Yodel Phone Numbers

For Yodel customer service you can use 0344 755 0117 you can find more free and local rate numbers on this page. This number is part of our call connection service, you can Call This Number and Save it Under “Yodel Number” on your phone, but remember- this is call connection service and is costing you the above charges.


Yodel free number:
0800 1577777

  • TIP: When asked ‘If you have a card’ say ‘Yes
  • When asked for the 8digit ID enter ‘00000000
  • When asked for the ID again enter ‘00000000
  • The automated system transfers you to the call center!
    (Thanks to Sean for this tip!)

HOW TO TALK TO A HUMAN WITH YODEL:We just received a great tip how to talk to a real customer service person when trying to contact Yodel:

  1. Call Yodel free number: 0800 1577777
  2. When the automatic system will ask you to type in your home number- type in the wrong number – it will ask you to do it more than one time (twice).
  3. The system will now transfer you to a real human.

Yodel is the one of the leading delivery service provider in the United Kingdom. Yodel Customer Service number UK can be contacted by calling 0808 101 0002 by the customers residing in UK To get the delivery on before expected time, various service centers have been set up across the UK. It is not only the efficient delivery service by Yodel, but it is their management practices followed which makes them a reliable provider. They lay main emphasis on generating feedback from the customers to identify the issues and correct them as soon as possible and to introduce innovative and improved techniques to meet to the expectations. .

Yodel Headquarters

If you need any assistance of Yodel customer care team, you can do so by writing a letter and sending it to the following Yodel Customer care address. You are required to add your personal contact details in the letter posted so that the customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible:

Yodel, Second Floor, Atlantic Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 4AE

Yodel Customer Service 08 Numbers

If the customers have Large Parcels, then they can dial the Yodel customer service phone number 0808 101 0002/ 3/ 4 and 0800 051 5506/ 9. Alternatively Yodel contact number to speak to a person is 0800 157 7777. The phone lines are open from Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm. It should be noted here that the calls to these numbers cost 1p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. The tracking number should be kept ready before making the call. To get the information for all the Yodel services, you can visit the link http://www.yodel.co.uk/yodel-services/ . It will show all details for Yodel Xpress, Yodel Xpert and Yodel Xpect and ROI services to get the customers excellent delivery experience. You can have a live chat with the Yodel service executives and get your replies there and then at https://server.lon.liveperson.net/hc/656956/?cmd=file&file=visitorWantsToChat&site=656956&LEAppKey=f907f2d9acd64b7f8c00b83bed3c2822&SV!chat-button-name=chat-ser . The customer care team would be available from Monday – Friday 8am – 10pm and Saturday 8am – 5pm. This web chat can also be used if there has been no update received by the company about the parcel and it has taken much time as expected.

Yodel Parcel Tracking 08 Numbers and My Yodel Contact Number

To track the status of the parcel and even for redelivery option, the customers can contact Yodel customer service number 0800 number 0800 1577777. This is an automated number, follow the instructions as given and get the information. This number is also used as Yodel tracking phone number and the free phone number for the users. My Yodel contact number is 0800 1577777 to track and arrange for redelivery of parcels for all the areas. If you have to track the status of the delivery, you can visit the link http://www.yodel.co.uk/track/ . Enter the tracking number and delivery postcode and press the tab- track. It will generate the required details. If you are not aware of the tracking number, you can get it on the card given by Yodel or it can be taken from the email sent by the company, or via a text message. This number is between 8 to 20 digits in length. To make sure that your parcel reaches the destination safely, you need to keep in mind some guidelines mentioned in http://www.yodel.co.uk/packaging-advice/ . These Yodels dos and don’ts help to make the delivery fast and secure.

Yodel Calling Cards

If you are not available to collect the parcel at your place, the driver leaves any two kinds of calling cards for what to do further, depending on the service used.

  • Green cards- the mobile number of the driver will be mentioned on the card and they can be contacted until 9 pm
  • Orange cards- this implies that now you have to select some other day to get the parcel by visiting the page


Yodel Depot Collection and Contact Numbers

The parcel collection depots are open from 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 12pm on Saturday and are closed on Sundays and bank holidays. You can visit the page http://www.yodel.co.uk/track/ and choose the collect option. It will show details of the nearest depot from where you can collect the parcel. Or the stores can also be located by the link https://www.collectplus.co.uk/store-locator. You need to inform the members at Yodel that you are coming to collect it so that they do not re deliver it. The calling card and the photo id proof (like passport or driving license) must be carried by visiting the depot. Some of the Yodel details for various depots are as follows-

  • Yodel phone number for Yeovil depot is not available any more . Their address is: Sea King Rd, Lynx Trading EST, Yeovil, BA20 2PJ
    Yodel telephone number for Mitcham depot is 020 8685 1032. Their address is

Unit 7, Ellis Rd, Willow Lane Ind EST, Mitcham, CR4 4HX

  • Yodel customer service phone number for Kidderminster depot is 01562 827299 (this also serves Herefordshire and Worcestershire). Their address is

