very !! thats your lot ..Never again will i use a catalogue

  2. Customer service is Trying to get hold of customer services based at Liverpool and cannot as their are customer services based internationally even South Africa. And it’s Potluck which call centre answers…And won’t put you through to the Liverpool branch.

      1. My parcel wasn’t delivered to my address,yodel said it was left on the porch,I was out side all day,phoned them 4 times

  3. Absolutely customers service – 4 times trying to get my parcels collected (broke my arm so can’t use collect+) and still waiting a week later.

    Twice told the manager will call me back by people in their Cape Town office and still nothing ..

  4. Good afternoon

    I had a text from very!

    Your parcel from VERY is on its way and is out for delivery today. Track your parcel now at

    Only I went out in my kitchen to make lunch and to see from the window a card left on top of my back gate tucked down.
    I went out to find its a card from Yodel…
    From Yodel. Parcel has been delivered to neighbour. Card left with details. Rate service and enter prize draw at

    Only we where sitting in the lounge watching a DVD.
    I am so appulled by the courier – Yodel can’t even be bothered to walk to front door and knock.
    There is no customer service anymore even tho I pay for delivery of goods.
    Yodel as a company fail to deliver customer service that most are Eastern European that are lazy and no respect for service that should be provided…I must state even British are becoming lazy too..
    They should realize that most houses in the UK have 2 doors and the Tradesman entrance is curtisy to knock on the front door for delivery of goods unless it’s something like heavy furniture ie: sofa/beds

    I am in too minds to cancel my very account for poor service that I receive from your couriers every time I order from Very…

    I will try customer services


  5. Hi I ordered the Trolls wig today and it said payment was completed but I haven’t received a confirmation email & it doesn’t show in my order history. The link to send an email to your team doesn’t work. Can you tell me if the order has been received your end please?

  6. I orderd a small double bed from very. We were looking forward to this item as the house is in a mess as we had to empty the room its going in.

    Now this bed arrived when I was at work. My daughter took the day of work to recieve it. I then got a phone call from my daughter saying the base of the bed which comes in two pieces are different beds.

    I’ve contacted very customer service who offered me a re-delivery of the bed I ordered at the end of November and December.

    Which is crazy because my child is now sleelping on the floor.

    The advisor told me she was going to email the necessary department, I am suppossed to be contacted in 48 hrs which was this morning.

    Suprise, Suprise no contact. I tried calling the call centre and suprise again the phone lines.

    Extremely frustrated about this situation. I’ve never had this problem before. I just feel what a sloppy job the packers done. When picking and checking that the correct bed was sent out together.

  7. i have a faulty vax multi funtion cleaner which i ordered a few weeks ago. It is faulty and i am trying to return the item to very.
    i have contacted very and said it needs to be collected and i would like another cleaner.
    a very unhelpful person on the phone told me someone would come and collect on friday.
    the question is when
    i have also contatced VAX and they have said yes its faulty return it to very.
    i have given the ref num ber to very but again they are very unhelpful
    i have had contact with them

  8. Absolutely dire service! Will think twice before ever ordering again Customer service is a …that’s if you can actually get through to them

  9. I am really frustrated with customer service . Can’t get anyone from UK to talk to . I’m sorry but when I try to contact someone I’m always getting put through to south Africa or some one somewhere I n the the world that doesn’t understand a word I say and vice versa it’s so frustrating I’m on the phone to them on and off – off meaning getting cut off from customer service after asking if they could put me through to someone in the UK . I’m of age and the last time I was on the phone to them it was that bad I thought I was taking a heart attack because of the stress trying to get someone to help me it took hrs of to get a small problem with them sorted out now I’m back here once again .got an pronated phone call stating I was in arrears either so I called them got through to south Africa a couple of times and they said that I wasn’t in arrears so please I would like to get this sorted out and would be very grateful if someone in the UK could call me ,eh you gave my phone number. that would be nice hope to speak soon obliged Mrs Mc leod

  10. I keep getting text messages from Very about orders being delivered and reminding me my payment is due but I have a Very account and have never ordered anything from Very.

