Virgin Media Customer Service Numbers

For Virgin Media customer service you can use 150, and from other phones: 0345 454 1111 you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Virgin Media Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Virgin Media number for broadband, TV and home phone from VM phone / mobile: 150, and from other phones: 0345 454 1111 local rate number. If you are calling in regards to Virgin Media mobile and mobile broadband customer service, call: 0345 6000 789 local rate number. If you are a new customer, call Virgin Media sales team 0800 052 2525 free number.




Virgin Media UK customer service address:
PO Box 333, Matrix Court, Swansea, SA7 9ZJ

Virgin Media has been recognized as UK’s fastest broadband service provider. It has introduced three plans for their customers; Big bundles, big connection and broadband. Along with these plans customers are provided some additional value added services. You can visit at webpage to get all kind of assistance. The services & plans offered by the company are also explained in detail on this webpage. Following are the customer contact support numbers of Virgin Media explained in detail:

Virgin Media contact number to pay bill

Virgin Media billing services:

If you want to make payment against bills to Virgin Media, you can do so by contacting at Virgin Media contact number to pay bill 0345 454 1111 (using any phone). You can also make a call at 150, Virgin Media phone number from Virgin phone. Virgin Media customer service opening hours are between 8 am to midnight. This service is available 7 days in a week. You can also make a payment through Virgin Media chat service which is available between 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays & between 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays. The chat service is not available on Sundays. This contact number can be called upon for every kind of billing & payment assistance such as for online account management, for understanding broadband, TV & home phone bill, for cancelling broadband service contract with Virgin Media, etc.

Virgin Media customer service number

The customer service for Virgin media can be contacted at Virgin Media customer service number 0345 454 1111 from any other phone or 151 from Virgin mobile. The fault in service, complaint related to slow internet speed, for upgrading the package & other assistance you can call on these numbers. The services are available between standard timings. You can also contact Virgin Media through chat service which is available between 9am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Virgin Media complaint services number

If you are not happy with the services provided by Virgin Media, you can make a call at Virgin Media complaint number 0800 064 3820.  You will be charged 7p per minute for making call from other service provider phone. However, if you are a virgin mobile customer you can make a call at Virgin Media phone number 150 or if you have landline, call on Virgin Media landline number 789.

Virgin Media business faults contact number

If you are facing some difficulties related to business services of Virgin Media, you can complaint regarding Virgin Media business faults at Virgin Media business faults contact number 0800 052 0800

The complaint can also be filed by filling up Virgin Media complaint online form available at following link

Virgin Media Helpline number and engineer appointment service

virgin media engineer

If you are facing problem with the network service of TV, Broadband or internet services of Virgin media or any fault in your equipment which cannot be fixed by you, an appointment with engineer can be booked by calling at Virgin Media engineer contact number. Firstly you need to check that network status in your service area. You need to visit at link to check the status online. You can also check the status by calling at Virgin Media Helpline number 0345 454 1111 using any phone or at Virgin Media contact number 150 if using Virgin Media mobile phone. It also provides free Virgin Media contact number 0800 561 0061 toll-free number to check the service status. If everything is alright with the services of that particular area, the fault could be such that requires engineer service to fix it. You can fix a Virgin Media Engineer appointment by calling at Virgin media customer service telephone number.

You are also provided with the option to cancel or reschedule the appointment. You need to sign in your online account at & click on your appointments. After then choose ‘Reschedule’ option & enter the date on which you want to fix the appointment. Confirm the appointment by clicking ‘Confirm’. You can cancel the appointment by following the same procedure & instead of reschedule, click on “Cancel” & then confirm the option by clicking ‘Continue’. The rescheduling of engineer appointment service can also be utilized when Virgin Media engineer not turned up.

Virgin Media Buying & upgrading services and UK helpline number (Free)

If you are joining Virgin Media services for the first time you have option to make a call at Virgin media helpline UK number 0800 064 3820. The Virgin Media customer service opening time will start from 8 am in the morning till midnight for 7 days in a week. For getting services installed, you are required to give a call on Virgin Media customer services free phone number 0345 454 1111 from any phone or at Virgin contact number 150 from virgin phone or mobile. Virgin Media helpline opening hours starts at morning 8 am till 12 am for 7 days in a week. This number can also be called upon if you want to upgrade your broadband, TV or phone package.