Hoo Farm Ind EST, Worcester Rd, Kidderminster, DY11 7RA

  • Yodel contact number for Gloucester depot is 01452 727692
  • Yodel delivery contact number for Wrexham depot is 020 3738 2020

Yodel Direct Customer Service Phone Number

This is an online service package offered by Yodel starting from booking the collection online, specifying the date for the courier and then tracing the delivery status online. You need to visit the page http://www.u.yodel.co.uk/send/ to get quotes for the booking by entering the desired details. If you have any questions or queries, you can get in touch with my Yodel contact using the live chat service at https://server.lon.liveperson.net/hc/656956/?cmd=file&file=visitorWantsToChat&site=656956&LEAppKey=f907f2d9acd64b7f8c00b83bed3c2822&SV!chat-button-name=chat-service-english&SV!chat-button-room=chat-service-english&referrer=(button%20dynamic-button:chat-service-english(T14%20Clientzone%20%7C%20Yodel))%20http%3A//e3-141.e3media.co.uk/yodelresponsive/trunk/rawhtml/T14_clientzone.php%23 .The parcel collections are made between 8am – 6pm. The yodel 24 service claims to deliver the parcel next working day and Yodel 48 service aims to deliver within 2 working days You can check all the details using the link  http://www.u.yodel.co.uk/yodeldirect-services/ . The Yodel twitter team can also contacted at the Yodel direct phone number 01204 23 8089. They can also be contacted via Yodel email at https://twitter.com/YodelOnline?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor . The team is available between 8am – 10pm Mon to Fri and 9am – 5pm Sat & Sun. The customers can send in their feedback at https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/yodel.co.uk . Here the parcel number will be required to be entered.

Yodel Customer Enquiry

You can also visit Yodel contact us at http://www.u.yodel.co.uk/your-business/frequent-senders/contact-us/ for any queries related to the services. When the customer is sending multiple parcels at the same time, it is essential to visit the page http://www.u.yodel.co.uk/send/multi-parcel-pricing/ to get a clear view of the prices offered to save their time and money. For the businesses who are engaged in sending multiple parcels, entering all the parcel details can be very time consuming. So they can use the Yodel bulk upload tool at http://www.u.yodel.co.uk/send/our-bulk-upload-tools . The tool automatically fills in the width, length, height and weight for each item, saving you lots of time on multiple collections. If you are looking for a business venture with Yodel, then you need to mention the required details in the form http://www.yodel.co.uk/your-business/sales-enquiries/ and the sales team will respond back.

Yodel Complaints Phone Number

The Yodel group has a trained and dedicated staff to handle the issues efficiently and to the best of customer satisfaction. The customers have been given various options like phone, email or post to make their respective complaints. The customers can dial the Yodel complaints number 01707 287609 and talk with the executive about their issues or concerns. And if you prefer to write, then send in the letter with the required documents attached to the following Yodel Complaint postal address

Yodel customer care, second Floor, Atlantic Pavilion, Albert Dock, L3 4AE

You can also send your queries to the customer service via Yodel complaints email address directed to www.yodel.co.uk/contact-us.aspx and fill up the online form available. The customers also have the option to use the independent tool- Resolver for filing the complaint. This tool is an independent, free of cost system using the link https://www.resolver.co.uk/companies/yodel-complaints/contact-details,

This will connect to the desired complaint resolving team. All the details are kept in a case file which is saved for future, in case if the complaint is required to be escalated to above levels like Ombudsman services or Regulators. Notification will be given automatically when it will seem to be appropriate to escalate the matter further. If you are again not satisfied then the complaint can be raised to higher authorities like Ombudsman or regulator for further action.

129 thoughts on “Yodel Phone Numbers”

  1. Yodel is an absolute hard experience of a company, you can’t get through to anyone on the phone, I have tried all the numbers I could find.
    I tried to see where my parcel was, the status said, No one to receive, card left. We were in all day on the 18th June as that is my daughters birthday, and apparently this is when the delivery driver tried to delivery this parcel, no one knocked at the door all day, also no card was posted through our letterbox! I have rearranged for tomorrow (20/06/2016) again I will be home all day, and whats happens next time if they say the same thing? As no one you can actually speak to over the phone!!!!

      1. i have been missing parcels since june – until now not been delivered from the depot the suppliers who i have paid for my items have told by email they have been sent i have proof of this not been received or giving 2 other neigbours without bieng notify of this & or card left 2 say so this has been going on too long can they send me asap a compensation? form so i can claim all my losets as they dont ,i have told a driver of yodel delivering up the road about this all my items needed signing for so who yodel giving them 2 because it was nt certainly me can they just send me this lost & stolen form aswell they i thought they was honest courior but have been told they just leave peoples post on their doorstep without any cards this is not what customer like me expects from your service

      2. really I´m sorry, but 2 times we had deliveries from yoley we had problem, I´m just trying to fix for me to collect the parcel.

        The phone service is so and so, how do they pretend to arrange things with a machine?
        We want to talk.

      3. They are totally hard. I’ve tried phone number on the page, work. Ironically, even customer complaints number work.

      4. For the third successive time Yodel have failed again. If I had known they were yhe carrier I would not have bothered.