  11. This company is a , complaining is almost impossible. Quality of products only matched by Liverpool based, customer care “excellence” teams, Buyer use this company.

  12. Totally service was told a load of stuff both times I foned finally got threw 2 customer service only for the fone to be put down on me not a good way 2 run a business

  13. never had such a bad service in all my life ordered item came damaged, was told id get a discount which i didnt then the product was faulty and i was told id be charged to send someone out to look at it , also was told i would get a call back to sort all the issues out which never happend either really sick just want my item what i payed for not damaged/faulty

  14. I will not order anything from Very. Hard Customer services,. The worst Costumer Services that I have ever came across to. No one will ever respond to your emails & complains. All they want it orders and when you have a problem with the order, that’s it – you are on your own from my experience.

  15. I purchased a laptop with OPTIONAL MS Office 365. When it arrived it said MS Office was only a year subscription. Therefore i want to return the UNOPENED MS Office but keep the laptop. Very say i cannot only return MS Office as it was purchased as a bundle. I have to return both items but cannot return the laptop as this has been opened. So I am going round in circles…? After the phone call, countless emails, fb messages, I am now writing to Customer complaints in Chelmsford. If that leads nowhere I will be going to the BBC programme x-ray as I know I am not the only person unhappy with Vera and their customer care. Read reviews on trustpilot! Rated 1 Star.
    When this is completed I will be closing my Very account. I agree with above people. No customer care. Impossible to speak to someone in supervisory or management position in my experience.

  16. customer services is a hard service and took to call each time the phone was put down frustrating and time wasting, they took the order monies and now don’t care
    does fearne cotton receive this wonderful service that is portray on tv !!! bet she does not even know that customers experience this service. This company should not sell let alone take monies when they can’t fulfil the order. Tried calling but you are put through to the other side of the world !! 2 lots of monies taken and still not refunded

  17. This is a transcript of the complaint i have made about the faulty bed. it is still not resolved. I have now cancelled the order and i want the outstanding balance on my account refunded and it really is not good enough i expected more from then

  18. Well what can I say apart from I will use VERY again their service is in every department. They collect when they are suppose to, the staff, it took me 5 weeks to get my refund and they still haven’t given me the full amount. I am calling them but why should i allow them to keep.

  19. I ordered an item that was supposed to be in stock and for delivery next day, it did not arrive I then had an email from very that there was an unexpected delay. 3days later I phoned customer services only to be cut off when the item was mentioned. I phoned again but this time I was told that the item was unavailable but could be ordered on September 2017 but the item would not be available until mid October. I then checked my account details and all of a sudden it showed that the item was unavailable and highlighted in red. I then checked the online website that showed that the item was available but limited stock. It was time to contact Very, the listed email addresses work and the email web address in my account, now will have to photocopy everything and send through normal mail but I am not expecting a reply I will soon be contacted. Time for VERY and I to depart customer services

  20. customer service call centre can not solve my problems only have account number when you want to purchase something. its damaged goods delivered.
    Their call centre use british call centre?

  21. Really speaking to their customer service department only to find that they cannot understand what I am asking for, so yet again my request is not fulfilled….
    Can i please speak to someone in the UK who actually understands English, and not reliant on a script?

  22. Their customer service is shocking bought a laptop tried for 3 months to return it 50 emails phone calls got nowhere your answer shut my account I used resolved UK that where useless buy from them

  23. ive me a UK complaints department telephone number.

    i want to complain about 16 idiots in South Africa, that reused to put me through to a supervisor, so i could make a complaint.

    Very… got to be the company….EVER

  24. very as no right to interfere with my account with Littlewoods i had for years what ever problems i have with very account its out of order they discredit my account from Littlewoods they have no right to do that so i never going interact with very again if that didn’t stop me from ordering from Littlewoods i would be willing to talk to them but i wont they are very mean and you have no right to have my Littlewoods account it ss supposed to be private confidential

  25. hi
    I am trying to locate the office address so I can give them MY NEW ADDRESS

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