Virgin Media Customer service number for upgrades

For upgrading mobile phone or tariff plans, you are required to make a call at Virgin Media Customer service number for upgrade 0345 6000 789 from any mobile phone or at 789  from Virgin Media mobile phone.

The chat option is also available for resolving upgradation queries; the chat timings are between 9 am to 10 pm. you are required to click on Virgin Media chat online link to talk to customer service experts.

Virgin Media Smartcall services

For availing smart call services of Virgin Media, you are required to get registered at . After getting registered, sign in to your account & click ‘My Apps’ option. Click ‘Smart Call’ tab & then ‘overview’ tab which will reflect the details about the App. Click on ‘Add a device’ option. Follow step by step instructions to register your smart phone. First of all you are required to check whether your device is compatible or not. Add the number, device name & talk plan related to your device. Review the details entered & confirm it. Select the check box to agree to the terms & conditions required for smart call service. at the end submit the details & complete the registration process. A link or 4 digit Virgin Media smartcall set up code will be sent on your device you are seeking to register. Enter the code in your smart call app & click ‘continue’. Your smart call app will be activated.

Other contact numbers of Virgin media services

For Virgin Media customer services call on alternate Virgin Media phone number free 0800 643 840 or Virgin Media customer service contact number 0800 064 3820. This number can also be called upon for Virgin Media Broadband Technical support, Virgin Media TV support and Virgin Media Phone support.

Virgin Media contact for new customer

The new customers are required to call on Virgin Media contact for new customer 0800 064 3820 for joining services of Virgin Media. This number can also be contacted for getting information regarding Virgin media Prices.

Virgin Media Helpline number toll-free

You can also call at Virgin Media Helpline number toll-free 0345 454 1111 to contact the customer service department. This number will directly connect you with customer service agent with whom you can discuss your query & get immediate response to your problem. However, if he is unable to resolve your matter, either he will forward your call to the right person or guide you the right way to resolve it. The call charges of 7p per minute shall be charged from customer plus service provider charges.

Phone number for Virgin Media sales

For getting sales information related to Virgin Media or to avail track order services you are required to contact on Virgin Media phone number sales 0808 115 8539

You are also provided with Virgin Media community forums for discussions & resolving various queries. You are required to visit the link  & post your query.

contact Virgin Media through email / Facebook

If you want to contact Virgin Media through email, there is not direct email address. However, you can write an email through Virgin Media UK email web form which is available online. Virgin Media can also be contacted through twitter account @virginmedia for resolving your queries. The Virgin Media customer support staff shall be available between 8am to 8 pm to answer your questions & resolving your queries. Virgin media customer help can also be gained through Facebook account by visiting at .

You can also send a mail at postal address of Virgin Media for availing its services or filing a complaint. Following is the address:
Virgin Media,
PO Box 333,
Matrix Court,
SA7 9ZJ.

38 thoughts on “Virgin Media Customer Service Numbers”

  1. The worst customer service ever. I had Virgin installed on Friday and still no phone or broadband. After 18 calls and 2 promised return calls which never materialised I have decided to cancel everything. Time they put their house in order and checked what their call centres are doing to customers

    1. I’ve had the same I cancelled the whole lot and they keep sending me bills I’ve just had another one today for £246!

  2. Worst customer service ever. Nothing but problems with my bill since moving house, been a virgin customer over 10 years and the way they have treated me is disgusting. Promised time and time again someone will contact me but nobody has. Been charged late payments fees every month as they can’t get my bill to what we originally agreed, pathetic.

    1. If this is the case you can maybe use this link?
      Specificly the Financhail part:

      For financial services complaints:
      The Financial Ombudsman Service
      Exchange Tower
      London E14 9SR

      This is the number for Virgin Media financial ombudsman: 0300 1239123

      Please let us know if you resolved the case and if there is any other help i can provide mate. Cheers.

  3. Times on their website don’t correlate to the times that they are actually open!

    I’m in the process of cancelling my VM service (long story short: I don’t live there, My ex never transferred details to his name, so I paid his bill for a year without a foot in the door.) and work evenings and study/teach in the day. I phoned on Saturday (one of my only free days) and proceeded to recall 3 times due to anxiety and nerves. They then tell me that they’re only open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday!