      5. The given contact numbers work for talking to a real human being I’ve been told, via tracking, that the driver can’t find a well known business address in Newport so would I please ‘chat with them’. Online chat is busy ALL THE TIME

      6. Same experience as Daisy, ages on a phone listening to music and an automated voice which told me about ‘currently high volumes’, prior to that an e-mail from them telling me that there had been nobody to receive the parcel, no card was left because a delivery was not attempted (I was at the address at the time that I finally confirmed), when I finally got through to someone on the phone I was told that the driver had got lost. This is not the first delivery by Yodel to my workplace (a pretty large company that is hard to miss) that has gone awry.

      7. Worse customer service ever. All robot. Not a human on site. Dial this number. Dial others then said not enough information, cut the call. Link you sent doesn’t work either same page online which is useless. Yodel IT service needs to fire.

      8. Without a doubt Yodel are the hard company for contacting, I have ever dealt with. I have been going around in circles for 3 days. The fist CSA , based at Shelby,was rude in the extreme, rufusing to deviate from the script, also telling me “You must listen to me.” At one point she asked me to describe my house and car, surely this was a joke. The following day I spoke to someone in South Africa, she was more helpful and spoke to the depot where my parcels were. After which, she assured me parcels would be delivered before 9pm that day. It didn’t happen. Today, after numerous phone calls to the numbers, Yodel are unable, due to whatever circumstances, to deal with calls, suggesting I try again later. I totally despair.

        As stated at the beginning, THE hardest, most incompetent company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.

      9. I have an order to be received by one of the drivers of the company he came but got out of the van he got back in and went away he didn’t take

        1. Reading the review for this company I am not confident of receiving any response but hey ho let’s give it a go…..yodel tried to deliver today to my home address whilst I was at work. I am attempting to get the delivery diverted to my work address which is Brecon Police Station where a signature is guaranteed. My parcel no.

    1. Hi there ,
      I’ve had trouble with these before , they delivered to the wrong address and couldn’t tell me where, after numerous calls and a Google search eventually found it .
      I am now waiting for a parcel that has been at the depot for six days

    2. This is standard Yodel Best Practice. I have a tracking number and have watched it sitting in Yeovil Service Centre for 1.5 days and it is still not moving. Then they ask why people use other company’s

    3. i have just had exactly the same experience with yodel, but my cctv on the house recorded the delivery driver driving past then turning around and driving off, and when yodel called him his response was he knocked left a card and now 20 minutes later he is sat in the pub!!!

    4. I have had exactly the same experience. In all day, no card and they say can’t collect. contact them on the phone with – just electronic voices. It is a nightmare.

    5. Hi ur it a bad serve I miss two day off from work in all day waiting for my deliver. Could recommend to used it serve. I call number here

    6. Not a lot has changed. Have been waiting 3 days for delivery and there has been someone constantly at the house. I get messages saying either they can’t find the house or they can’t gain access which is utter rubbish. i am able to speak to service.

    7. Yodel what a sham you can’t talk to a human all you get is a recorded message my flat mate was home all day today and your driver couldn’t have knocked my door as flat mate was in and my dogs would have barked so yodel need to call me and get my parcel back to my address thank you. you have my details.

    8. Yodel has had my parcel for a week in the depo waiting for delivery and the mugs won’t deliver they have been paid and they won’t deliver I wouldn’t recommend this company to a turd incompetent retards probably playing football with all of the mail do not use this company as your parcel will be late even if you pay for next day deliver this germ is full of scummy mugs out to rip everyone off

    9. Yodel free number:
      0800 1577777

      TIP: When asked ‘If you have a card’ say ‘Yes‘
      When asked for the 8digit ID enter ‘00000000‘
      When asked for the ID again enter ‘00000000‘
      The automated system transfers you to the call center!
      Worked for me

    10. Exact same situation! Been waiting since 8am today and they never rang he bell and the phone. Useless service!

  2. Well I would like to know how to contact customer services too all the numbers so it will be convenient to call. We’ve got someone’s parcels not ours obviously just dumped in our porch

    1. Hey Debbie. Simple! Go through the numbers on this page and call them. What specific department are you looking for?

      1. What a company I arranged a return by yodel on 03/08\2016. The driver turned up at 15.52 to pick up my parcel for return I wasn’t given any prof he took the parcel and could get a way fast enough I said don’t I get something as prof he said No I tryed phoning is depot its not the first time I’ve had troupe want to use a company YODEL

  3. I too have waited in twice now, yesterday they said they came, no one came and there was no calling card so I arranged for redelivery again today, no one came AGAIN, as I had tracked my parcel and it said ‘sorry we missed you’. Rubbish. I have rearranged again for tomorrow. That will be 3 DAYS of waiting in. Not good enough really. Had a bad experience with Yodel before on live chat, was just lied to.

    1. Hey Lou, im really sorry to hear that.
      What about trying to tweeting them, or a message through Facebook?

      1. Yes I’ve tweeted them, phoned them done a live chat . This is the 4th day of an arranged delivery. After 3 so called ‘sorry we missed you cards’ (non existent). I was told again it was scanned out for delivery again today. My husband went to the depot to complain today, only to find my parcel was there and only one so called attempt had been made.

      2. i will never deal with these again.
        My experience with this company is the same as all of the above. found was either unobtainable or “the persons mailbox is full and take any more calls”. Undoubtably full of other customers complaints. All i got through my door was a blank “sorry i missed you” card with a mobile number which is constantly off. It says that a text will be sent to the user and they will contact me asap. Still waiting for that to happen. you lot need to buck your ideas up. I have also complained to the parcel supplier and have explained how are and they will not be useing.

  4. I have been trying to speak to someone and unable to speak to a real person! Its hard with this customer service. Tried 4 different numbers, even the complaints number.
    My parcel was delivered yesterday and left at another house in the street! The number on the card is unreadable. After knocking on 8 doors around me, no one has my parcel.
    Can someone please tell me where it is??????
    I have now wasted over an hour of my life trying to track down this parcel which I have paid for.!!!!!

      1. Yes it says it wasn’t delivered, however i had a card through saying it was delivered but to a neighbour! I am unable to read the house number it has been left with and no one in my street knows anything about it….
        It would be great to talk to real person about this!

        1. when calling Yodel number on the card they will ask you if you received a card (just say out loud: YES). Then, they will ask you for some more instructions (12 digits on the card etc.) and i hope that at the end of this proces you will get the help you need. Come back if you can, and tell us your experience, help your fellow surfers.

          If its an Amazon delivery, try contact them, sometime they can help out.

          1. I have done that already! Automated system tells me parcel is not delivered….. Card tells me it is…..
            Still no help here

  5. I payed extra for next day delivery! He and mocked on the door and by the time my sister walked from upstairs he was already driving off. She called him and he started shouting at her and saying he is very far away when she just seen him drive off.. The worst experience ever had the present was for a birthday which will not be relieved. I have called numbers that I can find to contact customer service. Need to be thought how to speak and deal with customers in my opinion. delivered by yodel was hard for me..

  6. this service..Couldnt knock on right house when i asked them to turn around i was told no had to wait till next day.
    maybe they realise there company is hard and there .

    1. Hi waited in for large parcel yesterday which I tracked and said was delivered at 1.33 pm don’t know where it’s gone am most disappointed stayed in all day .no one called or rang the bell.iam slightly disabled and difficulty walking.have reported it to eBay and paid a lot of money for this item.

      1. Don’t know what moderation means couldn’t care less really .u have really stressed me out .just want my parcel lost trust in anyone now .

  7. It really isn’t difficult to open my gate and knock on my front door! My self and my parents were home all day yesterday, clearly three cars parked on the driveway. Trying to contact yodel to speak with an advisor has been hard already this morning, calls have been cut off, all I get is a robot and online chat guy cancelled our conversation. No idea where my parcel is. I have had deliverys a number of times from yodel to my address and all of them have made it to my front door.

  8. I am waiting for a parcel to be delivered to an Argos collection point. It was due to be delivered on Saturday 13 August and that was the basis on which I placed the order. I can see from tracking that the parcel arrived in the early hours of Saturday at a depot in Lincoln so it could have been delivered that day as presumably the supplier intended. It is now nearly mid day on the Monday and still no sign of the parcel which is now 2 days overdue. This service.

  9. My parcel was left on my doorstep and stolen. I asked my neighbors if they had taken it in. My neighbor informed me he had been in all day and no one asked for the parcel to be taken in. Yodel Customer service just keep telling me they have a photo of it outside my door .

  10. their is can/t get through 2 custemer service what sought of courior are u i payed good money for all of my items & never received i dont like this yodel is

  11. Customer service is 0 out of 10 in my opinion..
    my parcel will probably be returned as unsigned for.
    The depot is too far away for me to collect from. I give up..!

  12. I booked a delivery for the have not received my parcel I’ve been on the tracking service and it said they tried to deliver nobody was in so left a card. I have been in everyday all day waiting for my parcel. I’ve asked where the depot is so I can get my parcel picked up but was told I can’t it has to be delivered. Will this site help me?

  13. I ordered a next day delivery parcel on Wednesday, Thursday I received a text saying it has been delayed for 24 hours. the text came on Thursday and it is now Friday, received an email saying that the delivery will be here. I don’t have twitter so can’t ‘tweet them.’

  14. I’ve also had bad experiences with Yodel in the past, but today they delivered a birthday present to my son on his birthday, having missed him yesterday. The delivery lady called him as arranged and when he told her he was just up the road, she drove a short way to meet him. I think she deserves a bouquet!

  15. Was in for important delivery. Then get text from Yodel saying they tried to deliver. The postman managed to find the door knocker why not yodel.? Then try to contact them by live chat on 2 devices but queue just stalls. Contact number is a chargeable (premium rate line). Tried Twitter. Nothing doing. This is the pits as far as customer service is concerned. No idea whether they will deliver tomorrow no confirmation of request. The message is loud and clear “we do not care!”