  4. I have been virgin media customer since 2005, I have to move house i call them to arrange this they told me that they don’t operate in the new address they have to disconnect my account , I paid a years line rental 2 months ago and I had £50 credit as I referred a friend I asked them to refund me as i used less then 2 months on the 12months rental tel line they told me that is not refundable and they will charge me the cancellation fee although i was going to take the service with me it is not my issue if they don’t operate in the area and on the top off this the agent who spoken with me was really rude I ask him if I can speak with a manager and he keep saying you are not getting anything back and you will be charged after 11 years as virgin customer I found this despointing I was referring friends to virign I will not do that after what happens to me

    1. Hey R.D.
      I done some research, and found couple of ideas for you, hope it can help:

      – You can transfer your account to somebody else- that’s a WIN WIN because VM got to “keep” the customer, and you won’t lose that cancellation fee.
      – another idea is just to go forward with your complaint and email Virgin Media complaints team, or CEO (that information you can find on this post or on Virgin Media website).

      I hope i helped you. Don’t forget to record any call with any supplier : )
      Good luck.

  5. I have been trying to find a Virgin media contact email to no avail.
    I cancelled my virgin account in March 2015. Rang up spoke on line etc. Did the right things. BUT stupidly forgot to cancel my direct debit. Virgin took out 2 further payments of £75. I then cancelled the direct debit. Next thing I know it’s been passed onto a debt collectors they want there money. Emailed the company who contacted virgin who sent someone to collect the equipment. As they did not collect equipment on cancellation although it was arranged.
    Now they put on my credit report 2 lots of £75 not been paid. This is effecting my credit score. When actually they owe me money for continuing to collect after the cancellation date March 15.
    My next step now is the ombudsman. As virgin are very elusive in the customer service dept!!!!
    Any suggestions or help appreciated

  6. Can you guys explain how to activate the Tivo box? The internet is activated not the Tivo box. Why can’t the internet and the Tivo box be ativated at the same time?

  7. Am trying to cancel my mothers telephone contract with virgin and failing miserably
    she has had a stroke and is now in a care home and I don’t know the password to access the account. virgin will not talk to me until I give them the password!!
    they say the only way they can do anything is if I provide power of attorney on her affairs – this could take up to 12 weeks to organise, in which time she may well expire. If I can’t cancel the contract and just stop the direct debit they will still keep on billing and the debt will get larger (so they say)
    any ideas??

    1. I am very sorry to hear about your mother’s health.

      Try going over this page
      You can simply call them and ask them to refresh the password. Don’t need to speak about the situation…just ask them to change the password. They will ask for some details, give it to them and you will get a new password. Good Luck! In any case, you can get more help on the Virgin Media community:

  8. I was offered a TiVo box to replace my old box in my spare room which I accepted but on arrival we decided as we very really use the Tv in that room it would be a waste. The packaging did not contain a return label for collectplus. And I am unable to print one

  9. Hi I am the administrator for a forum of metal detectorists. Some members use Virgin Broadband. In the past, they connected okay. At present they cannot connect to the website as Virgin Broadband DNS servers have stopped seeing the site. If I change them to Google’s DNS server manually, it works fine.

    Thank you

  10. Not being computer literate, I’m doubling my chances that my disconnection goes through on 10/11/16 having notified with the only piece of printed paper stating ” cancelling the contract” which I duly sent off on 6/10/16 giving them 34 days notice. Since that time no one has confirmed the cancellation action I could find. This paper was sent to Virgin Media, .for Since then I found several different places for Virgin Media but no section for cancellation,WH Y ???? Kindly pass on this message to the respective department(s) and advise.
    K G Wilkins

  11. No Wonder the prices are so high! !
    You keep on posting letters to me at my home address, and I keep returning them!!!
    I have been at my address for over 5-years, and the addressee has NEVER lived here!
    What do I have to do to get them guys to communicate with Commercial Department to get these letters stopped?
    Must cost them a fortune every time I return these letters.

  12. Virginmedia, You pay for upto 70 meg and you get 3 meg every evening when you need it most. Can’t run my amazon fire stick not enough speed to run. Total ripoff.