  16. Why are Yodel acting like this? I waited in all day for a delivery but discovered via tracking online, according to the driver who is a blatant, they attempted delivery but got no answer and left a card. I reside 3rd floor, over look the main entrance of my block of flat, have an intercom system and the main door was open all day due to the elevator refurbishment so there was instant access. No one attempted to deliver and no card was left. Even the workman said they hadn’t seen a Yodel delivery person. I called to complain and managed to speak to some bloke from customer services who promised someone from the “service centre” would call me back – it’s now 8.40pm and I’m still waiting. He claimed he forwarded my complaint to them and was waiting for the driver to make contact in the attempt to have it delivered to me sometime tonight. At 6.35pm whilst standing at my main entrance a Yodel van passed by but didn’t stop. I assumed it may had been the culprit. I’ve lost a days wage for nothing and now have to call them back tomorrow to speak to another about getting it redelivered.

  17. I have been working for yodel now for over 3 months and have only been paid twice, now to my understanding i was to be paid fortnightly….this is one of of my work working experiences i will be now seeking legal afvice on how to to deal with this matter.

  18. All I want is the Peterborough address of Yodel….I don’t want to ring them…I just want to find out where in Peterborough they are. If you Google them it comes up with a link ” Yodel Peterborough Depot Address” click on it and you are back to where you started. You just go around in circles. What sort of Customer Service is that

  19. a customer service I had to stay at home for 2 days to get my parcel and in the end nothing I did track my parcel in end of each day I got : We tried to deliver parcel but couldn’t access property
    I don’t understand why they couldn’t access my property even they haven’t left any card
    Again one of company to deal with I will not shop online

  20. What a company still haven’t received my microwave since 16th September till date parcel was reported as damaged but no any contact whatsoever. How can I make a claim I do not know

  21. i am waiting for an item to be delivered today but i was informed it would have been here by yesterday at the latest. I gave a lady my tracking number, first she said it didn’t exist and when i repeated the number, she said there was no news on the parcel. it was an automated service as i couldn’t get through to a real person. It was in my local depot at yesterday morning so god knows why i havent received it. Little wonder there are so many complaints about this company when you dont get the answers you want.

  22. the time it arrived at my local depot on 13-10-16 was 3.19 am. this was put on my comment above but someone has removed it in between me posting and it getting approved. i wouldnt miss anything as important as the time of my original post just to be clear.

  23. I used to work as a courier for boramwood depot I need to get in touch with someone from there asap as need a reference have got no telephone number and can’t get through, thank you for this great website.

  24. I have been trying to contact Yodel for two days about a parcel that was left in error. As a result I do not have a tracking number or purchase order number. I do not want to open the parcel as that maybe deemed as I have accepted the parcel. The Yeovil number on the web page is a dead line and so are some of the other numbers. Please do not print my details. I have used this medium to contact you having exhausted other means. Please contact me.

  25. Southampton Depot can be contacted on 07753562672 and Darren has helped to sort out long mess with my order. 4th time ‘lucky’ his words and indeed after that the parcel was delivered. So is that constant luck when Yodel used as a delivery company…

  26. we have two doors to our house, the back one we use as a main door. The and delivery driver Yodel sent refused to go to the back door even though we were clearly in and gave me a card. Then had a to my neighbour. How about they tell your delivery drivers to stop being like this and full of themselves and deliver the parcel.

  27. Worst delivering company ever wouldn’t even bother using them they was meant to deliver my parcel that is now 4 days late and giving me the reason that the delivery driver running out of time. Soon quick enough to take the money but not quick enough to deliver

  28. First time exprience from yodel honestly i cant explain my feelings took a day off from work for delivery waiting all day long till 9 everytime when i check their website it says your parcel is on its way but after waiting all day called my actaul company who sent the parcel theough yodel they said delivery driver try to attemp but could not find address which is really surprising for me how come other company drivers found our address not yodel could not?? Furthermore the time which they mentioned the driver try to deliver i was sitting outside my house during that time and i didnt see any yodel van basically i dont think the driver even try to attemp. And even if i believe for 1 sec the driver came he should have left some card or anything and next day i was trying to call whole day to yodel about the delivery but get thorugh to all i got is system with customer services..

  29. I’m having exactly the same problems! I just want to find out where my parcel is is but talk to a human being connected with YODEL. I went out to my local office earlier this month, which took over an hour to find on foot on one of THREE industrial estates with no signs anywhere, only to be told my parcel had been despatched back to sender the day before! Which I had not been informed about. Now I get when I try to contact them is an automated voice at the other end, I tried to ring their complaints number.Thank you.

  30. YODEL from my house and business premises, company we have ever dealt with in 40 years. I wonder whether relationship with DHL is the reason they are so…
    Walking my dog today I found a parcel in the middle of the road unopened with YODEL label tried to report it

  31. Reading the complaints above I see that I’m not the only one having problems with Yodel. Their customer service is hard, it is impossible the web chat is no better. I have now cancelled the order with the supplier due to Yodel’s service

  32. Absolutely shocking service. The phones ring out andf nobody answers for an age. All the agents I have dealt with so far haven’t been able to answer simple questions. One even said that I should just keep watching the tracker wasting my own time instead of looking into my issue. I’ve tried 6 numbers this morning to find out who apparently ‘left me a calling card’ on a filed delivery yesterday. No card has been left as my parcel was delivered to my work address, which has a security guard after 5pm, who has a camera and book log of all visitors, nobody came to site after 5.30pm and the delivery driver advised he attempted to deliver at 6:08pm. I was also told that the couriers contact number would be on this card, so now I am stuck trying to get blood out of a stone. Horrible company to deal with, zero customer service skills, shocking service. I would never use them, and if I order anything online in future I’ll make sure I find out who they use as couriers before I do, if it’s yodel I won’t be bothering. Still no answer on the customer service centre phone at Warrington either after.