  13. Customers service iş disgrace or tonight case nonexistent getting 0.85mb internet speed after calling and going through all that automated nonsens then waiting for a while and getting cüt off I wonder how much has that cost me iş this what I pay £53.97 a month for not for much longer if this carries on.

  14. Despite calling before going abroad for my phone to be unlocked to make international calls the customer service agent didn’t do this & I was unable to make calls having a terminally ill family member & having to go abroad for an emergency I was left with NO service , I tried everything via the web pages while abroad to get help & each time was told I needed to talk to UK based Mobile agents which was impossible as they don’t do live chat & I couldn’t make call , yet on return I am still unable to speak to UK based customer service agent & keep getting the Philippines who now can apparently help me yet , neither them nor India nor Ireland customer service could help me while I was abroad & asking for help via the Internet to have a customer service agent PHONE me I was even told they are different company’s by the Irish team , all I wanted was someone to phone me to resolve the Mistake made by Virgin media customer service agent who DIDNT do the one thing I asked them to do remove my internal call barring prior to going abroad – I have a whole host of services with Virgin media & pay a considerable amount of money each month & have done for many years & feel like I am NOT getting any service when needed & to top that having a customer service agent sigh at me several times , completely ignore my request about raising a complaint.

  15. Disgraceful customer services! I was signed up to a package and telephoned to confirm a couple of days before installation, only to find the £ credit that I was promised does not exist!!! 2 hours on hold for pre installation team to sort it out but no answer! They also tried to charge me an additional £40 for installation. They can go and run up a shutter. Thinking of staying with sky instead!

  16. Really disappointed in the customer service this evening. Trying to report a faulty telephone and had to endure 12 selections before getting someone in the Philippines who couldn’t understand. . Just fix the landlines in eh4. paying a month for this!

  17. Tried to report a fault on the telephone I am an essential user with 2 disabled children. I have been on hold ten minutes told I will have to wait 8 days for a technician to call. I explain they have medical conditions, only to find out I have to discuss what is wrong with my children, how outrageous. I am now back on hold and they have finally said I’ll have a technician within 48 hours. This is a new one on me. Virgin you have caused more distress and upset, shame on you.

    1. Latest update they haven’t booked for 48 hours but for 27th eight days without a phone I’m disgusted I will be changing providers after this

  18. I have tried to call your customer services, just now, though I am not a customer, or an operator at your head office using at least 4 different numbers, because I wish to speak to someone about a subject NOT related to any Phone or Broadband services, but am unable to get a person on the line.
    Searched the Internet in various ways, but never get anywhere passed the options menus.
    I have a complaint about one of your engineers, which I want to bring to your attention and want addressed by you.

  19. i could not find any email contact for virgin so i am using this. my family have been trying to get onto virgin for the last 2 years without any news of whats going on kept in the dark completely, the address is HP8 4AF we want to know if there is some sort of problem being less than 25 miles from London, i think that we have waited long enough now they giving up with virgin and looking elsewhere but i wanted my family to be on virgin like i am.

  20. Virgin media must have done an update as my Hub 3 was flashing green for a couple of hours , when it was finished i noticed my cctv would not work or connect to my wifi like it did prior , i called VM and finally got through to somebody in India who was very inept and English and the line, then tried my account before he put me through , minutes what a total waste of time , my settings and everything was working fine before router updated , none of this was my fault service……

  21. I was with virgin mobile for many years over 10 years and eventually I had to change because of the customer service
    was diabolical, I won’t waste your time with he details but I remained loyal to virgin media and had no problems over the years until now got a letter from virgin saying my package was going up by £4 a month but if I so wished I could cancel without
    any cancellation fees, so I decided I would cancel.
    It took minutes in total, impossible to get through to the right department got cut off once was left hanging on for 4 minutes at a time. Got a bill this morning and I’ve been charged
    £10.74 termination fee, now the fight begins to get that money back, it could cost me £10.74 in calls, no live chat available there’s a surprise, no virgin email address ? so will probably need to write a letter – Virgin is by far the worst customer services I’ve ever had the mis-fortune to deal with in 50 years.
    They are great if you are looking to spend more money but the second you want to cancel something or ask for a refund it’s becomes virtually impossible to speak to the right person.

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