  33. Why do all the different phone numbers have the automated message.
    Can’t you just put on an estate developer delivery time on the parcel tracker so I can leave the house to collect the kids from school or take the dog out

  34. I have a baby and I had ordered a bath tub.It came broken. Got a replacement (basic model) sent out till the replacement arrives. Both haven’t come. They don’t knock the door, ring the bell or leave a calling card. But very promptly message “Sorry we missed you”.

    The store now sent my parcel to the shop to collect. The customer care number as well.

  35. Yodel website stated my parcel was duly delivered on 10th Jan at 1.22pm to my house at number 43 (a house with a white door), however, there was no one home at that time to take any delivery and no card was left to state delivery to a neighbour. When I called Yodel they said it was delivered to number 48 (a house with a brown door) so I knocked on that house but the neighbours never received anything. Again I called Yodel and this time they claimed delivery was to a house with a white door but they could not tell me the number, I said that does not tell me anything as there are probably 100 houses with white doors on my road and they have now given me conflicting information, so I then asked if they could speak to the delivery driver and confirm what number he actually delivered to. I simple, straight forward request, but 4 phone calls later Yodel claim they are still investigating the query and a promise of a call back was never retuned on all 4 occasions. An expensive purchase now lost in transit by Yodel. Very annoyed and frustrated at the customer service with Yodel and their foreign based call centres who do not have any clue. Will not recommend to friends, colleagues or family.



  37. yodel is a complete waste of time everyone we have hassle with them delivering even giving clear address directions 17/2/17 am sorry we missed you a calling card has been left but was there NO so contacted via chat and gave clear directions so it will be deliver the 18/2/17 but guess what yet another i’m sorry we have missed you another calling card been left what a load of rubbish even have cctv to prove nobody has been near so live chat again basically nothing they can do won’t give me any numbers that i can actually speak to a human and not an automated service but the item will be out again on monday to which i stated for it not to arrive again and if it was marked as that was the 3rd attempt i would have to collect so i gave directions again and a phone number so they could ring to which i got back drivers are not given mobile phones so they can’t guarantee anybody would call so no doubt that the item is clearly not going to arrive on monday if they couldn’t deliver on friday or saturday yodel are by far the worst delivery company ever for me.

  38. Yodel are seriously a waste of space so called 3 cards have been left on which our CCTV can prove that this isn’t the case address has been given to live chat and easy directions to follow was told that someone would ring within 4 hrs and guess what nobody called you can’t speak to a human just an automated service and live chat supposed to help urm I don’t think so

  39. Like many others on for the 3rd time running the Yodel driver has driven past turned around and driven off If they don’t to deliver why bother actually driving down my road, to say they are unable to gain access is rubbish.. getting out of the van to try would be an advantage sometimes

  40. It’s very tricky to get hold of a real person over the phone. Here is a tip that worked for me to get around the annoying and unhelpful automated system. When the robot asks you to confirm your house number just put in a random wrong number, you’ll have to do this twice, then finally they will put you through to a live person. But don’t expect much help there, either. The customer service reps are polite but unhelpful, they can’t help with arranging delivery time slots or helping you with any information about the expected delivery time. Because of them I had to take a day off work just to sit at home waiting for the driver to show up.

  41. on March 22, 2017 we have sent from Amsterdam, The Netherlands a package to Dublin Ireland with the following, which has been lost since then. we have tried to
    I would like to know where the package and the reason why has not been delivered after 2 months and why we do not receive any feedback about it

  42. So very disappointed!
    There were 2 parcels posted to me at the same time. One arrived and the other was marked on the website as ‘Delivered’ – although it wasn’t. This caused various communications between myself and the seller and a lot of frustration. It then transpires that the package was still with them….. driver tried to deliver the package on 13th June 2017, but I wasn’t home. A card was left and I took the time to access the website and request the parcel be delivered on Thursday. My husband then changed his arrangements to ensure he would be home to receive the parcel …. I got home today to find the parcel has been delivered to my neighbour.
    So .. what was the point of asking me to arrange another delivery date?
    What a total waste of my time.
    I went on to their website and accessed the WebChat and connected with someone … but they never spoke. After 10 minutes I ended the connection. I then phoned but gave up on that too. This really does not give a good image of this company and I am very angry and disappointed at the way this has been dealt with.
    I would like someone to contact me regarding this issue.

  43. Yodel is this courier even still running they are hard. Can get to, they reply on email or twitter and they still haven’t delivered my parcels which were out for delivery up til 23:45 last night. Anyone else had problems with this company and what do you do ? I paid good money for goods that have been left with a delivery company to do their job properly.

  44. This company I have never dealt with cannot get my parcel as nearest depot is 12 miles away they were supposed to call me when at my front door but didn’t tried to complain but cannot, company would advise everyone

  45. I requested and paid for a Saturday delivery on an order from Ebuyer – I have waited in all day and they haven’t come. On contacting Yodel they assure me they tried to deliver and left a calling card. this is total hard- I haven’t left the flat – and to get to my front door to leave a calling card they would have to buzz the intercom for me to open the communal door and let them in

    This is the 2nd time that Yodel have done this with a parcel I have ordered from Ebuyer.

    it is now Monday (2 days later) and they have done the exact same thing!! this service!

  46. Ive booked and paid for a collection for today
    There was a Yodel man with a van delivering next door. I asked if he was also picking up my parcel. He said that he couldn’t until the job was given to him (He is also the ONLY Yodel delivery and pick up man for this area)
    He drove off and didn’t come back. Ive waited in for 8 hours.
    I just received a message saying that the yodel man had tried to pick up the parcel unsuccessfully . Thats a lie… Nobody has been to my door all day.
    I’ve tried to call number and Ive entered ALL the codes that I was asked for correctly. I kept getting told all my codes were incorrect.
    Yodel have taken my money very quickly but refuse to do the job that I’ve paid for.
    Ive re-booked and have to wait in for another day.
    Im not happy.
    There is customer service.
    If my parcel is not picked up tomorrow…

  47. Hi, I was supposed to have a parcel collected yesterday, no one came. Have phoned Asda yesterday evening to make sure it’s collected today, they promised it would be collected today. I have tried to get in touch with a Yodel all morning to verify the parcel will be collected today, I have given parcel number over, my name & address, but I get nothing back.
    I cannot spend days sitting in waiting for a collection of a parcel of clothes.
    They told Asda the parcel was too big to collect yesterday, that haven’t seen it, it’s a parcel of Pyjamas & dressing gowns & no one has seen the parcel anyway.
    I am in anticipation of confirmation that my parcel will be collected today 25/10/2017

  48. So I had a delivery due last Thursday, I got a text at 12.50 saying parcel was left with a neighbor and card left, my instruction was to leave with a neighbor… I got home and no card left, my husband went round a few neighbors and no parcel anywhere, I called Yodel to be told its at No 11, and was signed by a A. Warren.. No 11 is a bit far from my house and they are not named warren and they were both out at work all day too… They said they will interview driver and will be able to get me description of person who signed, I got a voicemail saying the driver had said he had left at no 11 and was signed by a A Warren…. my husband called again to say they are not named Warren, were not in and I can’t see why a driver would go that far up the road to deliver when there was a handful of houses nearer. We have no card left and i am without my parcel that I am going to end up out of pocket. I have reported it to Very too, Personally I think the driver has pocketed it, I would love them to come and show me exactly where he was suppose to of sent it, and answer WHY no card was left.

  49. Not happy still waiting for my parcel it should have been here 2days ago can’t ring anybody about service is rubbish it’s now 17.45pm I’ve been in all day when this was an am delivery theses company

  50. no parcel, saying parcel delivered then contact me to say its lost then said redelivered then its lost again. now they say it’s been signed for, the won’t provide proof or tell me who signed it.
    spoke with Littlewoods and they screamed at me down the phone saying it been delivered, yodel sais so, so if they don’t have it its tuff

  51. I had a similar experience – the customer relations team have been dealing with a complaint (Yodel damaged my property – parcel safe) but after 2 weeks are emails back and forth we haven’t got any where. When i called the free phone number above I got through to the Customer Service team only to be told that the CRT do not deal or speak to anyone over the phone. From my experience of Yodel

  52. i was reading all the messages and i have had the same, my parcel still in somewhere else.
    They told the same words like for everyone..

  53. Yodel is the hard delivery company ever and I telling you this from past experiences. The new story going like this: I was waiting at home for delivery, checking at the same time on my computer where is the driver and when was my turn for the delivery message on my phone arrived: From Yodel. Sorry, we missed you. He didn’t even try to deliver. If I knew it on a first-place that yodel was a delivery company for Habitat, I would cancel my order straight away. After that, I was calling on the phone trying to rich some real person at yodel.

  54. They say we “are here to help” ! Try typing in “Complaints” and they say “sorry we do not recognize that” – of course not – why would they? The couriers always leave my parcels at the main entrance hall – rather than ring my bell and deliver them to my flat (which is my address). I am awaiting a hip replacement – and have to keep going downstairs to see if my parcel is there. Today Habitat have had to refund the cost of the items that should have been picked up on three consecutive days by Yodel. Each day I stay in and wait – but at the end of the day I receive an email to say there was no one in – and they have left a card (which of course they have not). The same thing happened last year with my Habitat delivery / collection – no one turned up. Why should Habitat have to suffer? Then again, why do they use Yodel? I send email complaints – but never hear anything. I phone but cannot speak to anyone at the local depot (as with other courier firms) – just someone in South Africa who couldn’t give a toss. How do they get away with such atrocious service – and why do they still employ these lazy liars who call themselves “delivery” people?

  55. This is the hard company I have ever had to deal with . I waited in for 2 day and a half days keep being told ” yes it will be with you between such and such a time “, that time came and went, then was told it had been delivered, but to the wrong address, then was called up at 5 oc’clock in the evening ” your parcel will be with you no later than 7 “. Yeah right!! it never showed, then was told it will be with you the following morning…still waiting, I would use Yodel.

  56. The hardest delivery company ever!

    Fals delivery tracking info, program is awful, was not able neither to call anybody nor to send a chat message as it was saying all day long that it is busy ! i called to find out about the item I ordered and didn’t get it delivered the day it was supposed to be ! It was a gift on a birthday! So they ruined it !

  57. I am waiting for the parcel already 2 weeks and the driver every time he tells me that he is not at home on Saturday I recorded him as he even stuck in the car did not come out he did not knock on the door and phone are any mistake with this company

  58. Carrier super weak, the second time I’m at home all day and then the order on the site in real time and they put on the site that were here and were not, just do not come and put on the website that came and leave a card to tell them that they were here and it is LIE leave nothing and not dry pass in the abode.
    Carrier without seriousness.


  60. Am so disgusted by the lack of email contact, humanity or service this complaint is going straight through my solicitor – Yodel are breaking their contract.

  61. Absolutely hard company on Earth to be involved in.

    Three items never delivered, two of which I cannot trace who sent them. Email or card assured me that delivery had been made.
    My camera showed that they had walked up to the letter box but never put the parcel in. This is outright. Possibly the same for the other two so called deliveries.

    I will tell Thompson and Morgan never to use them again.

  62. Where is my parcel. This is ridiculous been waiting whole day, tracking the driver through your app. All of a sudden get the message We tried to deliver your parcel but couldn’t access your property. Please check back for updates. WHAT total lie.
    I need this package today the latest. What an annoying service wish I could choose my delivery company definitely won’t choose other guys ever 🥺. VERY DISAPPOINTED 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  63. I want to complain about an experience we had with a pickup point nominated by Yodel.

    Extremely rude and unprofessional people behind the counter, we had a delivery which was sent there, went there 3 times to pick it up, excuses ranged from, its too early (even though they were open) so cant give them the parcel, the manager has left it in a safe place so we cant give it to them, to its Saturday come on Monday. Then they argued saying, why we didnt deliver this to our house (they need to understand, some people work during the week….), even the customers in the store were telling them to grow up and give us our parcel, but they just laughed and ignored us, will never visit their store again.

    We had to go back to the seller and ask them to redeliver to our house, as we dont want to see these rude and extremely unprofessional people again.

    I will Avoid using them as a pickup/dropoff point for Yodel or any other deliver. I would say, avoid the store full stop.

  64. Hi I ordered a Turtle Beach headphones. The delivery company they used to deliver is this Yodel, who are a joke a bad one at that. It said on Yodels site that it will be delivered this Wednesday past only for it to change for the 28th which as of writing was yesterday. From Yodels site I decided to call the delivery driver as it was getting late and I’ve waited all day from 9am to 10pm. The delivery driver said he was not meant to pick this up and was told that, yet he has the item, he asked me for my address, though it should be on the packaging already and then said he will deliver tonight and give me a call. As they can see this is unacceptable and unprofessional from both the company Yodel and the abysmal driver they have. They expect me to wait all day and that I have nothing better to do than wait and wait, with no result. As I don’t yet have it and have wasted a whole day, which I could of done something more productive than that. I would like to know what tgen ti attended to do, to make this right for me? Look at Yodel reviews online and I can see that I’m not the only one that is having problems with this company. Just to clarify YODEL!! and their service is completely rubbish. They have drivers that don’t know what they’re doing and lie and steal. I hope this company goes out of business so much. I am going to spread this everywhere about this utter garbage of a company.

  65. Why is there no complaint email – the driver left a card – i was in – I cannot communicate by phone. A chocolate teapot – would be of more use – than the online chat!

    “We offer many facilities via our website and are committed to making sure that none of our consumers or clients are disadvantaged in how it can be used.

    Their website is designed to meet the requirements of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and W3C Accessibility Guidelines and they will continue to make improvements and review content to ensure that this commitment to you is maintained.”

    But they do discriminate.

  66. I’ve had two deliveries off yodel and not received one of them the first one was my daughter’s birthday present which we never received they said they left at the back door anybody can walk by the back door and see it with no joy with that and I’m Friday what’s just gone they left another one at the back door after we told them never to leave parcel that back door and that one’s done been trying on phone for some minutes to contact him with no Gi not happy with this company at all

  67. I ordered a valentines parcel for my fiance over a month ago to arrive at her work today. She works at a school and finishes at 15:00, I’ve had a text saying it will arrive between 15:00 and 17:00. I’ve tried every single number I could find to try and speak to someone regarding this including the web chat were it would not go through to someone. Your customer service is not acceptable, and this has ruined mine and my finances day!!!!!!!!!

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